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  2. These were not available in North America
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  4. Has this tool box been discontinued now? i can't find one in stock anywhere??
  5. The last thing I needed was another drill, but seeing the Octane kit for $80 led to a purchase. They claim it was originally $159 (I think they were $129 at Special Buy pricing), but it includes the Bluetooth 3.0Ah Octane battery, which is currently $69 down from $99 regular. I have a full complement of core Ridgid, DeWalt, and Milwaukee premium tools, so one of these days I'll torture them all to see if the Ridgid' s "industry leading" 1300 in-lbs of torque means much. Regardless, if you're in the market for a newer premium drill kit, $80 isn't bad for what you get with the Octane.
  6. its a failed product . was marketed as super strong bit . in reality was breaking badly . stupid graphs on the back of the package show this super bit better than wera or wiha bits - what a joke . same for shockwave bits , the show graphs of wear better then competitors - lie . reality is , milwaukee bits suck !
  7. I was at Home Depot a few days ago. They have a deal where if you buy a ( bare tool)fuel jig saw, hackzall , or impact ( I think) you get a free 2 pack of 3 amp HO batteries. I think I might pick up the jig saw. I have used cordless dewalt jig saws for years.
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  9. Hi all, I just bought a Dewalt DW715 miter saw Type 1. It is supposed to accept the DW7058 XPS work light that throws a shadow cutline. But I think I saw that you also have to change the handle and switch. I just got off the phone with Dewalt and they told me you do not have to change the switch, just add the DWS7058 light and power supply kit. Does anybody know it's correct that you do not have to change the handle and switch? Thanks. Jim .
  10. approx. $140 TSTAK compatible Durable 7” wheel Commercial grade foamed PU insulation 3 day ice retention IP54 Load capacity 66lbs/30kg Lid top with 2 can holders Integrated lid bottle opener Cooler volume 30 quarts (7.5 gallons), 28.4 L Rust protected metal bottle opener Telescopic handle
  11. Hi this hit me a bit by surprise often I have some insider news => new product TSTAK cooler TSTAK Rolling Cooler
  12. Google how to bring a dead battery back alive. There are numerous videos showing how plugging the charger in, then unplugging it, then plugging it back in, and repeating actually gets the charger to charge the battery once again. Mine are still good so I haven’t tried it yet, but you might want to take a look at them and see if it works for you.
  13. Check out Home Depot’s online deals. They have several Milwaukee tools that come with a free battery. I’ve purchased the M12 1000 lumen light with a free 2.0 battery for the same price as the tool-only unit, which showed up yesterday (2-day shipping) and ordered the 1250 lumen M12 Searchlight yesterday that comes with a 3.0 Red Lithium battery For only $20 more that the bare tool.
  14. On another subforum, poster posted about a Ryobi 700 running/900 peak watt propane generator, 25lbs, and $299 at HomeDepot: https://sprinter-source.com/forum/showthread.php?t=64614&highlight=Ryobi+propane https://www.ryobitools.com/products/details/900-watt-propane-inverter-generator Big advantages include use of propane fuel (can use the disposable canisters or hookup to Westy propane tank with proper hoses and attachments), light weight and small size, and relatively inexpensive. For those who got rid of the 100 lb or so Onan Generator as too noisy, too big and unnecessary if don't have rooftop air conditioner, etc., but still have propane tank--this Ryobi might be a good emergency generator to recharge batteries, etc. It might still be too big to fit inside the Westy. While the Honda and Yamaha generators are top-notch and have more output, they cost a lot more and need gas. Side Note: Westfalia once (and may still) offered a fuel cell option, which is good for recharging batteries like solar panels. http://www.efoy.com/
  15. It's hard to believe that they could make it to market. You would think somewhere along the line in testing they would have seen failures. I never bought any but they were supposed to be super special steel designed for use in impacts or drills. I never saw anything in the descriptions saying they were specialized for a specific application. Sounds to me like the engineers only tested them in specific applications and then marketing marketed them as a do everything bit. Now they're trying to blame it on the consumer...
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  17. They worked great in drywall guns Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. See that this morning also not a good thing for them at all
  19. Doing good Jimbo man I missed a lot bro a lot peeps gone here man makes me sad...... anyways I’m trying to get back on here and share some future projects I got coming up nothing major but I wanna post and get some guidance form you guys!
  20. Maybe check battery or if using power cord check to see if cord is receiving power. Other than that not sure if there is a reset.
  21. Hi love my tough system music but today l turn it off for lunch ,come back and it will not power up.is there any reset features, thanks
  22. Milwaukee's new Matrix Carbide bits they just released this year that are supposed to provide superior wear resistance in high wear screw driving applications, have been discontinued. Milwaukee claimed they were not a one size fits all kind of bit. They were designed for a very specific application and users thought they could use them for general purpose screw driving. Apparently there were lots of issues with bit breakage.
  23. Yo mike long time no talk bro! I don’t check in nearly as often as I used to, quite a few of us hit up Instagram pretty hardcore. How ve you been? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. My Ego commercial trimmer arrived yesterday. It has exceeded my expectations. The torque is incredible. It doesn't feel powerful but when you do a task that would normally tax a gas trimmer the Ego maintained the same rpm. I couldn't even bog down the thing. The backpack battery took some getting used to but once I got the harness dialed in it wasn't that bad to use. It is built quite well. All metal trigger and all metal motor housing which most if not all gas units do not have. The carbon fiber shaft seems nice. Cut diameter is only 15 in which some say could be larger. I doubt I will switch back to 2-cycle equipment. The pros of the Ego outweigh the cons in my opinion.
  25. Hey guys my names Mike for those of you that haven’t seen me on here, u used to be a very addicted forum member but got caught up with some life things nothing crazy just trying to survive like most people but I’m reaching out to meet new members and catch up with some old friends on here so I just wanted to say what’s up and reach out because I really don’t want this forum to get lost in the internet world and be forgotten. I really have a lot of love for this place and really want to try to bring it back to life hopefully u guys that are left can help also. See you guys around!! TIA#1!!
  26. delivery postponded in Europe by approx. 14 days now set to 26. August also ACME site in USA is still waiting for product delivery I´m SAD!😟
  27. Bigmikez


    Dude I figured that but I was to scared to look stupid 😂
  28. Sonny


    Hi. Does anyone have a pdf instructional manual for the DW1370 radial arm saw? Cheers.
  29. dsteelman


    Mystery solved....mostly. Came from gas grill .
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