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    But ya I made it to Makita's website! Check it out MAKITA https://www.makitatools.com/company/press-releases/2017/two-more-thumbs-up-for-the-18v-x2-36v-lxt-rear-handle-circular-saw Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I put random lengths of white pipe together with Elmer's glue to make your poop go out of your house when u flush the toilet
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    Come visit me! www.thejimbosliceworkshop.com
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    I know we all complain about harbor freight but I have to give a compliment. There was a true act of kindness today, by a assistant manager. Me an one other person stopped there to buy a bunch of gloves an an 3 garden tool sets. The use is tax exempt so as the buyer was filling out a tax exempt form we an the assistant manager got to talking. She found out the use was for a group foster home. The assistant manager paused. She went to the back, cashier was still waiting for form to be filled out) an came back with her credit card. She spent almost 100 bucks of her own money. She didn't have to do such, no one asked her to. We don't expect handouts like this. It's so good to see acts of kindness. I just had to share that.
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    New dewalt fan
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    Courtesy of lowes clearance a new tool chest Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Another day, another wrench rack: Why do I have five crescent wrenches? I don't know. It just sort of happened.
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    The Tekton elf came again today: This time I actually might have something to complain about. I think there's a plating flaw on the 18mm socket. See it? Also there's this. It's not a tool I bought, per se, but it is new: In this case I can literally say I did not buy this wrench rack. I made it out of a piece of firewood: This is part of the toolchest organization project. All the commercial wrench racks would have left empty slots. Now I have two more to make for my other two wrench sets. I'm pleased with how it came out, though. It's oak, nice and heavy, so it doesn't shift around in the drawer when I pick up a wrench.
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    A couple weeks ago I mentioned wanting to get the Flexvolt table saw, well in the time since I haven't been able to find a good deal on it. Acme Tools has a $20 off Dewalt code, but it doesn't work on Flexvolt. I noticed they had a Flexvolt specific deal though, buy a 2 battery kit and get an additional 6Ah for free. Well I decided to hold off on the table saw and bought the circular saw kit instead because I spend $100 less than on the table saw kit and I get three batteries. Now I can just buy the bare tool table saw in a couple of weeks or win the one Pro Tool Reviews is giving away. The only problem I ran into is they shipped me a standard 20v Max 2Ah battery instead of the Flexvolt in the promo, called and got that taken care of and the third battery should be here later this week with a return label.
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    My second ryobi purchase. Got soooooo tired of pumping that pump let's see how this works.....see if it's a keeper or a return item. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Little bit dirty at the moment and still a work in progress but its been coming along. Love the new Hitachi table saw and my router table was a cheap build but much better then the hundred dollar options out just needs knobs
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    So fallowing that logic..... If I were to say to my wife, I beat on wood all day when I get home I'd like you to........ I digress..... Ya um she'd call me gay and someone would sleep on the couch...
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    Our new home has a side entry and a double deck to our pool. The upper deck to the pool had so,e weird upper structure like a cheap-o arbor like frame work. I spent two days over this weeks vacation power washing the deck and today bought some 5/4 16' PT lumber to replace all of the railings. The cuts were interesting and involved a lot of different tools. My Festool HKC55 and T18, my Dewalt DCF887, my Makita DJV181 and XRJ05, a antique firmer chisel I got off of eBay, love that thing, my new mallet and a framing hammer. Lots of fun, many interesting miters, some heavy demo. More pics to follow, I am hoping to finish the lower deck rails tomorrow and hopefully put a coat of Thompson sealer stain on....
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    Well got more flexvolt, it might be a dud but still should do the job for the right price and a free battery to boot! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    just saw this in a different post in this forum (so credit does not go to me) the tool justifies a new post I was really surprised, normally I have lot´s of insider info DCCS620B chainsaw 20V max ! web site shows: PRE-ORDER NOW !! SHIPPING IN SUMMER 2017 12” Oregon Bar and Chain - Low kickback cutting in compact spaces. Includes tool-free tensioning and auto oiling.• High-Efficiency Brushless Motor - Delivers up to 70 cuts on a 4x4” per charge and 30 cuts on a 6x6 (with a 20V MAX* 5.0 Ah battery)• Lightweight and Compact - Optimized ergonomics for smaller cuts• Battery-Operation - Eliminate carb issues and cold starts. Starts with the pull of the trigger.
