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  1. Greetings from Ireland

    Welcome to the forum!!
  2. Wera Screwdrivers

    @KC_Tool thanks for sharing the video!
  3. Lock your doors............

    @BMack37 oh absolutely. Such a joke that there is potential for a double murderer to be on the loose because of a potential racial issue. It's not 1800, this should no longer be an issue, in my opinion. Sad and embarrassing.
  4. What tools did you buy today?

    I forgot to post this, but these are some of the tools being used for the glulam structure. Notice all of the FlexVolt..
  5. Hope Dewalt has something like this in aug

    @Jronman Option for battery or cord I agree with, which is why I like their miter saw so much.
  6. Pack out prices

    Did they show their 9amp on a 20V tool? Or were they using the flex volt for this test on a 60v model? Just curious, because I have not seen too much with their 9amp
  7. Lock your doors............

    @BMack37 Yeah, hear what you are saying... because I think the prosecution sucked, to be honest. They should have never put the detective on the stand, as he was a proven racist by his actions and prior statements. However, with her blood on his clothes, plus one glove at the scene and the other in his back yard, I tend to think that he did it. The blood evidence was always there, but in 1994 that was a new form of forensics. Plus, from what I watched (not trying to be mean) the jury was uneducated and at that time it didn't make sense to them (this is OJ made in America speaking). Lastly, with no other known suspects and O.J's possible motive I think in 2017 this would have been a slam dunk. And... LA at that time was still recovering from the Rodney King beating, so I feel that this had an impact on the jury as well. Total speculation and opinion, so I could be totally off base here.
  8. hello, new to forum

    @jazzycat Welcome to the forum, Kay. I would personally go with the Ego... if you are just looking for the string trimmer. However, Ryobi makes lots of cordless tools, so that could be an option, depending on your yard and your string trimmer needs.
  9. Lock your doors............

    @Jronman This is true, he was found not guilty because of reasonable doubt. However, since the DNA at the crime scene matched his... and it was like 18 million to 1 that it wasn't his, my humble opinion says that he probably did it.
  10. Hi

    Welcome to the forum, Steve!
  11. Knotty pine door

    @Jscott A+! It looks awesome, show us a picture when you get it swung!
  12. Hope Dewalt has something like this in aug

    @Bremon, hopefully it's as nice as the 120V max miter saw that you own?
  13. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    face lift?
  14. Lock your doors............

    Not until October, right? With that, I loved his quotes today. " Prior to this incident, I had never been in trouble my entire life". How he can say that with a straight face is unbelievable... but so is killing your ex-wife and her friend, so what do I know. SMH
  15. What tools did you buy today?

    Laundry, perhaps?