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  2. Hi there, Is there any way to reset a tool connect battery ? I bought my son a set and now one of the batteries is constantly saying it's out of range so won't work or even charge Wondered if there was any kind of reset feature When in the charger the orange warning light flashes Cheers ade
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  4. A small screwdriver or Allen wrench in that hole will lock the driver in place and allow you to turn the string drum to wind it up
  5. I would rather go for Makita 16. It has good maintenance and working mechanism. I've found it easy to use and control, as it's lighweighted and has clever design. I think it's the best electric chainsaw. You can read more about it and more afordable options here https://homemakerguide.com/best-electric-chainsaw/. But I personnaly believe that it worths it's money, the quality is perfect, it will last you for years.
  6. Recently my uncle passed away, and I have been left with a 14” bandsaw. I can’t find any information on it, but the model is jvbs-14 which is one letter off from a jwbs-14 made by JET. Any help on identifying this bandsaw would be greatly appreciated.
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  8. 2 stage snowblower coming. It will have powered wheelsWith limited slip differential, lights, steel auger, and 50’ throwing distance. There will possibly be an update to the single stage as well. The vac sounds nice. I’d like the vac to be more of a “dust extractor” style of vac. It is unlikely because most homeowner don’t want to pay a large amount for a vac.
  9. I have WORX and can consider it as a great offer. It's powerful and good working. The battery in enough for two cleanings,, it was the main reason why I've choosed it. I really don't like it when the battery is off and I can't finish and has to spend some time waiting for charging. The Sun Joe also looks like a good option.
  10. The “Better Safe Than Sorry” axiom maintains that you shouldn’t do it unless you can establish everything is safe. I had a bunch of technical reasons typed out as to why I think it would be fun to experiment with myself having a decent bit of physics and electrical background while NOT recommending that most people should try themselves. But after all that I realized the quick and easy answer is you’ve really never had a better excuse to switch over to cordless tools than now.
  11. Bosch 21-Piece T-Shank Contractor Jigsaw Blade is better for every blades and you may be a discount when you buy it from here https://bestjigsawguide.com/best-jigsaw-blades.
  12. I am using a chainsaw which very good for tree cutter, this chainsaw comfortable and suitable for us, we are choosing the best chainsaw at the time of purchase, so we are using it in a good way. you can select a good chainsaw at buying time., then use it in a good way in your work.
  13. The discount stores around here are Save A Lot (avoid), Dollar General (avoid), A&P if you find one (avoid), and ALDI. ALDI is owned by the same people that own Trader Joe’s. Very good quality and puts regular groceries to shame. Usually my bill is half or less. They pay employees above average. The downsides of ALDI are being a quarter (you get it back), bring your own bags, and don’t expect large selection...it is just basics. On the other hand the chocolate is all Belgian and you can get a lot of German specialties. I just had sauerkraut and Kielbasa for dinner. Their store brand sauerkraut is amazingly good. I grew up in a heavy German area so this might not be your thing but they also have a lot of Mexican specialty stuff too, better than most grocery stores. What I find with them is same as Sams club...you will need to adjust what you normally buy for groceries a bit or shop two stores. I think Kroger pulled out of North Carolina. Publix seems to have run them out. Too bad...anything is better than Food Lion, Bi Low, or Harris Teeter.
  14. @duchess is there anything else included besides the shaper? any shaper tape or systainer or any other accessories?
  15. I would recommend using the 5 ah 20 volt batteries. They are better than the 4 ah batteries and the 6 ah battery is too heavy for most smaller tools, even the circular saw in my opinion. I use the 6 ah only on the larger 20 volt blower.
  16. Did you ever find a solution? I have the same problem and am trying to figure out how to fix it.
  17. thats a good deal @Eric - TIA @Dan - TIA @JimboS1ice @ChrisK @rrich1
  18. Milwaukee has a new digital only event called Pipeline coming later this month. You have to register to watch. It is essentially replacing NPS for this year at least. http://info.milwaukeetool.com/dc/yhpCuHxm0kkjDnMdneCy4mp289lLLfH8aYu1uW7xkIDOCNO_TzLYvKEFb3Qkx0bYtRB34hgupa1-WdeL1zTVllpMUSBj46HPHrYEa1BwVlmeZi1Uer-1_YCP0wJXFeNuizWEqm0WIWn7TqbpWkixw0gz1P-sF6oGfEHHVQ3FXLmihUwS_OykxkziBwjcUrTHFOn7Ay6DWZPNjB_dm8MZgNgkrYLAD8uth97vIov6mXbgUUl05ZG0PaigxQK9uOpwjY5GWFiKCJcqjyFV3tlS8UPbhhawn1SPpLfqyMyN8yUyJ_A2goHaLGfmi-pWsSU2bhzawS5BsLbb50mtr7RtbauAesDa2KZIIMIbZi0oT44=/wN8DB4DLG0000RJj20X2I0J
  19. Edge sander guide for ets/etsc 125 is available in October. Comes in kits and by itself. New 36 to 27 mm reducer hose end available then as well. Allows for 36 mm hoses to connect to 27mm dust ports. The CT 48 is now getting an Autoclean option. This option comes with 36mm tapered hose the 36 to 27 reducer end and a couple cleaning tools included. There is also a new installers systainer kit. It’s basically a more cost effective way to get certain systainers vs buying seperate.
  20. To follow up. I can get a really good deal on a twin pack of 6.0 ah batteries however they seem super heavy. Mostly work around the house and cottage is the use for these tools. Would the 4.0 ah battery be a suitable trade off of power versus weight? any thoughts
  21. I think it will work with it. But if you want to have some details, it's a better to ask a new uestion than reply to a really old one. Just more people could help you and give some advice. Searching the net I've found out that it will fit you. But I don't have a Dewalt so can't tell obviously. Lets just wait for someone who used it.
  22. I am not sure about it. Google says there is a risk of fire, and I can't reccomend you to try. Especially, if the house is rented, you don't to pay for renovation. Looking for a new house is not an easy thing also, be sure about it. Not sure what you can do in this situation. The only way out I can see is to sell your old tools and buy new. But is actual only if you are going to live there for a long-term period.
  23. There is no ruler foods near our neighborhood. I and my family often shop our grocery at Kroger and had quite a decent place to get items at reasonable prices. if you are also a regular customer at Kroger you can participate in krogerfeedback and win amazing gift cards worth $250 and $100.
  24. Correct. Almost all my 18/20V and 54/60V Dewalt tools were purchased online and then brought back to UK during my frequent (pre-COVID) business trips to Florida. The only thing you need to factor in is warranty. Dewalt UK won’t touch anything stamped 20/60V! If you’re not concerned by that, fill yer boots!
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