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    I had my first DeWalt battery failure a few weeks ago, a DCB204 with a date code of 05 47... Contacted DeWalt yesterday and just received an email stating that a new battery is on the way! Third time using the warranty and third time DeWalt has exceeded expectations.
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    Like the FV string trimmer. Big battery, small charger. Probably to keep the price down for the homeowner buying his first FV tool. The gateway tool. Anybody that uses FV for a living already has several fast chargers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New house means new garage build. The first picture is my primary workbench Pegboard is from Wall Control The second picture is Barrina lights from Amazon. I think they are an amazing addition to the garage.
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    Here you go boys. Excellent trigger response. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    Picked up a stahwhille tool box from a KC tool deal of the day last month. Also got a set of wera chisel drivers. Both of these will be dedicated to the model A when I get it later this month. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Someone came across this and posted in regards to Makita also now releasing high efficiency miter saw blades in both 10” and 12”
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    Reconditioned M18 Fuel Surge, and a Packout Compact organizer, removed the bins from the organizer and added Minicell foam. I think Milwaukee should sell Packout tool boxes that size.
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    I picked up Dewalts new cordless sander. Seller made me wait for awhile so they gave me a free 2.0 battery for my trouble. Didn’t have the manual so I’ll be looking for a file online
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    Take a screw or brad nail and release the spring from the flap. Takes a few seconds and saves you from shooting four letter words when you are in a hurry.
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    The new DeWalt compact router came in today, thing is tiny and it's quieter then I thought it would be Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
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    My friend gave me a duplicate tenoning jig that he had. Perfect timing for this dresser build I'm doing. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I really prefer the hackzall style recip. saw. It really shines for one handed use. You can hold the piece you're cutting and still control the saw with your other. We have the current dewalt compact and even though it's virtually the same size as the hackzall, the handle configuration still doesn't allow for very good one handed operation.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For those that cannot find the photo.
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    I guess all the miter stands on wheels are pretty pointless as well
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    Is this an ironic joke post or are you serious? You’ve never ran a mitre on a site? You’ve never dealt with cords on a site? You’ve seen people work on one site for decades? You believe cordless tools don’t have more power than corded at this point? Your post is irrational.
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    Jrbuilder - I sent you a PM with the files I have. I found it next to impossible to get accurate measurements by trying to measure the blade to the slot in the base. There just is not a solid place to easily reference from. I tried the suggested methods of making a cut and then measuring blade toe in using a business card but preferred to use feeler gauges as it is just a more reliable measuring tool. In the end I ran across an Instagram post (by jar944) which made me realize I had the tools to easily get reliable measurements. Using a dial indicator on a magnetic base, both cheaply available from a place like Harbor Freight I was able to get my toe-in to exactly .005". The guide rail is sitting on the edge of my table saw cast iron wing and the magnetic base is attached to the bottom of the table saw guide tube. By holding the blade down and sliding the saw back and forth I am able to see the difference in the blade with relationship to the guide rail. If you try this you will see that the blade is actually a little thicker towards the center of the disk so you really need to look at the reading at each edge and ignore the middle. Please remember to remove the batteries or unplug as applicable when making these measurements. Regarding the blade, I have stuck with the original blade for now as I am only using the saw for cutting up MDF and other sheetgoods. The stock blade actually works well in that application. I have been given the suggestion to try a Tenryu 28 tooth blade for ripping. This blade is a little thicker having a wider kerf and should not flex as much as the stock blade. However, it will cut into the rubber anti-splinter strip changing its relationship to the stock blade. I will wait until I have a need to straightedge some hardwood before I go down that path. Note that other than the Makita blades you will generally only find 160mm blades which are designed for the Festool. These blades work fine on the Makita but you do lose the ability to use the score function of the saw. Dewalt and Triton also use the 165mm blades but I have not bothered to look at them as the Triton blade sounds like it is has issues and have not heard much regarding the Dewalts. Some people like the Freud options and Oshland blades get decent reviews for a low priced option. With the new Kreg saw using the 165mm blade I am hopeful we will see some other 165mm options in the US market. Sorry for the long-winded answers but just trying to share all the details I have. Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions. George
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    Thanks for the help. That is probably what happened. I’m calling it user error and ordering a new piece of rubber for the track and starting over. Played with the saw yesterday some more and now my cuts are about a 16th away from the rubber that I cut too close earlier. When I got my table saw I spent several hours dialing it in and practicing with scrap but I was in a hurry with the track saw and just jumped right in.
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    Picked up the Dewalt mid range wrench today.
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    I love Ridgid's orange/black scheme, but I do feel extra cool when I bust out my black Ridgid tools.
