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  1. Today
  2. Heated Milwaukee jacket rated temp??

    Just ordered a heated hoodie, thoughts once I've tried it. Gone for this so that it can be used under a coat, this is following earlier advice. Cheers!
  3. Lumber rack

    That's an awesome deal, what I need is a good deal on more space in the garage haha.
  4. Laguna Sander

    Kick back for a bit, and evaluate life.
  5. New Dewalt air drill

    Yea you should feel hear a ratcheting sound locking the bit in.
  6. Ok , I finally gave in. ...🤪

    Ya ya @JimboS1ice...Festool is outta my area, of work tools....But ,I’m sure if I was a shop guy I’d be green and grey too ! Lol.....but for now,,Red is the new Yellow [12v]
  7. New Dewalt air drill

    I just bought a new Dewalt DWMT70786L air drill with a single sleeve keyless chuck. I have never owned one so a little confused on how chuck grips drill bit tight. When I turn the chuck and close the jaws down on the drill bit shank the drill shaft rotates making the bit barely tight. What locks the drill from turning while you turn the chuck to tighten bit?. Is the chuck supposed to ratchet after jaws first engage the bit? Thanks!
  8. New Hitachi battery framing Nailers

    Let us know how it works... @jrs5565..at 2lbs heavier then the Dewalt I hope it delivers for you...
  9. Ok , I finally gave in. ...🤪

    Awesome, M12 is a rather addictive line but hey man aren't all tools?? Just stay away from them grey and green tools, Im being pulled under the Festool rug myself ha ha
  10. Ok , I finally gave in. ...🤪

    Ok not completely, I still bleed yellow and black.20v,60v.....But I admit I love ❤️ these M12 tools......next is...soldering iron, right angle hex impact, polisher, 3ah batteries, Underwood light.....I hope a planer and router are coming like Bosch has....
  11. There is a new model up for us Canuks now, indeed it says brushless! Awesome! It used to be brushed! https://www.hilti.ca/cordless-systems/cordless-combihammers/r7492564 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Lumber rack

    Yeah I’ve got the portamate, I like it a lot but the Grizzly price is way better
  13. Yesterday
  14. Cheers Jeremy. Not quite as interesting as our drill and impact drivers comparisons, but still pretty useful
  15. Like @Bremon said before . You can just use a plethora of 7 1/4” blades if you don’t need the depth, it’s what I do...also you’ll get more runtime do to the shorter diameter. ..I basically only rip 1/2” to 1” stock...I love this saw
  16. Lumber rack

    I have both the Grizzly lumber rack and the Portamate rack. Other than color they are pretty much identical. For 26.95 the Grizzzly one is a great deal. http://www.grizzly.com/products/Lumber-Rack-6-Shelf-System/T27630?utm_campaign=zPage&utm_source=grizzly.com I think I paid around 40.00 for the Portamate when it was on sale. http://www.rockler.com/portamate-lumber-rack-system
  17. Mmm. Huh ?

    they need lasers and a drink dispenser instead of bluetooth.
  18. What tools did you buy today?

    Great tool..... just received one to review. Very well built in my opinion. Interested in your thoughts after you use it 👊
  19. New Shop Underway....Part Deuce!

    So no pics today, and don’t really know why I update this but.... This weekend, I finally finished wiring in the shop. Lighting is done, yesterday I added two separate outlets, both ceiling mounted, one line for the DC unit, the other for the Sawstop. I also finally installed the Grizzly air cleaner which created its own set of issues that I resolved. I had to do some rust repair to my table saw, I had a small leak from one of the copper water lines that dripped onto my table top and even got a speck on my bandsaw table so they are both soaking in T9 Boeshield till tomorrow then I’ll hit them with Renaissance wax (oh yes, the name of a the basement woodworker). I ended up listing some tools on CL to clear out some floor space in the shop and put some money on the coffers for later on but hopefully by Fridayish I might have some pics to post.
  20. What tools did you buy today?

    This guy arrived the other day. Seems very nice. 100% metal construction far as I can tell.
  21. What tools did you buy today?

    Mag switch, some awesome Fastbacks and shockwave red helix bits...
  22. Makita Battery cell 20700

    Yeah like Hilti said only place it would be effective is for the workers using them to not walk off the job site with them in their lunchboxes because they know all the tools only run for one shift. Makita would have to give them or for free if they wanted individuals to use them for theft prevention because 100% of tools would have to be locked before a thief would know not to take them but they would probably still take and/or destroy them just because.
  23. Makita Battery cell 20700

    Yeah that also happens. For sync lock to have a slightest chance of having a meaningful impact Makita would have to throw a absolute shitload of marketing for the term " sync lock' . Even my grandmother should know of the term, else there hasn't been enough marketing that potential thieves know about it. Makita should provide free big ass stickers to put on your van so it's visible from afar that batteries are sync locked. And no means to hack the batteries/controller should exist ( and everything is hackable ) Don't see it really working
  24. #fresh #satisfying Redwings model 400. Comfy. Waterproof. Mink oil, rub it in, wait ahalf… https://t.co/ks3J8JaJVF

  25. Mmm. Huh ?

    GPS or Bust
  26. What tools did you buy today?

    Yeah I had mine for a couple of years and it was a great little saw. No complaints.
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