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  1. 12.5% more power but could make the difference in lift but I'd bet the smaller bucket leads to the filter getting clocked quicker.
  2. Interesting, that hasn't been my experience at all. Even the recips at work that get passed around like a church collection plate all have their shoes.
  3. I use the lunchbox to clean my pigsty of a half ton and the mrs uses it to clean her crossover. Works well.
  4. Well, when company A and B have adjustable shoes on their tools so you can use the majority of a blade and company C is too cheap/ lazy/ stupid to include on theirs company C has to resort to gimmicks.
  5. Step one in the five stages of grief (in this case re: your finances with regards to tools): denial. Most of us have been here long enough we are at step 5: acceptance.
  6. Yeah, but if you're doing 150+ holes a day roughing in new construction, it's like spending money on coffee every morning. Seems insignificant, but the time/cost over a year is very measurable. The guy who isn't being paid by the hour saving 6 minutes a day amounts to 26 hours in a year. More than half a work week.
  7. If that's the case then it's certainly more beneficial to pull plugs off quickly. I think kerf likely does play a role. As for purchases, amazon Canada has had some stellar prices on FlexVolt accessories so I picked up a 12" 60 tooth blade for $34 CAD/$25 USD, and a 2 dollar cut off disk lol. Depending on how things work out price:performance, especially with grinder disks, we will see whether I pay Freud twice as much for Diablo stuff. (For 7.25" circ saw blades Diablo is easily the best value here).
  8. Definitely looks like he's having troubles popping them out there. I don't know that a daredevil as a pilot would solve that in that case. Re: durability/longevity most of these tools are based off corded tools that have been around as long as I have lol. Apples to apples you're going to get a tool that lasts if you don't abuse it. That said, in a lot of instances I have an opinion on which is going to last longer and I have one in this instance as well lol.
  9. Could also grab a selffeed spade like the FlexVolt Big Hawgs have as a pilot and that ought to be interchangeable, no?
  10. German-made Milwaukee bits are a steal compared to Chinese Bosch as well.
  11. Yeah I'm surprised there aren't any vacs worthy of the Fuel or XR moniker lol.
  12. Ahh very true man, that's an excellent point. Thanks for mentioning that @Hugh Jass, especially the dust extraction. That's hugely important, that fine silica dust is awful.
  13. Impact energy and no-load rpm are pretty straightforward. Rpm under load can change fairly drastically but how hard something hits is how hard something hits... but god damn... M18 Fuel hits harder, spins faster, more blows per minute, and weighs less. Plus it's been on the market for years, and seems universally acclaimed. Umm...
  14. Hmm interesting. Looking forward to your experience.
  15. I've heard great things but haven't used it. Supposed to be a legit contender for its class and likely takes the crown from the 2715.