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    Enough grain@JimboS1ice ? [emoji16] Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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    I took back the junk Dewalt and got the Milwaukee M18.
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    A cutting board I am working on. African mahogany, Purple Heart and hard Maple. The grain patterns add to the 3 d effect. This picture shows the peaces still in rubber bands but close to the positions They will be glued together in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I built some custom rolling Systainer carts to store systainers and small parts. I call them Small Function Carts or SFC for short.
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    A lot of rechecking. Luckily when I cut them I made the space for the rails so I didn't have to be perfect. So all I had to do was cut within that 3/4" span. This gives the impression the rails are taking up that space instead of the drawer fronts being pulled apart to fill the drawer cavities. You can see what I am talking about in the pic. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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    It’s in bunnings now. I’ve seen the 10.8v drill and 3.0ah battery in bunnings so far
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    For those interested, apparently the new range will be touching down in December, and it'll be a Bummings exclusive. Looks like I've my my self christmas gifts sorted
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    Just put the first coat of shellac on the birthday box. Sapele has a nice grain.
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    I am upgrading/rebuilding my rolling workbench. It is my take on a Paulk/MFT style workbench.
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    Got the top assembled. I just have to work on the base now.
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    This is the new brushless XR jiggy. Of the reviews I have seen, it smokes the new Milwaukee. Equipped with LED too. I will hold my opinion in the Red vs Yellow war but my red tools are growing in numbers but only in the specialty tool area. I have had a lot more luck with yellow over red in build quality and got rid of everything red about five years ago But....to each their own. It’s like Ford vs. Chevy. Everyone knows Toyota is better. Anyways, these tools were a smart purchase with a surprise 4.0 I didn’t even know came in the package for $174. A total steal. Chris is getting some Ryobi stuff too.....hmmmmm....
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    This setup is working pretty well for drilling into drywall.
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    The embargoes on the new gen 3 Ego mower just lifted today and all the videos are out about this mower. It has dual blade system, new brushless motor with 7 ft lbs torque, updated lights with on/off switch moved to the handle. and new self propelled controls. Comes with the updated 7.5 battery or in bare tool.
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    Out of curiosity, why replace everything you already have? Why not just supplement with, or gradually transition to, Milwaukee? I have both and for most tools, either brand would be fine for 90% of my needs. I personally lean toward Makita; to me, Makita tools often have a higher quality feel, better design (with many notable exceptions), and I've had fewer issues with the tools. Also, X2 is a wonderful system. Unless you are in a particular trade, I doubt you could go wrong with either, but I also don't see how it could be necessary, practical, or economical to switch entirely from one to the other.
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    I recently received an old chest of drawers circa 1940 as a gift from my wife to restore and use. I found an old straightedge, square and this old thing in one of the drawers and I can’t figure out what this is called at all! Please help! https://ibb.co/ydyZvFJ
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    Sorry I know it’s a few days late...
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    Wow I’m sorry fellas don’t know how I messed that up...
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    Interestingly enough the town with the Ace near me is one of the larger cities in Nebraska. 30,000+ people. No Home Depot though. Menards is all over though. There are at least 3 within 50-100 miles of where I live. The nearest Lowes is 2 hour drive via interstate. My tiny town of roughly 3000 used to have an Ace but it changed names/ownership. The nearest Home Depot is roughly 45 miles away.
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    The delta Unisaw we have is 220 vac Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hell every one, thanks To all of you for continuing to share your experiences and knowledge. For some time now I’ve been using the dewalt circular saws, I’d say I’ve owned 7-8 of them. I currently own 4, two flex and 2 20v. The reason I’ve had to keep buying them is the bed plate is always working it’s way out of square to the blade. I’m framing with them and I usually have at least one other guy with me sharing my tools. I try to be gentle, but they never seem to last longer than 6 months with a true bed plate... ive had 20 year old makita saws that have been beat up huge, but this has never been a noticeable issue with those saws. To my questions! does everyone else have these issues and does anyone have a relatively easy fix or suggestion for this issue? ive asked people and searched online far and wide but no one seems to be talking about this issue. The service guys at dewalt don’t think it’s a big issue. Sometimes they will fix it under warranty if I have the receipt of within a year by replacing the whole base, bevel and all. The guaranteed repair is $140, And a tool only saw last time was $150. looking forward to you feed back
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    My DeWaltDW9116 charger shows the "hot/cold delay" code for one of my two 9096 nicad batteries (chinese Vanon clones) but the other battery charges normally without the dot-dash code. this is NOT the dot-dot-dot "replace pack" code. The hot/cold code stays on even at room temperature with the "bad" one. Vanon refused to honor their lousy 30 day battery warranty, but agreed that it is faulty. Does this make any sense? Can a battery fail in such a way as to fool the charger even if it is not hot or cold? Don't bother to tell me not to buy Chinese imitations; lesson learned.
