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  1. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Beer thermometer
  2. Dewalt Landscaping machines

    I recently tried a 20v weed Wacker. I came away very disappointed. It just didn't seem to have enough power to do what I needed to. But my comparison was not fair the machine it went up against was a redmax bcz2660.
  3. Large Cut Capacity Mowers

    Try looking on Craigslist for a used one. Cub cadet also has a 33" walk behind. If you go the crails list route you may be able to find a 36" belt drive walk behind around your budget.
  4. Who takes it all?

    Nashville is roasting some duck tonite. Go preds
  5. Harbor freight an good hearted people

    That is awesome. Great to see that some people still care about others
  6. Who takes it all?

    Hey what was the Hawks playoff slogan? "One goal". It should have been just 1 win please. I hope that the sense can come back. I can't not stand that cry baby in Pittsburgh. Hoping for a preds v sens finals with the preds winning. Conn symthe... Pekka Renner Nashville up 3-1
  7. Free battery

    At proformance tool in pontiac, mi they are having a deal on dewalt Buy a bare 20v tool get a free 5amh battery. Bought a new impact today and got the battery for $137 Might be able to get it online as well Proformancetool.com
  8. Custom Dewalt cordless caveman clippers

    Just don't manscape with it.
  9. 2022

    That is awesome. Just to be clear i'm not a die hard lions fan. How many people still think Millen is running the team. Jimbo that is classic. Send me the link to that video if you would please.
  10. 2022

    The Lions will get another playoff win. Oh wait a minute I thought is was 2099.
  11. 18v led work light

    I have not had to use a tripod with it yet. I disn't want to spend the extra money for it since I only needed one light. I am sure it would be usefully if you had more than one light.
  12. 18v led work light

    I bet it would
  13. 18v led work light

    The folding panel light.
  14. 18v led work light

    I picked up the trip fold work light a couple of weeks ago. Great light. Love the option to use a battery or AC power. The battery use is very quick. I use it in the high mode so that adds to the battery draining quickly. The tripod option is well made. I like howhat you can have 3 lights on it. But at $80 it is not something I'm going to buy. I try my video camera tripod and it screwed in. So now the camera tripod is going in the van. May look at picking up another battery or 2 for it.
  15. What does the number in the top right by the search function (in my case 5) mean

    1. DR99


      By the bell? That is notifications that someone liked or replied to a comment you made.

    2. Jrhky36


      OK thanks. Was wondering what it meant