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  1. Not really, but a picture of a Dewalt FlexVolt rear handle saw leaked and some wiser people than me had said Q4 of this year. I'd bet money we will see it formally announced at the media event in August.
  2. The pitiful dust collection and the deflection in the "rail under" design are th two biggest flaws you'll read in reviews and user feedback. Oh, and that it loves to stall on bevel cuts. The dust chute on the 7.25" is basically non-existent, instead of a long chute it goes straight into a bag or hose attachment. Much better I would guess.
  3. Hopefully you guys realize the gaskets are friction fit and can be pulled out and adjusted. I have a few boxes that aren't tight but the two I have in my truck tool box for years are dust free inside, while the rest of the truck box gets a pile of dust on everything.
  4. Wait I would guess 6 months @framer, if you like Makitas you'll like Dewalt's.
  5. Few pictures have floated around, this one is from a ways back on Kiefer @toolaholic Instagram page. There's a clip of it in action out there I've seen but I'd have to do some digging.
  6. The 693 metal connector nailer has been out for somewhere in the vicinity of a year, no? The 692 framer, 660 16 gauge are pictured, as well as the 680 18 gauge, the 681 stapler, 682 flooring stapler, and 650 15 gauge. The last 4 are due out soon, September in Canada. Not pictured are the concrete nailer and the 16 straight, maybe we will see them again in August?
  7. Pretty sure that's the one he's referring to, and it kicks ass, especially the updated one with more lumens that fits a 9.0.
  8. Because it's a tiny bar, and this opens it up to the largest volume of Dewalt's user base.
  9. Be ready for a lot of hammering lol.
  10. TStak is a nicer workshop box, ToughSystem allows extra room for a drill, impact, etc. I store my tools in my basement, most of my projects take place either outside, the garage, or taking various tools to work. ToughSystem means I can toss them in the box of my truck, not buy a tonneau cover, and not worry about weather. The main important aspect of a modular system for me is organization; I get exactly what I need for a task and don't have to reorganize boxes, I can stack my gear for a compact footprint, and it keeps my storage and work areas cleaner. Cleanliness is next to godliness after all lol.
  11. Well big fans of big fans still need to buy teal it seems but I won't know if I'm a big fan of this little fan until I know how the CFM compares to my Milwaukee, which is a little fan that I'm not a big fan of.
  12. @framer do you prefer bags or just a pile of tools rolling around the box of your truck?
  13. Likely no worse than a dirty tough box, tstak or Systainer 😂
  14. Wow that deserves more than one "like" @Lmc!
  15. It's a blessing and a curse lol, measuring saw cuts, especially band saw, its great having a magnet to stick to the blade. Every second cut I need to wipe off the shavings or my cut is out a /16th though lol. Thin nitrile dipped gloves are infinitely more valuable to me, working with various solvents as well as burrs on steel, etc. all fingerless will do for me is get me hurt. for cleaner work they'd be quite nice. I've been on a large number of commercial sites who want full coverage with gloves though.