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    Soooooo pretty! Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Scored myself the dewalt 20v framing nailer today got it for $150 funny thing is I own 25 20v tools and this is my only hard case lol Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Hi ..... browsing the web again; I found some new cordless tools 18V / 20V max* from STANLEY cordless tools we have all been waiting for for Dewalt (as you all know part of the STANLEY / Black&Decker family) to release so runtime with 18V seems not to be an issue ! any rumors for Dewalt to release similar ? a) Stanley FatMax® FMCW220B-XJ Stanley FatMax® FMCW210B-XJ
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    What are the chances customer tipped me $150 today, stopped at HD on the way home and they had the new m12 drill/impact combo kit. Had a gift card for $62, plus military discount, I paid $4 bucks. Good day lol
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    Outstanding quality. Now to save up some cash for the 250mm/10" version.
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    Two German made NWS cutters for less than $3 total...yes please! [mention=51872]BMack37[/mention] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Gearwrench gift from Sears. Finally got all the PH2s together for an updated size comparison shot:
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    First impressions of the subcompact Reciprocating Saw and Rotary Hammer. I picked up these guys because I keep going back to the smaller platform. The subcompact drill and impact are perfect for my day-to-day service stuff. I decided to look at the subcompact Rotary Hammer because it seemed perfect for putting up cabinets and running pipe. This thing is tiny. Comically tiny. The design is unreal for such a small tool. The motor/Hammer completely isolated from the handle. The vibration is so minimal. It fits perfectly in the hand is almost perfectly balanced. If you want a little beast for light applications, don’t hesitate. I was about to leave when I spotted the subcompact recip saw. Holy.Sh!t. This little thing is beast. Heavy duty, ergonomic and built to take a beating. If feels like a quality tool. It’s solid. It’s balanced. It absolutely crushed the M12 Fuel. (To be fair, it is 18V and slightly bigger) It is fast and has a longer stroke length than other compact recips and the regular compact 18V Makita recip I already own. Suffice to say, I walked out with both tools and don’t regret it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Officially embraced yet another battery platform, courtesy of our friendly neighborhood Festool junkie.
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    after losing my entire m12 fuel collection, 8 tools, 12 batteries, 5 lights, 4 chargers, two tool boxes, driving home recently late one night in upstate ny, on some very bumpy roads, and not knowing some 50 miles later after i got home, i find myself buying what i already had. with help from the tool guy at my local home depot and milwaukee sales rep. who got permission from his boss to donate a double pack of xc batteries, which i thought was really cool, im slowly rebuilding. take it from me, make sure your TAIL GATE IS LOCKED
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    When you buy more juice. Wallet is as empty as Hillary’s EMAIL INBOX Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Torques any higher than this really are moving into impact wrench territory. Torture tests where people try to see if these can remove the tires off a semi may get lots of clicks but all that stuff is moving out of the realm of what these things are actually supposed to be used for. Sure in a pinch it’s nice to know if you can. Otherwise if you need impact wrench torque...buy an impact wrench.
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    New Metabo vacuum. Dont know much about it yet Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dewalt new charger. Will charge 12v, 20v and Flexvolt batteries. All in 90 minutes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I really like how one battery spans three levels of size/performance. Subcompact, Regular and 18x2, smart. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I couldn’t say no... Damn they are sweet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got some new info on this. Comes out in April and will retail for $199. Also has some kind of feature for heavier batteries when they are attached and you are carrying the charger like a "briefcase"
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    Boys own one drill. Men own several.
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    Bosch ps22 12V brushless hex driver (already had the Makita).
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    Picked this up for a few euros at a bargain bin, most likely old Christmas stock. Iv been using Irwin bits for a few months now and while there not the best it does the job for now.
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    Spot on. Thats why I think Makita are staying around the 170+NM mark when it comes to impact drivers and just improving the driver for what it is, anything over 200nm you might as well get an impact wrench. What I would love to see is more R&D put into making oil/pulse/surge impacts more powerful while remaining easy on the ears.
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    Needed extra juice! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I had the corded version of the Dewalt and genuinely hated the slides. They are rough and bind when doing steep bevels. A lot of people dont have an issue with them though, but I would check them out first. Otherwise its a great, if somewhat basic old school miter saw. Never tried the Makita, but I do eye it every time Im in Home Depot. Its certainly a gorgeous machine. I'd buy it if I didnt already have a Kapex and a GCM12, and a M18 2734. Well I'd still buy it if was up to me actually, but my wife would kill me.
