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  1. started out the day by helping lay pipe for farm fields then I went back to the current jobsite to clean the house to get it ready for paint. Probably 30 minutes in from getting back from the farm work I got a bucket of water dumped on me. My old phone somehow survived haha.
  2. I don't know if I have anything for the projects I built in high school but I should be able to find plans for the stuff I built in college. I can try and get pictures of the stuff I have built. I can even post a few of my future projects if anyone is interested in seeing the drawings. I have a side job to build an "information center" as the customer is calling it and a bookshelf with doors. Other projects that are more just personal ideas that may or may not get built I'm planing are a new tv stand, bookshelf with drawers, elevated bed that could have function underneath like built in drawers or shelving or a place to sit, L-shaped computer desk, custom workbench, and dinning table. I probably have other ideas that I can't think of at the moment that I may or may not build but these should keep me busy for awhile.
  3. My crew in some ways seems old fashioned or unwilling to change. As much as I would like to try out tool apps it may not be what the other guys want. Plus my phone is too old to even use the apps haha. I wouldn't mind trying to inventory my tools and whatnot. I think it would be cool to use an inventory app at work like one key or tool connect. I think it would make inventory faster/better/more efficient in some ways. May take a bit of work to get it up and running though. If someone takes a pound of screws for job x they just pull up the app record a pound of screws used for job x then list where the materials were gotten from whether it be from the supply at our work's shop, or if it was from lumberyard, etc. Would also make forgetting what materials were used where or what tools were taken where almost a non issue. I don't know how it works with multiple users but I would guess everyone at work could download one key for example then login to the same account and have whatever is recorded get updated on everyone's apps?
  4. What do you guys do to keep the jobsite clean? or what is the best way to keep it clean? or how do you clean smarter not harder? Do you even clean the jobsite at the end of the day? or do you wait till the last day for the current job to cleanup? I suppose there is various types of jobsite cleanup. You got end of the day cleanup, cleanup after demo, cleanup before painting/finishing/staining/etc., final day on the current job cleanup. Sure it doesn't have to be spotless at the end of the day but tools could at least be put away, floors could be swept, picked up, or vacuumed real quick, and trash cans dumped. I find our jobsite is filthy even after the boss nags everyone to keep it clean. I try to do my part but I don't feel as though the other guys do as good of a job. Some tools may get put back in where we designated as the "tool room" but others may be put wherever. They may clean a bit but once 4:00 hits they outa there regardless of how clean the place is. I could just be overreacting or letting it get to my head. The newest trend seems to be making more tools vac ready. I'd like to use more dust collection but seems like the consensus at work is "we don't need it" or "its inconvenient" or "its a hassle". I use vacs all the time except just not on tools. I would think it would save some time especially if we have alot of wood to cut or if we are using the grinder. When it comes to demo projects that create pieces too large for a vac, I attempt to create larger pieces so cleanup is quicker because of less pieces to cleanup.
  5. Most living in Nebraska probably know what Grand Island is but outside Nebraska it's probably not a city they know of. To me its big but thats coming from a town of 3000 people.
  6. Whats with the "of all places part"? I like the Grand Island Home Depot. It is the closest one to me but I don't go often since its 45 minutes away.
  7. can I borrow a tool?
  8. @Framer joe I don't charge my batteries often. A 2.0 for my drill and one for my impact last me a couple weeks on average. 3 flex 6.0's last my recip, light, and multitool a couple weeks as well. I'm sure I would need MORE POWA tm if I did as much framing as you but I don't. Would be nice to use MORE POWA tm but our crew is having a slow year.
  9. Recip saw or multitool with scraper blade?
  10. agreed.
  11. Are you guys a big fan of the new fan?
  12. Apparently Makita isn't the only one using the term sub compact. Milwaukee is using it now. Seen a post on facebook where Milwaukee said something about the m12 subcompact bandsaw.
  13. One feature that is seemingly missing is the ability to have the same functionality as the tough system cart and wall rack. No wall rack or cart to hold the packout boxes were announced. Seems like a missed opportunity to not have the ability to mount on a wall rack. Milwaukee may have something up their sleeve. Hopefully they will unveil it in their next wave of packout releases. Thats the one feature where tough system still has the upper hand. Maybe could call it the "UnPack Rack"?
  14. a router with a screen. Sounds kinda cool.
  15. I like how you made the router table look nice and quality. Some guys just use cheap plywood and lumber and call it good. Shop looks great.