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  2. My dads dad had this tool and my dad and I can’t figure out what it is and all I know is it is a lindström Sweden and it has a whole set of tools that go with it but I do not have them so can anyone tell me what it is
  3. Possible cordless die grinder

    You are correct, the die grinder doesn’t have a lock out switch. The rocker switch frees up after a bit of use
  4. What tools did you buy today?

    Exactly the same with different colored handles, they make the Kreg clamps.
  5. Veritas Planes

    I wouldn't be intimidated by card scrapers. I bought the Lie Nielsen card scrapers and they are great tools. Think it was like $20 for the pair.
  6. Veritas Planes

    Yeah, sorry I meant that my decision between the miniature one and the full size one hadn't been 100% decided on. The fact that the cabinet scraper has handles and looks less intimidating to me is my main reason for considering it over the card scraper. I've never used a card scraper and messing up a piece is something that I'm worried about. I've got a box that I'm going to be doing an inlay in for a Christmas present, the straight bit for my router does a fairly decent job with dado's but I want to make sure it's nice and flat.
  7. Veritas Planes

    They show a mini cabinet scraper on there. A card scraper will do the same thing. The cabinet scraper just keeps it flatter so you don't dog in as easily and leave a dent. What kind of project will you be doing where that sized dado is made and would need to be cleaned up? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  8. Veritas Planes

    My thinking behind the mini planes are that the shoulder plane would be perfect for the sized dado's I need to make for an upcoming project. The cabinet scraper I'm less set on since it's only available in one large size and it's only $30 more, I'm going to sleep on it and see how I feel about the idea tomorrow.
  9. Veritas Planes

    I have the apron plane and it is awesome. I just purchased the cabinet scraper. It will be here on Monday. Are you sure about getting the mini planes? I would hold off and start with the apron plane. It's my favorite plane and I use it all of the time. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  10. Veritas Planes

    I've heard of Lee Valley and Veritas over the last couple of years following woodworkers on Instagram and Youtube but only decided to look at the website today. Holy crap their planes are expensive, I'm sure they are well worth the money but it's very easy to end up in the quadruple digits. Anyone own any Veritas planes? Which ones? Do you find yourself using them more than you thought you would? I'm going to pick up the miniature shoulder plane and miniature cabinet scraper or maybe the full size cabinet scraper, since it's an inexpensive way to get started and I think they'll be the most helpful for now.
  11. What tools did you buy today?

    Toolpig over on Instagram just got one of their jointers earlier this month and it seems to work really well. I've got my eye on one of their 6" spiral head models. I haven't seen the planer in action but took a gamble on it after seeing the jointer.
  12. toughsystem mods

    Just tear apart a drill and use the motor to turn the wheels, you could have a variable speed 20v hand truck Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  13. Replacing Old Fence Rails?

    I tried the sawzall and it did not work well, that’s a great idea. I will try to use my Fuel M18 circular saw tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone 7 Plus | Tapatalk
  14. Replacing Old Fence Rails?

    OK, I think I see now. One end is already cut, you just need to cut it down to size and then shape the end to fit into the post. I am not sure how thick it is but can you use a circular saw and cut the wedge?
  15. Replacing Old Fence Rails?

    These are the ones I got from HD. 11 ft. Pressure-Treated Pine Split Rail https://homedepot.app.link/ISfKOxiakI Sent from my iPhone 7 Plus | Tapatalk
  16. Replacing Old Fence Rails?

    Each one has 3 sides. They are standard 11’ fence rails Sent from my iPhone 7 Plus | Tapatalk
  17. Dewalt vs Bostitch brad nailer advice

    Bostitch/DeWalt same parent company(Stanley Black & Decker) and chances are both compressors where made on the exact same assembly line. I have a couple year old version of the Bostitch and use it often to roof, frame, trim, and fill tires, it's served me well. SBD overlaps many of their tool lines and this is just another example, generally the DeWalt brand is their "pro" construction and wood working line and Bostitch is their "better" pneumatic nailer line. I personally would go for the package that offers more for the money in this case the Bostitch, I'd also have you look at a Porter Cable kit( again, same company) to see if you can get more for the money.
  18. What tools did you buy today?

    I've been looking at their jointers, price seems pretty cheap but not sure if its a good deal or you get what you pay for from Cutech
  19. M12 Fuel Impact vs. Surge

    The Surge has just over 1/3 the torque that the M12 impact does but the Surge has a higher IPM and RPM. I have the Surge, M18 One-Key Impact, and the M12 Impact. While the Surge has the least torque of the three it still works just as well as the other two. I haven't used it with tapcons but putting in 3" screws and lags it was twice as fast as the M18 Impact and a whole lot quieter.
  20. toughsystem mods

    Great job, Jamielmnop, you have done exactly what I was looking into doing to my cart, Add a section to the uprights, cut out the stair glides and add hinged brackets for 2 small cases. How long did it take you, and could you tell me the brand and model hinges you used on the 2 back brackets. My daughter does interior design for builders in phoenix area and I do a lot of install work in model homes, when I bought the tough system and wheeled it in everyone gave me a lot of kidding. But after they realized I had pretty much everything I need right with me no running to the trailer to find stuff (trailer is always trashed so you can't find what your looking for anyway). Now they all come to me to get tools, and fasteners and other things instead of going to the trailer, trouble is I can't' keep the thing stocked with stuff I need now. The tough system is great though, I tried 4 other carts and containers before springing for this and my tools and bins were always falling off the cart or it tipped over or broke. The tough system is quick and easy to load and unload, and sturdy. I wish they would come up with a way the secure the cart and cases in a pickup bed. I thought about putting the cases in the cart and securing the cart with the truck tie downs, but I wouldn't trust the brackets on the cart to hold the cases in an accident. I just had a better idea, buy some square steel tubing and case brackets make a mounting unit along the front of the box or along the sides of the truck, then loop a heavy cable through the rack and over the cases lay the cart sideways in front of the cases loop the cable/cables through it and padlock everything to the tie downs. Lowes has those heavy Schlage cables with the loop on each end in several different lengths. Any body got any ideas or if you made something any pictures.
  21. Cordless Tool Trivia

  22. Happy Thanksgiving

    Potatoes get mashed with an electric or gas packer. turkey cut with a flex or 20v saw, food cooked with a 20v heater, stuffing mixed with a flex mixer, pie filled with a 20v adhesive gun,
  23. Replacing Old Fence Rails?

    I can't tell, does each section have 4 sides or is it 3 sides. Can't tell if it's a 4x4 on an angle and then the ends are cut smaller to fit the posts.
  24. Thanksgiving Plans

    Wow that sounds like a lot. I am kicking back with the family tomorrow, well just me and my boys. My wife goes out with her sisters. The weekend is hockey games and other stuff with the kids.
  25. Cordless Tool Trivia

    Which company makes a multimeter that doesn’t require a test lead to measure VOLTAGE? Make/Model please! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. M12 Fuel Impact vs. Surge

    Your M12 Fuel Impact still has more peak torque. The trade off is acoustics. The surge is quiet. The surge is plenty fine for tapcons unless you suck at drilling and cleaning out your holes! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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