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  2. mross

    Heat gun 3mm nozzle

    So there are no small restrictor nozzles for this model heat gun out there?
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  4. I don't own one, but based on memories of examining in-store models and a summary Google search, I don't think so. As a die hard DeWalt fan, I've tried justifying the purchase of one for over a year, but simply cannot at this time. Though I'm sold on using batteries for nearly everything, the lack of a plug-in option on the DeWalt lessens the temptation, especially as I already have the (almost too-similar) Milwaukee tripod light along with an M18 and two M12 Rocket lights.
  5. I've seen similar to be honest and had a near miss myself with Makita. I put my battery on charge and returned and it was smoking....red hot. These batteries are powerful things and can fault causing damage like this Was the pickup hot when you stored the drill in the front.....i.e hot day etc. Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
  6. Does anyone have any views on the metabo Mitre saws. I've been looking at one 199.99 pounds and it looks good value. Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
  7. Does this 5 include X-lock accessory manufacturers like Diablo who do not make a grinder but will be making X-lock accessories or 5 manufactures of grinders? So far I know Bosch and Makita are making both grinders and accessories and Diablo is making accessories. I would sure hope that two others are DeWALT and Milwaukee just because of how popular the brands are. I would expect a couple smaller companies like Hilti or Fein will be more likley options for the 5. Makita was a surprise just because of how big they are.
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  9. Any one know if you control it with the dewalt dust extracter blue tooth remote
  10. Hey, I am looking into buying a benchtop planer, I am reading reviews and the dewalt 735x seems to be the go to. As I am looking online I notice majority of the stores have them for around $650, but then I get to Home Depot and they advertise it at $499. They have the same model number but does anyone know if there are any other differences. Just wondering how they can cut $150 right of the top and if it has the same parts, etc.....
  11. Jspurl

    Jamie spurling

    I was looking at buying from america and using it in the UK and was wondering if anybody knew what the hz on the actual machine was before I bought it, I can't seem to find it on the spec. Was hoping somebody had the dust extractor and could let me know. I know that some machinery can state 50hz - 60hz on the label if that's the case I'm good to go.
  12. 3/4" I can only get a pinch more than a 1/2" The set goes to 7/8"-be nice to get full use of it. I tried two passes yesterday, and it does work, but a pain because I'm doing multiple dados
  13. Going to be a totally of five manufactures in the x lock system Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. That is good to hear if only they would do the same with Starlock.
  15. Laid out pretty nice now just gotta color sand and buff hopefully install this coming weekend
  16. Last week
  17. Thanks for the offer. I think I’ll buy the Milwaukee and check it out. if I dont like it , I will return it and buy more Heineken 😜
  18. Two passes for the win. How wide does your dado need to be? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. HiltiWpg

    Jamie spurling

    The frequency is determined by your electricity. 60hz in NA, 50Hz in Europe etc. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  20. Saw was running fine. On same circuit had a compressor and something else running when the saw bogged w.out the blade touching anything, and 3 seconds of bogging smoke shot out of the motor vents and she packed up. Checked one of the brushes and it didn't look fried, just a little carbon maybe on the magnet, but maybe it is. The bogging was almost like the power was insufficient, which is what I thought at first when it bogged since a couple other high draw appliances were drawing same time. Appreciate your thoughts on what the problem is - whether I need to replace the motor or just the brushes. Thanks!
  21. Welcome to the forum. Nice roof ladder / stand. Looks to provide great protection for the tile / concrete roof. Does Mary Poppins know about your retirement plans?
  22. Makita is adopting the X-lock system for at least two new grinders: https://toolcraze.net/makita-joins-x-lock-with-new-18v-brushless-angle-grinder-dga519zx1-dga519rtj1/
  23. Looks like Makita is adopting Bosch's X-lock system on two new angle grinders. https://toolcraze.net/makita-joins-x-lock-with-new-18v-brushless-angle-grinder-dga519zx1-dga519rtj1/
  24. hello everyone. I own aurora chimney cleaning and Im new to the forum scene. just looking to learn more about the trades tools and new stuff. love to chat. im about 8 years from retiring thank GOD
  25. Hello there, Myself I am full time gardener. I have gone through many source for knowing the best power tools which are efficient but atlast I would recommend this source to know a good collection of power tools to be frank
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