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  1. Yuppers Rich, that is the Veritas 4-1/2 smoothing plane with the PM-V11 blade. The fit and finish is beutiful and though I would love to have the Lie Nielsen I really wanted to try this out. My next one to be ordered, hopefully for next month on my birthday will be the Lie Nielsen No.62 low angle Jack. I am hoping my Wife picks up my subtle hints that I have been dropping but.....I'm saving my pennies 😏. Back to the plane. I purchased some large 10" wide white pine boards for a Dutch toolchest. Additionally....This week I am purchasing rough milled pine or hemlock for an English stile bench. I just bought the tail vise assembly from yesterday. I will be using this new Veritas for all of the smoothing applications and will hopefully form a beaming opinion over the next month or so as I make headway on these two projects.
  2. Wow, being a Christian, that is a thing of beauty 😎 The Lord, Dewalt and I cannot tell if that's a Makita or Bosch saw but it's allllllll gooooood!
  3. Not really a shop update again, but.... I bought this knife the other day, it came in today, from Jr's Knives. I have been trying my hand at instagram and saw one of our members repost, whatever the heck that is, a giveaway for one of his knives. I bought this knife and I've got some initial impressions. Naturally this thing cost an arm and a leg but it's an American craftsman made knife that will hopefully last a lifetime. The knife I bought is a Neckr model with walnut burl handles and is quote striking to look at. It comes with a kydex sheath. Although I haven't cut Anything with it, I have developed some initial impressions of the knife and sheath. I spent a $145 on the knife and it seems solidly built with an incredible finish. The knife will need a light honing but is quite sharp. The sheath is meh. No belt loops or slots and it appears to be designed to be used with a g-clip (I seriously don't know what the heck that is, I looked on Amazon and it's some type of Molle like system. I will say the sheath is solid and holds the knife in place quite well. I will not be carrying this on a Molle type carrier though my tac rifle vest would support it. My purpose for this guy will be an EDC rescue tool and the thickness of the blade shows this will be well suited for the task. We will see how it fares in the shop too but if I remember I'll try to do a review after some real world use. I will say, this guy seems like a well made investment in a tool that should hold up quite well to some serious use. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Looking good Jimbo!
  5. Like Jimbo, apparently links are not high in the electronic vocabulary of KC Tool..... Review left Ryan. You guys are hands down the best. Period. Thanks bro 🤙😎😬👌🏻👈🏻🔥😜
  6. Added a couple of more Lie Nielsen tools to my shop including another bevel edge chisel and a Boggs spokeshave [emoji869] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Mike that looks awesome bro! Great job dude 😀
  8. Mike that looks awesome! What color of grout are you owing for this one?
  9. Good luck Travis, I hope this things goes together awesome bro!
  10. Nope. No it won't. Not till your dead or your wife dumps you....but then youll dust yourself off, rise from the grave or whatever, and go after the next shiny tool 😜
  11. Thanks bro appreciate that and I am sorry dude.
  12. Happy Father's Day guys! And don't forget to call your Dad's for the Love of God!!!
  13. Looks like your going to have fun with this though bro!!!!
  14. I'd come over to help Mike but my last boss canned me....don't know why 😉
  15. Thanks Buddy! And Happy Fathers Day to you sir! Took this at chow time tonight. Rained heavy all night and after getting a good soaking they provided a nice hot meal at Station W..... Took this while walking back out to my cruiser, the first Charger in line after the Tahoes Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk