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    I have this 334b it's 100% better then the DEWALT 20v brushed..very compact,much more than the Milwaukee or Makita. It is as good as the Bosch but not as good as my Festool cordless... ....smooth, powerful,and made with metal ,( front,levers, housing)not all plastic like the Milwaukee.... Nothing compares to my mafell.. .........having this jigsaw ( bought the barrel grip too, Tool nut) the cordless sander and cordless router , FINALLY completes my 20v line ,no more cordless Ridgid router.and sander....
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    DeWalt switched from 20700 battery cells to 21700 battery cells now that they are more readily available. The 9.0ah now uses the latest battery cells, just like the 12.0ah. This is a good thing. It is a rolling change that began happening in quarter 2 of this year. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Hey I'm back . It's been a long time what have I missed?
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    Happy Thanksgiving guys, I hope you are all enjoying this day with your families, Chris
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    The lawn around my New England property was an annual exercise in effort, cost and frustration. My property included a annual contract w/ the local name-brand lawn care chemical company. The discussions about the unacceptable lawn condition ALWAYS included them stating that they were setting conditions for the lawn to be terrific Next Year. (The lawn was NEVER terrific next year.) I finally got smart, cancelled the contract and switched to DIY. My biggest issue was that a huge part of my lawn had 100% sun exposure. It was IMPOSSIBLE for me to dump enough water onto that part of the lawn to keep it from burning in July. The other issues were scattered weeds and patches of different types of grasses. There was also one large region that had been rough, but was now lawn, that didn't have in-ground irrigation. The solution I implemented was to apply a skim layer of peat moss, twice per year, every year over the entire lawn. This was spreading 50 big bags of peat moss at each application. I also switched to exclusively using starter fertilizer. I discontinued using pre-emergent fertilizer, so that I could seed at any time, as-required. The weeds and the different grass types were resolved by a combination of hand-extraction and by thickening the lawn with healthy desired grass. The in-ground irrigation system was modified to provide coverage over the entire lawn. For the peat application, I found a peat roller to be the best solution. This is a drum with an expanded metal skin and a sliding door to the interior. I would fill the interior with loose peat moss then traverse the lawn in rows, spreading the peat moss as a thin layer. The results of these changes were to attain a $1M lawn. The problem of July burning abated. Over time the top layer of earth became thick, dark, rich soil. The normal watering cycle was sufficient after the peat moss top cover had been implemented.
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    Well hopefully we get some updates soon in the Metabo section on whether or not Sisco is going to start carrying organic mushrooms for my favorite Italian place
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    This is probably the most impressive piece of wood working I have ever seen. I stumbled across a pic on FB and found this article http://atmosstudio.com/stairstalk
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    Few good stuff today. My "blemished" veritas router plane. Found a very small casting defect in the cast iron. I'll take the defect for the discount. My low angle smoother will be here later this week. Amana 80th table saw blade. Never used Amana before from tools today com. Seems nice. Doesnt say where it is made though. Lee valley portable light. Bought this to use at the band saw and drill press. Runs on 3 AA batteries. Super bright. Also got a Makita 28th ripping blade for my track saw. No pics though. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    These images show my completed basement workshop, prior to addition of my steel perimeter shelving, tools, materials and bench vises. There are plenty of 20A receptacles around the perimeter, 20A receptacles along the workbench front edge and abundant overhead lighting. The two layers of 3/4" plywood workbench is glued and screwed. It is VERY heavy duty and very secure. The water heater was relocated from the middle of the room, to snugged up close to the furnace. That change freed up LOTS of room, while still maintaining appropriate clearance for servicing both devices. The wall fresh air gratings are staggered for security. The fresh water plumbing was modified to run within the wall (including the water meter) once it cleared the foundation, for less obstruction and greater protection in the shop. This is a great workshop. It has everything I need, including terrific security.
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    Count me in as a fanboy who doesn’t use tools for a living. I guess being I’ve been in the forum as long as I have been, I’m used to everyone being on the same page as far as experience, training, love of all things tools etc... I would point out that those “fanboys” make up the majority of the forum...which by the way is titled “Tools in Action” and is quite honestly made up of “fanboys” from all walks of life who like tools. On another note, I’ve been watching / reading this posting as a “fanboy” who doesn’t use tools for a living and have been reading a lot of polarized views from some members. Let’s keep it friendly and professional. You know....so us “fanboys” don’t feel too nervous about posting here. I guess that is why I Mod. I don’t really know how to use the tools, just a lot of the the specs....
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    Hey man depending on your budget and just using it for hobby purposes I would probably just get a cheap harbour freight or Ryobi 7 1/4 corded use it and if you use it enough to break it then buy the good stuff going this way also allows you to get more tools Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
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    Happy thanksgiving everyone!
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    Spending time with some extended family for a few days.
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    Thanks ChrisK Ii hope that you and your Family have a fantastic Thanksgiving and also the rest of the TIA family the same.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all my TIA crew!!!
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    I'm working today and taking tomorrow off gotta like holiday triple time, and a 3 day weekend Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
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    Any dedicated paddle mixer will handle what you are needing to mix. Some good options for cordless are the flexvolt (not sure if released yet) and m18 mixers. Festool has a good corded option. There are other corded options but they haven't seen an update in ages.
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    Looks like Europe gets the black version
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    Why I wonder is it that the Ryobi brushless jigsaw gets a speed dial and lock on trigger, but the Milwaukee Fuel D Handle does not. I know that technically TTI doesn't interfere with the product roadmap, but the product designers at Milwaukee need to step up their game if the DIY brand is out-featuring them on new tools.
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    No one else has one on the market 😂
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    My local farm and fleet store had $150 off plus a free 5.0 battery. So I got the premium drill and Impact and 3 5.0 batteries for $250. Its the best black Friday deal I've seen if you happened to be in the market for it.
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    I have a corded Bosch multitool and the vibration is a lot less on the dewalt. I actually didn't even notice any vibration until the makita chuck loosened off. What brand bits were you using? The corded metabo die grinder I use has little to no vibration also. Jronman I noticed this with my first brushless impact gun, much quieter.
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    All trimmed out and finished....