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    The green machine for the next video project Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not that I needed it, just couldn't resist the price... Cashier was even kind enough to allow a military discount on top of it.
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    Hello crew, I have been MIA, work & a pregnant wife definitely occupy a majority of my time. I do apologize. Tonight we had our first child. A boy born July 26th @ 3:10pm. 8lbs 10oz & 20 inches long. Timothy Maverick Farrell It was a rough one, as I imagine most are. I want to give a special thank you to Dan & Erick. A while ago I won the Milwaukee M18 Speaker. This turned out to be the most important accessory we brought to the hospital. Playing pandora stations; 'ambient' to help the wife relax. During the important part of labor, my wife request 'Splish Splash' station. It was awesome. @ one point the doctor & nurses were singing Great Balls of Fire. ? My wife was able to relax durning labor & sang between contractions. Thank you Dan & Erick, I'll never forget this experience, you two made it even better! Thank you crew for being super awesome! m18 speaker bedside
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    went to the local Power tools warehouse and they sold these empty Brand new cases 3 for 10 bucks, he gave me 5 for 15.00 and am i the only one that didnt know about the extra compartment that opens on these that holds bits and other miscellaneous items? will probably put some foam inserts in some to hold other tools.. and then ALSO got the deal of a lifetime on these subcompacts! nothing like a pissed off EX-GF that just wants to sell her ex's left over tools i paid 50 for the impact and 45 for the drill , both new and man they are SOMETHING!!! I feel i also helped her in getting rid of things that reminded her of the man that didnt treat her like the women she is so its a WIN WIN :)
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    We just posted this. Might be worth checking out.
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    Thought this looked cool....just walked into my garage..
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    Scored a lot of Systainers on CL for $200 and finally "treated myself" to a set of Wera Joker wrenches- There are awesome and I waited far too long!!
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    Metabo SSE 18 LTX COMPACT
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    What we have a forum? When did this happen? Check this out, We had our friends James and Morgan over today. They are married and both decided to buy an RV, start blogging and traveling the country with it. Subscribe and like their channel. That RV is insane, were gonna film it for the channel. Comment on their vid that the crew was there. Good people.
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    I'm starting to scrape the bottom, there isn't much in the under $30 ship to store or in-store pickup I can buy...or the $30-45 shipping range. Not too much over $45 either. I had three Wera screwdriver sets at one point, gave one away. The $5 off are hard for me to do because there isn't much left locally. I normally end up with twist ties or another magnetizer/demagnetizer.
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    New info ? 20v XR chainsaw ....dccs620p1 ($229) ....dccs620b. ($149) 9lbs with a 5ah on it 90 cuts through a 4x4 pressure treated
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    Not a tool... but hey... tool related
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    Could drive by Menards without picking on up! ?
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    Received these limited edition side-cutters from Klein after providing some feedback to them.
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    Need bigger tools because for to compensate. Mix of SK, Williams, Wright, and of course Proto. This one's name is Rihanna because she can sure take a hit, but even she has her limits. Just needed to cover up the damage.
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    Looks like Dewalt is releasing a Flexvolt Rear Handle 7-1/4" Circular Saw. Availability in November. The prices listed in the post are most likely CAD since that's where Tegs Tools is located.
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    Got this the other day and took it apart and cleaned and repainted all except the guard and cleaned all the rust off. Already had the abrasive blade which I want to use the saw for . Took the guard off. I've always been impressed with my other makita 10 inch 2401b so had no problem getting this one .
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    Just bought a Bluespruce joiners knife. It's gorgeous.
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    Literally losing my mind ,in anticipation of the Dewalt show tomorrow!!!! Last year I couldn't even work, watching the live videos and links it was freaking amazing last year.....I expect the same level of pure joy this year !!!!!!!
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    ok guys haven't been around been super busy with second stage reno's, entire top floor (third floor) of our house is getting gutted, 7 trailers full so far I guessing 2 more 1903 house a lot more work than just drywall.......update will come soon as rebuilding gets underway....moving walls ect ect
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    According to wife I spend more time in tool stores/websites than she does looking for shoes. That's probably not true but it would be close. Originally from New Zealand now residing in Western Australia. Carpenter with nearly 20 years experience (wow that made me feel old). Still looking to learn new tips and tricks and of course look at all the new shiny things I could find a use for at work or home.
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    . To the person that was here before me And placed this beautiful Stiletto hammer in the wrong section..... you're sick, you have no regard getting my hopes up like that. I was off yonder debating what tool I probably shouldn't buy. I spot this beautiful hammer and with that price tag only to see it's not true.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I have such a problem that I need to start reviewing them so I didn't have to pay anymore...
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    More $7.53 Diablo router bits:
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    This makita charger and battery is coming so handy on this 2 day hike. One of the best purchases I've made. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Went to Lowe's this morning, they had a free 6.0 battery with any xr bare tool Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Sorry but you are wrong. With EVERY mitre saw you have to do a calibration check when you buy em new. There isn't a single saw that Always comes 100% calibrated out of the box except for maybe the kapex. You can get lucky and get a nicely calibrated one but in transport these things get banged around on the truck and there's a big chance some calibration will be off Abit. That's why all decent saws have adjustable end stops/detents/etc... This is not an issue. This is taking 10 minutes of your time to dial in a € 500 dollar investment so it can serve you for years
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    This is a great unit. Only thing I'd improve is compatibility for left-handers and keep working on the drop protection.
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    This thread is really for KC tool (the retailer) only. I wouldn't mind if you started a thread for Sortimo.
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    Took apart this TV and cleaned it and painted it and turned out better then I though.
