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  2. Festool Recon Deals

    @JimboS1ice has already changed twice since I said it was sold out. For whatever reason they are switching between the jigsaw and plunge saw. Might just be a bug in the system.
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  4. So, I just bought a 1HP floor drill press. I have a mortising attachment for my Indian made multipurpose jointer/planer/saw machine, but it cuts round mortises. I wanted to use square mortises and tenons and was thinking of getting a mortising attachment for my newly acquired drill press. Let me know if anyone has experiences with them and which is one of the better ones available online. Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  5. What tools did you buy today?

    They are the Kreg automaxx, same manufacturer. The regular locking pliers, are different (Kreg doesn't offer them). The curved jaw is made in Taiwan and are REALLY nice, about as good as Grip-On/Snap-On and Knipex in feel, jury out on durability. The thin jaw is made in China and closer to Irwin quality, sloppy in the jaws.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving !

    Happy thanksgiving guys!
  7. Thanksgiving Plans

    Sounds like quite the week. Just working on cars, doing an early dinner then have to run off to work and deal with some cows.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too Joe. I hope you have a good day and aren't working lol
  9. FlexVolt DCS690 cutoff machine

    Can the Saw be used with an Abrasive Blade? Can it handle all the sparks without damage ? Asphalt blade?
  10. Happy Thanksgiving

    Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving 🦃....Hope everyone has a great holiday. Being a day to give thanks, I’m thankful for Everyone’s comments,topics,input everyday, especially to Dan and Eric for this forum....😀
  11. What tools did you buy today?

    The early bird gets the worm, or in this case the planer. Bought a Cutech planer as a starter one, went with straight knives over the spiral head because it was the cheapest model and they have a Thanksgiving deal that makes it only $199 with free shipping. Figured for a 1/3 to 1/2 the price of the Dewalt ones it was worth a shot.
  12. kc tool co deal of the day

    Not the deal of the day, but figured it didn’t warrant a new post. Their 20% off deal for Black Friday started today.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving !

    Blessings Dude !!!! Enjoy the family
  14. M12. Band saw

    I have the M12 bandsaw and love it, great tool
  15. Happy Thanksgiving !

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone
  16. What tools did you buy today?

    BMack, how do you like the auto adjusts? Do you think they are close in quality to the Kreg style?
  17. New type of naval warfare?

    From what I hear, the Navy grounded the pilot and crew and is investigating. I hope it was worth his (I'll venture to guess it wasn't a female) time and money, and hope they don't go overboard and kick him out of the service. Despite the (admittedly hilarious) display of immaturity, it takes a lot of skill to do something like that. It sucks being "that guy" in threads like this, but I know the climate in today's military. Stuff like this, while funny to most people, including myself, costs otherwise good officers and NCOs their careers.
  18. Happy Thanksgiving !

    Guess I was so focused on sharing my own plans that I didn't see this thread. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, though, and remember to drive safe if you're travelling!
  19. Thanksgiving Plans

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone (including those of you from outside the U.S.)! So, what are everyone's plans? I'm staying home this weekend and will spend today doing some much needed cleaning and organizing. My tiny loft apartment is full of so much stuff that I haven't seen some corners for months. I plan to finally unpack the FV miter saw and use the box it came in and some other boxes to start preliminary packing for the move next year. Once I get my tools consolidated, I'll try to figure out a workaround to post some pics (the site and/or my phone don't like direct uploads). Later today I have a turkey breast to cook for the dog and me, as well as a green bean casserole to make, and some Cheddar Bay biscuit mix to try out. The rest of this weekend will be spent working on discussion and a paper for my antepenultimate undergraduate class, Ethics and Discretion in CRJ; researching and building a PowerPoint presentation on the Battle of Khe Sanh for the professional development course I'm currently attending; and honing a couple of other writing projects. I'm also planning to tinker around with the cull lumber I recently purchased-just have to clean first so I can move my tools in and out more easily. I will be a little busy, but a clean and organized apartment will be worth it, as will getting one step closer to my degree and to promotion (with a $500+ monthly pay raise). Again, Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope everyone stays both safe and engaged in whatever gives them joy this weekend!
  20. 15g and 16g angled finish nailer kits are $199 at Acme. These are the -21 kits so you'll get a 2.0 with it http://www.acmetools.com/shop/tools/milwaukee-2743-21ct http://www.acmetools.com/shop/tools/milwaukee-2742-21ct
  21. Cordless Tool Trivia

    Correct. Only the vac can take either 18 or 36v
  22. Cordless Tool Trivia

    You're up !!
  23. Festool Recon Deals

    must have been real limited stock
  24. Is a spade drill bit good for drilling through softwood

    Same things, different terms, i've used blow out when you get a major tear out
  25. Makita DHR400 SDS Max Cordless X2 Rotary Hammer

    Nah not really that's still slower with noticably less runtime
  26. Happy Thanksgiving !

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Crew. Have a great day and stay safe.
  27. Milwaukee M18 Battery Run Times

    True, battery life will vary by user and tool to such an extent where accurate data is probably not worth gathering. A drill may last x-number of hours in testing, but unless that test subjects the drill and battery to torture-like conditions, is the data going to be factual? If the test is severe, will the data be completely truthful to real-world application? The average consumer will likely look at the resulting marketing claims and might go for overkill. "I have to assemble this furniture now and want a battery that will last all day. Let's see, whoa, the little battery only lasted an hour in testing but the big one lasted six hours. Gotta get the big one." Hours later: "This battery is better than they claimed, but it sure is getting heavy, maybe I'll use that small one after all." When that consumer realizes that his small battery was enough all along, he might consider the data as skewed to lure unsuspecting casual users into buying $100-plus batteries they don't need. Cordless power tool usage, by its very nature, is about as subjective a subject as possible. Even people who use tools side by side for the same purpose will probably find that they prefer different tools and batteries. Suffice to say, I'm glad we're at a point where we can even bring up run time as it relates to batteries. Only a few years ago 3.0Ah batteries were the "high capacity" packs, and just before that 1.3Ah and 2.6Ah were about all we got.
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