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    why upgrade DIY mid level tools. I was hoping the 887 and 791 got upgraded..
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    The last part of your post better describes Milwaukee. In the meantime they offer OPE on 3 platforms, and offer no edger while Milwaukee offers no mower. Can’t please everyone I guess.
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    I'm pretty heavily invested in the Bosch 18v Lithium platform and recently acquired a DDS181. The case is in rough enough shape that I want a new one and I like the metal chuck more (just personal preference). I don't care if I have the 181 or the 181A case. I'm curious how compatible these two models are, if at all. Will the chuck from the 181A mate to and fit in the 181? Could I take all the guts from a 181 and put it into a 181A case with a 181A chuck? Would love to hear from anyone with experience with these tools.
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    Yea I was taken aback when I dig into the line a little more, typical big company marketing. The impact isn’t even that small... but will the tools be available at other retailers I’ve heard that it’s allegedly exclusive to HD. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There is a protective cover that comes with the vibrator. Probably what this is.
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    New at the forum Got 11 years experience repairing power tools like milwaukee dewalt hitachi makita bosch ...
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    Welcome to the forums bro
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    turns out inside the chuck there is a tiny magnet at the back to hold the bit in as you change bits etc and what happened was i remember one day i took a tex screw out in a tight area and the drill got jammed between a joist and the screw as it came out and the pressure smashed the magnet to bits inside the chuck, i wasn't aware for a long time and turns out if the magnet isnt there the bit can go past the point its supposed to and fall back out of the chuck, so i cut the end off an oil bit and shot penned it in there works a treat now. just make sure you cut it the right length mine was 5mm easy fix.
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    I bought a PJ 77x12' utility trailer. I had to drive 60 miles to the nearest place that sells PJ but it was worth it. I wanted a trailer that I would know is built well and would last.
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    Jimbo, I switched from Milwaukee to Ridgid when they first came out (nicad/nimh days) and have no plans on going back. Not saying Ridgid is better or vice versa, but Ridgid is definitely the best bang for the buck when it comes to contractor grade tools. Honesty, I like having the different tool color on jobs. Makes it harder to get my stuff confused with most other's tools. The Octane line appears to be quite improved similar to when Milwaukee released their "Fuel" line and now Gen3. A lot of people complain about the Ridgid lifetime service plan being difficult to complete. I strongly disagree. If you can read your receipt and serial numbers on the tools, the process is really simple. Even if it was a tad difficult, no other company even offers it. Of ALL of my Ridgid tools over all of the years I had them I had one cordless drill randomly shut off from time to time and one battery fade out, both after several years of jobsite use and abuse. I didn't use the warranty service. I was happy enough. My partner is a Milwaukee guy and we constantly use each other's tools. He's mentioned on many occasions that if he had it to do over again he'd have gone Ridgid due to the equal performance, but much better price point. To each his own. Many slam Ridgid despite never using them but that usually just makes me laugh a bit. Use what you like and what works for you and you'll have a good productive day.
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    My wife picked this hammer drill/driver for me a couple of weeks ago. So far I've used it a couple of times drilling holes in cabinets with varying hole saws. Drill is incredibly powerful compared to my other brushless Ridgid drills which are no slouches. Heard about issues with the clutch loosening during use but so far haven't noticed this. Battery fit (the 3.0 Octane battery that was included in the kit) is a bit off compared to my other Ridgid drills and impact drivers. Even when snapped in the battery has a little more than 1/8" of forward/backwards movement. It's not loose and you have to try to move it. Hasn't caused an issue with performance so it's just something for me to keep an eye on. All in all, the drill is a savage so far. Definitely utilize the auxiliary handle when using hole saws because if the hole saw gets stuck you'll pray that your grip lets go before your arm gets twisted off. Great addition to my deep Ridgid cordless platform.
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    Was curious about all the “OCTANE” branding, was beginning to think it was just a marketing gimmick, I think for what you pay for Ridgid you get outstanding tools Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi I just purchased the cordless track saw. I made my initial cut in the track and the rubber was very rough. It had the tiniest bumps at regular intervals down the track. Made a couple more cuts and it seemed to smooth out. By the fourth cut the saw kind of bound up in the middle of the track and when I finished my cut I noticed the middle of the track I actually cut the aluminum track! I had the saw adjusted like the manual says to slide easy but no chatter side to side. I don’t understand how the saw cut the track but now I’m left with not trusting the rubber strip to line up my cuts.
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    Short promo of it on an Aussie retailer. It also comes with an 305mm (12") Efficut blade in AUS/NZ.
