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  2. Cordless Tool Trivia

    @dwain not Makita they had the first brushless power tools but the first few years only for automobile, airospace and defence industries. They were not available for sale to the public. @Jronman not Milwaukee
  3. DEWALT Radio

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  5. 1/2" Impacts

    Nose cone is an interesting design looks like someone kit it with a sledge a few times to compact it down lol but everyone's a critic right? Just glad the yellow guys finally have some decent impact wenches Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. 1/2" Impacts

    Don't get me wrong I'm sure they're nice and I'm sure I'll have one in the near future haha.
  7. Favorite DeWALT Experience Announcement?

    I have the wall version wasn't sure if this would be a better option or even worth it to use for walls
  8. DEWALT Radio

    The DCR025 is the newest radio and supposedly it sounds really good. If it were any other DeWALT radio vs tough system I could see the tough system winning. It has a nice sound. I don't know if the improvements of the DCR025 from the previous model are enough to have a better sound than tough system. Tough System Advantages- known to sound good and it is compatible with other tough system. Disadvantages- no plugins for running your tools, media controls don't control playback on your phone, flexvolt batteries don't fit, no bottle opener, easy to lose power cord DCR025 Advantages- fits all 20v and 60v batteries, has 2 plugins to run your tools, includes a bottle opener, can use media controls on radio to control music on your device. Disadvantages- not compatible with tough system
  9. OSB + Paint

    I really wouldn't build anything out of MDF. It isn't very strong structurally and will swell up if there's any humidity at all, even if laminated. I can't tell you how many kids cabinets and cheap shelves I've replaced because the MDF had swollen or doors had torn off with use. I'd go with plywood if you can and save the headache.
  10. DEWALT Radio

    Hello and welcome to the forums, first I do not own either of them but I have some insight, the Toughsystem is the better sounding of the 2, not that the 025 sounds bad, it too sounds great, just the Toughsystem is better, deep bass, full rich sound. The only real drawback of the Toughsystem is the largest battery that it can accept is 5.0ah, all larger batteries simple won't fit, while the 025 can fit them all. Hope that helps
  11. DEWALT Radio

    I would go Tough system especially with the new Van racking coming out
  12. Only 1 120v Tool

    120v is definantly a platform. Just one yet to fully be recognized. And the opportunities are endless
  13. DEWALT Radio

    I'm looking to buy the DEWALT DCR025 or DEWALT DWST08810 ToughSystem and was looking for some insight as to which one is the better unit?
  14. Favorite DeWALT Experience Announcement?

    They have a system for walls I believe,,garage storage...the van and trailer system was missing...
  15. Only 1 120v Tool

    yes that is exactly what it is. It's not like there are special 120v batteries and chargers it's just an extension of the flexvolt platform
  16. Only 1 120v Tool

    so its 60Vx2?
  17. Favorite DeWALT Experience Announcement?

    I wonder if it would work on walls or even be worth putting on a wall? Another thing I'm curious about is which brackets are used, the tough system cart design or the wall rack design.
  18. Only 1 120v Tool

    uber i 120v isn't a platform, it is just an extension of the 60v platform. The 120v adapter comes with the saw so it's not like you buy it especially for a new platform, it is just an accessory for the mitre saw. It's not like you invest in a 120v platform you invest in flexvolt 60v and you get the capability of running 120v as an ad on
  19. Workbench Showoff

    I found a nice idea for a modular workbench system. It is multiple tables but they can be connected using magnets. Heres a video about it.
  20. Workbench Showoff

    Want to show off your workbench? Got some workbench ideas or new/original workbench features? Maybe you found a cool workbench online that you want to share. Post anything and everything workbench here.
  21. Only 1 120v Tool

    And it's beyond me they haven't made yet a step down transformer from 120V to 60V so you can use your tools corded when you need it. I don't care if it's as big and heavy as the power station, I just want the possibility. It isn't rocket science...
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  23. Only 1 120v Tool

    Ha ha this is gold Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Chuck/jaws spinning after releasing trigger on DCD791?

    My dewalt drills did it, just a nice smooth oiled chuck not under any pressure Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Favorite DeWALT Experience Announcement?

    Trailer and van guys rejoice!!!
  26. 1/2" Impacts

    This new mid torque looks nice.....
  27. Chuck/jaws spinning after releasing trigger on DCD791?

    It's normal...and you can not beat that combo ....I have many of each and use the hell out of both...best combo available in my opinion...
  28. Only 1 120v Tool

    What's ridiculous is that Dewalt pisses off the very people that spend large dollars on their tools...the marketing dept are complete morons. I realize they make billions but they loose millions when tools are needed and you have to buy it on another platform........like my older brother . The IQ of a genius, the common sense of a rock...
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