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  1. bit more progress with a rock wall
  2. a pic of one of my last jobs in the shop. 306 foot tall 18ft dia. chimney liner from 444 stainless built in 40 ft sections and placed and welded on site.
  3. I started my career sweeping floors, during summer holidays, and part time while in school, the year I finished school they offered me an apprenticeship in the machine shop, 4 short years later I became one of the youngest Journeyman A inter provincial machinist. back then only needed grade 10 to get into trades. I continued as a machinist for 7 years, I then was offered to train to become a fabrication engineer, back to trade school and continued as a machinist part time. I then became specialized in metallurgy and welding production manufacturing processes. I remained doing that for another 14 years. I then turned the page and became a fabrication consultant for another 6 years before I finished up some testing to become a welding inspector until I retired. ( I was still consulting at the same time) this was all with the same company and was never laid off
  4. your not getting a jetsky....who said I want a jetsly? one but just in case!
  5. you guys..... with needing your wives permission ..................I can buy ANYTHING she wants
  6. I say go overkill, like buying bullet proof glass you want the stuff that might stop the bullets or the stuff that will.....
  7. I learned long ago, the easier way usually turns out to be more work. replace the ledger board, check with local codes and beef it up from there for the long haul.... most people think of present time budget when building decks $500 more can make a 10 year difference......
  8. na to quiet for me, my daughter is in town visiting so I took it for a ride nice car but no noise...
  9. so they say I can get 50 extra miles with my Milwaukee 9.0ah batteries. Elon Musk you smart cookie....
  10. haha that is the last thing I think about when I'm trying to pry the screwdriver out of the wall when it was thrown across the room......
  11. haven't you heard? Dewalt went out of business.......They are renaming everything Stanley they just haven't decided on going black and red or staying with yellow.... Car 54 Where are you? ( gotta be even older to know that expression)
  12. from all the deals around with the Milwaukee trimmer, 9.0ah battery and charger plus the hedge trimmer or blower as a bonus... Is there anyone here willing to part buy one of these kits and sell me the trimmer (tool only) for like $100-$125 In Canada they only sell the kit and it is out of reach for price. someone must have a use for the other items in the kit? I only want the trimmer
  13. so because someone mentioned festool website I was snooping around and seen much edge banding would one need to do to make this worthy
  14. I'll say I can't even afford to say Mafell good job...
  15. well looky here, the hook and loop part of my Milwaukee orbital sander has worn down (about 4yrs old) to the point it just doesn't hold the sanding pads any longer. I realize I can order a new pad for around $20 but I'm so for $1 worth of velcro a shot of 3M 77 adhesive and a razor blade we are back in business....