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  2. My restoration project- 1964 willies

    True, mine was comfortable enough but still a little small for my 5'11" height. The military knows how to make even the largest vehicles uncomfortably small, though. Armored HMMWV variants are cramped for someone even my size, especially when you add body armor and battlefield tracking systems.
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  4. 20V string trimmer mods

    I ended up just finding the US style small guard on Ebay to give it a try. It has more room and will fit a 15" swath. What I've done is use the blade from the large guard and put it on the small one (they have the cutting edge on opposite sides). This adds half an inch to the string length on each side, taking the swath up to 14". The photo below shows the original setup and differences in the blade mounting orientation and guard size.
  5. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    House salad
  6. New Pickup Trucks Coming

    Yeah it also definitely has to do with preference too. I know a lot of truckers who air their seats down to the floor so they can see bare minimum and feel like a badass. I always air my seat up as high as my feet will still reach because I prefer better visibility. The chevy felt like it was designed for guys who put their seat to the floor.
  7. New Pickup Trucks Coming

    I always have trouble in back seats because I wear size 13 shoes. Interesting, definitely doesn't sound comfortable. I hate most cars coming out now, visibility is terrible because the A pillars are always huge.
  8. New Pickup Trucks Coming

    Yeah I'm pretty similar sized to you around 6'2" somewhere around 220 lbs. It's hard to describe. Backseats on a crewcab high country were small enough with the seat forward that my boots couldn't pit perpendicular to the seat. In the driver's seat it's like they pushed everything towards you to make you feel bigger but it's just uncomfortable. Somehow hard to see because the windshield almost seemed small. Much preferred the powerstroke. Actually really like the new Ford XLT cabs. Not a fan of the higher end lariat cabs though. It might just be a case of me feeling out of place in high end cabs though.
  9. Makita Wireless Auto Start

    Sweet. The time I have spent with it, I love it. Very smooth and just one of those tools that I am happy to own. I broke it out the other day.
  10. Sub compact reciprocating saw

    I find it easy to hold. Pretty smooth. The stroke is shorter than a full size sawzall.
  11. DeWALT Power Station

    Now $209.99
  12. New Pickup Trucks Coming

    What's your height/weight? Hard to imagine they're not built for guys at least 6'3" and 240. I'm 6'1" 230, wide shoulders and long legs, I've never felt cramped in a modern truck, even back to the 90s. For looks, the 90s GM pickups are probably my favorite (for practical trucks), followed by the 1st gen Ford Raptor. 50s trucks from pretty much everyone are the best looking trucks but they're not practical or comfortable.
  13. Makita Wireless Auto Start

    LOVE the trim router. The dust-clearing/visibility aspect is what puts it over the top in my mind. Coming from an old 1/2” corded that spewed all the sawdust everywhere, this thing is amazing. I haven’t flogged this thing with anything too heavy, and not sure the necessity is likely to come up for me anyway.
  14. When or when not to use impact wrench/gun

    That's insane
  15. Angle of socket/wrench just off a bit...

    Chrome and impact U-joints are absolutely necessary if you're going to wrench on a semi-regular basis. I don't find wobbles to be all that helpful.
  16. Lift Kit

    What year?
  17. My restoration project- 1964 willies

    I love flatties, but they don’t work so well for 6’6” 300+ lb. guys....
  18. Large Cut Capacity Mowers

    Thanks, D!
  19. Makita Wireless Auto Start

    How do you like that trim router?
  20. Combo bench top sanders

    Thanks guys, I always heard of Delta ( I think “Norm” used delta floor models) back in the day and porta Cable was a beast long ago.....I try some pawn shops first ,never went to a pawn shop...
  21. AWS Tools

    Towmaytow Tahmahtow I’ll have some gazpacho
  22. Makita Wireless Auto Start

    Cool enough that I’ll wait until I see it in stock for the miter and plunge saws I’m looking forward to getting. Too bad it wasn’t already on the trim router I picked up a couple months ago. Man having the vac hooked up on that thing is awesome.
  23. Boardgame/toy/craft armoire

    The flu has been kicking my butt this week. Since Sunday I got 3 boards on the armoire. Two top pieces and a lower piece. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the rest of the bottom completed. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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  25. Angle of socket/wrench just off a bit...

    Yeah wobble extensions or a joint. Impact ones only if you are using an impact. For hand tools, anything other than the standard cross style is going to just be too big for most stuff. It's good to have both.
  26. When or when not to use impact wrench/gun

    Yeah this. Don't try and hold carriage or especially plow bolts in their broach with a hand. I got lucky and it only went halfway through my finger when a sharp plow bolt jumped. A mistake I only made once.
  27. New Pickup Trucks Coming

    I won’t buy one but the diesel F150 is pretty interesting.
  28. AWS Tools

    It's winter until the 20th March.
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