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    I picked it up used, but it looks like it was barely used, I got the 55 and 108in guide rails with it.
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    Man I promise you post something up for sale on craigslist or offerup etc... and within minutes you have one of these guys. I kept it PG, just didnt wanna deal with it.
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    Rockler had a sale last month and my friend owed me some money so I had him buy me this. Super excited. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    My other purchases. Bought 4 sets of ratchet/extension holders for my Ernst rails. Amazon lowered the price from $10 each to $2.00 no brainer there. Finally got my Bosch 12v rotory tool from Amazon uk. And a set of southwire wire strippers from Instagram. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Did a quick restore on my "new" #5 record jack plane. I sold the Sargent and finally found this one. Need to sharpen the blade and continue to sand the sides and sole a little bit more. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I hope Jeremy, James and Richard are getting kick backs. That is CLEARLY plagiarism ? The Eagle-i-Thrust is the basis for this machine....
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    You know what!!! I will !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    YES sometimes strechy pants are goooood! lol
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    Must be a Knipex day, Snagged some Cobras from Menards for $20 plus a $5 rebate... Net $15... Score!
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    Example C: America! lol
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    I mean my mind was blown!! the top lid splits in two revealing this!!!
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    I've got a lot of negative to say about them. As mentioned their limited line is a big downside. I tried to be pure Metabo but just couldn't stick with it exclusively. This was more out of wanting better options from competitors. I believe their range is getting better; they now have a one-handed recip and cordless multitool. I also suspect there are some duds in their offerings (like other brands). I owned and since sold the 200Nm impact wrench. My torque wrench said it could only achieve 160Nm (I have also tested it with a 175Nm Makita impact diver and that exceeded 180Nm). I'd say stay away from their brushed impact driver and impact wrench. Their Chinese made stuff seems poorly made, at least from a cosmetic/detailed point of view, but I also doubt they could hold up the "Metabo is tough" reputation. From the stuff I have had, or still own, their grips often have wide seems in the over-mold which is uncomfortable. I've also had a couple of tools have different thicknesses of over-mold and a very noticeable step between each side of the grips (this is VERY uncomfortable). I've also found the plastic housing to not line up correctly around the tools. They just seemed very "slapped" together tools, perhaps a poor production process. The internals may have been great perhaps, but the outside wasn't. The impact wrench I had also had sharp edges on the plastic at the top of the grip that scratched your hand. It was horrible to use. I've since bought Dewalt and Makita tools, and their build quality and attention to detail appears far ahead of some Metabo stuff. Some tools hold the battery tight, others they rattle around. I remember a comment made in a review somewhere about this being a sign of quality. I think its more luck that some are holding tight. Their BS 18 Quick drill is very rough running and in no way smooth, to the point where I cringe when using it (it feels and sounds like you are putting an angle grinder to rubber). Again, I may just have another dud. Some of their drills and impacts do not keep the LED on after releasing the trigger. Their 18v compact blower is lighter weight than the Dewalt version, but isn't as powerful and feels very cheaply made (I sold the Metabo and bought the Dewalt which is heavier but much better quality with a comfortable grip!). The 18v multitool turns off too suddenly and twists in your hand. It was also a very heavy tool that seemed tough and well made. I sold this to get the Dewalt however. The full sized 18v recip saw is quite good for an old brushed model (with LiHD anyway) and i'm hoping a brushless is on the way soon. I still own this, but if I owned Makita at the time I bought it I would have gone for the Makita brushless instead. Their German made cordless grinders are great (I own the 18V brushed) and I suspect their German made drills are just as good. However, in the photos I have seen of them, they also suffer the wide seam issue. Why Metabo? Other brands seem to have better over-mold and have nice, smooth grips. It just looks poor quality. I recently bought a Dewalt DCD796 and the outstanding job they have done on the fine details and smoothness of the over-mold is far ahead of Metabo. Their 2ah compact batteries are lighter weight than 2ah Makita and Dewalt. I used to be a huge Metabo fan, but I think some of the hype has lost touch with the tools they actually put out (Chinese made stuff anyway). Take a good close look at Metabo tools and compare them to others, in some ways they are not as well made (and looked slapped together), and the hype is just hype. Please take my comments in context (I'm just a DIY user). I've also never owned or flogged a tool (or competitors) long enough to see how tough they really are.
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    I watched a demo video of the new brushless grinders from Dewalt but my eye caught something in the background that looks like a cordless die grinder. I don't use die grinders and don't know if Dewalt has one already but I haven't seen one. What do you think? Skickat från min SGP511 via Tapatalk
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    I own the DCLB720 blower and the DCHT820 hedge trimmer. The blower is designed for work site cleanup but I used it over the spring in the yard and it did pretty good. My Ego blower is more powerful but the Dewalt did great moving lawn clippings, loose leaves etc. The hedge trimmer, is the best one I've ever owned. It's fantastic, power house, the batteries last forever and it cuts some pretty large branches. I have historically used the 5.0 batteries with both tools but recently started using my flexvolt batteries in both and they last forever.
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    Yeah that would be me in those pants, lol. I just have to find one of those cool sweaters.
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    Wow that's sweet!! Look forward to seeing the bench your planning to make
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    He can later buy a kit with larger batteries IF he wants a grinder / circ saw etc. But the truth is that most normal people (I don't include any forum members in that category) just stick with a drill, and maybe an impact driver.
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    Here's the comparison...it doesn't really do it justice, there's a big difference in using or just holding them. The girth is hard to capture, I took a bunch of pics but this is the only one you can really see the difference.