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    Your right, it is awesome!! i love how all the accessories store on board. Now I need the stand . I used it today on saw horses.
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    Merry Christmas everyone, sorry I don’t check in as much as I used to, I try to make an effort but life goes on. Hope everyone had a safe and merry Christmas! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Merry Christmas TIA crew!!
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    Merry Christmas to all!
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    Sat at a table(Xmas eve) with my wife, all 3 kids, 2 daughter-in-laws, and our 2 grand babies..... Perfect! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
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    So Dollar Tree must be a Milwaukee supplier lol. Couple t30's for a buck.
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    I have been blessed with kindness. Stuart of toolguyd.com reached out to me to "get rid of unneeded tools"(loose quote). I am thanking him in front of the tool community here and will send him a personal thank you soon.....
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    Working on making some book cases and cubbies for my kids and Wife
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    @reddawg60...erecting metal buildings using a impact? Dude, we have tons of steel in our custom homes and no one is using compact impacts..impact wrenches are for Hd work. A compact impact { driver, as it’s called} is not used for that..it’s intended for screws and small diameter , short, lags, truss loks, timber locks,etc...try using the correct tool for the job.. ....you must be part of the vcg gang...Milwaukee is a joke for framing...you should be using All impact wrenches...
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    Ended up buying the kit today and it became obvious why the 12V battery was given, as a little book showing all the 12V tools was also inside (but nothing showing the 18V range). Gateway drug.
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    Looks cool. That 12HD battery looks so funny on that little charger.
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    As many of you (or at least the few of you that still frequent this site) have witnessed, I tend to be a bit verbose in many of my posts. Simply put, I like to write and consider every outlet to be an opportunity to refine both writing skills and style. It is not always the best form on discussion boards such as this, but I firmly believe that well worded and grammatically correct posts add something to a conversation a lot of times. Well, within reason...often longer posts tend to be skipped over. I'm guilty of this myself in some replies, opting to focus on a sentence or paragraph instead of the entire post. Anyway, I write this now as an attempt to crank open my writing faucet. You see, I made an impulsive decision last week to begin my graduate certificate--not in Construction Management or Business, but in Alcohol and Drug Counseling. As I get older I realize that higher-paying management or executive jobs lack appeal, and that I want to continue to do some kind of public service into adulthood (I'm only in my early 40s now). Well, that is if the military is a public service. If it isn't I guess these past two decades have been spent simply adding to the kill count either directly or indirectly. I digress; I started class yesterday and am currently stuck trying to reprogram my brain from my Criminal Justice undergraduate degree and my military training to the world of psychology and psychopathology of substance use. In essence, I'm writing here instead of completing the Blackboard discussion board post I've been struggling with since 0700 simply because I can make some progress here. So, why substance abuse counseling? To be honest, I've witnessed the effects of alcohol and drugs on too many of those close to me. I've also allowed alcohol to turn me into someone I no longer recognized, caring little about things and staring at the brink of complete ruin. Do I plan to become a counselor? Probably not in the near-term. My philosophy is that earning this certificate will better enable me to function as a law enforcement officer in a couple of years. While not in the job description, police officers sometimes have to act as counselors and remediators, and most lack training in how to empathize with criminals or even the victims themselves. For this same reason, I've been a credentialed military Sexual Assault Victim Advocate for almost eight years, and volunteer to become a Master Resilience Trainer three years ago. Every little bit helps, and the fm2176 that went full throttle into Baghdad in early April 2003 does not need to be the Officer fm2176 interacting with the American public in the coming years. Anyway, back to class. I know this thread is entirely different than most of what is shared in the TIA forums, even here in Pub Talk, but can any of you relate? Have you ever found yourself writing an academic or professional essay, report, post, or anything else while struggling to get started? What about diversifying your professional portfolio instead of honing in on a core capability (I suppose that in the trades this would be akin to an electrician gaining a working knowledge of plumbing, or a heavy equipment operator acquiring a CDL in case he needed to haul equipment).
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    @fm2176 its kinda funny my parents are the ones that use emotes, texting talk/abbreviations, and improper grammar/punctuation and not myself. I'm like you, I prefer to use proper grammar, punctuation, and whatnot as long as I don't make any typos. I try to read the longer posts but as the length of content increases, the amount of content missed can also increase. If someone has a question in a thread, and I can help out, I try to answer to the best of my ability. If there are multiple questions it bothers me if only a portion of the questions are answered and not all. If I can only answer a portion of the questions I will try to let the individual know I do not have an answer for the remainder and if I know how to get to the answer but not the means to do so I try to help them get in the right direction.
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    Hello Everyone, I've found your forum while looking for some advice, thought I'd join and say hello. I've just moved into a house and now christmas and new year is out the way my focus now turns to my garage where I will be setting up a proper little workshop for DIY and weekend projects. I look forward to reading your content and hopefully learning a lot as I build out a list of what I need! Thanks
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    Keep us posted with some pics brotha! I’m doing some painting jobs right now I should post some pics to just been so dang busy 😱
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    It can't hurt to have both the smaller and the more powerful impact wrenches. As it stands now, I find myself using an impact driver and adapter for running off nuts that have already been broken loose. I found a DCF880 on clearance at Tractor Supply a couple of years ago but passed on it. I have both the Fuel 2763 and 2767, but those are rather large, so eventually I'd like to get a more compact 1/2" impact wrench as well as 3/8" and 1/4" tools. I guess the good thing about having so many different battery systems is that I'm not tied to a particular brand, so I'll likely pick up whatever I find cheap--be it DeWalt, M12, M18, Ridgid, or Ryobi.
