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    Hey guys. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, this is really appreciated. I am home now, I came home Christmas Day to my family with my Wife driving me through a major snow storm. She left our home at 5 am not even knowing if I would be released. She is awesome. She spent most of the week at Mass General with my Son who is 13 months old. He couldn’t even recognize me, it was terrible. The Neurosurgeons and Nurses and ALL of the personnel from the janitors to transport, security and cafeteria employees were amazing. They tried to med flight me from Dover NH but couldn’t get one so a ground ambulance brought me down and they were awesome. I started to check out after we got to Mass General and my poor wife got a lot of bad news Thursday and Friday that she had to cope with by herself. I’ll never forget how hard this was on her or my son. My parents got here from Florida and my brother and his fiancé were there. They had to stabilize me prior to surgery and call in a specialized neurosurgeon. Needless to say God watched over me and two hours after surgery I was walking into the bathroom with my nurse. The next morning I was on my feet doing physical therapy with my therapist, Maria. On October 1st, I got a concussion. I had an MRI and started to see a neurologist. He continued to ignore my complaints and refused to give me another MRI. I stayed working thinking that I was being a wimp and started to see spots last week. I got an eye doctor appointment and my Optometrist saved my life, she found my optic nerves were being crushed by blood and it turned out I had a massive brain hemorrhage. The head neurologist at WDH couldn’t believe I was conscious let alone working. For future reference......ALWAYS.....get a second opinion. God watched over me and put me in contact with the right people and I am able to be with my beautiful wife and son. I have been unable to be online because of what happened in October and the last two weeks I started to deteriorate. I woke up at 3 this morning and am typing this at five in the morning. The screen isn’t bugging me. That’s amazing. Thanks for for your thoughts and prayers. I have loved this forum for years because of its members and it’s amazing how a bunch of perfect strangers in life can care so much about eachother. 🙏 You guys are awesome and this moved me so much I couldn’t respond until today. It’s amazing when something crazy like this happens that people care so much. I had visitors at the hospital and calls from guys that I work with but rarely see. I had family and friends pulling from everywhere. My ex-wife was at my house twice while this was going on, once when I was in surgery clearing my driveway and on Christmas, snow blowing the foot of snow we got and she and her girlfriend (long story....) brought my family and I dinner. This is what has helped me recover. I’ve been at a loss for all of the love and support. I cannot thank you all enough. Thank you. Chris 😎
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    Update - Chris is doing much better and is home from the Hospital. He is recovering and spending time with his family. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and was able to spend some quality time with their family.
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    Chris had an issue yesterday that sent him to the hospital. I want to respect his privacy so I will let him get into it when he gets back if he wants. It was extremely serious and all most didn't see Christmas. He has been such a big part of the forum over the years and he is such a great guy. Not only is he a big part of the forum, but more importantly he is a new father and husband, plus he serves his community with pride and respect. Just wanted to let everyone know and hope everyone can keep him and his family in their prayers.
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    This thing kicks butt. I don't care if it's a Milwaukee clone or not (I know the comments are coming...), it's an awesome light. This room is about 22' at the peak, measures 7'w x 19'l. It'll easily light up a whole wall or the whole roof area if pointed straight up.
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    To all my friends and fellow crew members, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, if this isn't your thing than happy holidays and if that doesn't cover it... I know I have been MIA as of late I have recently taken a promotion at work and the holiday season is our biggest time of the year. I have been absent in all my platforms but my content and input will be returning (like it or not) lol. I have some cool projects lined up for the next few months! Oh and by the way, did I mention I am going to be a DAD???
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    What’s up crew!! My sincerest apologies for being gone for so long. I really had a lot of nonsense going on with work and in my personal life. I wanted to come back to the one family that never lets you down. My tool fam!! So let’s do this thing! Hope everyone’s holidays and year has been a blast so far
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    If you are buying something strictly because it is “Made in America”, you are shortchanging yourself. Made in the USA with global materials is more marketing wank. Unless you think that where something is assembled somehow makes it more durable or reliable. Buying a better tool doesn’t mean you are less American, it means you are smart. We live in a global economy now. Tools make me money. Why on earth would I settle for mediocre, just for the sake of patriotism? It’s the same idiots who shipped the jobs overseas who want us to buy American now. They still built everything overseas, but somehow, assembly means American made. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    This wasn't today, I've been sick for like three weeks so I haven't done much but this was the last project I did. It started with a Sarge folding knife kit I won in a giveaway. I combined scraps of hard maple, walnut and cherry and did a rough shape on the bandsaw then cut them length-wise so I had matching scales. Sanding, lots of sanding and shaping(and more after this picture): Finished with three coats of Waterlox and polished the Waterlox finish with Simichrome.
