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  2. There are these https://www.homedepot.com/p/RYOBI-ONE-Tool-Lanyard-2-Pack-P922/303325962
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  4. I recently picked up a Ryobi 10 in. Compound Miter Saw 14amp and while I understand how to make all the blade and fence adjustments, the actual turntable is not precisely level with the base (the non-turnable "no hands area"). On the left side the difference is about 1/16 inch so that when i clamp a board, it doesn't sit level on the turntable and the cut is ever so slightly off. Anyone know how to make this adjustment? Thanks
  5. Given that you hardly use it, I’m not sure how much you need to worry about the light not being in a more desirable spot. Having more speeds in my opinion is more important. My first impact similarly didn’t have any slower speeds available and it just didn’t take much to tweak the trigger too far and have the driver plow a screw right through some delicate piece I was trying to be really careful with. I don’t expect this latest XDT16 will be on any terribly remarkable sales any time soon, but if you’re going potentially months between use anyway I think that you already answered your own question ie-it isn’t costing you anything to wait for what you aren’t using.
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  7. Just to get the basics out of the way, I only use my tools for around the house. Now, this could be anything from tightening or loosening a couple of screws, to pulling out the motor in my 2002 F150, to making a custom frame and head board for our bed. I did some research and found a Makita combo kit for $150 that came with two batteries, a drill, light, charger, and the aforementioned impact driver. So far everything is great but the impact driver is just eating away at me. Two issues. First one isn’t that bad but it’s Tad annoying. The LED light is bright as all get out but it placed at the bottom of the collet. 6 o’clock position. So far, in my use, I’m constantly blocking it with my support hand when I’m starting a screw or a fastener. The higher end models have the LEDS places where they won’t get blocked. but the bigger issue is that the xdt13 is the only impact driver in that line up that doesn’t have that feature which prevents you from stripping fasteners and tearing the heads clean off of bolts(like I did the other night while wall mounting a TV) so to all of the experienced users out there. Should I just suck it up and after I while I’ll get the “feel” of it and just know when to stop. And just deal with the annoying LED placement. Or, should I try and get like $75 out of it and just buy the xdt16? I like the xdt14 and it’s like $60 cheaper than the 16 but the LEDs are still in the annoying spot. or should I wait and how there is a 4th of July sale and then pick up a new 16? Honestly I could go months in between using this thing but when I do use it I don’t want to get irritated, you know?
  8. How sharp is this tool ? Looks like a variety of knives.
  9. I think are the pincers (Carpenter's pincers). What do you think ?
  10. Welcome to the forum. Here is the parts diagram for your saw, https://media.toolpartspro.com/image/DW746/DW746-Dewalt-PB.pdf It looks like gravity and the motor mass provide the belt tension. If correct, then inverting the saw will have a loud clunk (from the motor swinging until it hits something) plus releasing the belt tension, making exchange "easy". Be careful, use two people, the saw is heavy, about 200 lbs. Here is the Owner's Manual. It does not cover belt replacement. file:///C:/Users/wingl/Downloads/652612-00,DW746.pdf Please inspect and report.
  11. I've had my DeWalt 746 Table Saw for 20+ YEARS. It's an amazing machine/tool. My maintenance of this tool is limited to vacuuming after each "meal." Well, it appears that the v-belt his giving out and DeWalt Service folks say: "sorry, we don't support that product anymore." (You're SOL, on your own). I've found a replacement belt source, but I'm clueless on how to go about changing the belt. I have some physical limitations, so I'm happy to pay for the assistance (Sorry, no airline fees). I've searched the dang internet for "on-site" local assistance, within reason) but to no avail. It may be a simple thing to do, however, I'm not sure where/how to start. Most thankful for any suggestions. JP
  12. Out of a preponderance of searching (Whatever in the h*## that means) I've finally found y'all. My passion is woodworking and my claim is making sawdust and mistakes. My "following" is my wife's quilt Guild (around 300+ ladies) whom I can't seem to satisfy...on the quilt stand type of items. As they say" lot's of friends with NO benefits." Seriously, I can't keep up with the demand. Whoever said retirement was a breeze?
  13. Hi guys, my Makita grinder is producing sparks in the marked area. Any ideas how to fix that? Sparks result in metallic smell and loss of power. I am thankful for any advise. Cheers, Jared
  14. I still love mine. I even made a custom foam liner for my packout case.
  15. What about those of us that are not a carpenter? I would have no idea how to make a joint that would hold together. I can buy these and still have a bench that I built.
  16. If you have a 110v outlet you should only use the 110v chargers and 240v outlets for 240v chargers but otherwise the batteries should work identical.
  17. Now the tool has been out for a wile and been in use for a good few months what are people’s opinions? Any complaints about it or anything that you don’t like? I’m probably gonna purchase soon but I bought the gen 1 tool and I really just didnt like anything about it, so I’m a little hesitant to pull the trigger if there are any major complaints with the new version.
  18. I recently purchased a Bosch Router Table 1181 and I have a porter cable 6912 router I want to use. Can anyone suggest a router lift plate that would fit the table opening and router? The JessEM Lift I ordered does NOT fit.
  19. Thank you for the exploded diagram! I have used a silicone lubricant. I will reference the PDF you so generously provided. Thanks Wingless!
  20. Yea. Especially a lot of spam appeared on topics of a similar type: "Where to buy ...?" Where are the answers of only spambots.
  21. I came to the service station to fix strange sounds when driving. Some parts were replaced, but the problem returned. Today I cleaned all the components of the machine and it helped.
  22. Merry Christmas. I spend Christmas in the hospital. Take care of your health and do not get sick)
  23. Does anyone know whether a Genuine Honda GXV200 engine will fit in place of the existing GXV160 on my lawnmower? Does it have the same bolt pattern to attach it to the chassis and same length P.T.O shaft to replace the smaller GXV160 engine.?The only country that sells them to the best of my knowledge is India and I’m in Australia.After having a 6.5Hp GSV190 OHC/OHV semi commercial engine on my Honda Buffalo bull , it would be great to have the grunt but in a truly fully commercial engine without the camshaft belt that runs in oil.
  24. Hello, I own some american dewalt stuff ( So 20V and 60V on the sticker ) I recently bought some 18/54Volt and was wondering Can i use them in all my tools ? ( I heard they are basically the same but its a thing about marketing laws) Also I have both chargers ( one that came with 54V and the other with 60V ) Can I charge any of them regardeless ? Thanks in advance. Thomas.
  25. Welcome to the forum
  26. milio

    Hi all

    Hi all from Greece. Happy I found you cause I love DIY. Regards.
  27. Welcome to the forum. This topic shows my Zinsco to Siemens panel replacement.
  28. I have a slightly different opinion on Zinsco than most. My opinion is from extensive experience. Zinsco Panels can be dangerous. The problem is the Busing getting too hot and the rear clip of the breaker gets too hot and the connection gets loose. The design is from the 50's. The Bussbar can be replaced with a retrofit Copper Buss kit (approx $70.00) If the circuit breakers are still good, they will not need replacement. Replacement breakers are very expensive but available new. The Zinsco I have tested always trip early when defective. I agree that they are low quality by todays standards. Here is a link https://jrlelectricsupplyinc.com/zinsco-circuit-breaker-panels-repair-replace/
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