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  2. Martinez tools ?

    All good on my end buddy just waiting for this winter to be over. Been plugging away on my 1970 Monte Carlo and will post some pics soon.
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  4. Home Depot getting aggressive!

    Seem to speak to the point that displaying a competitor’s product mostly draws attention to said competitor’s product given all we’re talking about now is Kobalt stuff
  5. Home Depot getting aggressive!

    Yeah I think I just typed a search in that didn’t pull it up. That maybe they don’t sell it as a bare tool? Because I didn’t look past the bare tools.
  6. Home Depot getting aggressive!

    There is an impact driver. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kobalt-24-Volt-Max-Lithium-Ion-1-4-in-Cordless-Variable-Speed-Brushless-Impact-Driver-1-Battery-Included/1000061637
  7. Ineffective hammerdrilling

    Btw the way, be careful with the silica dust if you are drilling inside. You need a mask and a shopvac as you don't want to breath this stuff.
  8. Ineffective hammerdrilling

    You need a rotary hammer to drill into concrete. A hammer drill is very slow and a poor subsitute. You can rent one.
  9. Ineffective hammerdrilling

    I have been using the DeWalt DC725 1/2" Cordless Hammerdrill/Drill Driver to drill holes into poured concrete with 1/8" and 3/16" DeWalt masonry bits. I hadn't ever drilled into concrete before. It is taking me a good 10 minutes to drill one hole 1 1/4" deep (1/8" bit) or 2" deep (3/6" bit). Sometimes it takes less and sometimes more time than that. I have tried applying the drill with various pressure and have settled on "moderate" pressure. After drilling more than a dozen of these I realized I had many more to do and bought a DCD950 XRP 1/2" Cordless Drill/river/Hammerdrill. (I was under the mistaken[?] impression that an impact driver would be better than the DC725, and the DCD950 would be even better than that for drilling concrete.) It turns out that the DCD950 is not drilling any faster. This is with a brand new DeWalt DW5221 Rock Carbide Hammer Drill Bit. At the moment I am planning to return the DCD950, but I have no idea what to do. I can't afford much more than a $150 tool. Any idea why I am experiencing such poor performance? --And how to speed it up?
  10. Martinez tools ?

    Family is EVERYTHING Phil you got that right bro! Speaking of...how’s yours 👍
  11. Martinez tools ?

    A great recovery is huge when you have a great family behind you and in your corner and clearly you do. Very happy to hear you coming along nicely. That’s amazing to think what you went through. God bless you buddy
  12. Martinez tools ?

    Hey buddy soon as I get it I’ll post pics. I just used a buddies and loved it. From what he was saying Martinez is coming out with a smaller sledge hammer also.
  13. Really like to see it next to the latest paslode framer. Which I find to be quite good.
  14. DCD995 to DCD791 Am I mad?

    791 is the bets compact drill around. if you don't use the power of the 995 often, and have an SDS anyway, the swap is worth it. I'd have both personally
  15. I'd love to see a side by side. Certainly Hitachi has the benefit of having seen the Dewalt on the market for several years...
  16. Home Depot

    There’s so much more lol You guys should definitely go check out the website
  17. Home Depot

  18. Home Depot

  19. Home Depot

  20. Home Depot

  21. Home Depot

  22. Home Depot

  23. Home Depot

  24. Home Depot

  25. Home Depot

  26. Home Depot

    Some crazy discounts at Home Depot right now
  27. DCD995 to DCD791 Am I mad?

    I have both, I don't often drll but when I do I prefer Dos E........ Errr the 791. Stay thursty my friends.
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