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  1. Granted, combat robots save whoever deploys them lives, but any battlefield is about somebody dying. I do not blame the technology. As has been said "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." Guns, nuclear energy, ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel, etc. are just what someone chooses to make them. I just don't understand who these companies are planning on selling to when most people are replaced by automation. Used to work as a CNC tech at Parker-Hannifin (granted at least one machine still used core memory, but most were new) and was familiar with sabotage and paranoia from a few. The new Luddites I guess. Can't put the genie back in the bottle, just hope humanity as a whole is more compassionate than I give it credit for. Hard to believe, but I'm not a bitter old curmudgeon. Blessings to all.
  2. Blinded by the price. Ouch!
  3. Mother Nature can be lovely, but she is always subject to vicissitude. No serious damage I hope.
  4. Wally World (Walmart) has been the undoing of many businesses. It has been ruthlessly efficient, like Rockefeller's Standard Oil, but not always good for the country in the long run. I guess when we are all replaced by robots, they may feel the pinch, but figure they will get in on the robot revolution and by-pass us anyway. C'est la vie!
  5. Clever! (as usual for you)
  6. Guess it is deader than I thought!
  7. Hammer Time! Congrats!
  8. I use various Avery stickers and cover them with good clear packing tape.
  9. Have to agree that it is asking a lot to go from 1/4 to 1/2. May I ask why that is necessary?
  10. Did not get to see it either, but would not be the least bit surprised. Any site can be hacked with enough expertise and modest equipment. Trust me, a lot of kids nowadays have the expertise and hardware to do it. I've been in computing since 1970. There were no such things as viruses or the web then. Everything was dial up and the internet had not progressed much beyond the original Apranet project. I remember having to go through several computers to get to it. some used Unix, some DOS. Windows v1 showed up in 1985. Anyway, even the Pentagon has been hacked. I order online, but never allow them to store my credit card or other important info on the site. My address, etc. is public record, so I don't sweat that, but non-public info I make sure (as possible) is not kept after I finish my transaction. If a site has a problem with that, I go elsewhere. Speaking to CBS' "60 Minutes," James Comey (FBI director) had the following to say on Chinese hackers: There are two kinds of big companies in the United States. There are those who've been hacked by the Chinese and those who don't know they've been hacked by the Chinese.
  11. Nice find. Some people may think the handle is overkill, but having used these before, I know better. If room allows, use it. These bad boys can hurt you. (or me)
  12. Retired now (more or less), but when I was using tools on the job, i had to buy my own. Being a tightwad, I was very particular to take very good care of them. Had all types from standard hand tools to very specialized tools. Only bought the best I could find and was always glad I did. I admit I don't always buy the absolute best available now that I am retired, but I won't buy crap either. Still take care with them though. I used to cringe watching people use tools for a purpose they were never intended for. Almost always ended in personal injury/ tool damage/messed up parts.
  13. That is a pretty cool idea BMack37! Thanks.
  14. Hey guys! Anybody planning to try and be in the path of the eclipse on August 21? (or lucky enough to live under the path) Bought myself a #14 filter to go in my oxy-acetylene goggles. Below is a site to determine when/where it will occur. I'm stoked about it! I plan on trying to be in the Andrews, NC/Lake Nantahala area for it.
  15. Agree. The giveaways are just gravy.