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    Yea I’ve noticed it too, this forum has always had its share of spam unfortunately so guys more persistent than others, quite a few years ago we had some fun with a guy trying to sell Lufkin tapes from Apex Tool Group, anyone else remember that one? LOL ah that made me laugh, I miss those day’s around here Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Welcome to the crew and the forum. I am a huge fan of Ryobi, great choice.
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    Anyone into wood turning, got a lathe last year and have invested pretty deeply into it. Most recent project I’ve made a mallet. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Welcome to the crew dude all brands welcome here dude!
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    LOL! Does VCG actually build anything? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think it's a neat project and looks really nice. I can't tell from the picture if you've installed fuses or not. That is the only gotcha I can think of and you likely already have them in the circuit somewhere (inside the charger, dimmer, etc...).
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    I second what @JakeDewalt said. The flexvolt battery makes a noticeable difference in some tools.
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    Have you tried using a Flexvolt battery ?
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    Okay, so it's Hyper Tough at Walmart. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hyper-Tough-Ht-20-Volt-4-Tool-Combo-Kit-AQ90146G/460267351. I spotted it in the clearance aisle yesterday morning, but the website reflects my local store as no longer having them in stock. The store up the road reflects the $50 price, and a thread on Slickdeals mentions it was $74 originally. I'll admit, I very briefly considered picking one up to torture alongside my Yellow, Red, Orange, and Green tools. Why post this on a dedicated tool forum full of pros and DIY'ers who use name brand tools regularly? Well, hopefully to bring a little more traffic to the site, but primarily because this is, in all honestly, a great deal for those who don't need the name brand tools. The kit has 4.4 stars from 216 reviews, offers LED lights on the tools, and comes with two 1.5Ah Li-Ion batteries. It includes both drill and impact drivers, a reciprocating saw, and the obligatory light to round out the package. Put yourself in the shoes of the vast majority of Americans. The ones who rely on outside aid for nearly everything--be it home repairs or surviving a natural disaster. For the price of a decent flashlight and batteries, you can get this kit that includes an LED flashlight with two long lasting rechargeable batteries (I may be reaching there as my experience is with DeWalt, Milwaukee, and Ridgid lights, not with bargain priced Walmart stuff). Then too, you gain the ability to do basic repairs and projects without spending 2-3x more for an entry level drill (usually with one battery) from a better known manufacturer. To sum it up, this deal will probably be ignored by most of the TIA Crew. I can't really blame you. But if you're surfing in from the interwebs and in need of something more useful than a few cups of awful Starbucks coffee, check out your local Walmart. If you find this deal, head back to their tool section, pick up some cheap bits and blades, a level, and a hammer, and you'll have the necessary tools to take care of most common household improvements and repairs.
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    I have had zero issues with my gen3 drill/ impact. I use them all the time. I just recently s used the drill on the hammer mode for the first time ...it works just as good my big corded Dewalt hammer drill.
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    New 54v (60v) 10” FlexVolt mitre has Tool Connect to activate vac! Find it very strange that it seems only available in the UK/Europe at the moment. https://www.its.co.uk/pd/DCS727T2-GB-54V-XR-FLEXVOLT-250mm-Double-Bevel-Slide-Mitre-Saw---2-x-6Ah-_DEWDCS727T2.htm
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    Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all had a great Christmas and I hope you all have a fantastic New Year.
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    Always considered Festool to be the Apple of the tool world, minimalistic looking tools, clean lines, the I’m better than you attitude. And this is coming from a Festool and Apple owner LOL for some reason I just picture Darth Vader running Milwaukee tools, it’s the evil empire, still not complaining plenty of red in my shop Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    DeWALT unveiled the Tough System 2.0 at STAFDA 2019. We already knew it was rumored to be coming but it was officially shown off. We are getting a ds150 equivalent, ds300 equivalent, and a ds450 equivalent at the launch. A ds400 and an organizer are coming later. Back when I saw prototype images I wasn't sure what was new besides looks but there has been quite a few improvements. The lid latches now have an automatically locking feature. It is as simple as setting a box on a 2.0 lid and it's already locked. The front latches also got an update. They look to be a hybrid of the 1.0 latches and Packout latches. The gen 2 boxes also have a spot for a label like you get with tstak. The 2.0 lids also have the ability to lock onto a new half width organizer. The organizer locks into a bracket on the center of the lid and the side latch. You can fit 2 half width organizers on one full width lid. The new organizers have updated bins inside which you can instal dividers in a bin for more customizable organization of small parts. 6 bins come in one organizer. I don't have any information on what will come with the ds150 equivalent. If it comes with bins I would like to see the updated organizer bins included instead of the old bins. I don't know if it has a lid tray or not. The lift out tray that normally comes with the 300, 400, and 450 have gotten a significant upgrade. They are now available in at least 2 sizes same length and width but different heights. They are stackable and lockable. They appear to have foam available for them as well. Normally they rest at the very bottom but tabs can be pulled out to allow a tray to rest on the upper part of the box like the 1.0 tray did. The 2.0 boxes have backwards compatibility with the 1.0 boxes but I am not sure how much backwards compatibility. I only saw the 2.0 stuff on top of the 1.0 stuff and did not see the 1.0 on top the 2.0. I also don't know if the new trays are compatible with the 1.0 boxes. I did not see 2.0 version of the drawer unit, cooler, full width organizer, and tote. I did not see an updated wall rack, van rack, or dolley but they are all compatible with 2.0
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    Outstanding! By the way, my dogs say hi to yours.
