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  2. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Football pool
  3. Reno's Extreme

    ........ Beautiful work ! Simply outstanding
  4. Today
  5. Reno's Extreme

    thanks guys, one man show here so slow but sure.... well the plan was to get the flooring installed, but wouldn't ya know it after I laid out 8 or 10 tiles down my wife says....hmm don't like it??? so back to the drawing board or actually the store to go pick out different tile......in the mean time I figured I make a jig to install the handles/pulls whatever you call them......not pretty but worked flawlessly. I made it to be left or right top or bottom. (Note to self clamp a backer board so holes don't get blown out....)
  6. What tools did you buy today?

    Id love to try out the Oil impulse driver.
  7. Are trimmer attachments universal? XUX01Z

    Again, I dont have any experience with these, but usually anything thats cheap and says "universal" on it, is total garbage. Also, if a store anywhere near you has one, go in and check if a universal attachment fits.
  8. Hand tool cabinet build... finally!

    I finally was able to get some more work done today. I got the reat of the pieces mapped out on my boards. I had just enough. Then I got the dovetails layed out and cut. I used a coping saw for the waste. I thinner blade would be nice. They turned out pretty well so far. My chisels are in dier need of sharpening so I'm done for the night. Don't like to hammer late anyways. Hopefully I will get them chiseled out tomorrow. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  9. Are trimmer attachments universal? XUX01Z

    I don't think they are because the Makita attachments are insanely overpriced. They wouldn't ask so much if tool would accept other brands attachments.
  10. What tools did you buy today?

    Picked up some new gear for work!
  11. The stuff we throw away at work...

    Been using the impact for all kinds of stuff, it's a really great gun. Takes bolts out of reach truck drive wheels, which are torqued to 170 ft/lbs, super easy. I used it yesterday on a rack kit, to repair a damaged frame. Used the impact to sink a couple of 3/4" Titans into the floor, did it like the floor was made of butter. All of the other impacts we use for that kind of stuff struggle sometimes, sometimes you have to drive the Titan in, then pull it out and drive it back in again...do that a couple of times to get them to sink in all the way. The IR did it like butter, I couldn't feel any resistance at all. I was actually worried that the guys drilled the holes too big but I cranked on the Titans with a wrench to see if they were loose or would easily loosen, they were tight as tight can get. Also grabbed another almost new Flexzilla Pro compact impact, which makes the total of those 5 or 6 by now. Still had the box, high-flow swivel connector, papers, etc.. Don't know what it is about them, people use them and then return them. Never anything wrong with them except being dirty from use...wait, I take that back, one had a busted trigger, but the other 4 or 5 I've pulled have worked perfectly so far. It's all good to me because now most of the guys in the shop have their own. Nice when you get free tools And once again I'm stunned by what we throw away. Just pulled out of the scrap bin yesterday, almost brand new, probably used once, Lincoln Powerluber 1884. 20v Lithium grease gun. I saw the gun in the bin and I think my eyes bugged out, I instantly grabbed my hook to pull it out. Pulled the case out of the garbage, and managed to pull the extra battery out of the scrap bin with a magnet. Perfect condition, not a scratch and barely any signs of use. Had grease in it so it must have been used, but I'll be danged if I can find any problems with it. One battery was close to full charge, the other wasn't. Charged them both to make sure they'd take a charge and that the charger was working. Put a grease cartridge in it and it pumped perfectly. Didn't have the typical sticker on it explaining why it was returned so I don't know what the excuse was, but I don't care. I have one of the 18V PowerLubers that I use a ton, but gave it to one of the guys, I'll use this one now. I'll get pics Monday if I remember to take my phone out on the floor
  12. Yesterday
  13. M18 Fuel Hackzall ?

    You’ll love it! Much more power than the m12 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Are trimmer attachments universal? XUX01Z

    Yes, I will have 4 batteries and a dual charger.
  15. Reno's Extreme

    Awesome work Comp, it’s coming together beautifully.
  16. Are trimmer attachments universal? XUX01Z

    I dont know about the attachments, but keep in mind that you need two 18V batteries to run a 36V tool. So atleast 4 18V batteries and a dual charger to keep them running for any real work.
  17. Reno's Extreme

    looking good
  18. M18 Fuel Hackzall ?

    I have the standard M18 Hackzall and it works like a charm.
  19. M18 Fuel Hackzall ?

    I have two M12 NON Fuels both shit the bed , I have 3 M12 Fuels and 1 shit the bed , I have the M18 Non Fuel and the battery keeps dismounting so Im torn If I want to get another. I do use them a good amount but overall more of mine are broke then not broke and I hate having to mail tools in and then find out stuff isnt covered. Been seriously thinking of going back to Ridgid.
  20. M18 Fuel Hackzall ?

    Pivoting shoe but no telescoping so yep that's one thing it has over the other hackzalls. If I were in the market for one I would definately pick the m18 fuel or if it was a tool I used heavily everyday maybe it's worth the upgade. I just don't know if I would say it's lightyears ahead of the brushed where it's like you have to upgrade.
  21. Hi there. I have Makita cordless tools and wanted to get the 36v trimmer power head that accepts attachments . They make a few attachments and the manual says the shaft is only approved for the listed attachments, all by Makita. I know other brands accept universal attachments and many attachments are designed to fit any brand. Can I fit universal attachments on it? A more general question: is there a downside to these modular systems over using a dedicated trimmer?
  22. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Pool filter
  23. M18 Fuel Hackzall ?

    But it also has that pivoting shoe. Does the shoe telescope too or is it fixed in place like the original? I will admit my only real gripe from the original had to deal with the fact that it didn’t pivot. That’s really useful when you are working.
  24. M18 Fuel Hackzall ?

    Yea it's still very comfortable as a one handed saw but it's not as compact as you would think. When you see it by itself it looks like they shaved some size off it which they did in some places. But it's still bigger than the gen 1 almost like it's not as wide but they stretched it out and now it's longer.
  25. Milwaukee 6955-20 110v on step down converter

    Oh ok, I misread your other post.
  26. M18 Fuel Hackzall ?

    I didn't realize it was that much larger! I want that shoe on my M12s!
  27. Milwaukee 6955-20 110v on step down converter

    Home depot here sell for $CAD698 https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/p.12-inch-dual-bevel-sliding-compound-mitre-saw.1000526692.html?AID=11365101&PID=749547&SID=rfdcb&cj_linkd=11365101&cj_webid=749547&cj_sid=rfdcb&cj_affid=718969&cj_affname=Clear Sky Media Inc (RedFlagDeals.com, PriceCanada.com)&eid=Home Depot Canada Deep Link|affiliate|comm-junction||EN||||||11365101|
  28. Last week
  29. M18 Fuel Hackzall ?

    I have one as well as the fuel sawzall, gen1 hackzall, and a m12 fuel hackall. Winter is our slow time so I haven't got to use it a lot but I would say the m18 fuel hackzall is my favorite. It's definately more powerful than the m12 fuel but it's also a quit a bit bigger. As far as that goes it's a bit bigger than the gen 1 hackzall as well but slightly more powerful and it's brushless so I would assume it has better run time but like I said I haven't really got to use it much. It's hard to say if it's really that much better to justify buying it, I guess it depends what your doing with it. In my case I have a tool problem and just had to have the newest one.
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