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    Man, I couldn't help it... there was a spring sale and I splurged. This saw is way overkill for my needs, but it was cheaper than the single 18V brushless saw. I'm just a home DIYer, but I love these teal tools. I'm such a tool poser, lol
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    I concur...some of us aren't here for giveaways.
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    DeWalt Toughsystem DS280......W/Handle [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
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    Today I spent a little money on a tool of a different kind. Conductor Jr. outgrew his old bat I bought him 2 years ago. He wanted a new bat last year, but the other 2 needed new bats more than him and I couldn't afford 3 bats, so I promised him if he'd use his old one again, I'd buy him the best bat money could buy next year knowing I'd only be buying one. Well, it's next year and he wasn't about to let me forget it. It's amazing how a kid remembers an offhand comment on some idle Monday a year ago, but they can't remember to turn a light off despite you telling them 15 times a day. I took him to the local sporting goods shop and he informed them he wanted "the best bat in the world" 😬 They measured him up, had him swing some bats with a swing analyzer attached to them, and a little over $200 later we walked out with an Easton Mako Beast. I absolutely dreaded the drive home. I don't think I've ever seen him so excited about anything, but I was more concerned about how "excited" Mrs. Conductor was going to be. She was kinda pissed, but hey, a promise to your kid is a promise to your kid. He's a strong hitter, and a bat like this could deliver his first Homerun.
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    Wanted to quickly say I am sorry for dropping the ball with the giveaways. I had them all lined up for every month this year, but with the move of the site and forum, I was side tracked. I am in the process of designing a new website and I have been sidetracked with everything. Not to make excuses, but just didn't want anyone to think there won't be any more giveaways. I will make sure I start the May giveaway and get back on track.
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    Oh shut up, you don't need to apologize for anything. Seriously? "Sorry we didn't give any of you guys something THIS month" We're more than good, we're just happy you've put in all the work to get the forum squared away.
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    Every once in a while, the boy and I take off in the morning for a "Just the two of us" breakfast. His favorite place to go is the Polish restaurant (Krysiaks) in town that has amazing food. We always have to check what the weather is doing by the "weather rock" outside. If you blow up the picture, you can read how to use the rock......Yesterday it was raining. The rock was right again. This place always give you your money's worth and yesterday was no different. There was more food there than what the Parker could put down. There was nothing really interesting about this post. I just always have a good time when I slow down and take the time to just hang with the family.
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    ok so I needed to draw an arc, could do it a hundred ways to draw a line for it. I figured I'm going to probably need it more than once so I came up with this adjustable arc maker, I call it the EZ-ARX.....The back arm has two purposes, it holds the arc at a given distance and also keeps it flat on the table or piece your working on while you draw the line. It folds flat on a hinge for storage.
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    Today we made a little investment in the community. The Town Little League field was hard as a rock, well beyond what a simple drag would fix. It's damn near impossible to get people to volunteer to help, much less people who have any idea what they're doing. Our last work party yielded 2 people who showed up at 0900 and had to leave by 1100 😒. When I was a kid I hated playing on shitty fields and I've spent God only knows how many hours working on ball fields to make sure my kids didn't have to. After a couple kids took bad hops to the face, my buddy and I borrowed a skid steer and a powered landscape rake from a local construction company (his employer) and went to work. We were unsure how it would do. We've worked on lots of fields, but never with this attachment. We made 1 pass back draging toward Left Field, and another toward Right Field. Once we found our stride, things went pretty smooth. We tilled about an inch deep and ended up with a very nice dirt-sand ratio. The rake did a great job taking out the high places and with only minimal shoveling of excess dirt into the remaining low spots and 20 minutes worth or hand raking, it was damn near perfect. We ran a toothless drag over it to smooth it down, straightened out the gassline, and it came out as close to perfect as you could ask for. With 2 people, about 4 hours, and $80,000 worth of equipment, it was fit for play. We finished up about 5:00 and by 8:30 we'd already gotten a call to do 4 High School fields prior to the Sectional Tournaments. We've got some other improvements planned and they've given us permission to do whatever we want, so we plan to have a much nicer field in time for next season.
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    Just finished this small work bench. Plans called for a 30 inch by 80 inch but that was way too big for what I wanted. So I reduced it to 24 by 48. Got the plan out of a "Wood" magazine article. Hoping to leave this one clear so I can do some things on it. It was quick and easy and sturdy can't ask for anything more than that.