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    I hope you all had a great Christmas with your families!! I hope Santa was good to you all!
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    Making a new sign for my daughter, the first one kinda took a turn for the worse when I tried to router the letters. I wanted to do it freehand and do a calligraphic style of lettering, but the router bit had other ideas. Funny how the grain of the wood grabs the bit sometimes, regardless of how hard you hold the router. Dang thing kept skipping off the lines I drew, tried to fix it but it was a no-go. It's okay though, a little bit of practice and I'll be able to do a lot better. This time I opted for an easier approach...clamp a piece of flat bar to the wood and run the router base against it. Waiting for the first step of NeverWet to dry, then the 2nd step goes on and done...
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    While it's shaped a little different it definately has a overall bigger feel than the original hackzall but man is it ever smooth. Night and day different from the dewalt brushless compact.
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    Just a few hand tools for the bag.
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    Believe what you want, but I own both saws and use them heavily. All I’ve stated is the basic advantage of brushless, more power and better run time. I don’t have time to do a run time test of them, but I may try to show the power difference. The most common thing I use the little saws for is 1x2 - 1x6 radiata pine, but Rigid has cut 3,000 ft of laminate flooring, and a decent amount of pallet wood. The only time my 10” and 12” saws come out anymore are for 12” wide panels, 4x4’s, and crown. The Ridgid with a 5 ah battery will run for 2 days of high volume cutting. This is job after job, with me and one of my guys both using the saw, so it is cutting almost constantly. It also has enough power that you really have to be trying to bog it down, and it will kick back like a corded saw rather than stalling if you bind a cut bad enough. The Dewalt with a 6 ah Flexvolt pack ran a fully charged battery down to 1 bar while cutting 1x6’s for Shaker wainscoting in a 16x16 room. That was about 4 hours of cutting, by myself with no helper, so more down time between cuts. While it still has enough power to be useful, you do have to pay attention to not bogging it down accidentally, like the previous generation of cordless saws. Here are a few pics of what I’ve done with the Ridgid: FWIW, that miter saw, along with the 18 gaguge nailer, router, and fan are Ridgid’s only decent cordless tools. Their sander, grinder, radio, job max, and brushless impact/drill/circular saw are all horrible. They are the reason I picked up Dewalt in the first place, and I’ve been happy with them.
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    It is good to see John Miller in the TIA videos. For those that do not know he was at one time part of Workshop Addict. John is a great guy and will bring a lot to the CREW.
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    Making a sign for my daughter, it'll have her horses name on it and it'll get hung on the horses stall at the barn. Used the Ryobi trim router to do the edges, nice router for sure. Haven't decided on whether I'll use the router for the name or if I'll engrave it in with the Dremel...
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    It has been awhile since I have really bought any new tools. I have wanted to change from my old bucket organzier for my electric tools to something new. Decided to try a Klein backpack. So far so good...time will tell how clean and organized I keep it...lo! Sent from my SM-T310 using Tapatalk
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    I made a resolution not to make any resolutions... Which means I started out failing my resolution by even making it in the first place. Heh... Good luck this year, and may the Schwartz be with you.
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    A bit premature, perhaps, but I'm heading to bed soon, so this will be my last post of 2017. I hope everyone enjoys themselves, and for those of you celebrating, please stay safe. 2017 has been a better year for me than the past five. 2018 should be even better, as I'll both get promoted and earn my Bachelor's early in the year before moving back to The Old Guard mid-year. By this time next year I hope to be debt-free (besides the mortgage) and by this time next month I will be resuming my diet and exercise regimen that saw me drop thirty pounds in a few months two years ago. Anyway, it's been great interacting with everyone here, and I hope to learn a lot more from all of you in the coming year. Thanks for making TIA great!
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    I feel like I’ve been gone so long I needed to swing past the Introduce Yourself section and say hey. I’m kruton and I like long walks by the beach.... Seriously though I took a new job with my company and it really took up a lot of my time. Combine that with three young kids that are starting to get really active in sports and my free time has been non-existent! Finally getting to the point I can carve out a little spare time to work on projects and visit the Crew. Glad to be back and hope everyone is well! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’ve got a few new tools during my hiatus, but grabbed this today. Doing a little tile work and thought this would be a little nicer than the little wet saw I used last time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Absolutely wonderful. This whole ordeal scared my son and since I’ve been home, I cannot physically hold him because of the injury but he is really scared of being close to me. He saw me in a really rough patch plus I’m sure all of the staples in my head aren’t helping any. I know he will get better but it breaks my heart right now. Still, I am home and he is getting warmer to me but today is one week since surgery so I’m hoping it will be over soon and we can move on!
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    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas 🎄....or what you celebrate.....best wishes to everyone!!!!