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    Scored a few brownie points, my brother and I picked up the Kobalt table saw for our dad yesterday, not the best saw in the world but far, far form the worst. Should be almost the perfect one for him, very manageable weight, good capacity, easy to setup. Our dad is 66 with almost double the miles most folks his age so ease of use was a major factor. Apon giving it to him he said " You guys are fucking idiots" Which is his way of saying thank you to us. Not gonna lie, probably the warmest feeling I've had giving a gift.
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    Hey guys. Been absent lately so just checking in. Nothing wrong, I've just had something in the works for a year or so and it's finally coming together, so I needed to keep my online presence limited for a bit. Should be back in the mix this week or next. Probably just being overly cautious, but I can't afford to take any chances. Happy Fathers Day to everyone! Hope you guys score some cool stuff.
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    I don't make the commercials you watch, I make the commercials you watch Better!
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    Not really work today but tomorrow I will be at the Weirs for Bike Week. I am partnered up with another guy for a commercial enforcement check point hopefully preventing bad people from going in and causing problems. There are a bunch of guys from my Troop that will be assigned over there at multiple points in addition to patrol units from all over the State. I'm actually tickled pink because every year I get assigned a patrol beat and am down there for multiple layover shifts till 0200 ish so this year only one shift and I'll be using a creeper and a mag light and hopefully that's it and will be home by 9pm. I have a first Dads day weeken to enjoy!
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    Castors for the workbench came in as well as some extension and wrench holders for the Ernst rails. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Got myself another Lie Nielsen chisel. This one is a 1" socket chisel.... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I build websites and iPhone applications for a living. I started building websites in middle school and just never stopped. Went to college for digital design in 2005, graduated in 2007 and was working for a small company. We built projects for the BBC and several other large companies. I quit in 2010 over Christmas break because of all the stress the were causing and the late paychecks. From 2010-2011 I did freelance work for individuals and companies. In 2011 I started my own design and development company with my brother, it can be hit or miss with work because smaller businesses want everything and the kitchen sink for the price of a coffee and larger businesses want a team bigger than two people. I've been interested in metalworking and woodworking lately and want to turn that into a side project or next career. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Worked in the Family remolding business till I was 19 left and went to work for the local utility for 38 years. Worked at their Nuclear plant for 5 years in the weld shop then moved over to the Gas construction side as a pipe line mechanic and welder then moved up crew leader then foreman. These days I have returned to my roots and have my own remodeling company.
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    Finally pulled the trigger on the ridgid ..... then I got trigger happy and got the angled m12 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The toggle clamps I ordered a few weeks ago finally showed up today. It was 16 for $5 and now I know why.
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    M18 Fuel Mud Mixer. Looks like a futuristic take on your typical corded drill used on mud. Looks ergonomic. M12 Air Snake compressor for clearing clogs. 50 psi. M18 Fuel Hackzall 😍 M18 Fuel 7.25" dual bevel mitre. MODULAR STORAGE SYSTEM 😍 Dropping cinder blocks on ToughSystem, obliterating the box. Bounces off the red version. Easy to use recessed latch; one touch connection like Systainer instead of plastic crap yellow latches. M18 Fuel drum cleaner M12 Fuel ratchets 😍 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" gen 2 M12 Fuel drill and impact carbide Big Hawgs that can handle "hundreds of nails" m12 soldering gun m18 heat gun m12 power source v2, charges m12 via USB as well as powering other devices via USB.
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    So I know I always say I will try to be on here more often but its hard. But I'm swamped with work and a ton of other things. Prime example I got this truck delivered last Thursday at 9pm and have only driven it 2 miles, (yes two) since I got it. I don't have anytime to set it up and it bothers me, theres only so much time in a day. But anyway, it was frustrating trying to buy a truck locally nobody had anything work ready. I would have to buy the truck chassis and build the body which I was fine with because I want it custom. But the wait time for the body was crazy over 3 months to get a body from Knapheide factory plus install time. So I would have made three months of payments and the truck would just be sitting in there lot. The crazy thing was they had over a hundred trucks in there Miami lot waiting for body's. I wish I got video of the place it was awesome, mostly Fords and almost all diesel's. Plus buying a vehicle is not like it once was salesman use to kiss your ass now you have to kiss there's. I've been to a bunch of dealers and quotes comeback two weeks later and phone calls go unanswered. I actually was under contract with a dealer that was 2 hours away from me for a 2016 F-350 chassis. Its a long story but the manager who sold me the truck was being an ass and not returning or even answering my phone calls. So that truck went bye bye after a few different phone calls. I know I'm all over the place here but I never thought I would buy a truck online from across the country from Arizona all the way to South Florida. But with the crappy service locally and a long wait time I needed to do something. There really isn't alot of these trucks available that are work ready this dealer in Arizona was the only place that had what I was looking for. It was a fair price, I did have to pay for transport but the service was great. The transport people really dropped the ball but the world is far from perfect. So here are some pictures of what I bought and some of the other trucks I looked at and the other f-350 i had under contract. There is a YouTube walk around video I did, specs are in the video description. Hopefully I get this truck on the road soon and making money.
