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  2. Keep up the good work boys!
  3. I TRY to pick up and put away as I go. that would be things I know I am done with for the day. Throw junk in one spot and maybe clean up twice a day. I agree with @Stercorarius when it's go time, the last thing you want to do is spend hours cleaning up. If you manage "as you go" it may be easier ....
  4. Dwain, it sounds like a great plan. Dont stress. Shops never have enough space, power, tools .....etc. stare at it, and things will come to you, if not.... have the fun of having a shop is working ON the shop ....(maybe) 🍻🍻😎😎
  5. Yes !!!!
  6. Looks like a nice plane. Cant wait to hear your thoughts but I am sure you will love it. My #62 is my favorite plane so far. Makes a great shooting board plane too. I bought the "hot dog" for mine for that reason. I need to know more about your vise I am 105 videos into Cosmans bench build series and am more confused than when I started. I dont think I want to go to the level of build he has. Also, last week I had a head off my hotrod and engine parts laying on the bench. Was thinking... do I really want a "nice" bench. So not sure what I need.
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  8. Yuppers Rich, that is the Veritas 4-1/2 smoothing plane with the PM-V11 blade. The fit and finish is beutiful and though I would love to have the Lie Nielsen I really wanted to try this out. My next one to be ordered, hopefully for next month on my birthday will be the Lie Nielsen No.62 low angle Jack. I am hoping my Wife picks up my subtle hints that I have been dropping but.....I'm saving my pennies 😏. Back to the plane. I purchased some large 10" wide white pine boards for a Dutch toolchest. Additionally....This week I am purchasing rough milled pine or hemlock for an English stile bench. I just bought the tail vise assembly from yesterday. I will be using this new Veritas for all of the smoothing applications and will hopefully form a beaming opinion over the next month or so as I make headway on these two projects.
  9. $6.75 Wera PH3 and Sears gift Link to $6.75 Wera PH3
  10. I have the Engineer pliers (Vamplier's OEM). I find the teeth super strong, if there's a stripped screw that isn't recessed, it's the first thing I grab...and I've yet to grab a second thing.
  11. Wow a speeder, those are going through the roof lately. Would love to see some close up of your nicer ratchets.
  12. Lol i keep a 50mm/46mm dowidat (gedore) I paid $3 for under the front seat in one car and in the other a 32" matco 1/2-3/8 extension in the other 2 huge tools i never use, also keep a small hammer do the wife as she can't swing the big steel tools she's 4'9 100pnds lol Sour for all the post I had to catch up its been awhile I'm going to bed now lol
  13. No idea but I own both styles the 3870 and 48375 tuff1 ,i stocked up on tuff1 rebuild kits they are old from the 80s or 90s dunno but the grease looks like poop it turned Brown ,I heard they ran out of them already ,I'd imagine they were old stock and due to the design being owned by stanley/facom they are gone for good as they are no longer made for sk, I'm going to be careful with my tuff1s ,I love my rotos the 48375 is my #1 fab next to my Mac axis'.
  14. Hey folks, Over the next few months, I'll be finalizing house plans for a new place (the build is over 12 months away still). As I won't have much backyard, I'll be ditching my current sheds and making the garage my one and only workshop / storage place. I was wondering if I could get some advice about the things that concern me: sound-reduction, lighting and power. First up the basics, it's a 7m wide x 6m deep garage (23' x 20'). It will have a double sectional garage in the middle of the 7m frontage. Presumably the internal height will be 9" (2.7m). It will need space to store one car only. Unfortunately, the builder is going to be plastering/drywalling all walls and roof. Sketch below: For me it will function as a combined filming studio, woodwork workshop and storage. So I'm looking for very good lighting, heaps of power points, good sound-proofing and general workshop utility. WALLS: I thought I might ask the builder to put sound-insulating batts into the house-adjoining wall cavities. Also make the internal access a solid (external) door. Then might attach 3/4" plywood (lime washed) to all the walls for general utility, further sound-insulation and appearance. Problem is, will the sound just go straight through the ceiling then, which will only have regular insulation? Might ask builder to locate switchboard in garage. CEILING: Need lots of lighting, and will put the manhole in here. Would like to make use of the space in the ceiling for storing timber etc, but not sure how I'd achieve this neatly. Happy to cut up the drywall, but I'll have lots of lights/wiring to worry about. POWER: I don't know my internal layout yet, so I'm planning to put power points everywhere. But then again, if I put a second cladding on the walls (ply), I should wait until this is done to make it easier. Ultimately I'd like double GPOs at ~5' spacing around the shed (just above bench height), with a couple of 15A (Australia power, 15A x 240V = 3600W) points also. I'm thinking of wiring these 15A GPOs ready for electric car charging (32A). It may sound like I've got it all sorted, but I really don't. I'm second guessing myself constantly, and would love the TIA communities thoughts and ideas! Cheers!!! Dwain
  15. I have this one I bought off ebay for $70 and I just live the Mac axis I'm dying for a 1/4 I just bid on one fingers crossed ,I have the long non flex 3/8 as well and use it the most. The Mac axis rats are my top pick ,also love the Cornwell 72t, to me the snap ons are over rated. Snap on just came out with the fllf80 copying the mac fork design and added USA to the head ,I might buy one when they are cheaper. I just got the 18" kobalt today after warranting a normal 3/8 funny story it was the only 3/8 on the rack due to father's day I guess so I scored, it's made by the same people who make titan,tekton, and the Mac Taiwan xl rats I have the 18" tekton as well. I got a thing for big rats I hardly get to use just like my 0° xl wrenches very hard to use in cramped quarters or under the car without a lift.