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    We currently toy have two chest of drawers that hold all of the kids board games, coloring, and craft stuff. Both need replacing bad so my wife wanted something new. I decided on a plan from anna white for an armoire. Hopefully will have it done in a timely manner so I can get going on the hand tool cabinet. Going to be made with maple plywood and poplar. It will be stained Ebony to match another piece of furniture in the same room. Already got most of the plywood pieces rough cut. I forgot to buy another 1/4" piece of plywood. Ugh. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    This section is geared for power tool news only. If you get some news or find something out about new tools or whatever, share it with the Crew. Let's get some discussion going on new tools. What are your thoughts, good, bad or indifferent?
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    They were not supposed to get here until tomorrow Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    I got these pliers and dikes on the clearance rack at Lowe's: And my wife put this under the tree, sort of: The reason I say "sort of" is that what she actually bought was a Hitachi, because that's what I had been looking at. But the moment I opened it she was urging me to return it. She works for Lowe's, and in the time between when she bought the Hitachi and when I opened it, she saw five Hitachi sliding miter saws come back with various customer complaints. So I took the Hitachi back, and then had to choose between spending more money for DeWalt, or taking the Kobalt and putting a little money back on the card. I don't need a sliding miter every day, so I decided to give the Kobalt a shot, and hope I won't regret it. It does seem like an extremely nice saw for the money, and the adjustments are all up front, which is convenient. I haven't unboxed it yet, because it's freakin' cold in my garage/workshop.
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    Be really annoyed when you go to Target and it's flooded with Walmart people haha
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    I was considering trying to be more understanding to stupid people but then I'd have to stop going to Walmart and browsing GJ forum. I also went to Sears and KMart already this year and that was like pulling teeth, Morons.
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    Picked up this Kobalt KB50FT 50’ Laser Distance Measurer at Lowes this morning at 50% off for $19.98. Supposedly only had 3 in stock but there were a ton in the holiday sale area. It’s pretty nice for the price. White text on black, 4 different units of measure (feet & inches, feet, inches, and meters), accurate to 1/8” (good enough for my needs), auto shutoff after 3 minutes, and even came with Duracell (OEM) batteries. You can choose to measure from the top or bottom of the unit. It displays which you’re measuring from in the top left and shows an indicator when the laser is on.
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    bought this yesterday because I had to replace a couple of sinks in the place we’re staying at and this made life so much easier!
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    Happy New Year(s) Going to party till the sun comes up..... and then sleep for (two) days...... And by party, I mean watching the classic Twilight Zone marathon.
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    Happy New Years guys, hope we get to hear more good news in 2018...too much bad news from the crew in 2017. Here's to being safe and happy in 2018
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    Happy new year crew.
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    Happy New Year to all of you and your families!
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    So sorry Brother, that I did not see this post in time, to send my well wishes and prayers. I am so relieved to hear, your health is on the mend. I have to be honest, when I read Eric's original post, I thought the worst, and was immediately angry some scumbag did this to you. Not to take away from what you are going through, but I have been having a weird pain in my lower (front, back and side) on my right side of body, and been to a "specialist" and they said they can not find anything. Now I am motivated to get a 2nd and even 3rd opinion. Thank You for being there for me, when I was going through a couple rough patches in my life, and if there is anything I can do, please feel free to reach out. -Steven
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    First centipede is set up. Right now the drill press and band saw are directly next to each other so I have a place to put the M12/M18 speaker. I’ll probably put up a shelf for the speaker in the future. The drill press is going to move down to where the speaker currently is sitting so both tools have some more space around them. Then I’ll be bolting them both to the top so they don’t move and I’m probably going to bolt the top to the centipede because I’m not sure I trust the included clamps alone. Unless I get around to it tonight the miter saw is getting set up tomorrow next to them on an existing cabinet. Once I get the stuff directly across from the centipede moved it will move to that wall so the tools can use an outlet. For now they’ll just use the power station.
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    Whattup Kruton!! Merry Christmas!! Glad everything is going well for you. Just came back to the crew myself.
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    Great to hear from you. We were wondering how you are doing. Glad to hear things are going well and I know what you mean about the kids and sports. I feel like I am a taxi.
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    I was really blessed bro 😇 We think we will celebrate for our little boy Friday and make a big dinner also a big breakfast for my in laws and my brother and his fiancé. Lots to be thankful for!
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    OMG no way I hope everything is and gets better! Chrisk was one of the first to make me feel welcomed here on the forum and not just that but he's an amazing friend me and my family will be praying for you and your family brotha.
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    Oh yeah, I want to learn to weld, too. Lincoln, Miller, or ESAB.
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    another room, another TV mounted in master with hidden cable box, internet access and no visible wires....