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  1. When I was doing a gut renovation on my current house all crews cleaned up after themselves before leaving at the end of the day. Then I stayed and cleaned up even further. A neat job site goes a long way with crews and inspectors. At my job all tools get put away at the end of the day, then we sweep and clean in the morning. We also are lucky to have guys that sweep our area during the day and pick up scraps. When the shop is rolling we probably fill 2 40 yard containers a day with various scraps. My home shop can get a bit messy at times, but I always clean up before starting new projects.
  2. The acrylic was used as a door for a job, once it came back it would have ended up in the dumpster. So I cut out the mortised hinges and holes for the door handle and I was left with a piece roughly 30 x 60 which would work well for some metal cabinets I have. Its just something that was on my list to make for a while and I had some spare time between jobs.
  3. Here is a 30 x 60 bench top I made today. Frame is 1in MDF. Bottom is 3/4 MDF and top is 3/4 acrylic:) Now it just needs paint.
  4. The new one arrived and you can definitely hear the hammers impact. The first one was a defective unit. It is still a nice quiet gun compared to a standard impact.
  5. I looked it up and its Gary Katz.... From what I could tell the Collins coping foot is only available for the Festool Carvex and Maffel.
  6. I don't make the commercials you watch, I make the commercials you watch Better!
  7. How come no one is talking about the job site cooler? I bring my lunch to work everyday and most soft sided callers do not last more than a few months before the straps start to pull out. It looks like the straps on the Milwaukee continue around the bag.
  8. Not sure if it's a regional thing or what. There are probably 20 sets of Ridgid boxes floating around my shop at any given time. On stage all you see is different departments using Ridgid. I can't recall the last time I saw a set of Dewalt boxes.
  9. At about 6:27 in he mentions the price. Very nice set up, but I could buy two Ridgid sets and still have money left over.
  10. The carry out system looks pretty looks pretty sweet. In one video I saw it said Sept release and 280.00 list price for the 3 box stack. I hope HD will drop the price a bit or they will price themselves out of the market. HD sells the 3 box Ridgid system for 130.00, that is quite the difference. In my business you can show up on any stage and there are a ton on Ridgid boxes. Carpenters, set dressers, grips, art dept all use them. If Milwaukee sticks to the higher price tag, then I'll stick with Ridgid boxes. I have the Milwaukee 46 in chest and I'm kind of disappointed in it. After about 9-10 months of use the drawers are kind of sticking and not sliding straight. I guess its good for a home owner, but not in a commercial setting. I miss my Matco box. I do not see it lasting past the 2 year mark...
  11. Good point! I was all set to buy one till some of the reviews started coming in and then I decided against a cordless miter saw. I think the bearings are going in my Dewalt non slider 12in saw. So I am currently undecided on what to replace it with. I may hold out and see what the Festool Kapax 60 goes for or just buy another Dewalt. I have another Dewalt 12in slider that is in great shape.
  12. Pretty cool video on how it works... The scraper looked pretty cool then I saw the 70.00 price tag. Not too bad but kind of a gamble for something I've never seen used.
  13. I was hoping for a cordless router, but after using Ridgids, cordless router I would not bother buying one. If they updated the M18 jig saw, I would grab that.
  14. Sorry but I would much rather see a corded table saw and track saw from Milwaukee proven, before a cordless version.
  15. They are still listed on the European website. Usually all the new stuff shows up there first.