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    Look at these beauties! Nicest wrenches I've ever had by far:
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    This is all I bought today I’m cutting the cord
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    Made the right one yesterday and the left one today. Just trying new ideas out with the second one...first two projects with the jointer and planer:
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    Not sure this is an approved device
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    Well, we are off to Hawaii today for about a week. Maui in specific. I will be rocking a "Tools in Action" Tee shirt one of the days and will post a picture. Then get ready for Black Friday tool sales. Oh yeah.
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    From that smokin’ hot deal over at Tool Nut
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    I'll bet not as many as oztooltalk Currently have 12 (10 cordless, 2 electric) Be posting this review tonight:
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    Also picked up the tea pot vac, Farm and Fleet and $20 off M18 tools
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    1/2” Fuel Ratchet kit I won from Workshop Addict’s October giveaway showed up today. This ratchet is heavy and longer than it looks in photos/videos. Now to decide if this stays in it’s bag or into a TSTAK and with what.
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    Jumped in to the Makita line ....picking up the Router at HD and the Plunge saw with 2 extra free batteries and track for $499 at CPO. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Best wishes for a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING !! For the crew and their families ......
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    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Have a great day. I am going to eat too much, watch football and pass out. Wow, that's like my Sundays.
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    Ordered early Christmas and birthday gifts for myself mainly so I can save some money, make some Christmas gifts for family members, and because I wanted to. I ordered a DW745S table saw with stand from Home Depot for $299. It was between this and the Flexvolt; saving some money, getting a stand, and a larger blade were the deciding factors. That plus I was worried they'd announce a 10" Flexvolt next year and it would annoy me that I didn't wait. Also ordered an Empire 7 in. laser etched rafter square and 4 sets of Bessey H-Style 1/2" pipe clamp fixtures from there. About a year ago I posted about the Wen 8" drill press, and I finally bought it today for $67.79 on Amazon instead of the $72 it was a year ago. Also ordered some toggle clamps since those inexpensive ones from eBay were tiny as hell, a digital angle gauge, some Abranet sanding discs, an Irwin die stock and 1/2"-14 NPT die for threading the pipe for the pipe clamps. Last thing picked up today was a Kreg Precision Setup Bars set so I can setup the table saw and my routers for more accurate usage.
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    Dang you milwaukee, I needed the 2767 impact like I need a hole in my head but I had to have the biggest and baddest to add to the collection.
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    Gaming table is officially done! Very happy with the results. I need to be able to take better pics. Lol Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Vise screw is here! Hard maple screw and nut. My father in law turned it on a lathe and router at his work. Came out awesome. Turns pretty smooth now. Will get even better when I put some wax on it. I laminated the hub with hickory and he cut it to a nice shape to mimick the Acer ferrous screw. I still need to drill a hole for the handle, make a garter for it, and finish it. I still have the gaming table curing the last coat of finish in the garage right now so no making saw dust at the moment. Maybe next week. We shall see. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Since I plan to resaw some 12" wide boards here soon I figured a double decker feather board was in need. I also got my vise screw from my father in law today! Woohoo! More pics and info in my building thread. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Got a few clamps from Menards. Their masterforce brand and they are big and beefy. The 12" one is $10. The 24" are $12. Bessey equivalents are at least $30 a piece and they look exactly the same. FB marketplace find. Unused Freud biscuit joiner for $40. Could have used this a few times for alignment reasons. Also received a package from @Stecorarius. Bosch recip saw and Makita brushless grinder. Took about 5 minutes to clean them up and they look like new. Thanks again! Much appreciated. #tiacrew Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Ok I give in. I loaded all my batteries, dewalt and Makita into 2 bags. Inside every cold night to charge or not 😁✌️
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    Well most of you guys that have been here for a while know, several years ago I built a hearth pad for our last house’ pellet stove. Just finished grouting hearth pad number two, this will be for the 2200sf pellet stove my brother and I will install in our new home. Two pieces of three by three laminated finished ply (all I had in the shop 🤔.... I need more cabinet grade ply), a three by three of fiber cement and some ceramic tiles. All the trim is custom sized for the existing trim board (albeit two and three quarters tall). Just smoothed out the grout, now I’ll clean the glue lines, fill the nail holes (love my Dewalt 20v finish gun) with putty, rasp the joints on two sides (I am FAR from perfect) and paint the pre primed pine trim.
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    Just put some headlights on my scag so i can cut in the dark. I used rough country's twin 6" light bars. Each bar is 6 400 lumen leds. Total out put is 4800 lumens. 12 volt system wired directly to the battery with an in fuse. I had to make brackets because the ones that came with would not work. All told it took me about an hour or so to install.
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    You're always complaining about your little pecker
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    https://newatlas.com/cheap-alloy-storage-lithium/52031/ Worth a read.
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    You will respect my AUTHORITAR !!!! He hangs out on a cabinet handle ...
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    I couldn't pass this up, $15 total. Lower four clamps are 2-packs of 18" from Northern tool, $5 each. $2.50 a clamp! I can't find them online so it might be in-store only.
