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  2. I need your thoughts

    jpgwoodworking i mostly do mechanic work but am lot limited to it. I do every now and then have the need for carpentry tools to add on to the shop or help my dad with rental houses. Not high demand for woodworking. But i do like the idea of having a platform where i can expand into different areas of speciality if needed. I also am leaning towards something brushless simply for the safety aspect of working around gas.
  3. DeWalt Seating solutions

    Those shelves make the TStak's look tiny! I'll give a like to whoever counts the number of Dewalt logos in that above photo (just banter, Dewalt has made all of my favourite power tools)
  4. In my case I also have a sds rotary hammer so I never use the hammer drill feature. I have a m18 gen 2 hammer drill that I got in a kit and when I wanted a back up drill I opted for the gen 2 drill driver because it was $30 cheaper and slightly shorter (less weight too but hardly noticable.) But after getting the drill driver I found that the chuck doesn't have the carbide tips in the chuck jaws. I don't know if I notice a huge difference in the way it secures drill bits but I would think the hammer drill chuck will wear less over time. All that being said I don't know if there is a difference in chucks on the m12 gen 2 but might be worth checking because I know they're different on the m18.
  5. New Pickup Trucks Coming

    The trend is going thinner and wider headlights. With LED's you don't need as much space and can pretty much make em into any shape. The revamped Jeep Cherokee is one of the best examples. The lights in the front almost look like they forgot to add the main lights. Guess the Frontier is the last pickup needing an update. Supposedly it is getting one soon but no official announcements yet. Supposedly the Toyota offerings might get new gens soon. They recently had a mid gen refresh but not a completely new gen.
  6. Rigid black tools ?

    if you guys are looking for this kit someone on GJ posted that it's marked to $299 now...just an FYI
  7. hammer drill vs drill driver chuck difference

    The chuck should be the same. Why would I pay more for a hammer/Drill/driver if I plan on buying a real Rotary Hammer? Thats why. Not everyone uses or needs a drill with hammer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Heating the garage...

    Brrrrrrr........... a coupla years ago, heading into late fall, i just had to have heat in the carage for the coronet. i would up getting a 40k gas fired unit heater. buried 3/4 sch. 80 pipe with heavy couplings the depth of a spade shovel. i already had run a 1'' galv. pipe with 60a, 230v, along with a fist full of #14 a few years before (also at the depth of a spade). keep it at 45. nice getting into her car and its warm.
  9. Yesterday
  10. I need your thoughts

    I design and build them. This particular pair was for my brother.
  11. What would you like to see next? Packout editon

    How is this good of a deal possible? The one key Drill and Impact kit is already over $400 and the one key recip saw bare tool is over $200 dollars. The one key recip kit is more expensive than this kit. Just need a deal like this for some other tools I want. I'd buy a white one long as it has black mixed in.
  12. What would you like to see next? Packout editon

    Gotta say those look sweet in black and red..saw that today on toolguyd also...
  13. DeWalt Seating solutions

    Nice find @The.Handyman....thanks for the pics. I’ll definitely hold off on getting more seats till those come out...it matches my decor so well....love the industrial look , so different from everyone else...
  14. I need your thoughts

    What kind of speaker is that in your post? Looks pretty good
  15. Heating the garage...

    I don't remember where it was, might have been the New England area, but was something like -60F
  16. New Pickup Trucks Coming

    What's with Ford and Chevy and those tiny headlights? The Ranger would look really good with a couple inches taller headlight...and fixing the height of the doors/bed under the window line.
  17. DeWalt Seating solutions

    Dewalt doing what Dewalt does, putting Dewalt logos on everything. I bet if you turned that chair around there would be another Dewalt logo on the back, and possibly underneath the seat. Looks great. I could see that chair being useful. I would attach a pouch to one of the legs to hold tools while working. Perhaps they've thought of this and have a few accessories coming out too.
  18. What would you like to see next? Packout editon

    I want white ones! J/k, that would be horrible. Starting to see some new combos with packout included. Here’s one i just saw today... https://www.homedepot.com/p/Milwaukee-M18-FUEL-with-ONE-KEY-18-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Brushless-Cordless-Combo-Kit-3-Piece-With-PACKOUT-Rolling-Case-2796-22PO/303241629
  19. hey guys , i'm new around here wanted to know if the new m12 gen 2 drill driver has a different chuck , compared to the hammer drill model . it seems both are listed for the same price (i checked the kit which includes the impact also) kit numbers are 2596-22 and 2598-22 . if the chuck is the same , why would anyone go for the drill/driver model ? i'm looking for something with better precision , but if they both have same chucks , then it probably wont matter . i have m18 kit and i dont like the hammer drill chuck . it has high runout on small drills and gets better with bigger drills .
  20. Heating the garage...

    cold? you guys don't know what cold feels like......your cold is our T-shirt weather..... try -44F without wind and see how your garage feels like.....
  21. Heating the garage...

    IM very tempted to try one of these but always afraid of the ventilation situation. How much do you have to vent it ? I have a garage door and a walk door , would I just crack open the walk door ?
  22. What would you like to see next? Packout editon

    As long as all of the colors are either black or red that is...
  23. Whats next in the Hitachi/Metabo pipeline?

    What Metabo is to drills Makita is to impacts. Metabo seems to regularly update their drills just like Makita seems to regularly update their impacts. The top of the line Makita, although good, is pretty old just like the Metabo Impact is old. I wonder how the triple hammer Metabo will compare to the Hitachi.
  24. What would you like to see next? Packout editon

    these look great. Won't be too long before you have a bunch of different color combinations like you get with Tanos Systainers
  25. New Pickup Trucks Coming

    The next gen Ram 1500, next gen Silverado 1500, revival of the Ford Ranger, and a few new F150 versions are in the works. They were unveiled this last week. What do you guys think. The Ram had a new kind of starter and a 12 in screen which were features that seemed to stand out to me. The Chevy had new liftgate system that not only was power open but power close too. The engines were the most interesting I thought. It had a diesel option and the v8 engines can have up to 7 cylinders deactivate which seems crazy. Not sure how a pickup truck could run on only one cylinder. The Ranger seemed kinda so-so. It was nice to get a new entry into the midsize market but with only one engine option it doesn't seem as good. It had a decent look and I liked where the shifter was located but it didn't have many standout features. There is a diesel f150 coming out which I didn't see any videos of it from the show but Ford's live stream mentioned a hybrid f150 which doesn't seem too exciting at first but it sounded like it had a feature that allowed the truck to become a power source for if you have a power outage and need to power a tv or something. here are a few videos of the vehicles.
  26. New Power Tool News Section

    Great question. Never thought about that. I think your right, that would be a good place for that also, after all some of those shows have some new products and cool tools.
  27. I like the new section and had a question about it. Does a post have to be about one tool? I could see tool event talk making sense to be in this section as well. What do you guys think? @Eric - TIA @Dan - TIA
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