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  1. Cool, You guys rock. Thanks
  2. We took them down for now. We are creating a new site and it will be on there
  3. Wanted to quickly say I am sorry for dropping the ball with the giveaways. I had them all lined up for every month this year, but with the move of the site and forum, I was side tracked. I am in the process of designing a new website and I have been sidetracked with everything. Not to make excuses, but just didn't want anyone to think there won't be any more giveaways. I will make sure I start the May giveaway and get back on track.
  4. Hey Guys, sorry I dropped the ball on this and thanks for letting me know. I forgot to change the domain address to the new address. I just made the change. If you are still having issues, that means i messed something up and will try again.
  5. Thanks for letting me know. We fixed it and it should be good.
  6. Everything should be done. We do have a couple small issues to fix, but it shouldn't get in the way. Thanks for everyone's help. our website is now and the forum is now If anyone has any problems, please pm me or leave a comment in the site help section. Thanks again for everyone putting up with this move. Now that it's done, hopefully we can spend less time on the backend of the website messing around.
  7. Awesome, thanks for the heads up. It's weird because as of about an hour ago, we just finished moving everything and it should have a forward on it to the forum, so not sure what happened. i will let our guy know and hopefully we can get it fixed asap. Thanks again for letting me know.
  8. Starting next week we will be moving our website to a new server. That part shouldn't effect the forum. However once we move it over to the new server, we will be changing our domain name from to With this change you might experience some down time because once we make the change, it takes about 24 hours to propagate across the internet. That is if everything runs smooth. I was told there shouldn't be much down time, but we know how that has been over the years. Once the change is made, i think you can still use the same address as it should forward. If not it will just be i will keep you updated once I find out more. Once this change is done, we should be all good to go with no more changes.
  9. Sorry guys this happened, but it was something we couldn't control. It sucks because it was one little file or code or whatever you call the CName. It didn't transfer when they moved the site then we had to wait for it to propagate over the internet. Hopefully, it should be fine today. I know about 10 of the people who emailed me, 9 are able to get on. One is still seeing the error, but not heard back after I had them clean the cache. I am hoping it fixed.
  10. We have been having an issue with the forum as some already know. We moved the forum over to the IPBoard server. Everything was fine or at least we think it is. Last night, our server moved to a new hosting company and a cname didn't transfer, therefore taking out the forum. We added the Cname back but for some reach, google dns did not pick it up and make the change. I opened a ticket and they forced a reset, but it can take up to 12 hours. It just started working on my desktop. If you are having problems, please trying clearing your cache on your browser. The only people that might have been affected is the people using a desktop. It shouldn't affect your phone or ipad or at least that is what i was told. If anyone is having any troubles with anything,m please leave a comment below, so I can open a ticket and get it fixed asap. This sucks this happened because we wanted to do one transfer at a time so if there was an issue we could easily isolate it. We have one more transfer in a week or two and we should be done. We hope once that transfer happens, we shouldn't have any issues anymore.
  11. Sorry this is happening to you. We just finished moving the forum yesterday to the new server. I am sure over the next couple if days there might be some hiccups. The issue of not saving a password is browser related. In regards to your password, can you clear your cache and passwords out. If you notice we have a new domain name for the forum. If you clear out your password and then go back to the forum and login, it should remember that. In regards to the system rejecting your password multiple times, well that would probably be an issue on our side. If it happens again after you clear your cache and password, let me know. I can open a ticket and see what they say.
  12. Same thing on my end. I have the Bulldog Tough u-ground to twist adapter. With the adapter it will work in the States.
  13. The forum is being moved right now
  14. Sorry about that guys. I posted in the What's new section, but I might not have explained it. We are in the process of moving our forum off our server to IPBoard server. We just want it to be stable, fast and have someone who can manage upgrades etc. It has been too much for us. With the transfer, we have to move all our pictures to a different server before we move the software. We moved all the pictures, but there is an issue moving the software. It should get done this week. My understanding is the pictures are back for the time being until they move the software. It just came down to a linking issue on our end, not your end. I will keep you guys updated.
  15. That was my fault and sorry about that. When you post on TIA home page comments are held in moderation until we approve. I have dropped the ball. We are moving this forum and our home page. It has been a nightmare and have been working on all that over the last couple of weeks. We get so much spam, we have to hold it for moderation.