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  1. There not on a tool just sitting around, its going back forsure
  2. Just my luck, DeWalt has let me down for the first time, maybe ever? The batteries will not hold a charge only tried to use it the first time and it was dead. At first I thought maybe the heat from sitting in the truck has something to do to it. They where own in the truck for maybe 3 days or even less. But I keep my batteries in the cab with me in the A/c and have other DeWalt 4 amp batteries and other brands sit in the cab and never had an issue. Anyone know why the batteries are discharging?? I think I read somewhere that other people had the same problem with this kit I may have even read it on here but don't remember. Is there any reason why you can only use a 2 amp hour battery with the adapter and can't use a higher amp hour pack. I think I just might buy the adapter, but I only have 4 amp hour packs. I have had a lot of tool fails this year but this might be the first DeWalt fail I have ever had ever.
  3. Sucks to be me..lol
  4. That sucks, my truck was broken into one time and lost everything even had to pay to repair the door, lock, and door latch which was just as bad as the tool loss. I fixed some tools in the past lots of brushes and some bad switch's that were taken out of other tools to fix. Had a DeWalt 20v recip saw last year with power fluctuating opened it up and the spade terminal on one of the brushes was burning up. So I just cut it and put a butt connector on it and within ten mins my field repair was done and back to work I go. Thats just another reason why I will forever be a DeWalt guy. I will open the Makita one day but its not a priority, I will have to find your Milwaukee repair
  5. Yea the time seems to go by quick and before you know it the show is 2 hours long.lol They usually wait about 20 mins after they go live to start the giveaway. Yea the app should work fine I'm usually on my laptop but a lot of guys are on there phones, ipads, basically anything with WiFi..lol
  6. The old Nicad tools use to be top of the line, its crazy to even think that now with brushless tools and high amp hour packs. But the Xrp stuff was tough as nails, I think this was the same drill I dropped of a two story house ten years ago. The cheap craftsmen bit holder snapped off in the chuck when it hit the concrete and the battery popped out. I put it back together took the broken bit out and got back to work. I had a Makita brushless drill fell out the back of the truck onto asphalt earlier this month and it was game over only the led turns on. I guess it fell in just the rite spot
  7. It shows $129 now on Tyler tools site, go figure..lol
  8. Welcome!!
  9. Awesome!! I have been slacking on here for over a year..lol
  10. Yessss!!! When you hear that sound you know you need to go forward now..lol
  11. Can't help but giggle every time someone says flap disc..lol
  12. Don't care for it, she's no looker
  13. Finally bought the DeWalt adapter this week. Saw a kit at Home Depot for $129 and thought that seems like an okay deal. Found out last night that Tyler Tool has it for $99 I never seem to get good deals on tools that's why I wait forever to buy them..lol If only I can buy all my tools for a penny like Penny Ricky!! Anyways I have two milk crates full of dead XRP batteries and a huge bins of 18 volt tools probably two or three of every tool. I feel like seeing what my old tools can do with some fresh gas and relive the XRP days, so many memories Like why is there batteries in the ice cooler ( because there hot and won't charge)..lol This is just what I found in the garage on short notice, I love that drill
  14. Hey guys if you can help out my buddy with his new channel it would mean the world to me. Subscribe and be entered to win some awesome prizes including a very expensive Flir DM284 if the goal is reached. You will find me on the live chat when the channel is live every Wednesday at around 10pm eastern time during the giveaways. Lots of great tools have been given away already including Veto tool bags, clamp meters, manifold gauges and so much more. Rules are comment on last week's giveaway video, subscribe (have to have 1000 subs for Flir meter giveaway by Wednesday), share and be in the live chat during the live giveaway. Its a great time just hanging out in the chat with everyone!! This week's giveaway is an Amprobe ACD14 Pro clamp meter, Fieldpiece refrigerant leak detector and possibly a Flir DM284 meter (if a 1000 subs by Wednesday), and other tools will be added during the live giveaway. Hope to see you guys there, Thank you so much!! Subscribe and comment on this video to enter, Watch Current giveaway and share!
  15. On this model just one, but they have other models that can have up to 4 head units with only one condenser