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  2. No I need something that runs on the dewalt batteries seeming that's what I'm set up for
  3. My brother bought me presents, little did he know that I'm an addict... Like buying crack for a crackhead! Now I gotta buy more Ryobi stuff!!!
  4. I saw these at the recent demo days and thought it was a great idea looked strong so the wouldn't break on there own wanted to give them a shot but can't seem to find them on the market yet.
  5. Today
  6. What a stupid idea. So many things tool companies come out with now are just unnecessary gimmicks.
  7. Law suit
  8. Publix is the SHIZZ-NITT !!!!!!!
  9. How is what?
  10. Another awesome project !!!!!!!
  11. Don't get me started on Publix. My first child might be named Publix, it's like Disney World but better. BTW, if you want your tweet to go viral tweet something negative about Publix, FL people will all respond.
  12. My brother has been having me do some work for him and last visit I fell in love with his Ryobi brad nailer, well this visit he get me one! And an extra 4ah battery too. I've been seriously considering Ryobi for some supplements to my Yellow tools, the consideration is over.
  13. Track suit
  14. 12.5% more power but could make the difference in lift but I'd bet the smaller bucket leads to the filter getting clocked quicker.
  15. The shop vac is next to the Milwaukee so i use that every time. It works great for everything else tho. Just takes to long to clean the car way easier just to grab the shop vac. Itll def be great for trips when you dont have readily access to vacuum.
  16. Yesterday
  17. been working on building a CNC here are a few pics of the frame and screw rails Nema 34 steppers lots to go.... bumped into a buddy haven't seen for ever turns out he is the owner of Xzero and Imotion so he will be hooking me up. He is in the city for a couple of weeks and then we are heading to Toronto to get some parts.....
  18. Well there's only 5 cu ft per min difference between the lunchbox & tea pot so you would think they would perform similarly. Maybe the smaller capacity of the tea pot makes a difference or maybe the accessories it comes with don't work as well.
  19. Dog track
  20. Yea my dad has one and the fan is why they recalled it . Broke apart and destroyed the fan and shot it out all over . He just took it into HD and they exchanged it
  21. Interesting, that hasn't been my experience at all. Even the recips at work that get passed around like a church collection plate all have their shoes.
  22. Good idea I was thinking the same thing
  23. I aint here for the giveaways. No need to be sorry . Thank you for all the work you do for the forum . I am here because good people and awesome tools to talk about thank you for all you do 😄😄
  24. Most Adjustable shoe recip saws end up being no-shoe recip saws
  25. Serviced this guy a little while ago and took some pictures . regreased and blew saw dust out 😎
  26. I use the lunchbox to clean my pigsty of a half ton and the mrs uses it to clean her crossover. Works well.
  27. Disappointed to hear it doesn't work well cleaning cars was hoping for an all-in-one solution around the house. Just begs the question if any of these cordless vacs do well for cleaning out cars?
  28. Well, when company A and B have adjustable shoes on their tools so you can use the majority of a blade and company C is too cheap/ lazy/ stupid to include on theirs company C has to resort to gimmicks.
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