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  1. Hahaha no But keep in mind that a compact pack can deliver half the current of a fatpack. Some high drain X2 tools like the Rotary hammer/ Recip could take a little performance impact if you start putting on compact battery packs. Fat packs ( 3.0 amp and up ) are advised to get the most out of your tool's performance but not required for it to work
  2. http://www.myir.com/am-en/solutions/garage-solutions/maximum-impact-enewsletter/feature-articles/impact-gun-torque-ratings-science-or-magic This is an Interesting read. ingersoll rand explanation of what the different torque values should mean. They explicitly mention that nutbursting torque is the torque on a bolt that your impact wrench can loosen if it has been torqued up by other means then an impact wrench ( they have the example of a manual torque wrench). That would imply there is a difference between torque applied with an hammer mechanism or by rotational 'power' from a manual torque wrench
  3. Yup it's fine. It will indeed stop when the 2.0 goes low.
  4. What stercorius above me said. There is a difference between torque put on a bolt with an impact wrench and torque you put on with a manual torque wrench.
  5. Nice piece of DeWalt marketing again: let's make a comparison chart and compare our new model to the old Makita model ( while the newer one has been out for 2 years )
  6. That looks absolutely awesome. Jealous much !
  7. Maybe you'll be happy to know that a compact 1 handed single 18v brushless model quite like this DeWalt is also coming q1 2018 most likely
  8. ,,,If it has been torqued to that by other means then an impact wrench that is
  9. Can't completely agree with you. This is a sub 2 kg super compact SDS. Any added vacuum attachment would double the weight. Not to mention that in a 10.8 volt battery the extra drain from the vacuum will be more noticable in runtime compared to an 18v drill. If you have to drill a series of holes that backpack vacuum which you don't even even notice on your back will bother you less then having the added weight on that compact SDS. If you need to drill 5 holes. Sure, then an add on extractor wouldn't be too bad. But 50 holes, or on a ladder , or on some scaffolding I'd prefer the backpack.
  10. Awesome video. Awesome saw !
  11. In half a year we'll be getting a new Makita X2 brushless SDS plus and an X2 brushless SDS Max. With 2 6.0 amp batteries on them that's the highest possible amount of energy of cordless tools today ( 216 watt hours of energy ) and the load spread over 20 cells Which helps with heat and efficiency. I'm very interested too see how they will perform.
  12. I'm gonna try ordering one tomorrow
  13. To be fair, Makita had their piggyback vacuum for the 18v SDS ( like DeWalt has ) for 5 years now. It's DeWalt and everyone else that copied Makita in this regard
  14. What is a piggyback dust extraction ?
  15. 2 different units I believe ?