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    Purchased this yesterday. It was my grandfather's who sold in back in '11 before Alzheimer's set in. 1931 Ford Model AA. Inline 4. Whopping 40hp and pretty much top speed of 40 mph. And I will love all 40 of it. It's currently a few hours north of me right now. I went to Chicago for a Lie Nielsen hand tool event and drove 40 min to see it. I paid the man and got the title in hand. He will trailer it down to me when it's nicer weather. The lettering on the side is from when my grandpa had it. It's dark green with black fender and radiator. He purchased it around 1980. Due to his Alzheimer's I can't ask him for sure. It hasn't been ran in over a year so I will need to do maintenance on it. Hopefully I will be able to get it running prior to July. My grandpa and I took it to the truckers jamboree truck show at Iowa 80 truck stop for years. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I got this: New old stock Craftsman 7" woodworker's vise, Japan, complete with owner's manual (such as it is). Found it in an antique mall for $34. I feel like I stole it.
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    Congrats R1! It wont take much to got that old flat head running. It is always good when something returns to the family that makes us think of the the good times.
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    I got mine on Friday and used it for about 6 hours on Saturday. It lasts as long on one 9ah as my dwv010 lasts on 4 using the power station. It is a LOT quieter, to the point that with a heater and radio blasting next to me and earplugs in sometimes I couldn't hear it running. The suction is slightly less than the dwv010 but not enough to make a significant difference. The remote worked flawlessly right out of the box and is the best feature. It didn't seem to lose suction through the day and I had it half full.
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    I need a review on that ASAP if you would Jake.
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    For anyone interested, I did use the AEG case for battery storage. I throw it into the truck amongst a heap of crap and it's taken a good beating and is still fully functional. I noticed warm batteries stay warm when kept in the case straight from the tool however, leaving this in the back of the truck in the sun several days when it was around and above 40 degrees, the batteries inside were definitely not hot, maybe slightly warm from the ambient temperature. When i fill it with batteries it also makes a good weapon with it's weight πŸ‘ I'll be buying another one to fit the rest of the batteries for sure. Attached a pic with some batteries and my adapters in the orange compartment.
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    Nope. I wishe there was but alas...I’ve bounced a lot of spammers including the one you just cited. If you see stuff like that in the future give us a shout though. Thankfully like you, I am on many times a day and caught it quickly but even today I bounced a new member / troll. A lot of negative commentary has been populating posts and we are dealing with that too but that very commentary causes new members to not get involved. Prize giveaways have always been a part of the forums but unfortunately those have dried up as well and until sponsors are able to get more involved it probably won’t change. Like @regopit states, the new social medium is not Forums but social sites. I remember a couple of years ago Dan started to do these video posts on Snapchat or something like that with giveaways being done there and then involvement really nose dived here. Unfortunately TiA has really been hit by movements to popular apps like that. TiA has changed a LOT as has membership over the last couple of years, too bad really but...we are still here πŸ€ͺ
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    Thanks to Instagram and Twitter I think all types of Forums are dying off. I know that TIA has been around for about 9 years now. I have been here since the beginning. The first few years I would just drop in and read what people had to say. Then after seeing that the asshole factor here was slim to none this was the tool Forum I was the one to join. I have been here as a member for 6 years now and I have seen this place grow like crazy and now I see it dropping off. I know that ChrisK works hard to kill the spammers and the assholes in check. It is only so much we can do as Mods but hopefully we will see some renewed interest in TIA and we can grow this community.
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    Yup. Tis interesting. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Interesting. I guess it makes sense in a way. more balanced but could also be less comfortable to use if larger batteries are used because they might stickup into the users hand.
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    Yeah If I get a cordless DeWALT vac I will wait for a Flexvolt Tough System version. Needs dual battery, DS400 in size, minimum of 150 cfm for MORE POWA!!! tm, and cordless tool activation.
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    I believe some of the World of Concrete instagram posts showed it in the middle of a stack.
