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  1. Don't get me started on Publix. My first child might be named Publix, it's like Disney World but better. BTW, if you want your tweet to go viral tweet something negative about Publix, FL people will all respond.
  2. You should be able to see if the adapter would do anything like that by checking resistance with a DMM. I'd hope that it would be open but if there is a load, it's going to draw excess current in the form of heat.
  3. Are the batteries getting hot just sitting in the tool? There might be something wrong with the drill. Easy way to try it is to return it for a replacement.
  4. The tip seems to melt on them, they're not that bad on my brushed compact m18...crazy that they claim they're impact rated.
  5. Based on the life I get with these, yes.
  6. Yeah, most are 160mm to 125mm. You can go through all their cutters on the left menu, the graphic you're looking for is Looks like 72-01-180 is the largest
  7. On cuban bread, which is the best tasting bread they make. I can easily eat a loaf of Cuban bread by myself as a snack(with nothing on it) and those loafs are 18-28" long. Seriously, every time I decide I hate Tampa and start thinking about moving, I think about Cuban bread and sandwiches and I can't.
  8. I think Jimbo is right.
  9. Yeah, the freaking snow birds that are here year round for the past 20-years that won't shut up about how great Chicago/Boston are. You can always tell by their dirty Tampa hat and clean "Favorite" team jersey.
  10. I need a backup to every meter so right now I need another because the Fluke 12 doesn't have a backup
  11. There's actually a Portillos that just opened in Tampa
  12. Cuban sandwich with a Coke, nothing comes close.
  13. haha, I have a crazy good memory, some things just stick. You bought them from Amazon.
  14. Damn! I need to head to ACE! My damn foot-nerve problem reared it's head today so I'm out off commission but hopefully this will end quickly
  15. Dude, I'm freaking jealous! You know I love that grip soo much!