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  1. been working on building a CNC here are a few pics of the frame and screw rails Nema 34 steppers lots to go.... bumped into a buddy haven't seen for ever turns out he is the owner of Xzero and Imotion so he will be hooking me up. He is in the city for a couple of weeks and then we are heading to Toronto to get some parts.....
  2. but let's face it there is no race while your at work to get 20 holes drilled as fast as you can, taking a few seconds between holes to pop a plug out isn't going to ruin your day.....would be nice to have a plunge trigger to pop them out however.......or just fall out
  3. couple things about these comparisons in these videos are for either brand by the way, 1) he already has decided what tool will be better 2) it isn't the fact it is faster what about 3500 holes in what tools is still working as well as at first. I can build a 9 second car to do a 1/4" mile and I bet a car that does the 1/4 mile in 25 seconds will last longer so fast is not always best....
  4. ya before we had 4 seasons, it was warm during the spring hot during summer warm again during fall and ice $%^&^% cold in the it is like one season and you flip a coin each day, some times you get lucky and have more than one season in a day......perfect day for me is partly cloudy, 75° with a slight breeze. our house is about 2 blocks away from the shore of lake Superior, the farther inland you go the hotter it gets but the trade off is flies. probably 95% of the summer we can sit on our deck night or day and enjoy the outside with no flies..... go visit a buddy that live about a mile away from the lake and in about 20 minutes in the evening you will get eaten
  5. so I get this piece given to me any idea's what to make with it? 7.5 feet long 18" wide and 3" thick....
  6. I had the radius set but gave them to my brother, as I am working on getting a CNC router just waiting for our crappy Canadian dollar to find some strength so I can order it. I am designing the vacuum table for it as we speak.
  7. I've used them one
  8. we've had close to the 70's for 3 weeks prior to this mess......just can't rule out winter until
  9. sand bag
  10. no damage, actually not much snow but about 1" 1/2" of ice build up......then a dusting of snow on top......power was dropped in a few places but not me....tomorrow all going to melt as they call for almost 65 degrees
  11. just a nice spring day in the city.....wait what?......
  12. may as well show why I needed the EZ-ARX. not quite finished yet still needs logo but handles are screwed glued and capped....
  13. lol Arxall
  14. the extended the bidding until Friday at 5:00 PM said they only had 3 bids, bloody amateurs... I guess they can do what they want it is a private sale....not sure if mine is highest or lowest bid.....
  15. ok so I needed to draw an arc, could do it a hundred ways to draw a line for it. I figured I'm going to probably need it more than once so I came up with this adjustable arc maker, I call it the EZ-ARX.....The back arm has two purposes, it holds the arc at a given distance and also keeps it flat on the table or piece your working on while you draw the line. It folds flat on a hinge for storage.