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  1. For the record, as much as I enjoy my plethora of Milwaukee tools, that just means I'm that much more in tune with what I dislike about them. Mostly I feel they are a marketing company making tools vs being a tool company first and then marketing their products. It's not a cult following, guys, I assure you that...
  2. I had a Bosch app some time ago, then when i switched phones i forgot about it and will have to check this out. The one app i use a lot is Milwaukee's app, I know, it's a totally different type of app than what you're talking about, but while we're on the subject of apps..... Now, before you roll your eyes, i'm not simply jumping on the bandwagon for the bluetooth capabilities... i've been using this app for over a year, (before it was cool haha) to inventory my tools. I'm talking any brand, any items, hand tools, etc. I put all my tools in this app, DeWalt, Makita, Chicago Electric, Ryobi, and Milwaukee. You can put a toothbrush in the inventory if you want lol Pictures of the tool, pics of the receipt, serial number etc, anything you want. Plus what's cool, is you can log on to milwaukee's website to access it through a PC, it's cloud based, too... Anyways, i just realized how useful it is and how few people realize you can do that. Ok, carry...i mean- Measure ON hahah
  3. Nice, although I don't think it's the least bit sad i'm excited about power tools... my wife on the other hand....
  4. Whaoh cool, i'm just catching up on your project here, and my hat off to you! Hardly any home owner i've met cares to take care of things under their house, all they see is the stuff going on above the floor. Very important what you did and it sounds like you've got the right resources with your buddy. We have laundry service at work for our supplied pants and shirts, but i just wish we had some pants with kneepad pockets for this very purpose, would be super nice. Keep it up, sounds like a crazy cool profession!
  5. Nice! They say that's a very nice impact, the upfront cost is a little steep when comparing to pneumatic guns, but keep that wrench for many years to come and hopefully your wife will appreciate the research you put into this purchase. You never know, someday you'll need it for a roadside emergency, then your wife will see the benefit. Happy to help, i'm just fueling your tool desire hahaha
  6. I made a video, thought I'd give the vlog style a shot, incorporate a few tools into the mix as well, any critiques, feel free to share... I want to expand on this, give an insight into what this trade involves and include the tools of the trades as well... We'll see where this takes me... .
  7. I haven't even remembered to take an actual photo of this, just a screenshot from a quick video. I bought this from KCTOOL! This style is popular is Europe so i wanted to give it a try, I like it better than the standard pipe wrench ..
  8. LOL they just don't understand
  9. That sucks dude, I'm bummed to hear that, I've had no problem with mine .. .. .
  10. The torpedo level with graduate marks, deburr, chamfer, magnetic, and a little nub off the top for digging in the dirt. It was trying to be too many things and failed at every one of them. The bubble would stick in one side until you raised it the opposite way enough, then it went to the other side and you had to bring it back slowly... I have the M12 vac too and don't use it anymore. I keep the M12 hackzall in my daily box for cutting small PVC or cpvc fittings or small bolts etc. But the worst was that level
  11. I looked at it again and it looks like tile!! @Bigmikez how about it?
  12. Yeah what is it? It got left for a reason haha... I know in my kitchen, they put tile over at least one layer of vinyl/linoleum. Surprise! It has cracks everywhere.
  13. I put random lengths of white pipe together with Elmer's glue to make your poop go out of your house when u flush the toilet
  14. Furniture making, cool, welcome aboard!
  15. Welcome aboard!