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  2. Wondering what everyone here thinks of it, really thinking about getting one and would like some input, thanks
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  4. the adapter is so the LXT batteries can charge in the XGT chargers. I'm kinda disappointed. Makita was the last of the big 3 to not go to a new battery platform and they finally gave in and halfway failed. Flexvolt is a new battery platform and so is High Output but they at least work with their regular line of 18v tools.
  5. What was shown at the event was commercial grade Husqvarna, Bosch, Metabot HPT (particularly multivolt), Kobalt, and Spider accessories. Interestingly enough they had no SB&D unless I missed something.
  6. Wow Makita just commited suicide
  7. I own this charger. I basically put my 18v Dual charger up in the cabinet, as this dual 12/18v charger covers everything.
  8. Hello, Newbie from Eastern KY. Mike Bartley DIY user of tools, but prefer Pro level performance so I try to invest in the best quality tools I can possibly afford. Have watched the YouTube videos of TIA for some time now, discovered the website, and decided to join the forum. Thank You to TIA for this tool information resource.
  9. spinningreel

    18v Polisher

    Just got this Polisher about a month ago. (Model XOP02Z) Bare tool model. Very nice. I previously owned/used a Flex 3401 Corded model, and it was also a very good polisher, but the ability to use my Makita 18v 5.0ah batteries and not worry about dragging an extension cord across my vehicle paint is really nice.
  10. Sorry, I was not very clear. We have to mount floor timbers in a house using galvanised joist hangers as we need to lower the floor. The previous floor rested on top of the wall whereas we need to be 14 inches lower fixing the joist hangers to the rendered brick work lower down. The idea of being able to fire fixings in with a nail gun would save a load of time as the alternative is to drill, plug and screw some 400 times! Tedious.
  11. Oddly enough, five years ago Lowe's was my preferred store. It helped that it was the only big box home improvement store within 30 miles but I genuinely enjoyed shopping there. It seems as though 2013-2014 was when they finalized their shift away from attracting pros. I missed the Knipex clearance in 2013 due to being in a nice mountainous country with primitive rocket technology. 2014 saw them clear out Wiss and Ideal for Southpaw and Fatmax. Late 2014 was when I started making the drive to HD instead.
  12. I'd imagine the idea is to keep weight down and compactness, and still achieve more power? I have a lot of 18 volt and 36 volt Makita, and am happy with the performance and weight of both types, so I'm not over excited about the new platform. I guess if I started buying the new 40 volt stuff and acquiring a few batteries along the way, I may feel different.
  13. I Don't know which cells they are using, I have one 1 3AH battery, it came with my orbital sander. Have to say I generally prefer the 2AH batteries. I find them significantly lighter, and when I need additional battery life, Ie for a saw za or a circular saw, I go with the 5AH batteries.
  14. Pro tools? So they are going to sell brands other than Craftsman crap? Or wait for it, going above 1” electrical fittings as an example?How about wrenches exceeding 3/4”? Ok here’s an easy one...will the new pro desk clerks be picked the same way Menards does it? Maybe sort their lumber once in a blue moon so their “top grade” or whatever they call it isn’t all the crooked and knotted ones? Is it too much to ask to carry professional tool brands not made by SBD? The only pro moves I’ve seen so far is they added parking spaces around the lumber entrance making it even more crowded, clearanced out the remaining Kobalt tools I used to actually buy once in a while, shrank the Dewalt section to smaller than the one at Tractor Supply, and changed from Southwire to more Crescent or Ideal (forgot which) labeled tools in the electrical aisle. No Klein, Greenlee, or Milwaukee to be found, except at HD. I even had to buy Schlage locksets at HD because all Lowe’s carries now is plastic Qwikset and some off brand and equally cheap line. I don’t even comparison shop there anymore. They’re ok for maybe light bulbs and charcoal when I don’t want to deal with Walmart but no serious contractor bothers. Meanwhile if you need anything and I mean anything not in the stores chances are HD Supply carries it. Or you can check HF or Northern or your flavor of supply houses. While HD has become less and less homeowner oriented Lowe’s seems like they don’t even know who their customers are. I’m sure converting all their employees to hourly and cutting hours so no benefits either was a winning move with the employees that don’t give a crap either now. They used to be able to hire semi-retired or injured contractors. Now it’s just kids out of high school that don’t know what a 3/4” elbow is other than a skinny part of the body. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I just had to post that picture, taken today at Lowe’s. Good news on them trying to make themselves more pro-friendly. They only recently started emailed receipts, which helps me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. The weight capacities on some of these options would be more than enough.
  17. Personally I don't need a 10 in and don't see why one needs to be released. The current Flexvolt table saw is big enough. How many times am I going to need a 10 in table saw? 99% of the time you probably aren't cutting anything more than 2-1/2 inches which the flexvolt is more than capable.
  18. The new Lowes thing isn't fully implemented. The first stores just started the transition process. It is unlikely that they had the new pro oriented features yet.
  19. I'm not sure how the blade will be mounted. I have not installed a blade before. I was going to have my mower mechanic install the blade.I may see if he has any good ideas for mounting lights.
  20. Welcome to the crew and the forum
  21. I have had no problems with the lights. They are wired directly to the battery. With an in line fuse. I had originally planned to remove them in the summer as I have more daylight to work, but never got around to it. I chose that location because it worked best for me. I don't use it in the winter. A thought here, do you take the weights off when you put the blade on it? You could some kind of Mount to raise up from the weight mount points
  22. Picked up a second 8.0 battery. I did put this one on the old "30 minute charger" and it charged in under 1½ hrs which should be sufficient for me.
  23. They Didn’t help this guy. I guess he’s not a pro. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. @Jrhky36 I like where you put them except it is not very practical for my situation. I have counter weights for my bagging system installed on the front and in the winter where I expect to use them the most, I will have a snow blade on the front. I could maybe have a custom mount built for the front to raise them above the snow blade. I could also rear mount but it would probably require buying the rollbar or having a custom mount built. Side mount would probably be the easiest option but more limiting on my size options because I wouldn't want them sticking out past the widest point of the mower. Have the lights you went with been reliable with long term use? What connector did you have to go with? The Deutsch DT? The 2 way SAE? Just by going off the price the Rough Country lights should be higher quality than the ones off of Amazon. As an example I could go with a 100 different no name brands off of Amazon and get a 20 in for $40 or go with a 10 in Rough Country for $100-$200. It is priced between the Rigid and the Amazon ones.
  26. Lowes is Revamping their stores to be more pro oriented. Their goal is to make it easier for the pro. This may include more pro oriented tools, a pro loader to help with loading material so only one guy has to make a material run instead of two, demo tables to try tools and whatnot, and a new pro desk supervisor. Dan, Eric, and Stanley went to an event to see what it was all about. It reminded me of the Home Depot events.
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