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  2. Home Depot

    There’s so much more lol You guys should definitely go check out the website
  3. Home Depot

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  12. Home Depot

    Some crazy discounts at Home Depot right now
  13. DCD995 to DCD791 Am I mad?

    I have both, I don't often drll but when I do I prefer Dos E........ Errr the 791. Stay thursty my friends.

    The boot fits just fine. Mac also makes the boots now for the mcf886&mcf891. This is the same housing as the DeWALT dcf887. Not on the Mac website yet, but costumer service e-mailed me the part number and I ordered two. If interested let me know and I'll get you the part number.
  15. Great video Dwain, this thing looks like it smokes my Dewalt 692.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Martinez tools ?

    Check out this video about Martinez tools. Pretty good story.
  18. So any new tools coming soon?

    @khariV Makita has one that is 2 mode I believe. Toolpig did a review of it awhile back. DeWALT has a geared sander but it does not has ros mode. I would guess Milwaukee probably has at least a geared only sander but I would have to check. Mirka might have one but I would have to check as well.
  19. Makita 10” 36v or FlexVolt 12”

    It wouldn’t be in a shop environment. Would be inside a spacious factory and potentially inside new build homes. Dust collection being good is obviously better but not critical, the same can be said for the footprint of the saw. It would be stored in a medium sized van overnight so space may be a factor as well. THe FlexVolt saw’s price jumps by $450 this Sunday back up to $1600 so my time is running out to make a decision!! 😂😂
  20. What tools did you buy today?

    I'm a big fan of the cheap LED lights on Ebay. This one has to be my favourite so far. It feels high quality, has a belt clip, magnet, has 2 brightness levels that are perfect, a single LED on the end for flashlight mode, and is USB chargeable. Only $7 AUD! There's a bigger version too, so I've ordered one.
  21. So any new tools coming soon?

    I haven't really seen any other companies that have sanders that can compete with Festool for DC. I believe that others have rotary sanders as well, but not too many dual-mode like the rotex line - maybe just Bosch?
  22. Millwakee tool chest

    I don't think that Husky or Milwaukee or DeWalt advertise their boxes for commercial use. They are for homeowners all the way. If you are looking for commercial use don't go to Home Depot or Lowes, that's not going to cut it.
  23. Home Depot getting aggressive!

    Testing these tools to see the maximum upper end of how much torque it puts out, while interesting in an academic sense, seems a bit silly to me. I can't imagine that anyone that regularly operates on 200 ft/lb torqued nuts would ever use something that takes 15 seconds to remove it, so the fact that the Kobalt can technically remove it is really only useful in the case of a "oh crap, this is the only tool that I've got so I really hope I'm not out of luck" situation. I'm happy to be proven wrong, but personally, I'd step up to a more powerful tool if something took that long to break free.
  24. Home Depot getting aggressive!

    I honestly never really bothered to look at Kobalt before but recently I saw a video of the brushless 3/8 impact wrench really impressed me. Its rated at 150 ft-lbs but the video showed it breaking loose lug nuts torqued at 220 ft lbs, which was 5 ft-lbs more than the 3/8 Milwaukee fuel could break loose.
  25. Home Depot getting aggressive!

    I like how they've given the display the full infomercial treatment with the blue side being all beat up and rough looking.
  26. Home Depot getting aggressive!

    They have even more online: Hammer Drill, drill/driver, impact driver, 1/2" impact wrench, 3/8" impact wrench, jigsaw, ROS, 6.5" circular saw, 4" circular saw, reciprocating saw, Hacksaw, 5" angle grinder, OMT, jobsite blower, leaf blower, 12" string trimmer, work light, spot light, power source https://www.lowes.com/search?searchTerm=kobalt+24v
  27. So any new tools coming soon?

    So far so good. I'm not a full time carpenter, but I'm currently using it to trim an old farmhouse I am completely remodeling. I have very few faults with the tool so far. Dust extraction is exceptional when paired with my CT26. And with a Freud Industrial LU74 blade, the cuts are glass smooth and at least on par with any dewalt saw i've used. I have read multiple issues with the miter lock bar not holding true and possibly bending/warping. I havent noticed this issue on my saw up to this point. Possibly a problem with the first batch of saws..?? No tool has a flawless record. Even the idolized Kapex has an absurdly high motor failure rate. Its almost laughable on Festool boards to see someone replace 3+ motors on a $1500 Kapex, and in the same breath belittle the $650 Makita as not being suitable for framing because of the possibility of the miter lock failing. Also Kapex junkies literally buying an extra $1500 saw as a backup for WHEN the motor burns up. Just laughable......
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