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    Oh hello there! Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Ok I know I said it last time but iv brought my last Knipex
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    I don't have it yet, but my wife ordered this for me for my birthday: Should see it in a week or two.
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    Dewalt 20v mid range impact wrench with pin. I’ve been waiting for this....
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    The Gen2 M12 Fuel combo kit arrived today, really nice but going to take some getting used to since they are shorter.
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    I'll be giving it a workout tomorrow
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    Cordless Dust Extractor 120v Flexvolt With Dual Input Hoses. 2 Filter Auto-Clean. Nice Casters. ToughSystem Compatable. Bluetooth Start with a button you can put on your tool belt . I wish
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    Do NOT read into this...
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    some secrets starting to be released you will love this one: new tough system cooler (EUROPE, no info for USA) Toughsystem DS404 cooler cheers
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    A guy at work and I built this rolling welcome center cabinet to set inside a church building. It is designed for displaying things. It has a display portion in the center for books and things. I'm not entirely sure how the top will get used but I expect items like paper to be displayed on top. I expect a missionary or other special guest could use it too. If they need a table or something they could setup shop on the Welcome Center. I really like the "hidden" doors in the back. The handle looks like it is part of the casework. The second picture is a video of the doors in action.
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    I got a lot of work done on the hamper this morning. I put a dado in the bottom rails to accept the bottom that I made this morning as well. I also made the hand opening. I first drew it out on the piece and I made a template out of scrap pieces. I got the angle that I needed and cut the it on the scrap pieces on the miter saw. I then super glued them to another piece. This allowed me to come in with a flush trim bit on the router table and made quick work of it. I chewed away at it so it wasn't taking big bites at first. The oy thing I messed up on was I forgot to come in at the end and I got a little big of tear out. Not a huge deal but was disappointing that I forgot to do it. Pro tip: when using double sided tape first put a layer of blue painters tape down on each piece. This will make for easier release of the pieces and no residue as well. Right now it's mocked up and ready for sanding. Can't wait to get it finished. I need to go buy some torsion hinges now. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Last year I purchased the hand tool cabinet plans from fine wood working. It was the only one i saw that hit all of the things I wanted in a cabinet. So last November r I purchased some mahagony for a hand tool cabinet and it has been in my garage ever since. I don't have a lot of band saw experience and attempted to resaw the top and bottom last month that. It went terribly. The blade went off track in the wood and I had to cut the blade. It was a 1/2" blade I believe. I purchased a 3/4" Laguna blade (non resaw king) a while ago and just had no time to start it. I planned to get it started and use a friend's large dovetail jig. He has no time for us to get together so I decided to start and hand cut these dovetails. This will only be my second time doing dovetails. Today I spent about 30 minutes before shift to get the band saw tuned and aligned to the 3/4" blade. I had time to cut one piece so I went for it. I resawed the shorter piece which will be the top and bottom. Amazingly it turned out perfect. I won't have time until Sunday to do the last two pieces (two sides and doors). For the door panels I will be resawing tiger wood. Should look really good with the mahagony. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I have one as well as the fuel sawzall, gen1 hackzall, and a m12 fuel hackall. Winter is our slow time so I haven't got to use it a lot but I would say the m18 fuel hackzall is my favorite. It's definately more powerful than the m12 fuel but it's also a quit a bit bigger. As far as that goes it's a bit bigger than the gen 1 hackzall as well but slightly more powerful and it's brushless so I would assume it has better run time but like I said I haven't really got to use it much. It's hard to say if it's really that much better to justify buying it, I guess it depends what your doing with it. In my case I have a tool problem and just had to have the newest one.
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    Hello, I'm doing a blog about differences in modern tooling and their vintage counterparts and why people would rather use them than the modern equivalents. The reverse also applies, if you have a modern tool that you would never replace with an older model what would that tool be and what type of use do you preform with the tool? Background: I'm a college student and for a class I decided to do a project about hand tools. One of my requirements for this project is to do a digital campaign, which I have chosen to do my campaign on tooling. I have a passion for learning about tools and what the differences that go through each iteration of their new life cycle as they are "improved".
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    I'll start. The other day I was replacing lights in the basement. The old lights were shop lights plugged into ceiling mounted outlets. The new lights are hardwired fixtures. What I was doing was mounting each new fixture, then turning off the juice, removing the outlet and metal cover assembly, and hardwiring the new fixture to the metal box. I was on my seventh fixture of seven. I mounted the new fixture, unscrewed the outlet cover from the box, and cut the wires to the outlet with my lineman pliers. BANGflash! And everything went dark. I forgot the "turn off the juice" step. Dead short of the two wires through the pliers' jaw. Got it right the first six times, slipped up on the seventh. Fortunately I have a long habit of handling any wire or device as if it's live whether it is or not, so I never touched the outlet contacts while I was taking down this inadvertently live outlet. So it was nothing more than a momentary surprise, an interesting new mark on my old pliers, and a rueful walk to the breaker panel. Could have been a lot worse.
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    more custom work for kitchen cabinets, this plate rack will be mounted above a really long 77" window. At each end will have a 15" x 15" cabinet with a door, and beside that a 15" x 30" cabinet. in order to do this I took a 30" x 30" double door cabinet and cut it up to make 2x 15" x 15" and 1x 15" x 30" by cutting one door in half. ok so all the boring fun taping and mudding is done, time to mock up the custom cabinets I pre built to see how they will all line up. It is imperative that they go on wall clean and square as I will be applying back splash all around and right to ceiling. everything looks like even spaces everywhere. drape them off and slap some paint on the ceiling.... slowly starting to take shape, some paint and trim on one side of area, the bit more to do list is getting shorter and shorter.....
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    Good day today. Got my Gramercy hold fasts (super fast shipping), a Whiteside round over bit, and something else I don't want to show yet. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Won a festool forstner bit set from the wood whisperer. Slightly used. And got a sticker as well. Woot! These can be used at an angle unlike regular forstner bits.@chrisk Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I can not tell a lie ...... it is a 2 car garage only by definition ....... Half of it is my shop .... the other half is my golf cart and then the washer dryer and my beer fridge 🍺🍺🍺🍺 wife parks in driveway & my truck won’t fit so it stays out
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    My son needs a new bedroom set as he is growing out of his converted crib and the changong table dresser is falling apart. I decided to build him a whole new bedroom set from cherry and walnut. The hamper is first. Next will either be the bed or the dresser and nightstand. The bed will be a modified version of Anna white storage bed. The dresser and nightstand will be wood whisperer guild project build from his modern guild build. I decided to make the hamper on the taller side as it is a so gle unit and not double wide. It is 16 1/6" square. The frame is cherry with 1/4" walnut plywood for the panels. It should match up nicely with the dresser and the eventual bed. I got the pieces cut, jointed, planed to thickness. Then I borrowed a domino from my friend. I liked it a lot but I need to work on getting the pieces always lined up. When I dry fit the pieces they were not always flush on top. Next I used my router table to route the dados to accept the plywood. This is where o currently stand. Hopefully tomorrow or this week I can get the plywood cut to fit and cut the dados for the bottom panel. I purchased a half sheet of walnut ply so the back panel will most likely be painted a brown color. No big deal as it really won't be seen. I will also need to cut in a area to allow for a hand to lift the lid. Not sure the best way to do it yet. Most likely will try it on the band saw. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Took advantage of the @KC_Tool Cobra sale the other day and picked up two 10” ones for $53 total after the TIA discount.
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    For those on the RIdgid 18v platform, you can find some killer deals on their cordless routers. I've seen these on clearance at two different stores. It almost makes me want to add some orange batteries to the battery drawer.
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    I have the 273 and I am happy with it. It will drill holes all day long for what I use it for, drilling both popular sizes of tapcons It occasionally drills half-inch holes for redheads. It does fine with that. I once had to use it to drill out an 8 inch diameter hole for a fence post in a poured concrete pad. As expected, it took an hour, but it sufficed. I didn't notice any difference in power between 20 V batteries and flexvolt batteries. I haven't used it for chipping mortar off of a countertop or floor, but expect it would do well with my chipping bit. No complaints with it. I like the kit box, because it holds an organizer filled with tap cons, a Bosch selection of bits, and a few larger bits Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well. Yeah. Good luck with that. It’s pretty sad when I call over and they know me now. Your going to love that block by the way...
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    Thé 11 Joules of the Makita are wrong ( even tho it says so on the Makita USA website ) Stating the Makita as a 10 amp capacity. ( If it was 18v ...yes. but it's 2 batteries in series so it's 36v 5 amp ) Stating the flexvolt as a 9 amp. On a flexvolt tool it's 3 amp. Kinda disagree on the point giving for run time. DeWalt and Makita do exactly as many holes so points should be even. If you're drilling holes you wouldn't care what numbers are on the battery. The amount of holes drilled on a charge is what matters. And ( I could be wrong here because of limited experience ) but I don't see the use of a drill only function without hammering on a 7 kg SDS max breaker which coptool praised the DeWalt for. Just felt more like a random YouTube test because of the inaccuracies then a decent review from a power tool website.
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    After work I got the rest of it glued together. I recut the bottom to better match the chamfer I made. I forgot to check for square during the glue up so it is off slightly. So that is irritating. It will be fine though. Not sure if I'll have time to work on it tomorrow or not. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I got the front and rear sides glued today. Before glue up I took my LN LAJ #5 to the chamfers and smoothed them all put. Look much better. The rear panel is painted a chocolate color. I didn't have enough walnut ply to make all of the sides. I think it will blend in well. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I finally bought the M12 PVC Shears. I've been wanting them for 7 years but haven't been able to justify it until now.
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    These are very high quality. I will be buying more.
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    Took the hamper apart today and got the pieces sanded. I only did 180 grit and not sure I'll go any higher. I cut a chamfer on the inside to help minimize any scraping of hands getting clothes in and out. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Japanese dovetail saw...Shop Fox 9” quick release face vise, 1/2” upcut mortising bit for my router, a bunch of harbor freight aluminum bar clamps...and a harbor freight rolling out feed.
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    Picked up some new gear for work!
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    If you are looking for something to read. Give this a shoot http://www.toolsofthetrade.net/power-tools/the-reciprocating-saw-tool-of-all-trades_o?utm_source=newsletter&utm_content=Instruction&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=TOTT_032018A (1) A&he=c0a4ce6db0a8b4a90061b5825c98c94315b985c3
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    upper cabinets went in without a hitch, all lined up and ready for flooring now......
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    So...I kind of like it. Dropped about 2.25” of water off of my pool tarp in about 20 minutes. Nice steady stream and two bars off the fuel gauge. I actually like this. I used one of my Wife’s stocking (with her permission) as a filter attached to a 12’ hose. It’ll take a while to drain the tarp completely but this is actually pretty slick. Hopefully this will be the start of some reliable Milwaukee tools for me.
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    Mahogany's sheen is soo underappreciated. I need to pick some up.
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    You might remember recently I reviewed the Milwaukee 25' magnetic tape measure. I was so impressed with it that I went back to HD for the 16' version, and picked up one of the compact ones too: While there I saw a steal on a Fiskars splitting axe, marked down from $39.97 to $10.03: There were three of these left at that price, all a bit shopworn, but it's an axe, not a doily. Nonetheless I picked the cleanest of the three. The instructions for getting the tape measure out of its package are stupidly complicated: I understand why they have to do that, I guess, but it seems kind of silly that you need a tool to take a tool out of a package.
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    Was at the local hardware store/lumbar yard to pick up some 9x2s and I noticed they had a flash sale on so I said sure why not lets have a peek at the stuff on sale. Well there was nothing much there but on the way out I noticed theses on the shelves for €18. First time I even saw Knipex tools in a local store as I normally buy over the net.
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    Perhaps I should call it - "How I hurt myself on a router table when there was no router mounted in the table." I was working on a small STEM project for my daughter's school tonight and was setting up my router table to route some box joints. I raised up the bit and apparently got it a bit too close to the inset bushing in the table. When I turned the router on, it whined a horrible high pitched sound and so I turned it off right away. I pulled the router as I was going to have to raise the bit in the collet so that the nut wouldn't rub. Well, when I returned to the table, I noticed that the bushing had rotated a bit and so I went to turn it back to the original setting. This was not a good idea. Apparently the metal bushing, from about three seconds of contact with the spinning collet nut had heated up to several hundred degrees. I had just grabbed it with two fingers and instantly regretted my decision. I know in the grand scheme of things, if you're going to get hurt in the shop, burned fingers are a small price to pay to learn a lesson, but holy crap it's a painful lesson to learn. So, to anyone else who may find themselves in a similar situation - never assume that just because there's no router in your router table that you it's safe to handle.