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    It has arrived! The MAC DeWalt battery is my little improvement.
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    I haven't made too many posts being a busy Dad but I bought myself an early Fathers Day gift from your truly.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I was mainly looking for additional Flexvolt batteries and came across this on Craigslist. Couldn't pass it up.
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    Really?!?!?!? Who forgot to put a link to his own website????? Hmmmmmmmm??????
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    The Beast has arrived! I'll primarily be using this with a clay spade for digging holes to set sign posts in concrete. But nice to also have the capability to drill 1-9/16" holes in concrete and 4" core drill concrete.
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    Here is a little something I wrote for TIA a while back To Track or not to Track I know that some of you are thinking I would really like to have a track saw but, do I want to spend my hard earn cash on such a luxury item. Before I start this is not a comparison or review of anyone Track Saw it is just an article on the benefits of having and using a Track Saw. For some clamping a straight edge down works just fine or using a table saw is all that they need. For someone like myself that works alone most of the time it is a major time saver. One of the biggest negatives I hear all the time is the cost. It is true cost is a factor. You can spend a few bucks for a straight edge up to seven hundred plus dollars for a top of a line Track saw. The second negative is “I already have a circular saw so why would I buy another one.” That is a good point but they make kits that you can use your saw for around two hundred dollars and get ninety percent of the benefits of a true Track Saw. You will notice that I did not say one hundred percent because the design of a Track Saw adds to the benefits. Dust collection and cross cut splintering are a plus of a true Track Saw. There a few players in the Track Saw market DeWalt DWS520SKH comes with a 59” track $459 or the DWS520CK comes with a 59” and a 102” track $600. The Makita SP6000J1 comes with a 55” track $420. Bosch makes the GKT-55-GCE but it is not available in the US market. Festool Has the TS 55 REQ 6 ¼ blade 1 15/16th cut depth $615 comes with a 55” track and the TS 75 EQ 8 ¼ blade and a 2 ¾ cut depth $725. Fox Shop and Grizzly track saws same manufacture (they are injection molded in different colors). The Grizzly T25552 comes with a 55” track $245 and the Shop Fox W1835 $192 Track sold as an accessory. Now with all of that said I personally have the Festool 55 REQ and the TS 55 EQ. My first Track Saw was the DeWalt and I had issues with it. It may because it was their first attempt at a track saw. The saw was at their repair center more than I had it but that was many years ago and now from what I hear they are much better. Now let me tell you what I see as the biggest benefits to owning a track saw are. 1. It is not just a fancy circular saw with a straightedge. A lot of engineering has gone it to the plunge mechanism, riving knife for kick back protection and blade pinching and dust collection. It may look like a framing saw but it is not. 2. Mark your pieces set your track and make your cut. Rubber like strips on the bottom of the track holds it in place. You can use clamps but it is not necessary. 3. Portability easy to carry and set up and it is good for tight spaces. If you do not have room for a table saw and it takes up very little room in your vehicle. 4. Dust collection. The shroud just does not protect you for the blade it makes for an effective dust channel. If you cut a lot of MDF you will love this one benefit alone. 5. Long cuts, long miters and, odd angles there are no limits on what you can do. The only limit is the length of track you have. You can overcome this with a coupling system that each track has. However, there is one downside. Unlike those other saws, a track saw does not have a built-in miter gauge, so setting up miter cuts can be slow. If you do many long miters, you might want to spend $50 to $100 on a miter gauge that locks onto the track. 6. Clean cuts. You will be hard pressed to get a smoother, cleaner cut from a circular saw or table saw. I am not saying that tis will replace a table saw because it will not. You can do more with a table saw but a track saw will make your life easier. These are just a few of the benefits that I see that can make your work more time effective and safer. You will no longer have to wrestle sheet goods on to your table. I hope this helps those that are on the fence. If you take your time and do your research, you will find the answer that is wright for you. Good luck
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    Dude u totally gotta put a clickable link for us lazy guys lol! https://thejimbosliceworkshop.com .