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    so sure I have a 14" band saw that works perfectly fine but I also have been changing blades to do certain things back and forth so what better way to rectify this problem ....get a second band saw..........17" General will be the next family member......
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    Thanks @builtby_n8 for the blower Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Milwaukee sent me these, apparently from a little giveaway i forgot about haha .. I know everyone has their own reservations about these, so all i can do is test and check the results.. . Finally got this after waiting months because of some mess up through Toolbarn, Got this drop head to put a larger knife on to chew through solidified grease in kitchen lines, then i'll weld it onto my existing 25' cable to double the length, not sure, but all i can do it try it! Of course, since i keep my m12 auger in a bucket, it only made sense to the the organizer for rags, heads, gloves, etc .. DeWalt sent me a couple things, can you believe it! haha This tape will be available this July in USA, available May in Canada .. only downside is no numbers on the bottom .. They sent me these as well, pretty excited to try these out, wish i could have had access to them in person when they first came out, but Home Depot skipped town, and Lowes doesnt carry them: ..
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    X2 cordless 10 inch mitre saw confirmed. And I believe it works like the kapex. The bars stay still and the head moves over the bar. So it won't stick out in the back Corded 10 and 12 inch versions of these mitre saws also coming btw
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    Cordless plunge saw will be singlebattery. X2 7 and 9 inch grinders confirmed
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    Love this new makita sawzall its brushless powerful two speed settings and a variable speed trigger and a trigger lock. Rafter hook light on front , adjustable shoe. I would highly recommended I use 4ah batteries with it and works great.
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    Mobile base came in today. On sale for $55. Up to 500lb capacity. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Today I reached a milestone. I've been toying with buying a new biscut joiner for awhile now. I haven't had much time for woodworking over the last couple of years, but as I've been getting back into it, I've got a little catching up to do. Today I ordered the Dewalt DW682K: I was torn between this and the PC 557, actually liked the 557 a little better, but I just didn't like it $50 more. The milestone is that by ordering this, I've gotten rid of my last Harbor Freight power tool. Good riddance. It was crudely functional, but that's about as positive as I can be. I parlayed my saving on the biscuit joiner into a set of Kreg setup bars: I was torn between these and the Carter F.A.S.T. bars, but I chose these as they are geared more toward router setup whereas the Carters are designed more for a bandsaw.
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    Thanks Eric, Dan, and all the others for making TIA such a great place to be apart of. I really enjoy being apart of the crew.
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    Well I haven't been around much past few weeks I've been fairly busy with well... life That being said we signed a lease for a new house this weekend! Best part is my two car garage so we have another shop thread, right now I have no pictures but your not missing anything other than a pile in the corner of my tool belt and some ransoms, tomorrow night I'm moving some tools down in the chaos to start a project build... a bed frame. I'lol show progress of the garage as the shop progresses
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    Picked this up at HD online that had the kit for $139.00.
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    Just checking in to see how the crew is doing....I havent been on much , working 7 days a week. Hope to be back on soon. Hope you guys are all well and hope them tool collections are growing.
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    Picked up this little addition to my collection this week to make a job easier. It didn't work quite like I hoped it would but I'm sure it'll come in handy other places. I really needed a second right angle impact wrench but I bought this for half the price and to have a different tool with a little different capabilities it was worth it.
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    I got the Dewalt 20v brushless blower kit this morning at HD The kit came with another 5.0 battery so bam! Also, yes...my Flexvolt batteries fit in there just fine so I've got enough juice to run all day long with two 60v batteries and now four 5.0s Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cordless X2 vac with Bluetooth. For future Bluetooth tools confirmed ! ( Will autostart with the tool )
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    A NAINA present for me! Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Sorry I have Been gone for what it seems like ages i have had stuff going on in life and between that and school i had no time and also having probs with the forum . My Grandpa was diagnosed with cancer last march and he has been fighting it and is doing very well improving good.My Dad had a tremor on his left teste removed which they removed his left testicle and they sent it in to dissect it and it ended up being cancerous but they caught it before it spread anywhere else but they have to keep an eye to make sure. My best Friend being depressed Its been a stressful time i am sorry guys i haven't been on . It feels good to be back i have some stuff to post that when i get some extra time i will. Just Wanted to update you guys and tell you upfront because you guys are like family on here being so welcoming and understanding Thanks you guys
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    Hi, more news for you guys out there ! I can now speak of several new products watch out for different posts NEW DCN680 brad nailer (EU), not sure if USA has same model number Brushless XR 18 Gauge Brad Nailer DCN680 Brushless XR 18 Gauge Brad Nailer has a compact, lightweight and ergonomic design that makes the tool easy and comfortable to use but durable enough for the work site environment. Mechanical rather than gas operation offers low running costs and consistent performance, even at low temperatures. Fitted with a brushless motor that offers increased runtime and durability. Trigger and contact trip lock-off prevent accidental discharge of fastener. With tool free stall/jam clearance to minimise down time. The depth of drive can be easily adjusted using the thumb wheel depth adjuster. Two modes of operation: Sequential mode allows for precision placement, Bump operating mode provides the user with production speed of up to 4 nails per second. DCN680D2: 2x 18 Volt 2.0Ah DCN680N: Bare Unit Specification Magazine Capacity: 110. Fires: Nails: Length: 15-54mm. Diameter: 1.25mm. Nailer Operating Mode: Bump & Sequential. Magazine Angle: 20°. Weight: 2.4kg.