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    Simply put, B-E-A-Utiful. Straight from Japan, the Makita TD171D Impact Driver. This is the newest impact from Makita and I am very impressed. This thing screams precision! The nicest impact driver I have yet to grasp in my mortal hands. 3,600 max RPM 3,800 max IPM New Dual LEDs give excellent illumination. The slightest trigger press turns the LEDs on. New heavy duty dual ball bearing setup at the chuck to remove chuck/bit wobble. A big improvement over the TD170 impact. New 'mode shift' button above the trigger to switch between the 4 speed modes without removing your hand from the impact. 4 modes for driver control: 1) Lumber Mode (1800 rpm)- Start trigger "slowly" with trigger fully open, tighten at a stroke with automatic speed change "fastest". 2) Bolt mode (3600 rpm)- In forward rotation, the trigger turns ON fastest instantaneously, and in reverse rotation automatically stops when the nut loosens 3) Thick plate mode (2900 rpm)- Reduces screw head skipping / coming out 4) Thin plate mode (3600 rpm)- After screw penetration, detects blow and stops automatically Mode memory function: You can register one mode you use frequently. Select your favorite mode and register at the same time by pressing the button at hand and the batting button. Switch the mode you used and the registered mode quickly by pressing the hand button! More power and shorter than the TD170 impact. Specs: 180 Nm (1593 in/lbs) (175 Nm for TD170) 116 mm length (4.57 in) (117 mm for TD170) RPM: 1100, 2100, 3200, 3600 IPM: 1100, 2600, 3600, 3800 Made in Japan
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    Exactly. Bashing your competition usually drives interest in it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pretty much all my HDs are close to a Lowe's and none of them are pulling this...this is just one GM that is trying to drive sales and for some reason thinks it's a good idea to inform his customers that Kobalt has a new(ish) power tool line.
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    Well I mean if you consider 2 many years ago. I've owned an 887. Not noticeably better than the td170 was in actual use. All the flagship impacts are basically the same.
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    If only they'd bring out some quality battery nail guns
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    Neat. Considering going the Makita route for tools this time.
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    Decidedly, I went to Lowe’s today and ended up getting a Wood magazine with an awesome quick and dirty build plan for a compact solid bench. I ended up getting some kd fir 2x8s and got them stacked downstairs tonight. Looks like I’ll finally have a bench in the shop while those beams I bought last year wait till spring for me to make my English bench. I figured this would kill two birds with one stone...get a bench in the shop so I can get back into action and allow me in my current condition to lift these things 👍😇🙏 Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have the top assembled as well as the matching lower portion. Maybe a bench sometime Monday?
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    Nice job Bro.! I got approved to start slowly lifting things from Mass General on the first of February and am hoping I can at least start next week! I got back to work on the 1st of March so am hoping to be able to lift some of those timbers I have , down into the Basement shop 👍🙏
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    Since I finally finished mine a while ago. Maybe@Chrisk can finally get his done in the near future [emoji16] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I have enjoyed you site for a while now and finally registered. I always check out Eric & Dan as my "go to" source for YouTube tool reviews.
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    This is why people outside of other tool users/enthusiasts don't know how much my TSC55 cost. If my friends or family knew I spent $900 on a saw they would think I'm crazy. With Festool's 10-Year Parts Availability guarantee for spare parts after an item is discontinued I'm going to have my TSC55 for at least a decade. If they were to discontinue it today it would be like paying $90 a year for the life of the tool before they potentially stop having replacement parts. These same people that would question why I would spend that much money pay $2-3 a day for a cup of coffee which is over $900 a year. So $900 for a tool that will last me at least a decade or $9000 for coffee every day for a decade? It's not hard to see which the smarter purchase is.
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    OOH, I have another item to add. I love the Magswitch magnetic featherboard. I use it all of the time because it is easy to use and very quick to adjust.
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    This is an awesome topic. I'm sure I am going to add to this one more than once, but right off of the top of my head, I want to add the Rockler Corner Clamp jig. It has made making box type units super easy.
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    I picked this up at my HD. Werner 13 foot multi position ladder.
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    I sometimes wonder if they just have multiple teams of people who all just want to do impact drivers so they just have them competing against each other then put them all out on the market just cuz.
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    And don’t forget that PMV11 is great and my Veritas 4-1/2 has it but A2 has its strengths too.
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    I didn't buy this but I got it free in the mail. Seems like a cool knife.
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    Spacing them out was a b*tch, I had to use double sided tape for several of them because of the logo location.
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    That's one thing people forget car's are wayy safer now
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    the makita saw is a beast. ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    The new Bosch ldm. Mimics the hilti pdc but less expensive. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The new Dewalt rotary laser which is Bluetooth. Some cool features but one cool feature is the ability to set the degree from your phone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The new Dewalt Flexvolt rotary hammer. Nice to see the battery getting some more tools and support behind it. Loving the bigger tools going cordless Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Crazy deal today on the DCL070 - $149! https://www.homedepot.com/p/DEWALT-Large-Area-Jobsite-Light-DCL070/207164986