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  1. I could see them having less holding power @kornomaniac
  2. Will Milwaukee let them?
  3. Could I say DeWALT's selection of lights is similar to Ridgid? How do Bosch and Makita compare to DeWALT? Makita has about as many flashlights as impacts.
  4. not all on paper measurements are apples to apples. Each company has their own way to get their numbers.
  5. hmm maybe the battery is defective? My two 2.0 batteries haven't given me problems but they get medium light use in my drill and impact. I really like the 2.0 batteries. They are my favorite battery DeWALT offers. A 2.0 in my drill or impact lasts me quite awhile with light use. I used some 2.0's in a 20v circ saw last summer and the runtime was terrible. A saw is a higher demand tool than a drill and impact. I would guess the adapters are limited to 2.0 batteries and smaller because they are 5 cells vs 10 and 15 on the other DeWALT batteries.
  6. you guys talking about track saw or 20v brushless circ saw?
  7. @Fletcher94 an m18 2.0 battery is like a 4 cylinder gas pickup truck. It's the smallest of the bunch but also has the lowest power. Upgrade to an m18 4.0 or 5.0 and you are looking at something like a v6 pickup truck. A bit more power but also bigger in size and weight. An m18 HD 9.0 is like a v8 gas pickup. Lots of power and bigger as well. When you get into the dedicated ope batteries like the 54v and the 36v lines you upgrade to diesel engine trucks. More efficient when under load than the smaller batteries, more power, and much bigger. Pull a big trailer and the 4 cylinder will be able to pull the trailer but will perform the worst between the trucks.
  8. @Cr8ondt with DeWALT you have the option of switching out the mechanism for various tube sizes. Not sure if you can do this with Ryobi
  9. I second this
  10. what is this nightmare fuel? Does it perform as well as a Milwaukee?
  11. any other news?
  12. you need this many?
  13. Full removal was what we were attempting... without taking down the wall.