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  2. You could always hold it down with your purse. [emoji2] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  5. Looking for an auto hold down clamp for my 3 month old Glide. Something like what Kreg or Armor make, that will easily (almost automatically) adjust to different width wood. Don’t like the stock hold down nor the “upgrade” unit Bosch sells (MS1226)... too much fiddling.
  6. My husband has the worksite charger/radio. It's old, but may have been used a total of 50 hours. It's been on the charger since he got it and we have (in the past) bought a new coin battery. Today he tried to adjust the time and listen to the radio; was not able to do either. The radio will not play and the display area continues to be blank. His battery, according to the legend, is fully charged. We have tried moving it to other electrical outlets, removing and reinstalling the battery, nothing gets this clock or radio to function. Anyone have a clue what we can try next?
  7. Anytime I have the option, no matter the situation, I will always choose cordless over corded in fastening tools. Even high torque applications like lag bots and hurricane screws I will pick my impact over any corded tool any day. My pick for driver would be a working DCF887 or 888 impact. It has plenty of power and doesn't need more, precision drive mode is great at least I think it is great, and it is reasonably compact/light weight.
  8. I have a hand-operated vacuum pump/gauge for testing purposes and brake fluid changes. It has lost its ability to pull a vacuum, apparently because the plunger part no longer seals against cylinder walls. How can I fix this? Should I try using cooking oil or silicone spray? I'm concerned that cooking oil might cause deterioration in any rubber parts.
  9. DannyMathers


    Is there a rip fence for the DCS571N saw? My regular fence does not fit in this?
  10. I researched well and just publish the best quality cordless framing nailers reviews you can check my blog. Personally I recommend you BOSTITCH Framing Nailer for a better solution. https://nailersnow.com/best-cordless-framing-nailer/
  11. Nice...I must admit that I overlooked the utility of corded tools. I have a lightly used corded Porter Cable drill as well as both reciprocating and circular saws I bought to replace the Milwaukee tools which were stolen. This was only a year before my cordless conversion.
  12. On second thought I’m changing my answer to impact driver. Only because your terms didn’t say I can’t have a corded driver. The convenience of impact drivers for most of what I do is too hard to let go of. I can have a big heavy corded drill for the rare occasions I need a lot of torque delivered without the hammering.
  13. Hi everyone. Does GDR 18V-200 fits Japan driver bits (~16mm vs 13mm ). My GDR 120-LI fits but GDR18V-1400 does not.Thx
  14. Funny to me to think about. My first speculation is it would be the one I use the least...my heaviest-duty drill. Because it CAN do just about everything. But for the most part it’s not nearly as efficient as what I use most which is my impact driver, and would make just about everything more cumbersome to boot.
  15. DeWalt already has...(okay, not exactly, but the power station can run a coffee maker). ☕
  16. My then-local (Columbus, GA USA) Lowe's had some cordless models marked down to $200 or so. At the time I checked out reviews and most seemed positive.
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  18. Tool Connect Improved Dust extraction Integrated material stop for repetitive cuts Integrated material supports that can slide out a foot or so. (For pieces that are too short to catch your stand supports and too long to keep from tipping or not being perfectly flat. So while I believe the 790 is a great saw my favorite tool, it could be improved without a doubt
  19. Thanks, I usually stream music from my phone , but it would nice to listen to static free fm radio.
  20. Was wondering if anyone had any information on this drill. I could only find one photo online and no description. Any info would be much appreciated.
  21. Dewalt does not need to improve on the 12” mitre saw...its spectacular. The festool is not better just not jobsite worthy...they do need a double bevel 7 1/4” mitre saw..
  22. You should be buying Ryobi for house projects. Absolutely no need to buy into any other brands for just house projects. That would be a waste of money.
  23. It lights a large area, no Bluetooth....I own it, but prefer to use my 2 m12 rockets, just easier to store
  24. The laser on the kobalt miter saw does not illuminate on either the top or side of the board. Laser is projecting back and not on the board? Neither laser adjustment dial move the laser down onto the board. Suggestions?
  25. Hi, Im trying to find some information on the speed controller and the motor in this tool Is there any where I can get a electrical/electronic schematic? Can anyone tell me what type of motor it is and what the wiring is? Any help much appreciated. Mr Darkside
  26. I have one of the dewalt tri-pod lights it's awesome but no bluetooth
  27. fm reception on dewalt has always been a weak point. milwaukee has much better reception.
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