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  1. I recently made this piece, its a bench / light box. I used the CMT triangle bit for all the routing. It was so nice, no filing the edges, just a light sanding with 400 sand paper. The black tape is on the corners because the formica is not glued to the Milkplex so its removable, we were just trying to hold the corners together for shipping. I trashed the bearing the next day trimming laminate that had a heavy protective plastic coating on it. The triangle did not like it and kept getting hung up, before I realized it the plastic triangle popped off and I screwed up about 6ins of the edge. Live and learn My lead man just ordered 10 more of the CMTs with triangle bearing and I ordered some with a square bearing from a Amana and Whiteside to see how they compare.
  2. There has been a couple of times where I went in their site and put a bunch of things in the cart went to checkout and once the items were totaled, I just closed the page. Maybe some day, but with the work I do I really don't think that kind of precision would come into play too often.
  3. I so want to buy my own track saw. We have a huge job where my crew has to cut a ton of pre laminated 5 x12 and 4 x10 sheets. Normally we would do it on the table saw and panel saw. No way did I feel like humping all the sheets around, so I have spent the last two days cutting with a TS55 and it has saved so much work and I'm able to make more accurate cuts when things are out of square. I'll be working my way through this pile for another couple of days.
  4. You might have enough to make something like this...
  5. With a custom Lexan plate.
  6. Question for the Knipex guys. What model is the largest flush cut pliars that Knipex makes? Thanks
  7. Now thats a nice machine.
  8. If they do not refund the money Andrius should no longer be allowed to post here. Have you tried sending him a PM though this site?
  9. Back when I owned a tree svc I had an extended reach echo hedge trimmer. Of course I modified it to accept fiberglass pole extensions so I could get more reach with it. I would just lock the trigger with a zip tie. Now I have a neighbor that has crap growing over my fence, so I'll probably just pick up a cheap electric one on CL, attach it to a pole and lock the trigger. When I did tree work we rarely worked off ladders, when ever you reach from a ladder bad things happen.
  10. I have a Grex Micro pinner and love it. We had Jitool at work and then got about 12 Grex. After using the Grex, I bought one for myself. Grex and Cadex both seem top of the line, so I figured I'd give them a shot. Besides it came in a Systainer
  11. I'm not objecting to your posts, just questioning I quess. I can see breaking 3/8 sockets if I used an adapter and used a 1/2 in drive gun or rachet on them, but not the other way around. I searched for an adapter in all of the brands you mentioned and I was unable to find any. I also have a bunch of broken sockets from Mac and SK in my box, and Craftsmen recently replaced 5 ratchets. Tools just break I guess.
  12. Milwaukee makes the gun and adapter, so why do they break? I often need a 9/16 , 7/8 and 15/16 socket for steel deck bolts, crows feet, cheesebourghs and trusses. They dont need need to be killer tight. So I just use a 1/4 drive impact. Since I already own SK, Mac and Snap on 1/2 in drive impact sockets I prefer to use them. If I bought a larger impact then no one else would be able to loosen anything I tightened. The shaft is still the same size. So if I was using a 3/8 9/16 socket on my 1/4 in impact why would that last any longer?