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    Some tools like a router, a sander, a grinder, a vacuum, ... have a pretty short run time on a battery. Having an adapter would make lot of sense when you want to run the tool in the shop without continously swapping batteries. And it's better than having both cordless and corded tools if you ask me...
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    Added a orbital sander , and a jigsaw to my M12 arsenal. Love the portability when I want a quick cut or sand. Don't have to hook up power cords.
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    Well that beard is stupidly long he could be a back up for ZZtop
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    I really like Makita, but at $1,079 USD, I have to laugh at their Robotic Vacuum: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Makita-18-Volt-X2-LXT-Lithium-Ion-36-Volt-Brushless-Cordless-Robotic-Vacuum-Tool-Only-DRC200Z/301282159
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    Happy Easter to everyone. Have a great day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’ve been running the new Airstreams. Best batteries I have. I also have a bunch of 4.2s no issues there. I run the HKC and it has some decent torque, it’ll cut through oak no issues. But for a lineup, no not many here in the USA outside of the saw, sander and drill lineup. I have for cordless tools now...HKC, PDC, TXS and the Syslite. I had the powered Carvex but sold it as well as my 18v brushless Makita, great saws but... I do like the batteries though, they last, they are about the cheapest thing you can get from team blue green and the Airstreams have even made my tools run longer.
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    Hey, new guy here. I have an old Makita 10 inch single bevel and a Dewalt 780 at home where I'm a carpenter( NE Illinois). I've been down in the Keys with my brother rebuilding our parent's home on the Ocean after Irma had her way with it. When he got down here, the idea was to supervise labor and we soon found out most labor down here was abysmal. After the drywall went back up, I came down and we started the decks, then the trim in the house. He went shopping for a cordless miter saw and he's a huge Makita guy, so he wanted to keep his batteries all the same. He came home one day with the 36v dual bevel 10 inch saw and it shocked me how amazing it was. The one carpenter we kept on for finishing the deck rails didn't care for the Makita(I think he just wanted to play with his new Flexvolt) so he used his own saw. I have to say as someone who owns Makita, Dewalt, Porter Cable, Milwaukee and Bosch tools equally, there are both good and bad to both of these saws. The Makita just felt tighter, they honestly always do. The Dewalt just felt more powerful and when we were cutting the 2x10s and 4x4s, the Dewalt just seemed to deal with them better, but that could be the function of the 12 inch blade in all reality. I loathe lasers, they're worthless gimmicks, but the Shadow lines from dewalt are the bomb. I didn't care for the fence on the Makita at all, it was not something that was easily moved aside. The Makita also had no place for crown stops. I loved the fact that the Dewalt lets you plug it in, though. The Makita batteries seemed to hold their charge a bit longer, but it's not like we had a scientific test going. We hired a stucco guy to do some frames and he had to chop some 2x4s down and wound up crushing the gear a bit on the lockdown handle. Neither my brother nor I ever use the lockdown unless we're doing a custom angle between detentes, so it was weird feeling how that assembly is now stiff and cumbersome. But, Makita always makes things right for you if you call and give a few pretty pleases. I cannot say the same for Dewalt. In my honest opinion, these are the two finest saws on the Market that aren't a grand. If It were my decision, I'd base it on the need for 12 vs 10 inch and your preferred battery use . Personally, I'm not one of these guys who needs all of his gear on one battery platform, my brother is. It's always been my contention that good tools are just that, good tools. You buy either saw and you're going to love it. You buy the Milwaukee and I guarantee you'll love that as well. If I had to chose one at gunpoint it would simply come down to the flexibility the Flexvolt gives. I really dig that option to go corded or cordless and I do prefer the larger blade. But, if you're doing mostly trim work, there's no need to have a 12. Either way you go, enjoy your new saw, they both rock. One more thing, I found the Makita is so much easier to operate with the way all the controls are more up front. There's no reaching around the saw. But hell, it was like getting into a fighter jet when we took that saw out of the box lol