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    New toy came in today Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Got the Dewalt tool chest already.,.needed a work station,,,almost went with Red, almost....this husky 60" is real nice ...adjustable peg board..soft close drawers,.huge top drawer 60x24...cabinet fits my Honda generator...need more tools to fill it..! 750$ on sale at HD 598$ ..Then... 150$ off that price for couple dings in the back, that the fork lift driver put in it when loading it in my truck..lol...560lbs not light... really wanted the new Dewalt work station (not available yet) but couldn't pass this up, looked at it for 3 weeks.....
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    Found something new online. Hitachi Presented a multi voltage battery in Japan much like the flexvolt. Can be either a 18v/5amp battery or a 36v/2.5 amps. A new impact driver and circular to benefit from the multivolt batteries in 36v modus. Seems they are completly compatible with everything. http://www.homemaking.jp/product_info.php?products_id=167033&osCsid=1a7f521fc2fbc6e167da0136d206cb05
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    Not bad! Doesn't feel quite as nice as the Makita, but I still like it a lot. Chucked in a few bloopers too. Mike has set fire to his shed twice, so I do like to rib him about it
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    I was made an offer I couldn't refuse... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This made me laugh more than it should have! Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Bought this today and excited to put it to work
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    Oh yeah...and Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Finally got the router I wanted, I've been looking at the DW618 and was planning on getting the plunge base later but found this gem in a pawn shop. Even came with a nearly new Freud bit! It looks like they used it for one cut and sold it. I think the only things missing are the case and instructions, don't need either!
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    It's. Here. Finally !!!! Man I wanted a compact 20v chain saw from Dewalt.......
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    The other day I bought these on clearance for like $60 total: Tuesday I bought my 2nd and 3rd of these pouches, I bought the first at $13 but these were a much better deal
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    Pretty good little mile marker can't wait for ten Thousand 😂. Thank you all for the support ,comments and likes . Its been a hella good time 😎 I'm Thinking for My 1002 post I'll get all my makita out and take a collection picture again I've had a lot of news tools added to the makita army
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    I'd seriously consider Ryobi, the amount of tools and OPE rival many higher tier brands. Just be mindful of which model you buy, their basic drill is, well, quite basic, check out the brushless model. Look at the 3 speed impact instead of the El cheapo one. I use DeWalt and Ryobi tools to make money for my family.... I guess I'm a professional and if I'm using Ryobi, then that means it's pro grade.
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    My New Collection Pictures 😎
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    As good as it gets. Seriously. This is why it's good to be a reviewer.
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    I used the saw at the media event. You guys are going to love it! Amazing power and excellent balance.
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    2 coats of mineral oil can really make a difference. Second pic is just cleaned with a little mineral spirits. Need to start oiling it today. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    So, gonna learn how to weld, so I picked up one of these. It's the new line from harbor freight.
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    Don't believe i've showed this here: for my birthday last week... It will go on a deck to be built in the near future... Blackstone 36" griddle. Love it ..
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    Menards clearance/sale items: Cobra Quick Set pliers. Cannot go wrong with cobras!!! ..
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    Came in today at work The new 9 inch cordless grinder by Makita. First impression was better then I Expected ! Much better balanced then a corded grinder. It's a very strong tool. Really had to lean on it with my whole weight to get it to stall. In any normal use this thing will not bog down.
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    Snagged the NWS/Irwin pliers on clearance from Lowe's... Not to shabby for $10 each.
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    Thanks for the review @JimboS1ice I didn't even know these existed until reading it.
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    I want Hilti in my arsenal, but until I win the lottery that ain't gonna happen.
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    Some tools don't need to be brushless. Brushless has been over-hyped. Hilti is a great example, they use a 4 pole motor, rather than a 2 pole, on their badass drill that is pushing 1060 in-lbs of torque. The efficiency and run time is almost exactly the same as a brushless too. The big difference is that drill work forever, dust, moisture, cold etc. It doesn't have the limitations of so much control electronics and potential failure points. Heat kills electronics, tools under load produce heat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just got a $6 an hour raise so I thought I would treat myself Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Bought a ton of Milwaukee stuff this week, a local retailer was doing a $100 off per kit trade in. I got the gen 2 fuel hammer drill, sawzall and surge impact with 2 chargers and 3 5.0 batteries for $500! Also I got the vacuum and jigsaw m12 bare tools. All this is replacing a very well used dewalt 20v tool selection that has served me well for the past 5 years. But being a plumber my tools take a beating and I like to replace them while they still have some life left. That way I can pass them on to someone who needs them or keep them as a backup just in case. They are definitely too beat up to make it worth selling. Very excited to put my new tools to work Monday! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Howzabout this little Hitachi 12v rotary tool: Check out that clearance price at Lowe's. Don't strictly need this but for $39 I couldn't say no. Comes with a case, which is a big deal for me; I like organization. They included two little bags of accessories, but disappointingly the case has no organization for those, so I'll probably have to improvise something. It's a little butt-heavy when you hold it. I don't think I'd have paid the original $99 price for this, but for $39 it's a hella good deal.
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    This puppy showed up today, courtesy of Stuart from over at ToolGuyd, via ACME tools. A month or so ago, Stuart had a spot contest on his site for a Veto pack of the winners choice, and I feel quite lucky to have won this one. Awesome tool pack... Thanks again Stuart!!
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    Apparently they did. I guess I missed that ☚ī¸ http://www.finewoodworking.com/2017/06/26/festool-buys-sawstop Ok, I'm changing my position. Buy a Sawstop now. Soon they will charge $9,000 for the base model and everyone will collectively agree it's the world's greatest saw.
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    Just picked this up at local HD. Used a 10% off coupon too. Not bad at all.
