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  2. I push the nail gun onto a piece of wood and pull the trigger, and the gun makes the firing sound but no nail comes out. I checked and there doesn't appear to be a jam. I moved the pressure gauge on the back of the nail gun to go down to low pressure and then back up to medium pressure, still nothing. Changed batteries, did nothing. The ridgid service rep told me it's likely a "stuck driver" and told me to call a service center. I got my Ridgid 16 gauge nail gun (R09892) for free when buying an 18 gauge nail gun with 2 batteries and charger used online, and the seller said it wasn'
  3. Suggest me a jigsaw that has the best battery life.
  4. A cordless drill/driver isn’t especially accurate. A torque wrench will give you a better result. That being said, you could try calibrating your drill against a torque wrench and note down the Values. Alternatively you can put a long Allen key (or similar) in the chuck and measure how much weight the drill can lift. 1 Nm equates to 100 grams* at a distance of 1m, as does 1kg at 100mm, 2kg at 50mm, etc. So if your drill can lift 5kg at 100mm away from the drill shaft, that setting is delivering roughly 5Nm of torque. *its actually ~101.9
  5. I bought Fusion 360 for one year yesterday for 40% off. I will probably utilize this tool work on furniture plans and also use it for cnc work. I plan to get a Shaper Origin and will use it in conjunction with the origin. I also got a pair of 15 foot quickloader ratchet straps. They are good straps. I can see advantages and disadvantages to the quick loader straps. They stay much neater than other straps and are built well. Sometimes, depending on the load, it is easiest to throw one end of the strap to the guy on the other side. It would be tricky to do so with a Quickloader. Otherwise I
  6. I have used Black and Decker, Bosch, DeWALT, Festool, and Skill branded sanders. My favorites were Festool followed by Bosch. The Black and Decker Was by far the worst sander I have ever used. I hope to never use one again. Festool corded 5 in random orbital for $205 is what I would recommend for a corded option. You can also get the bare tool cordless/corded for $225.The dust collection and vibration reduction are superb on the Festool sanders. Bosch makes a decent 5 in for around $100. DeWALT’s are also decent. I’m not sure on pricing. If you want rectangular or delta pad orbitals you will p
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  8. I haven't bought anything today, But Was looking to buy a new orbital sander. Any suggestions on what to buy?
  9. On the EGO they are particular about the line size and to some degree shape. If you don’t use the one they specify it doesn’t work and it eats line like crazy. Don’t have to buy their brand, just get line that is very similar. Ballistic double twist 0.085” or something like that. I don’t have the Milwaukee but based on the description sounds the same.
  10. My one stopped and doesn't want to start at all looks like milwaukee wasn't best choice
  11. Do you have any tips for this? I lined up the arrows, fed the string in without problems...but when I bump down, no line comes out. I have to take the edger, press down with my hand, and pull with the other hand, then something will come out. snaptube vidmate word to pdf
  12. Grizzly Ultimate 14 Inch Bandsaw is a popular choice for a good but not expensive bandsaw. Everyone seems to love it. I had one and it did everything I wanted it to. Brand new its around $550. On CL Ive seen them for around $250-300. jpg to pdf
  13. Very useful information. We try to constantly clean the drain of the washing machine, ventilation, dryer. We fix everything that is needed. Then the technique works longer, and the chance of some kind of trouble is lower.
  14. More information. In fact, even if you did a little something wrong, the tool can still be fine. You can contact a specialist, test it at work.
  15. I love that sander. I own the first and second generations and has been my most used tool the last couple of months.
  16. You really need a digital torque wrench. The ring clutch on a drill isn’t precise enough to rely on. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. It looks like a grinder wheel dressing tool.
  18. FV battery on mine as well, works great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I need a new line trimmer and am tossing up between the new DUR369 36V and the DUX60 36V powerhead system. The DUR369 is listed as more powerful, however the DUX60 powerhead has the chainsaw and trimmer attachments which I’d find very useful. what do people recommends?
  20. I have this saw and it’s great , I use mine with a flexvolt battery which gives it a little more torque but it’s great just on a normal 18v battery ! The size is perfect for everything I need to do it cuts 3x2 with ease and runs all day [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Welcome to to the forum. It's hard not to get addicted to tools.
  22. Corded or cordless. For corded, I love my Bosch. For cordless, it depends what batteries you all ready have.
  23. The Rolair is a great compressor, but I did the same thing and replaced a different compressor with the Milwaukee. My frame is a little bent but works like a champ.
  24. I saw one available in Europe I think. 60 volt. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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