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  1. Today
  2. I just got the cordless trimmer and the string breaks off inside the spool every 5-10 feet. Tried winding it a couple different times and even used a different line. Any advice?
  3. Yesterday
  4. Bought hammer/drill & impact with free sawzall March2015. Saw had switch handle kit and barrel cam replaced at Aug2017. I had trouble replacing blades after repair. Finally, sent to repair and Milwaukee said it is normal wear. A 72 year old can wear out the blade release in 12 months (stuff in storage 8months). This is bull. The repair disassembled it and as per OSHA will not put it back together. I had a working saw just trouble replacing blades; now I will have pieces. The saw never once stopped cutting when I think back it should have went into over temperature. I rate the blade release very poor design hence if one includes the sawzall in a tools kit do not buy Milwaukee.
  5. I already face this problem then some one suggest me ozone i think you should also try this thanks.
  6. Saw that this morning - good news!
  7. I noticed a new listing for the Ego Commercial on Home Depot and it is expected to ship between May 3rd - May 7th. The blower, hedge trimmer, and string trimmer going for $399 each. The charger is going for $199. The 1568 WH backpack battery is going for $1200. Seems like a lot but commercial equipment is a lot more than homeowner. Something I just found out is you can use the standard batteries if you buy the EGO Power+ backpack link. Might not be a bad option for those who already have a fair bit of Ego batteries but don't want to spend an extra $1200 on another battery. Same goes with the commercial battery. It is compatible with the non commercial tools.
  8. Last week
  9. Just got the Ryobi 40v mower. It has a loud squeak from the right rear wheel. Seems like it’s coming from the rear wheel drive Motor shaft. Anyone run into this? Any fix?
  10. M80

    Makita Battery cell 20700

    It says right in the description. "Protective cover helps prevent battery contamination"
  11. I don't believe they are discontinued, just some of the big box stores are getting rid of them. If you believe the marketing, they are more for contractors than homeowners which are used to not getting a lot of their stuff from big box stores anyway. I had them and think they worked great. I have been donating my set to my father though as I replace them with either the 20 or 60v items so that way I have one less platform to worry about. The batteries will stay expensive.
  12. Sarbatche

    Dewalt outdoor

    I have most of 40v tools despite not being a landscaper. I appreciate the runtime. I may have gone for the 60v analogs if they had existed when the first 40v tools came out. Only complaint with the mower is that it’s a push mower and not driven.
  13. Some pics and product info on IG, toolsbydesign.
  14. currently im 4 weeks in royal palm beach what store ?? thx mike
  15. ChrisK

    Dewalt outdoor

    I have a few Dewalt OPE however it is limited to the 20v blower, 20v weed whacker and the 20v trimmer. Great tools, love them but man last year they liquidated the 40v stuff. Not sure where it is. The site still shows the tools as available but...at least they have remained true to the 18v/20v line and still produce 18v tools. I really wanted the new 60v mower but have heard a mixed bag on it. I will say i have the M18 HD chainsaw. Nice machine, lots of power very smooth.
  16. Most commercial guys I see use the weed eater to do their edging and do it very fast. I may be wrong on this but I think edgers are less used then maybe they used to be and string trimmers are able to do the edgers job without haveing to switch tools or walk a mile back to their trailer
  17. fm2176

    Thanks DeWalt!

    I've only registered a couple. DeWalt seems to go off the date code...so far I've warrantied a DS450, DCB102, and the DCB204 with no issues.
  18. Bremon

    Dewalt outdoor

    The last part of your post better describes Milwaukee. In the meantime they offer OPE on 3 platforms, and offer no edger while Milwaukee offers no mower. Can’t please everyone I guess.
  19. I actually just got to use them for the first time last week. I had to drill 32- 3/4"dia. x 9" deep holes in concrete that was about 20 years old. The holes were to anchor down a grain bin so I worked one way around the circle with the Milwaukee and another guy went the other way with the dewalt. In the end the milwaukee drilled 17 holes and the Dewalt drilled 15, but there wasn't anything scientific to it nor was it a true head to head. Both drill bits had some amount of wear and we both stopped about half way through to give the drills a bit of a break and went back and cleaned out the holes with air to get them ready to epoxy the anchors. We both had sets of batteries that we switched every few holes just to try counteract some heat build up. The dewalt drained 2- 6.0 flexvolt batteries dead and had two bars left on 2- 6.0 xr batteries. With the Milwaukee I had 3- 9.0 batteries one of which started with just 3 bars and I used the three until they were down to one bar and then I used one bar of a 6.0 to finish my last two holes. Overall I would say the two drills are very comparable and really didn't have any problems drilling the holes. Both drills did get pretty warm in the gear case area and both expelled some grease from the chuck. Yea dwain after seeing your review and the other experience I've had dewalts 60v tools I wished the sds plus version was available in the US. When researching them I did see the US 20v does indeed have the same specs as the 54v/60v but it would be interesting to see if there is any difference in real world performance. It still seems like Hilti is king when it comes to rotary hammers but it was hard to justify when I'm already so deeply invested in other battery platforms.
  20. ScottGunn

    Dewalt outdoor

    I am a long time Dewalt consumer, but just don’t understand Dewalt’s take on the outdoor landscaping equipment. Why have a completely different battery system (40v) so that those of us who have invested tons into the 60v system have to buy even more? Secondly, WHY IN THE WORLD would they not offer an edger!? That is a deal breaker for almost any home owner or commercial landscaper I know of. Just saying, if you aren’t going to offer a minimal line of the best tools you can put out...then don’t do it until you can. Lately Dewalt seems to be putting out tools that people are regretting buying because they update them soon afterwards fixing all the issues that never should have existed in the first place.
  21. I picked up Dewalts new cordless sander. Seller made me wait for awhile so they gave me a free 2.0 battery for my trouble. Didn’t have the manual so I’ll be looking for a file online
  22. thats too bad. It was a tool line that wanted to stay around but didn't really have a place. The intent was good but the execution was not ideal. The batteries in theory had the best watt hours of DeWALT's 3 ope lines but wasn't really enough to warrant going into the 40v line.
  23. I picked up a used Starrett builders square
  24. How high is the table on the Ryobi 15 Amp 10 in. Sliding Miter Saw with Laser?
  25. I have the following equipment and would be grateful for help in selecting connector / pointer to for metabo kgs 216 mitre saw metabo sxe 450 orbital sander Charnwood w715 bandsaw i wish to connect all of these to a 32mm cyclone hose. Have searched all across the internet but cannot seem to get details / find connector. Regards, mike
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