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    Over the weekend I finally had an opportunity to give my new Hikoki multivolt reciprocating saw a thorough use. I'll start with the dislikes. At first the overload protection kept kicking in as soon as the blade contacted the wood. I couldn't make a cut until after about 10 attempts. I might have a faulty saw, but over time the issue disappeared. Secondly, the switch to turn on orbital mode is almost impossible with gloves. Other than the above, this is an absolutely amazing saw! Tons of power with 36V, but the vibration control has to be the best part; super, super smooth. I was totally surprised at how little vibration there is. One handed work is easy because of how smooth it is (if you can tolerate the extra weight of course). Runtime was very good with a 2.5ah battery. I have yet to use the bigger cell 5ah battery. If you can, I recommend trying this saw. You'll be blown away at how smooth it is. I can't wait for the comparison videos to finally start showing up.
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    Interesting feedback. Always interesting how new electronics can sometimes be wonky that way. A lot of people will argue endlessly that stuff like that doesn’t exist but you can’t argue with it when you’re watching it happen right in front of you.
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    Dewalt MobileLock is what I use. They have Cables as well
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    Like Jimbo said they are people breaking up deals on kits for profit.
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    The good is it really does hit hard as hell, probably some of the best electric performance I've ever seen (only thing better is pneumatic, but only just), but the design of the included bits depend on it having repercussion in order to keep hitting, once the concrete is fractured you no longer get any contact because it needs to bounce to make the next contact so you can't really clear out material with it. That's not a problem if you have a smaller sds hammer or a demolition digging bar to break out the fractured concrete once this thing does the initial fractures. The first one we had lasted a year, took it back to the store and they replaced it without question for a brand new one, for the money you can't compare the performance to the risk/reward.
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    found on the web today DeWALT DCFS950 20V MAX XR Brushless 9-Gauge Fencing Stapler Stapler for metal staples for fencing BRUSHLESS motor Sequential mode selector Fast, High / Medium / Low depth selector 15,000 / 14,000 / 13,000 rpm Mechanical fine adjustment of depth Rapid clearing of jams without tools, LED light 10.5 lbs.
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    The older cells 18650 cells shouldn’t charge at the higher amps it shortens their lifespan, the newer 21700 can handle a higher amperage charge Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You are correct, dcb609 and dcb612 have the same profile as the dcb230. New clips solve this issue. After I get out of this appt I’ll add a link so y’all can update gear if needed. Heres five for $20 on eBay. Notice the bend in the clip midway? Fits new batteries https://www.ebay.com/itm/5-PACK-Genuine-DeWALT-Belt-Clip-Hook-20V-Drill-Driver-N268241-N169778/281679695773?hash=item41956b0f9d:g:LO4AAOSwFHZavSiR
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    Thank you, HiltiWpg; I figured there had to be something out there that Hilti doesn't want to acknowledge. Rick A
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    Ordered the Incra aluminum router plate with mag lock rings. Seems nice and heavy duty. Also ordered a template to make my life easy. I thought I was going to have to drill a hole for the above table adjustment but I guess not. The only issue is that it is on the back right and not the front lest like the kreg plate. This rotates the router. If I don't like it this way I'll rotate it and drill a hole where it won't be so close to the fence. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I haven't tried to fit it yet (I will) but based on the measurements it should fit, it may need to be turned on its side though. I try it to see and let you know.
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    I hadn't, thank you, and@JakeDewalt for the lead! Got back from a job last night to find this great advice lol glad I jumped in the forum. Thanks again guys, I'll be hitting up my closest center this afternoon[emoji106] Sent from my LGL158VL using Tapatalk
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    Saw this on Instagram also mentioned a 10" miter saw coming
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    https://www.protoolreviews.com/tools/best-18v-impact-driver-head-to-head-review/43129/ I think this comparison is a bit more likely to be objectively trustworthy. Sure everyone could be paying people behind the curtains for any of these YouTube reviewers and certain performance tests can always be hand-picked to favor one product or another, but there are a decent number of hard measurements in here that are hard to argue with. For what it’s worth the Gen 3 finished number two behind the Makita but does have higher max power. Personally I think with impact drivers we’re moving past the days when max power should be the primary metric. Compact brushless motors have long since surpassed the mechanical limits of what’s sensible for the 1/4” hex format; if you need more use an impact wrench with appropriate size drive. They even say this exact thing at the end of this review. Buying 1/4” drives just to stick 1/2” adapters on that you keep breaking isn’t enhancing utility for anything.
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    Wow! I've missed a lot in the past months... geesh well looks like it's time to spend money again
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