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  1. Pretty sure I remember the framing nailer to be Q1 2018. And things always take longer then first assumed so I would bet we won't see it before Q2 2018. Sorry to disappoint Are clipped head nails not legal in the us ?
  2. Nope
  3. I do mean a framing nailer yes was trying to find the current English words There's absolutely no info yet if Makita is Abit smart it'll take the same nails as their gas nailer. And those would be ( I think they are called ) clipped d-head nails on a paper strip ?
  4. We'll get the plunge saw in September in Belgium and there's a good chance the mitre saw will be there also. The rails will be above each other . Vertically to the left side of the saw head. The top rail will have a handle you can turn to mitre? the saw like a kapex has
  5. Sorry ! Had a new look at the picture of the upcoming plunge saw today and it's most definitely a X2 model. So 2 batteries
  6. Can confirm that the upcoming cordless mitre saw is a 10inch version
  7. How about you all chill and give Andrius time to explain Parts availability is different in all countries and as a Makita dealer you can source items from other country ( if your makita rep is feeling up to it ) . Untill explenation is given no-one should jump to conclusions.
  8. Keep in mind these options are for the coming next year they're not all coming out within a few months ( unfortunatly )
  9. True for high demand 18v tools. Doesn't matter ( at this moment ) for the X2 brushless tools ( which are competing against flexvolt) The X2 brushless tools do not draw enough amperage to discharge too much from the 2 batteries. The X2 tools don't really get hot, or quickly overheat. Far from it actually So the lower discharge ratings of 18650 cells don't matter on X2 brushless tools. Not an issue currently ( never know what the future brings ) So Jronman is correct. An X2 brushless tool with 2 6.0 amp batteries will outdo flexvolt. Brushes X2 tools like the old rotary or the old circular saw... That's something else but brushless X2 rotary is confirmed and coming. And we have the brushless rear handle saw out in America and making it's way to other parts of the world in the next 6 months
  10. Well the old model is still rather a competitive tool But they'll update it to brushless as stockaround the globe is getting lower I suppose
  11. Ow that's harder yeah :/
  12. And if there isn't any clear fall damage ( like broken housing ) try for warranty ? Don't know where you live but in most countries u have a 3 year warranty if you registered.
  13. Can't you send it to Makita to have it repaired ?
  14. Smart thinking
  15. Go for the ego. The Milwaukee ain't the strongest one