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  1. $6.75 Wera PH3 and Sears gift Link to $6.75 Wera PH3
  2. I have the Engineer pliers (Vamplier's OEM). I find the teeth super strong, if there's a stripped screw that isn't recessed, it's the first thing I grab...and I've yet to grab a second thing.
  3. Wow a speeder, those are going through the roof lately. Would love to see some close up of your nicer ratchets.
  4. Sooooo much cleaner than my garage! Looks great!
  5. Sound quality is really good(for a BT speaker) IMO. It is perfect for me working in the back yard or in the garage/front yard. It could use a little more bass, like nearly all BT radios.
  6. Happy with this for $99. Now trying to decide what to do with the drill and batteries Knipex cycle pliers, super thin, very useful
  7. Awesome gift man! Is it assisted opening? I see it's a liner lock, haven't seen one with a button and a liner lock from Milwaukee but I must admit, I don't really look too hard at their knives. I have the tanto blade but I'm partial to Kershaw for beater knives.
  8. I'd imagine it would be pretty straight forward. Besides the rust, what's the problem? It probably just needs cleaning and new grease. If it's dead, I'd try cleaning the switch on the top, it probably has a lot of carbon build-up on it.
  9. Did that last week for you. My business gets a lot of work from Google reviews.
  10. Like Atlas said, you need to check the power rating. Some products you can switch the power rating but generally, nowadays, you can't. You can buy a step-up transformer for pretty cheap. Again, you will need to check the power draw and get something rated appropriately.
  11. Issac Newton figured that out long before impact wrenches.
  12. You can check the temperature of the pan too!
  13. I use mine all the time. I even use it to check the pool temp. Before I got the 62 Max+, I used my 59 Max+ to document the temperature of my dashboard at noon in July.
  14. Bump because this deal is still active.
  15. The good hockey bags have straps that go all the way around the bag like that, anything else fails within a year or so.