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  1. Oh we don't bash Festool. We bash the snobby douche bags that buy Festool 😂
  2. Pretty slick Comp. Ya know, FastCap has an inventors program.......😉
  3. All beauties, but I still think I'm most jealous of the Grinder 🤔
  4. We had some wild weather for awhile. 70's one day, 30's the next. Taday we got a good rain in the AM, then it hit 91 at noon and the humidity was breathtaking. West Virginia is very seasonal. We get cold northern winters and hot southern summers. We don't get much of a spring anymore, but there's nothing like a WV Fall. Mild and beautiful. Makes all the other bullshit worth putting up with.
  5. Picked up a 3" Milwaukee wire cup today. They're pretty proud of those. $18 apiece 😟 Oh well. It's better than fighting with the cheap ones I suppose. Also added a couple more Razorback tools to my revamped lineup. So far I've bought square, round point, and spade shovels, a garden rake, hoe, 5 lb. pick mattock, edger, and a post hole digger, as well as 4 lb. short and 8 lb. long sledgehammers. Cleaned and re handled my grandpa's old cutter mattock as well. Also grabbed a Fiskars hatchet. I would have bought the Husqvarna that matched my axe, but I needed it tomorrow so ordering it just wasn't an option. Still need to get a tamper, but hopefully I'm good to go on lawn & garden tools for a few years.
  6. If price isn't much of an issue, you can't beat the Hilti hammers.
  7. I really hate Soccer. It's the one sport I refuse to let the kids play.
  8. Today we made a little investment in the community. The Town Little League field was hard as a rock, well beyond what a simple drag would fix. It's damn near impossible to get people to volunteer to help, much less people who have any idea what they're doing. Our last work party yielded 2 people who showed up at 0900 and had to leave by 1100 😒. When I was a kid I hated playing on shitty fields and I've spent God only knows how many hours working on ball fields to make sure my kids didn't have to. After a couple kids took bad hops to the face, my buddy and I borrowed a skid steer and a powered landscape rake from a local construction company (his employer) and went to work. We were unsure how it would do. We've worked on lots of fields, but never with this attachment. We made 1 pass back draging toward Left Field, and another toward Right Field. Once we found our stride, things went pretty smooth. We tilled about an inch deep and ended up with a very nice dirt-sand ratio. The rake did a great job taking out the high places and with only minimal shoveling of excess dirt into the remaining low spots and 20 minutes worth or hand raking, it was damn near perfect. We ran a toothless drag over it to smooth it down, straightened out the gassline, and it came out as close to perfect as you could ask for. With 2 people, about 4 hours, and $80,000 worth of equipment, it was fit for play. We finished up about 5:00 and by 8:30 we'd already gotten a call to do 4 High School fields prior to the Sectional Tournaments. We've got some other improvements planned and they've given us permission to do whatever we want, so we plan to have a much nicer field in time for next season.
  9. I put a bead of silicon around the base of the press when I installed it to keep any water from getting under there, but it very seldom leaks that bad and nothing else sets over there regularly.
  10. I can't even tolerate Raspberry flavored shit. Anything with a tart type taste is usually a no go for me. My weird food is garlic. I can eat a clove of raw garlic
  11. I hate Raspberries 😬
  12. Hell of an addition Comp. Gotta say though, that little miter gauge looks a little wimpy on the big ol saw 😉
  13. A cordless trimmer that meets my needs is still years away. I burn 1-1/2 to 2 tanks of gas each time I mow and 3 or 4 every 3rd time because I do the hill in the front. Tons of brush and vines, etc. Not counting the shit I keep up with for other people. Even growing up I always had a ton of trimming to do. My dad used to joke about getting an electric trimmer to save on gas just to piss me off. As far as I'm concerned the Husqvarna 223L is the best trimmer I've ever used. It's light and nimble enough to use around the yard and powerful enough to throw a blade on and cut some brush. Of the dozens of trimmers I've used over the years, it's the only one I never had any gripes about whatsoever. That said, the performance all these cordless models are producing is pretty amazing compared to just a few years ago, but I guess the same could be said for pretty much all today's cordless tools. Having no dog in the fight, I like the feel of the Dewalt trimmer the best, but I still think Ego has the most upside at this point when considering the line as a whole. That could certainly change, but I'm not sure Milwaukee will ever be able to seriously appeal to the professional crowd with an 18V lineup.
  14. I'd have to say mine is the Chicken Teriyaki Sub from Penn Station. That's just about as good as a sandwich gets.
  15. You're probably right. I never looked into it, it just sounded good in the thread