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    Just trying to kill some time while hopefully eliciting a response or five... Near fifteen years ago I was a member of the Living With Style (LWS) "community", a rather large site comprised of forums relating to everything from gardening to firearms to art and even to a dedicated Flames forum. In 2008 it imploded but prior to this I was a Moderator for a forum there as well as an Administrator for a couple of its upstart Zoints-connected independent sites. At the time I was fairly active on those sites as well as other mostly gun and truck forums. In recent months, I've noticed a decrease in activity here at the TIA forums. While a few others and I visit daily, and a few new threads/posts are made daily, formerly active sections such as this one are seeing sporadic new content at best. One thing that seems to still be a problem is spam, as evidenced by the now-deleted invasion of Chinese(?) characters and links a few days ago. Another problem are those who seem to register only to try to stir up the pot, such as a very recent comment about those who prefer a certain tool brand. Besides extremely large sites like Reddit, these smaller but much more user-friendly forums seem to be slowly fading from popularity. Is it the near-instant gratification that comes from social media (versus risking slipping under the radar if a question or comment is made here)? Anyway, I'm as guilty as anyone nowadays, checking the forums multiple times daily but contributing less than I was mere months ago. Any insight into how to attract more activity?
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    I'm lucky insofar as having an uncommonly common name. When I search for myself I find a bunch of other English and Americans instead. As for Instagram, I may scope it out. Thanks for the info!
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    Only had 2 batteries go bad in the last 4 years. One, I dropped in the lake. It was only underwater for about 10 to 15 seconds, but that was enough. Can't really say it was a battery problem. The other, a 5ah, just stopped taking a charge. We have about 10 batteries in each truck, so 1 battery in 4 years is pretty good.
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    It seems us Europeans will get a different cordless sander?! The battery orientation is upwards instead of sideways...
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    ...and found a clearance table getting set up. A bunch of bare Bosch drills for $40, a new PC combo for $100, a Skill jigsaw for $10, and a bunch of other stuff that looked like it had been tossed in bins for displays. I ended up paying $1 for the Hitachi OMT accessory box with two wood flush cut blades, sandpaper and sandpaper adapter; and $2 for two more blades, sandpaper and adapter from an unknown brand (looks like Rockwell). As I was checking the other stuff out, an employee pointed out a box of free items. The grinder guard and wrench (hoping they work for the DeWalt and/or Ridgid cordless grinders), Porter Cable planer screw and wrench ( may be compatible with my DeWalt planets), circular saw rip fence, and DeWalt miter saw clamp all came out of that box. They had a bunch of side handles and dust bags too, but most of the stuff was Kobalt or Hitachi.
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    I know this is an old topic, but I bought one of these mowers in August and it is well worth the price. I had to drive 45 miles to the nearest HD that had one on the floor to see what it was all about, but compared to the other small riders, it was worth the drive. The design and engineering is stout and it cuts as well as the 21" Honda walk behind it replaced. Compared to my neighbor's $3,400 42" Toro Timecutter, it was a steal. After I had properly conditioned the batteries, I can mow for almost an hour and use less than 10% of the charge. It costs me less than $0.06 worth of electricity to recharge the pack. The pack consists of four 12 volt 75 Ah Sealed Lead Acid/Absorbent Glass Mat batteries in series and they should last between 5 and 10 years depending on usage. The gas/oil/filters/belts/and engine maintenance savings will pay for a total battery replacement in about 4 years. Oh yeah, it's really quiet. They just brought out a front mounted snow plow attachment for this mower. I made the tail gate to haul a trash can for yard work.
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    Not my daily but it is my weekend babe as the wife says lol! This is where all my tool money has been going lately.
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    This is what I'm using out in the garage. I was out there most of the day. 25 degrees outside and 70 inside.
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    A couple of them are Williams Taiwan, those are pretty easy to come by as are the Blue Point. The Williams low-tooth count with super lube is the smoothest ratchets I own, you can barely hear it click. I found the 1/2 Kobalt USA on eBay, the 3/8" ratchet is part of my first ratchet kit I ever bought(in high school).
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    I have been dying for one of those kobalts in 3/8 but cant find any i got the sockets that go with them let me know if youd ever want to trade or sell..nice collection