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  1. This is a good statement because it makes me wonder if they are going to get serious about higher demand tools and OPE by developing a different battery stategy, as the18v 9.0 they are using now can't possibly keep up to the higher voltage tools. Although, maybe they are going this route... who knows!
  2. I wonder if it would improve the flexvolt hole saws performance because the teeth are more narrow than the big hawgs, smaller kerf, removing less material, going faster theory
  3. You mean it didn't help pull the big hawg through the wood much?
  4. Same with the grape/fake grape flavor... And the smell is nasty too... Grape candy like jolly ranchers, smells nasty. But I love grapes themselves
  5. Thanks for the insight, I always forget these are available at Lowe's here and forget to give them a try, one of our guys has some and they work great. My main use of hole saws is wood and metal so I keep Lenox bimetal hole saws for metal and the big hawgs for wood.
  6. They hold onto the plug apparently and you can't just pull the plug out like I can with the big hawgs... Nope. Toolaholic said he has to pry them out as well. ..
  7. I gotta try this too thanks for the idea!!!
  8. Agreed.. it does a great job, no complaints, plus it doubles as a bit of a "toolbox" when i'm bringing in items outside my usual main tool box that i take inside.... I do wonder if there is a muffler/filter on the outlet i could get/make...?? .. Love the idea of ac power capabilities. and i'll keep the father's day thing in mind as well...
  9. Keep it simple, save yourself some money, i'm all for that... Ask me how little effort i put into my wedding lol .. no wait, don't
  10. .. Pretty much
  11. Any new plumbing tools??
  12. So you mentioned the ridgid tripod for its lights. Do you think you'll just get the ridgid lights then in that case?
  13. Heck yeah if I got to use that I'd jump at the chance haha nicely done!!
  14. They(5.0 & 4.0 packs) will be sluggish and wear down the battery level more quickly.... But it will work, just not as well, and the performance difference is clearly noticable!! It's like the difference between my old Chevy with a naturally aspirated diesel, and my buddy with the same truck and motor, but he's got a turbo in his