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    I was going through my Youtube feed and stumbled across this video. I have never seen anything like it. The guy shows off an assembly setup specifically design to assemble. cabinets. It seemed to have just about anything a guy needs to assemble a cabinet. I thought it was really cool and wanted to share it. @JimboS1ice @rrich1 @ChrisK @Eric - TIA
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    Jammed? If it’s the framer, Loosen the Allen screws so the magazine can pivot down. That will allow the driver to return home. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A little irony just crossed my mind... With the batteries already available in X2 tools right now, XGT will actually have a hard time playing the part of the heavy-duty tool range. The 4Ah 40V Max XGT battery actually has less watt hours per charge than a pair of 5 or 6Ah batteries in X2. The only ways around this would be to either: A- release an even bigger 6Ah 40V Max battery (equivalent to Milwaukee’s 12Ah 18V High Demand, or Dewalt’s 4Ah 60V Max), or... B- create X2 variants of their XGT tools What a conundrum for Makita I suspect this will be. It’s easy to forget that compared to X2, Flexvolt and High Demand really only barely caught up in terms of total watt hours per charge with their latest oversized batteries, and I suspect they are unlikely to be compelled to push further, at least not until the next major generation of battery technology comes out. But XGT as of this moment is actually a downgrade for high-power tools for the time being.
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    a lot of service centers have closed down example: Florida only has one center left open in Orlando ! wonder what the future policy will be on service repairs I'm very dissapointed about this move ! a step in the very wrong direction !!
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    I've never tried but from looking at pictures I'm guessing it would work. The 2767 hog ring model and 2766 pin detent model actually have a different nose cone. The hog ring anvil can take more torque because it doesn't have a hole in it so keep that in mind at $50-$60 the pin anvil may be more likely to break on the 2767 impact.
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    Picked up the dewalt air inflator and a couple of goodies not to bad but I was hoping for more 😂 I really wanted the husky bench but couldn’t bite the bullet
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    Anyone have a Black Friday tool list there gonna be shopping for? I’m planning on a couple tools but really have my eyes on the husky mobile work bench I really want that bench
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    Happy Thanksgiving to you all and your families TiA! I hope you all have a great day and don’t kill yourselves at HD and Lowe’s tomorrow!
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    Look at the Harbor Freight Generals too. I have another bench/chest in the garage. If you are working on flat concrete in a limited area and have room to work around it great. All the shop guys at my work have every brand out there but they aren’t really mobile. They are always parked except when somebody changed jobs. At Firestone they use them a lot but it’s all flat concrete and they modified them to hook up to a Cushman cart, Useless for me. I’m a mobile tech. I have a Keter folding work table and it’s very handy. If I went that route today I’d get the Dewalt (lighter). But I’ve moved on. I just use a cheap Metaltech mini folding scaffold. It’s about the same price. It’s a scaffold so if I need a short “ladder” I’m technically not standing on a table. It can be a bench seat with a table. It has more bench space than a table and is just as sturdy as a folding table. It adjusts up and down. But the point that seals the deal for me is wheels. Unlike folding tables I can load it up with all my tools and wheel it in to most plants. The third option is a Rubbermaid cart. They hold a lot of stuff but they take up a huge amount of van/truck space. No adjustment and the 2” lip makes it an awkward table. Very popular with a lot of mechanics but doesn’t cut it for me Another option is the Olympia folding table. Works really good and I like it overall but three issues. Very small wheels get stuck on everything. 150 lb. weight limit, and the folding bars get in the way of using the shelves. Another runner up is the fold n go. Basically it’s the Olympia table done right. But they sell to military and it’s priced accordingly which means 400% markup. Out of my budget. Don’t forget the Dewalt Toughsystem especially with the hezz as by duty hand truck. The top box becomes a table and your tool boxes are essentially a drawer system. Just take the drawers you need for each job. Ultimately I’d love the Dewalt or Keter with wheels but no such animal,
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    I picked up the Dewalt Atomic cordless multi oscillating tool. I have a Fein multi master which I love. I use it mainly to undercut door casings, for when we install hard surface flooring. I wanted a cordless one for convenience , when just doing a few doorways or the rare job where there is no power. i have a bunch of Milwaukee tools but didn’t care for the feel of their m.o.t. or the blade lock. The Dewalt is great ...but it would be awesome if it had a dial for the variable speed instead of the v.s. trigger. It is impossible to keep the tool at a constant slower speed. On my Fein I keep the speed at #2 and the blade last so much longer. High speed kills the blades.