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    1. No Difference at all in run time. Batteries are charged or not charged. 2. Yes, It’s arguably better to charge them on a slower charger. Less heat builds up. 3. Depends how cold it is. They have to warm up to take a charge if it’s severely cold. Also, they have to cool down to take a charge if it’s too hot. I work by myself, entirely cordless. I don’t even carry a charger to work. It works best for me to charge everything at home and I have plenty of batteries to last a few days if needed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Stuart is a great dude! He’s definitely helped me empty out my bank account with his daily emails lol! That’s awesome!!
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    Ordered a Bench Dog cast iron router table from Rockler. Comes with a metal stand and a fence. Should arrive Tuesday. I also got a 6 in Diablo carbide blade for thick metal and two DeWALT 24 in trigger clamps with the 600 lb rating from Home Depot. I also got the Ego snowblower with the 2 5.0’s, a Knipex pliers wrench, a new towball/hitch from Menards. The final thing I got is my most expensive tool purchase ever. I got a 2013 f-150 fx4. It was a single owner with 109,000 mostly road miles. I didn’t have a preference on brand. This one just happened to meet my criteria with flying colors.
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    This is the new brushless XR jiggy. Of the reviews I have seen, it smokes the new Milwaukee. Equipped with LED too. I will hold my opinion in the Red vs Yellow war but my red tools are growing in numbers but only in the specialty tool area. I have had a lot more luck with yellow over red in build quality and got rid of everything red about five years ago But....to each their own. It’s like Ford vs. Chevy. Everyone knows Toyota is better. Anyways, these tools were a smart purchase with a surprise 4.0 I didn’t even know came in the package for $174. A total steal. Chris is getting some Ryobi stuff too.....hmmmmm....
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    The corded belt sander they once rebranded as their own is often hailed as the worst tool Dewalt has ever made. Maybe cold feet? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A cutting board I am working on. African mahogany, Purple Heart and hard Maple. The grain patterns add to the 3 d effect. This picture shows the peaces still in rubber bands but close to the positions They will be glued together in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I am glad they split the tool line. I love the size and weight of my Makita tools. I honestly can’t believe the ridiculousness of battery sizes now. There exists a point where tools need power beyond 18v limitations. Throwing huge batteries at it isn’t a solution. The motors don’t magically increase in size just because you have a bigger battery. I love my 18v brushless rotary hammer drill, but would rather have a true 36v battery platform, than hauling around massive 12.0 18v batteries that really don’t offer additional performance. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    This made me laugh. Makita has been making cordless tools a helluva lot longer than DeWalt and Milwaukee. They'll be fine. Unlike Milwaukee, Makita doesn't rush tools out every other month. These new batteries are compact, lightweight and will be cost-effective. They appear to have been very well thought out. I am looking forward to it. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Just a few size comparison pictures. Doing a 3/4" structural bolt tightening test the new stubby can tighten the bolt so a m18 gen 2 compact impact wrench 2755 can't undo it. Which it should able to being that it has and extra 30ft/lbs of torque. A few final thought after comparing them side by side to the m12 and m18 impact drivers, I would still like to see them put a 3/8" anvil on the 1/4" size impacts. I can't wait to see what the m18 gen 3 compact impact wrench will look like if it's anything like the new driver.
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    Quick lil Sunday flooring job.... I think I'll pay myself extra 😁
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    Hahahaha, I can hardly see any snow in my yard now. THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!
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    Agree with hitting a crack in the driveway I just tilt it back a little when using it. I did the whole driveway on one charge last week after work with about 12" of snow blew right through it. Was amazed at how good it worked in that deep of snow. Didn't get to use it last year so definitely pushed it's limits this year already.
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    I have one and its been really good at most snow falls. The only time it falters a little is the end of driveway crap from the plow truck and if the snow is super wet. If we get a significant amount of snow I will fire up the big Toro 2 stage though. The Ego is quicker to use on most snowfalls though 90% of the time though its just so easy to whip around. The only downside is the scraper bar hits ever raised piece of concrete which hurts, and the bar wears down a little too fast for my liking I think it should be a little more durable.
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    I didn't know the light could have calibration issues.
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    Hi, could anyone tell me the M4 length of bolt is required for linking the ems190dc(mitre saw) to the rls02(mitre saw bench) thank you.
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