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  2. Table saw decision - need help

    As JT stated and I checked you can only get that Saw with the rolling stand. As for not needing or wanting it in your case I would just go ahead and make the purchase you can use the stand for a Planer as well
  3. are the release dates (USA) known of some of the new tools

    Weird question but for anyone who’s actually seen it, roughly how tall is the fast charger with a 9.0 battery?
  4. Yesterday
  5. Table saw decision - need help

    The 7490 should be the same saw, all of the specs appear to be the same you just loose some rip capacity left and right of the blade because you don't have the rolling stand. It comes with a scissor stand, which is nice to have until you build a cabinet, or if you need to take it somewhere. They don't offer a version without a stand though. The 7480 is close, but doesn't support a dado stack.
  6. Time to talk about reciprocating saws

    I would say the gen 2 Flexvolt should get at least the stroke length of the Makita x2, minimum of 2 speeds, and orbital with a switch to toggle on or off. The gen 2 xr 20v should keep the 4 way chuck, add a new pivoting shoe that has a 2 hinge system so a guy could pivot the shoe in any of the 4 blade orientations, and significant avt cause it currently has bad vibration.
  7. From North Idaho

    Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here.
  8. Reno's Extreme

    dry fitting before drywall to mark stud location, looks like it's not straight but it is just sitting on a box for proper height....
  9. Table saw decision - need help

    Hi Everyone - Looking to purchase my first table saw, probably a Dewalt. I'm looking at the DWE7491RS, does this thing come without the stand? I'm most likely going to build a cabinet for it to have some extra feeding space and wont' need the stand. What's the model # of this exact one but without a stand?
  10. Time to talk about reciprocating saws

    That's a good point. I never really thought about that. Our Milwaukee corded has it, and I always thought it would be nice. I think a good place for it, might be on the Flexvolt.
  11. What tools did you buy today?

    Ordered the Gen 2 Milwaukee Fuel Hammer Drill and Impact combo kit from Acme today. Couldn’t see any point in just buying the drill bare tool when for $90 more I can get the impact and two batteries. Also they’re doing a deal so it came with a bonus 2Ah battery. Should have ordered it over the weekend when they had the St Patrick’s coupon but forgot to do it when I got home.
  12. Time to talk about reciprocating saws

    Confirmed. I like the flexvolt because it is heavy/has less vibration. I bought the brushless compact because the trigger quit working on the flexvolt. Now I remember how badly the lighter saw vibrates your teeth. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Time to talk about reciprocating saws

    With a reciprocating saw, as a practical matter you can only have an orbital function or the 4 way blade system. I believe that DeWALT should offer the saws with either function available, just give it a different model number. That would just allow them to get a bigger slice of the market.
  14. new tough system cooler / DS404

    I found this. It isn't the tough system coolers but it is DeWALT's other line of coolers. Looks like new products for it are coming out in the fall. http://dewaltcoolers.com/portfolio/
  15. new tough system cooler / DS404

    I wouldn't mind getting this. I'm just waiting on the new drawers.
  16. Time to talk about reciprocating saws

    My theory as to why it does not have the 4 position is because it is a full size recip. That didn't stop them from having it on older models though which is puzzling. A full size recip isn't necessarily designed to be compact. The 4 way would be better suited on a Hackzall or Makita subcompact. I wouldn't see as much of a use if it were on the one key sawzall or x2 recip.
  17. Klein MM700 Multimeter Mini Review

    Hi...i am a new user here. As per my observation leads look like the cheap ones you get from China on eBay,but the leads with that 17B+ don't come with the meter, that should be noted. The 17B+ comes with the TL75, I presume what you have there is the TL175.
  18. Time to talk about reciprocating saws

    woo hoo flexvolt represent. It may be big but it doesn't have as much vibration as the brushless 20v so I am told.
  19. new tough system cooler / DS404

    some secrets starting to be released you will love this one: new tough system cooler (EUROPE, no info for USA) Toughsystem DS404 cooler cheers
  20. Why you like and dislike these hammmer

    This is what I use on the job, about 99% time. I also have a deadblow hammer.
  21. Time to talk about reciprocating saws

    You might have a point about the Flexvolt. I haven't tried it. We just don't have the Flexvolt tools, yet. I did pick it up in the store. It's heavy. Very heavy compared to the 20v. The reason I didn't consider it, is because it didn't have the 4 position blade. Since DeWalt obviously has the patent on it, for now, why not put it on there. It's the only thing that sets DeWalt apart from the competition. What I would like to see is a variable cut option. I don't know about the Milwaukee cordless, but the corded model can switch between straight cutting action to an orbital action.
  22. Makita 2030N

    Does this site have the correct part? https://www.ereplacementparts.com/makita-2030-type-1234-planerjointer-parts-c-97_156_24246.html
  23. Makita DHR400 SDS Max Cordless X2 Rotary Hammer

    Pretty much no one secures their batteries by more than one “surface”. If any tool’s batteries are vibrating to the point where they are slapping against any other part of the tool, their interface is already mechanically compromised. Also, Makita has employed some pretty impressive vibration damping on this tool, something they’re generally ahead of most of the competition on.
  24. Reno's Extreme

    in the mean time, another custom item needed for the far side of kitchen/dining area, will need a small corner cabinet to house some electronics and wires ect ect not sure if I am going to add backing or just mount it directly to drywall. A Bamboo top will be added to match the rest of the counter tops in the kitchen when it gets installed. Again film will be removed and a matching pull like the rest of the cabinets will be added..
  25. Time to talk about reciprocating saws

    i have the 60v and 20v, but prefer the 20v since it is lighter and has the 4 position blade. plenty of power with the 20v. 60v is a monster, but too heavy.
  26. Issues with PS22 12V hex driver

    Both made in Malaysia, I have the ps22 onsite for one of my jobs but will look tomorrow. I think it’s 2014 or possibly ‘15. The impact is also the gdr ‘professional’ and is 2015. That’s unfortunate about the chuck on your new driver. I wonder if you could get a replacement from Bosch?
  27. DCF895 vs DCF887 Impact

    I prefer the 887....more torque and I don’t like the 895 chuck.......We use many 887 all day , everyday,,no problems....
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