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    Walking through Home Depot and spotted this for $300 half off
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    February Bosch giveaway came in today. I was contacted by them last month about a delay in shipment so they said they would give me a laser for my wait! 120ft laser measurer! Thanks Bosch and TIA! Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    made these custom work benches and painted them, then sprayed on the logos over custom made stencils, also added lockable castor wheels! plan on making a metallica edition one soon.
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    Old topic but a little update! 20 skins and 13 batteries, also just pre-ordered my little 18v Brushless router/trimmer!
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    Built this bad boy yesterday, speced to fit a queen sized mattress Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally the taps back I can upload stuff!! Took advantage of amazon gold box a few days ago and picked up this beast Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I feel like my garage is living in the wrong century. Lol I love art deco stuff.
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    Although my gen-1 Fuel drill was still going strong, with what I use them for, I can always use a little more grunt.
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    Here's the next video project I'll be working on, this felo kit from @kc_tools Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Some of you may remember that last year I built a worktable from a piece of 3'x5' butcher block that my dad found. Well that was great until he found a 4'x8' piece of butcher block. So last week I built a new base and finished it last night. This piece is 4'x8' and about 2" thick. This is a sturdy bench and it is very heavy! I just recommend whatever size you think you will need...build it a little bit bigger, and after about a week, you will wish you went even bigger!!!
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    When you have three coupons and SYW points to use at Sears but don't really want anything but can't turn down free
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    New 18v grinder with variable speed confirmed
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    Cool, You guys rock. Thanks
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    Agree. The giveaways are just gravy.
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    For me ... it's not about the giveaways, and I really do appreciate all the hard work that goes into making this place great !!!!!! THANK YOU ALL !!!!!!
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    Having just turned 22, you've got a hell of a start. More than I had at 22. My goal is that when I die my kids will walk into my shop and say "what the hell are gonna do with all this shit?" Hopefully at least one of them will love and appreciate them the way that I do. I also informed Mrs. Conductor to get someone who knows what they're talking about to help her price everything if she goes that route and to never sell anything for what she thinks I paid for them 😂
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    They HAD beds, but the dad took them (even though the mom has custody) because he says he bought them. Same reason he took her sweeper, the kids bikes, and just about everything else 😒 Long story short, he started working out of town, got on dope, and they ended up losing their house. They moved into a rental, and in 5 months got an eviction notice because he'd never paid the first month rent and a drug dealer came to the house looking for money. She left and with good reason. Her mom's dead, her dad is in prison for molesting her autistic son, and she has nobody. His plan is that if he makes it hard enough on her, she'll have to stay with him. He took most of her clothes, and actually cut all her bra's in half. Real piece of shit after he got on dope. Meanwhile she works 2 jobs and pulls 14 hour days to take care of her kids without any government assistance. As good a person as you'll ever meet. Mrs. Conductor and I have gotten our extensive social circle involved and everything is going to be fine. This is the type of situation where small communities like ours really shine. She got all the help she needed, and never had to ask for it. My mom took her to Sam's and bought $600 worth of groceries, I spent $300 at HD, another friend of ours bought her a sweeper, mop, and cleaning supplies, etc. Her apartment requires any electrical/lighting upgrades to be signed off on by a licensed electrician. I had one there at 10:00 last night to sign off on my work and he didn't charge a dime. Hard to beat our little town in times like these.