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    This is why no one respects you or cares what you have to say. Framers aren’t special. You don’t use tools any harder than a commercial/industrial electrician or any other trade for that matter. All trades work hard. Cutting 2x all day isn’t exactly as hard as you think it is. Your posts aren’t constructive, you should do back and read your responses. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    One-Key Rocket Tower LED was waiting for me when I got home for lunch. 5400 lumens.
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    My two TSTAK II’s from Acme Tool came this morning. They were backordered for 7-10 days. I then found Zoro had a 15% off coupon and had them in stock. So I ordered three from them since I knew I needed at least five. Sadly Zoro only shipped one because someone else ( @jtkendall ) bought 3 of the 4 they had left right before me. So I ended up with 4 backordered. Zoro shipped the one then I got a email saying my two from Acme had been shipped. So three showed up this morning. Just got an email from Zoro that my other two shipped. M12 specialty tools (a.k.a. tools I don’t use often) Battery box (for now) M12 tools until I upgrade the Impact Driver and Drill in December. My 3/8″ Drive 42PC Standard & Deep Master Impact Socket Set from Sunex showed up as well.
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    Lie Nielsen 5/8” Fishtail Chisel Allongee 6-14mm sweep Carving gouge Handtools are getting outta control
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    Shipment from @KC_Tool .... thanks Ryan appreciate the great service !!!
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    I’ll keep this updated but looking to offload a few things I don’t have much room for nor do I use. I’ll try to keep US, I’ll ship Canada but shippings an arm and a dick, I’ll ask for shipping there, all US prices are as shipped. Never used, Extra rapid charger. $30 shipped Light use never abused, I’ll throw a Diablo blade in I’m thinking 130 shipped? 2508-20 $30 2445-20 $75 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The half dozen guys with 40v Max gear will be so excited. (Yes, I realize there are actually more than six of them, there are probably dozens lol).
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone
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    Guess I was so focused on sharing my own plans that I didn't see this thread. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, though, and remember to drive safe if you're travelling!
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    Happy Thanksgiving to the Crew. Have a great day and stay safe.
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    Happy Thanksgiving guys! Have a safe holiday, I hope you all get to spend it with your family. I remember last year, being at NICU, with my Wife and my newborn Son worried sick....now???? I’ve got a family to pig out with!!! Much to be thankful for 😇
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    Was just about to make a thread for this. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE!! We're not doing a damned thing, gonna sit around the house and be bored shitless. We did Thanksgiving on Saturday with the wife's family. Tomorrow is a "I don't have to go to work" day...although I still have to go back Friday.
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    I am going to drink too much, pass out, and watch football through the backsides of my eyelids...
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    It’s always fun to win tools even if they are not the best quality of tools. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have a (very) younger brother that's chosen to get his act together but can't get a job at all, when I can, I have him help on some of my side projects and occasionally as needed with my company. Kid works his ass off for me, and when I can I pass my unneeded tools to him. I'd suggest if you get rid of your tools give them to someone who needs them and will use them to put food on the table, while habitat is a worthy cause, I'd rather help someone I know.
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    picked up a small baker's scaffolding for the taller stuff on the reno's....says 500lbs capacity and it seems a lot more sturdy than I expected will come in handy for sure
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    Router bits on sale?...yes please! Channeling my inner @BMack37. The kit came out to $9 a piece. Up cut bit was nicely priced as well. Need to see if I need anymore and try to go back tomorrow.
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    Was looking to buy drill bits which goes through rebar in masonry without having to change bits. Bosch dealers were unwilling to procure such unpopular items so went to the Hilti store and bought TE-CX bits which they had in ready stock. Ended up buying their Rotary Hammer TE 7-C too . Although a more powerful Bosch unit was available at a very slightly higher price, but the Hilti service promise won me over. Of course, we don't get their famed 20-2-1 warranty and service guarantee that you guys get in the Americas, but we get the products at a quite cheaper price despite having 18% GST. The variant sold in India also includes the Quick release chuck which is another $50-60 item, which makes the deal so much sweeter. For the low price, we get a 1-1-3 service guarantee, which stands for 1 year warranty which includes any wear and tear, 1 month warranty for any repair work done and for 3 years, a max cost cap of 20% of the original tool cost in case of any repair work needed after the warranty is over. Of course, picking up and shipping the tool back is free as well and this was the deal clincher for me as I live in a rural area in India and the nearest Bosch service centre was 70kms away. The Hilti centre is 300kms away but that doesn't matter as they take care of picking up the tool and returning it after repair, if ever needed. I can now, also order anything I need from their product catalog and get it delivered at the best available price as i am buying directly from the company. I didn't expect this, but the plastic housing on the drill doesn't seem to be in line with Hilti standards -
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    My inside DeWalt contact stated, "We continue to manufacture and distribute our 12V line and are not ceasing production."
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    How much did you get the dog for? Was it used or new?
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    One-Key Sawzall showed up along with 30.5lbs of Sunex 1/2” Drive SAE impact sockets.
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    Lmao @Hugh Jass “we at Dewalt are proud to announce we didn’t literally steal your money, only figuratively, because you believed we’d support this platform. We’re proud to announce collusion...I mean... partnership with Milwaukee; you buy their 12v tools and they won’t make 60v tools. Everybody (who owns shares in our companies) wins!”