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    That's a nice-looking box you got there.
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    If you have both platforms, you can't really deny the fact that Flexvolt is superior to M18 in terms of power and runtime as well as battery performance. I still don't know why the batteries are so large though, unless they just look extra large in the videos it's hard to tell.
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    I'd take the other approach: 9ah or 12ah can be an option for existing equipment, they absolutely don't have to be the primary choice for every type of tool. I believe that customers are smart enough to decide which size of battery makes sense on which tool. Those using larger OPE or vacuum cleaners may benefit from extra runtime beyond the current 110-120wh limitation, those using the sub-compact series are free to stick to 1.5-3ah. Other brands did a nice job (imho) with Flexwolt/multivolt systems, and nobody is forcing people to buy the larger Flexvolt batteries if they are happy with smaller XR packs. From all the possible routes, Makita chose the one that offered the least in terms of backward compatibility, let's hope that this choice will also come with some advantages (better motors?). Fair enough, but if the questionable absence of larger LXT batteries is going to be used as the main selling argument for XGT, some people will be (legitimately) upset.
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    It may have been better to start a separate thread for this one, but that’s okay. Among the choices you have linked in the article, I would just try the first Black And Decker. It’s cheap and probably more than enough unless it breaks prematurely. It’s not a brand that’s likely to magically permanently disappear with any potentially unscrupulous students, and even if it did, you wouldn’t be out of much money for it. The Dewalt is likely to be overkill for your purposes because it’s actually an impact driver which can mess up the threading and heads on your racks over time. Especially in the hands of large numbers of students over time, a nontrivial percentage of which won’t know how to handle tools and won’t see the pitfalls of overtightening small bolts etc and will compulsively overtighten needlessly. Black And Decker and Dewalt are actually under shared ownership, with Dewalt being the higher-end line, and Dewalt has their own cordless screwdriver which I’ve seen in stock at most Home Depot’s, which I’m pretty sure is just a mildly upgraded version of the B&D screwdriver you have linked. But as the higher-end line, potential theft could be more of a concern. The article you have is so dominated by Dewalt and B&D it’s hard not to see it as a paid ad masquerading as a review, and an amateurish one at that given how many products they have listed that are actually rather poor matches for simple screw driving, but at least they also happened to list a couple other good brands.
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    Just like Makita better make 21700 cell batteries Dewalt better bring the dcs727 to the USA.
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    Will be interesting to try these. As I said a while ago, 18v doesn't cut it. I couldn't even use my M18 grinder the other day without both the 12 and 9ah batteries cutting out after a few minutes of heavy cuttibg rendering the tool useless until they cooled down. My Flexvolt, Husqvarna and metabo never have this problem. Interested to see dewalts response to this. Those packs are huge though!
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    DeWALT unveiled the Tough System 2.0 at STAFDA 2019. We already knew it was rumored to be coming but it was officially shown off. We are getting a ds150 equivalent, ds300 equivalent, and a ds450 equivalent at the launch. A ds400 and an organizer are coming later. Back when I saw prototype images I wasn't sure what was new besides looks but there has been quite a few improvements. The lid latches now have an automatically locking feature. It is as simple as setting a box on a 2.0 lid and it's already locked. The front latches also got an update. They look to be a hybrid of the 1.0 latches and Packout latches. The gen 2 boxes also have a spot for a label like you get with tstak. The 2.0 lids also have the ability to lock onto a new half width organizer. The organizer locks into a bracket on the center of the lid and the side latch. You can fit 2 half width organizers on one full width lid. The new organizers have updated bins inside which you can instal dividers in a bin for more customizable organization of small parts. 6 bins come in one organizer. I don't have any information on what will come with the ds150 equivalent. If it comes with bins I would like to see the updated organizer bins included instead of the old bins. I don't know if it has a lid tray or not. The lift out tray that normally comes with the 300, 400, and 450 have gotten a significant upgrade. They are now available in at least 2 sizes same length and width but different heights. They are stackable and lockable. They appear to have foam available for them as well. Normally they rest at the very bottom but tabs can be pulled out to allow a tray to rest on the upper part of the box like the 1.0 tray did. The 2.0 boxes have backwards compatibility with the 1.0 boxes but I am not sure how much backwards compatibility. I only saw the 2.0 stuff on top of the 1.0 stuff and did not see the 1.0 on top the 2.0. I also don't know if the new trays are compatible with the 1.0 boxes. I did not see 2.0 version of the drawer unit, cooler, full width organizer, and tote. I did not see an updated wall rack, van rack, or dolley but they are all compatible with 2.0
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    I think this is worth a mention. Yes it's refurbished, but it comes with the factory warranty. eBay seller rfbdirect has the DeWalt Flexvolt extractor for $365.99 plus $27.55 shipping plus tax of $32.47, for a total of $426.01. The bare tool everywhere else is generally $429. Amazon has is currently for $395 (seller is CPO). So this comes in right at the same price as it generally sells for new.......except it includes two Flexvolt 6.0ah batteries and the DCB118 charger. Pretty great deal if you ask me. Seller has three left..