  16. I have the So 3870 like yours it was my dad's it's in beautiful shape probably didnt get used but I love it but not as much as my 48375 tuff1 version it has beautiful chrome and has like 0 back drag it my be my favorite out of my 90 rats , It was my Valentine's present from the wife darn thing was like $98 used and took me a long long time to find ,I don't think they are rare just nobody wants to sell one it's so good. I rebuilt my 3870 to save the original guts and the new gear is black and makes the rat look better and smoother something to keep in mind. It's a shame they don't make this style anymore.
  17. My count is up to about 90 or so and still counting I will have a Gray Canada 3/8 and Williams 1/4 superratchet tomorrow in the mail. When I get them I will do a family photo I have them in 4 drawers spread around. I have a drawer for 1/4 and 3/4 and long 1/2s in th big drawer and rest stacked 2 deep in another as well as a few in the cars and here and there my wife says I have a problem lol. All are mainly truck brand or industrial brand and a couple Europeans , all pro stuff accept for my collectors pieces like Amber handle craftsman from 38-42 and speeder ratchet that's it for craftsman other than 1 rhft. I have yet to buy a proto ratchet yet I just haven't got into those yet. I have no idea how I'll ever use them all some I know won't get used as they are rare but who knows . Pics will follow it will have to do this in the morning my tablet is dead. Oh and nice ratchets guys I love seeing whayother guys are using and what's thier favorites.
  18. Im all about my Snap on soft grip and hard handle ratcheting screwdrivers they are top notch and they best I've used. I do have some (insert number) in one screwdrivers like Ideal and klien but just not a fan of those. My favorite is either my green soft grip or my (holy grail) clear hard handle I rally enjoy using them but find myself using my mini snap on screwguns often as it saves the wrist.
  19. Those ratchets like that are pretty smooth my father has some I have played around with them.
  20. That's a neat little set stick it on ebay and wave good buy is what I'd do but I'm just not a huge craftsman fan I just collect the old rare stuff lik3 the amber handles from1938-42 and other odd ball stuff.
  21. I would go neither I would get Kleins or Wiss if you want to save some money but the Klein's are the best imo they look alot like the Stanley ones, the Lenox don't look bad either but I would go with th American made one's straight up GL cheers!
  22. Large to small, Phillips and slotted seperatly and precision screwdrivers seperatly. Another tip pass on those screwdrivers and hit up KC Tools for a nice set of Wera screwdriversyou won't be disappointed and for the price they are sweet. Or... You can get a set of Witte they are made in Germany and nice as well or you can go USA and get Snap on they are my second fav. If you just don't have the funds I also very highly recommend the Milwaukee screwdrivers they are super nice for the price they can't be beat I bought my set brand new from a flea for $3 lol but I think they are around $20-25 for a set.
  23. Those look wicked nice i just bought the nws made in Germany Irwin pistol grip pliers and compound leverage cutters today and I love them the cutters cut so smooth you don't feel the snap from cutting wires, I just had to try them after seeing the guys do a review on them. I'm a hardcore Klein and snap on guy when it comes to pliers but I'm wanting to try out the German stuff now, but I have sooomany pliers. Vampire tools sent me thier entire line to try out and give feed back on and I can't say I'm impressed with any of it, all the scissors and pliers have a cheapo feel to them but they grip screws great just the teeth don't last long. Ideal sent a pair of red white and blue wire stripper,cutter,crimpers to me as a gift they are alright but nothing compared to my Klein and snap ons of the same type. The Japanese make awesome tools i just bought a now liken 3/8 socket set on ebay I can't wait to receive them .
  24. I've been a Makita guy for the longest I'm just now wanting to go team red.
  25. Would love the gloves I love the Milwaukee screwdrivers I have as back ups and my bit set and the drill bits and hole saws are great. My local flea has usa drill bits in all sizes for $1 I cant stop buying them. I want the 1/2 impact next badly.
  26. I hold Klein close to my heart really my dad was a linesman and a master electrician and he used Klein exclusively. He had just given me his left over Klein and his snap on collection and I'm thrilled I asked for them for something to remember him by when he's gone and to have an heirloom to pass down one day. His tools were the best thing and I have 2 brothers both a decade older than me and I know they will be mad when they find out lol. Anyways those look like nice strippers I have the yellow curved handle one's and love them I also have the same style in snap on and ideal, the ideals were sent to me as a gift they are red white and blue they came from ideal with a big sticker saying donated by ideal lol. They seem cheap compared to my Klein's but the snappy pair are better yet. I love the d2000 linesman pliers they are very nice I have many pliers and for linesman Klein wins in my book. You should check out the new Irwin pliers made in Germany by nws the guys just did a review on them and man they are sweet I got mine today from Lowe's they are not cheap fyi. The compound cutters are so smooth you don't feel the cut at all no snap. I skipped the combo pliers and just got the cutters and the odd 90 degree handle long nose pliers with cutters and a odd feature to turn bolts? Not use to this type. Anyways back to Klein I think they are all top notch tools accept the screwdrivers they are close to being poo really the tips are garbage imo. Milwaukee's are way better in that aspect only. I have a very large Klein collection I have all the basics at least they offer and I enjoy using them all even the poopy screwdrivers as i get that nostalgic feeling as im a sentimental guy and my dad is getting old and my family atleast with me die in the early 70s hes 63 my 6 kids dont have much time left to hang out with papaw. I have 1 son to pass my tools onto one day if he wants them hopefully but I doubt as he and most other kids in this day and time all play video games and don't build or fix anything in today's throw away society. Take care let us know how they hold up after sometime cheers. Sorry for the book Klein is a touchy subject for me.
  27. We will do some more off-roading as soon as I install my suspension lift kit. I'm just waiting for its shipment to arrive.
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