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    Well it's official I'm in the flexvolt line! Thanks to all these promo's 2 kits in, one free battery and one free DCD996! Now just debating wether or not the reciprocating saw is worth picking up next.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The 580 arrived today. Very little time to play, but I had to fire it up (after discarding the spark arrestor screen of course). First thoughts? What a beast! You can definitely tell you're wearing it, but the harness is well designed and does a good job of downplaying the formidable mass that is the 580. Conductor Jr. gave it a try as well. He could pack the weight, but the tube was just too long for his arms, so delegating clearing chores will have to wait a couple years 😒 I had a couple rows of grass on the ground from along the fence line of the hay field beside me. Probably 10" long and soaking wet. Even with my high expectations I was surprised how well I was able to move it. Not much more pressure than my old blower, but the volume is unreal! This thing will cut my debris clearing time drastically. There's defintely a 580 thread in our future 🤗
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    I've wanted one since they've released it! Just gotta get the router now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My 887 makes me all that is.....MAN!
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    This arrived today, thoughts on it once I've had a play with my new toy.
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    Been eyeing one for some time, but today I finally ordered the Husqvarna 580BTS It's big, heavy, loud, and moves over 900 cfm's. For the massive piles of leaves, clippings, and gravel, I need to move, I think it'll be just the ticket
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    I've owned my 2007 Toyota SR5 Tundra since 2009. In those 8 years, I have not done a thing to improve the look of the vehicle. The previous owner had leather seats installed and I am grateful for that upgrade. A few years ago, I bought a full set of Michelin LTX tires. They were supposed to be the longest lasting tires on the market. Well, the lasted me less than 30,000 miles. Apparently, Michelin is having issues with these tires. So, about 6 months ago, I decided to do something that I have always wanted to do....buy some agressive looking tires. I bought some goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac All Terrain Tires. They look awesome, but the old wheels just weren't doing it for me and over the 10 years of the vehicle's life, they have begun to corrode and the chrome finish was flaking off. I decided to empty my "new tool" account and buy new wheels. Now, I can't have a cool set of wheels and tires and leave it set up lower in the front and higher in the rear. So that lead me to getting a truck leveling kit from Suspension Maxx. The kit raised the front of the truck by 2.5". It doesn't sound like a lot, but it made a pretty decent difference. I am super happy with the way my 10 year old truck looks now. I can see myself keeping this truck for another 3 to 5 years. Here are a few pictures from when I first bought the truck and a few after the facelift.
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    Not really a shop update again, but.... http://jrsknives.com/products/neckr-number-5-kydex-sheath I bought this knife the other day, it came in today, from Jr's Knives. I have been trying my hand at instagram and saw one of our members repost, whatever the heck that is, a giveaway for one of his knives. I bought this knife and I've got some initial impressions. Naturally this thing cost an arm and a leg but it's an American craftsman made knife that will hopefully last a lifetime. The knife I bought is a Neckr model with walnut burl handles and is quote striking to look at. It comes with a kydex sheath. Although I haven't cut Anything with it, I have developed some initial impressions of the knife and sheath. I spent a $145 on the knife and it seems solidly built with an incredible finish. The knife will need a light honing but is quite sharp. The sheath is meh. No belt loops or slots and it appears to be designed to be used with a g-clip (I seriously don't know what the heck that is, I looked on Amazon and it's some type of Molle like system. I will say the sheath is solid and holds the knife in place quite well. I will not be carrying this on a Molle type carrier though my tac rifle vest would support it. My purpose for this guy will be an EDC rescue tool and the thickness of the blade shows this will be well suited for the task. We will see how it fares in the shop too but if I remember I'll try to do a review after some real world use. I will say, this guy seems like a well made investment in a tool that should hold up quite well to some serious use. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Saw this at IKEA. Could be the the flexvolt killer, the Fuel annihilator, the makita upgrade. !! Lol All for under 40 bucks ! Lolol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have gone to the dark side: I've always wanted a set of box end ratchets but never quite enough to shell out the green. HF is having one of their 20% coupon deals, and the set was under $20 with tax, so let's see how they are. The chroming is good, but they're awfully thin, and the 12mm is larger than the 13mm. Whaddya expect, I guess. We'll see how they do. Of course where there's a wrench set, there's another one of these: Not as nice as the others. The piece of firewood I picked out that I thought was ash turned out to be something softer, maybe silver maple. But it gets the job done, I guess. The 12mm and 13mm look funny together. Speaking of toolbox organization, the rest of my Goliath socket rails arrived today, so now I have my sockets drawer organized: Metric on the left, SAE on the right.
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    More progress today before I had to stop and pressure wash the deck. I got all but one of the half laps joints spot on. First time doing them and it wasn't even the first one that I screwed up. [emoji17] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk