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  2. Having some difficulty stick welding with my new Omnipro 220. Not getting a continuous arc. Arcs for about 3 seconds and no more arc. After a few times the welder shuts off. I'm welding 3/8" mild C-channel steel. I've tried both 3/32 and 5/32 7018 rods. Surface areas have ground to clean metal. I've varied the amps from 120 to 175 attempting to maintain a continuous arc. Approx 3 seconds of arc is all I get no matter the setting. Power to the welder is supplied by a new 10000 watt 220v generator with 50amp service with a built in digital volt meter. Starting to wonder if I got a defective welder?
  3. Jronman

    Tough System 2.0

    DeWALT unveiled the Tough System 2.0 at STAFDA 2019. We already knew it was rumored to be coming but it was officially shown off. We are getting a ds150 equivalent, ds300 equivalent, and a ds450 equivalent at the launch. A ds400 and an organizer are coming later. Back when I saw prototype images I wasn't sure what was new besides looks but there has been quite a few improvements. The lid latches now have an automatically locking feature. It is as simple as setting a box on a 2.0 lid and it's already locked. The front latches also got an update. They look to be a hybrid of the 1.0 latches and Packout latches. The gen 2 boxes also have a spot for a label like you get with tstak. The 2.0 lids also have the ability to lock onto a new half width organizer. The organizer locks into a bracket on the center of the lid and the side latch. You can fit 2 half width organizers on one full width lid. The new organizers have updated bins inside which you can instal dividers in a bin for more customizable organization of small parts. 6 bins come in one organizer. I don't have any information on what will come with the ds150 equivalent. If it comes with bins I would like to see the updated organizer bins included instead of the old bins. I don't know if it has a lid tray or not. The lift out tray that normally comes with the 300, 400, and 450 have gotten a significant upgrade. They are now available in at least 2 sizes same length and width but different heights. They are stackable and lockable. They appear to have foam available for them as well. Normally they rest at the very bottom but tabs can be pulled out to allow a tray to rest on the upper part of the box like the 1.0 tray did. The 2.0 boxes have backwards compatibility with the 1.0 boxes but I am not sure how much backwards compatibility. I only saw the 2.0 stuff on top of the 1.0 stuff and did not see the 1.0 on top the 2.0. I also don't know if the new trays are compatible with the 1.0 boxes. I did not see 2.0 version of the drawer unit, cooler, full width organizer, and tote. I did not see an updated wall rack, van rack, or dolley but they are all compatible with 2.0
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  5. Found a combo 19oz Milwaukee hammer with a Milwaukee pocket knife for 29.99! Another red tool for my bag Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  7. STAFDA 2019 is here. There is lots of new products. Makita has a new 2x 9in cutoff saw coming with bind protection and a light. There is also an updated 18v string trimmer coming. Also a new charging radio is coming which is a first for Makita. The 18v planner is getting an update with brushless motor and AWS compatibility. There was also a new cordless metal punch, grease gun, wobble style light, and more. Diablo has some new self feed bits coming. They are noticeably faster than the Milwaukees they went against. There is also a new carbide scroll blade for the recip and a new hvac blade for the recip. Also Diablo updated their blades to fit x-lock. Also there is a new carbide metal recip blade that they used to cut a solid piece of cast iron round stock. Some new "Rebar Demon" full carbid concrete drill bits were unveiled. DeWALT had a new 12 amp fast charger. Charges a 12.0 in about 1 hour. Also there is a new "hackzall" style of recip coming to the 12v line looks like the Atomic but in 12v. The rumored coil nailer has finally be unveiled. It is specifically for roofing. It does not do siding. It has a 3 to 4 nail a second rate of fire. Tough System 2.0 was also there. They had the 130/50 equivalent, the 300 equivalent, 400 equivalent, and the 450 equivalent. The front latches have seen an update. They are similar to Packout now. The side latches auto latch now. Just drop and go. They are also compatible with gen 1. They can at least attach via the top of gen 1. I'm not sure if gen 1 can go on top of gen 2. The Gen 2 stuff also has label spots like with tstak. There is also a new tool tray that fits in boxes which are connectable to each other. There is now a half width organizer with updated bins. The original recip, grinder, and blade right circular saw in the flexvolt line are getting updates with updated motors and electronics. They also seem to be coming with 9.0's and new model names (the recip still lacks a rafter hook). Bosch has a couple new sds max hammers. One is 1-3/8" and the other is 1-3/4". The media said there was other stuff but they have to keep quiet about it for now.
  8. I have a small garage shop thats pretty well outfitted. i just bought a tig welder and i would like to buy two angle grinders— one for cutting and one for grinding... yes i am lazy. so dewalt has a 2-pak 7.5amp deal at lowes for $100. Yet other dewalt grinders are around $85 each. Any thoughts? then there is Bosch 10amp grinder at $99 each. i want a paddle switch ( i think), wired, compact and contemporary. any thoughts.... thanks
  9. Hi all, I've owned a Dewalt DCE079D1R-QW for almost a year now. Haven't used it extensively because i'm building my own house and just use it occasionally when something needs to be level (duh). Since a week the receiver beeps in triplets (groups of 3) instead of consistenly as it used to. I have no clue why this is. I thought it'd be a low battery in the receiver but i swapped it for a new one and that doesn't seem to be the problem. Did anyone encounter something similar? Or has any ideas what might cause this? Thanks! Jens
  10. I've owned this inflator for a few months now. Pros: Very compact and lightweight profile. Easily fits under a car seat, easy to take out on ATV/Side by side. Don't be fooled by it only using a 12v battery. This thing will run great on 12v. I have both 2.0 & 4.0 amp hour 12 v batteries, I have yet to see anything in normal usage that the 2.0 amp hour battery cant perform. Cons: Only one, no trigger lock. I sold my Dewalt 20vmax inflator when I switched brands over to Makita. That said, I still prefer the Makita even without a trigger lock over my previous Dewalt inflator. Its just so much more compact and lightweight.
  11. It's been a week or two since I bought four third and fourth, but the M12 Rocket light is on clearance for $120, with a free 2.0Ah battery included as part of the current promo. Also, YMMV, but the M12 Surge kit is $199 with a free battery, just $50 more than the bare tool with three 2.0Ah batteries and a charger included. The free battery promos are a good opportunity to stock up. I use mine almost daily with my heated gear (gray and black hoodies and soft shell jacket). I also use my various Rocket lights when I host parties or dinners, as all of my furniture is outside. Now that it's getting colder the Ridgid forced air heater is getting a bit of use.
  12. I like the S-K X-Frame ratcheting wrenches for all around performance/value for the $. If $ is no issue, Go With the Snap On XL Hi performance wrenches. They have extended lengths for extra leverage.
  13. Own several of the 12v tools, Just ordered the Brushless Jigsaw (VJ06Z). Considered getting the 18v jigsaw ($259), but just couldn't see any benefit over the 12v brushless. Its not like your ripping 2x framing material with a jigsaw, usually jigsaw work is more about precision rather that brute force type work. I already have a couple of the 4.0 amp hour 12v batteries which are a big plus. After recently switching to Makita from Dewalt, these 12v lineup of tools/batteries are very impressive. I have the brushless Impact driver & Compact drill, those 12v tools are sweet, so much power and so compact. For most of my tasks around the house I always prefer to reach for my 12v tools over my 18v tools for Most things. But I do have several of Makita 18v tools also for those specific tasks. Really hope Makita continues to support and expand the 12v CXT tools. Dewalt's 12v lineup was weak compared to Makita.
  14. Welcome to the crew!!
  15. Problem is different voltage. Such adapter had to include some step-down voltage regulator. It would be not easy with currents maybe up to 50 amps. I really don't understand Makita's aversion to offer 21700 LXT batteries.
  16. He will like it. They can be very handy tools to have Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Carlyle Tools by Napa have the most comfortable grip IMO. They can be found at your local NAPA store or on Ebay. I prefer them over my Craftsman professional & my Klein screwdrivers.
  18. Im partial to the 16 Ft. Tape measures. Give me a PowerLock 16 with a metal case, pretty much perfection IMO.
  19. The ideal situation is scrap xgt and just make 21700 lxt batteries but since that is not going to be the case we at the very least need two adapters one to fit an xgt battery on lxt tools and another to fit 2 xgt batteries on x2 tools.
  20. Do you have other options? From what I remember most Bushwacker design are kinda boxy and to me, it's not what preferred look for a lifted cab.
  21. Hello everyone. I'm Jarred and looking for some new ways to spend my extra time. I want to do something productive and at the same time pursue my passion for craft.
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  23. Awesome, thank you! So on the cart, between the handle and the boxes, I keep a level and the DeWalt blower. Is there any chance you could post a couple of pics showing what kind of room there is when the hose is wrapped around the extractor? I appreciate the response and video - thanks!!
  24. Yes I have. I think it's best having it at the bottom. It's not even that problematic to put the hose back. https://photos.app.goo.gl/PnWRaeU5YmRnup2j6 Skickat från min moto g(7) via Tapatalk
  25. Today I bought DeWalt impact gun for my father. I found interesting article about impact gun https://webproductradar.com/best-impact-gun-for-the-money
  26. Hi all. Nice to be a part of this community!
  27. That's an amazing thought. Great to hear from you.
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