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    One tool leads to another...
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    Would love to see this. But I think they will release larger FlexVolt batteries first.. Im sure we will see 15ah. The 12ah Felxvolts just got a price reduction down to $199 on a couple web sites, so I think something might be close
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    Have you seen this...? How could I live without it? 😂
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    Picked up a second 8.0 battery. I did put this one on the old "30 minute charger" and it charged in under 1½ hrs which should be sufficient for me.
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    The OP asked about sourcing from Amazon not tool quality. In my mind you already got rid of the premium brand price going midrange. When it comes to sourcing if you can buy the same tool from another vendor with the same warranties and a better price go for it. But Amazon is not the seamless market it appears to be. In terms of quality this is the problem. HD is already leveraging their buying power and name recognition to take more margin for themselves and offering house brands at a cheaper price even over the crowded midrange market. PC is a midrange product of SBD, same as Craftsman. They also sell Dewalt and Black and Decker.’The midrange market falls between the low and high end. The issue is that there is going to be a design compromise. SBD is not going to cannibalize their Dewalt market. The design compromise might be reliability, offering a cheap price to occasional users, or it might be underpowered, few options, missing accessories, or otherwise compromised but still reliable. That’s what Porter Cable is, underpowered but reliable. You need experience and reviews to tell the difference. I mentioned Ridgid and Porter Cable because if someone is price conscious enough to look at the secondary market for a low to mid range brand, there’s no way they would consider a premium brand, whatever the logic is. The midrange market is tricky because no matter what tool or brand it is, there are compromises. SBD is not going to rebadge a Dewalt tool as Porter Cable because it cannibalizes Dewalt margins. The features, power, batteries, or reliability are going to be compromised, period. So we have to accept that compromises exist in the midrange market. The question is where the compromises can be made and still have an acceptable tool. A homeowner or other occasional use situation doesn’t need reliability or fast recharge times for instance. A light carpentry or assembler situation doesn’t need the speed of a dry waller, or the torque and energy of a mechanic drilling holes in plate. But where compromises are acceptable Ryobi might be a great fit. There are tools in the midrange market where the compromises are in the speed or torque departments but reliability is there. It can work for basically everybody but might be considered weak (Porter Cable impacts) or high vibration (Ridgid). Ryobi is both weak and low reliability. Depending on the work load it might last a long time and if it’s just shooting screws that’s fine. The midrange market would be much easier to figure out if they would all just put up signs telling us where the corners were cut. That isn’t going to happen so we don’t know directly, and that’s the midrange dilemma. The low end is easy...everything is probably compromised. It’s a one time use tool. All the packaging specs are lies but you wouldn’t run the tool at its limits anyways. You need it one time for something light duty. Like say I’m doing something with family and I took a plane trip to get there. When I’m done the tool gets given away or thrown away.
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    IMO everyone will eventually be forced to go > 18v for high performance tools. You can really see how Milwaukee have fallen behind with their larger tools as opposed to DeWalt, metabo, Husqvarna etc. 18v just doesn't cut it for consistent heavy loads. Batteries were striding along well once and during the last year not much has changed at all so hopefully we get some big announcements later on in the year or early next year! 8ah just doesn't cut it.
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    I thought I was going to let my small set of bosch tools die off but a couple good ebay deals and my addiction got the best of me. I'm kind of impressed with how much smaller the bosch 8.0 is vs dewalt and m18 6.0. But I did find out with the old regular charger it takes 3.5 hrs to charge. Once I drain it I'll see if the old fast charger does any better.
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    If I'm not mistaken the Bosch jacket uses a slightly different diameter power connector. I think Milwaukee and Dewalt use same size connector. Not sure about Makita.
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    Picked up this piece and another piece of wenge this week. Will make small drawer fronts of my hand tool cabinet this winter.
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    Just read in our local news that DeWalt Power Tools are in the top 5 most stolen items, and judging by the local Craigslist ads it sure looks like it. The top 5 items: True Religion JeansDyson Vacuum CleanersDeWalt Power toolsTideMeat
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