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    I got the new makita x2 tracksaw !!! Pictures to come
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    I've quit my day job to become a radio personality. Clearly I have the face for it 🤘
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    You cried when the Death Star blew up didn't you? You're missing the real issue. I don't think the patent protection issue is why everyone hates the guy. If I recall correctly (and I do), where he lost most of us was when he started lobbying to force us to buy his saw and take everyone else out of the game unless they paid him for his use of his technology, wanted or not. Estimates when he was trying to pull his shit in California were that the price of a contractor style saw could double. The Reaxx lawsuit just reaffirmed to all of us that the guy was a dick, but most of us disliked the bastard long before that. Oh I'm sure it'd be great for him if I had no choice but to buy a saw with his technology in it, that when triggered requires a replacement cartridge that I can only get from him, and blades that I can only purchase from him, etc, but as a consumer, that's not my concern. I don't need his technology and I'd rather cut off my finger than give that bastard a nickel. When his efforts at world domination failed, he ended up creating a good quality saw and establishing his brand through marketing and product necessity. If he'd have done that to start with we wouldn't be having this conversation.
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    Heres my review of the DeWALT DCS520T1 Flexvolt Track Saw. I finally got to use my flexvolt track saw. First time I have used a track saw. I've only seen one used one time in person. Any other time has been from videos Many may not like this unit. I could understand but I think it does a fine job. I was satisfied with how it performed. In OSB the cut quality was great even with the stock blade. I looked at the edge to check for tear out and I didn't notice any on the good piece. The cutoff piece I did notice had some tear out. I expected it would have some because there is no tear out deal for the cutoff piece. Seemed like it had enough power at least for what I used it for. Will have to see how it performs on a 2x oak top I will be making soon. The plunge mechanism seemed comfortable and easy to activate. Dust collection does help with dust but could use some improvement. The rotating dust port is a bit stiff when rotating. It could be a bit looser in my opinion. The saw slides on the rails well enough without needing to use wax. I would guess wax would help but I feel it is not needed. The kick back feature works but I don'y feel as though it is needed. The dual sided feature on the rails is an advantage over other rails but also a disadvantage. You can use either side of the track but since both sides of the saw have the tear out strip it is a bit harder to square up the track. I use a combination square which is able to avoid the tear out strip and go along the metal edge. I don't see a t square or a rafter square working to square these rails because I don't see how they could avoid the tear out strip. Some may suggest using the Festool track instead. Might be worth try. The rail clamps work as expected. I find them to be a great clamp for tracks because they have a "quick grip" style clamping mechanism. For how I hold the saw, The battery does not get in the way. I like that this unit is cordless because you only have to worry about one hose instead of both a hose and a cord. pros- cut quality, cordless, comfortable to use, quiet, track clamps with the "quick grip" style mechanism, and powerful cons- dust collection, lacking a few features other premium units have like angle detents, scoring mode, off cut tear out guard, and toolless rail alignment knobs. rails are maybe not as good as other premium brands. Is this a saw I would recommend? Yes. Power and cut quality on the good piece is where it shines. Most other features are average. Other premium units may have a slight edge in the features department but for a track saw this makes the cut.
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    Here I go spending money again Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    He could have made a fortune licensing the technology. As I understand it he tried, but wanted a king's ransom to get rich quick and when manufacturers balked at his price, he set about his current path of trying to secure legislation to force everyone to buy technology they could only get from him and sue everyone who tried to compete. He's a lawyer by trade, so I guess shit like this is to be expected. It's general principle that turns me off from the guy. I'll buy a "rest of my life" saw next year before any mandates come to pass, but if I did care about this technology, I'd wait until his patent died because I know there are superior systems that will come.
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    Woodcraft had a $25 off $100 purchase. Bit then bullet on some dovetail stuff. Excited about it. I am wanting to build a hand tool cabinet (possibly from finewoodworking) and they dovetail the corners. Also go another socket holder set from Ernst. Love these rails and trays. Also a snappy depth stop for pilot holes. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Here's something I added a couple weeks ago. It's a 1955 MBF model. 3/4 HP, 9" cut. Everything is original. When I get everything situated it'll be a dedicated crosscut saw. $200 bucks on eBay. Went to Columbus, OH to get it. Original plan was to redo it, but it's in such good shape it would be a crime to screw with it too much. 63 years old and still flawless. Needs a new power cord, but beyond that it's excellent.
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    Got the Wera zyklop 1/4" speed ratchet set - Red bull edition today. And also a set of Weras hex-plus keys (after watching German tool reviews.... ) Some more Knipex, and som other small things.
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    Is there a lot of potential that is left unrealized at this point? Yes. Am I salty about buying 120v Max batteries? No, because that isn't the case. I'm happy with the mitre and hope to see a larger compressor, table saw, vacuum, etc. going forward.
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    I posted on Instagram a week ago that I wanted to get a cordless Barrel Grip Jig Saw but didn't really like the options I could find, Bosch required investing in another 12v platform with not many other tools I wanted, Festool was the expensive option because it required I also invest in another battery platform, and Makita required I import it from Canada. No one really had other brand suggestions though I did find that Metabo has one but still the same platform investment requirements (are there any other brands with cordless barrel grips?). I just kind of put it aside for later thought and I listed my M18 jig saw on eBay figuring I'd take the money from it and buy one. Then yesterday rolled around and International Tools announced a 24 hour overstock sale on a ton of tools with all listings starting at just $1.00. They had a ton of the Bosch bare tool jig saws up for grabs and some Makita grinders I wanted. The grinders got too expensive and I noticed someone paid more than retail for a rotary hammer. I ended up scoring a Bosch JS120BN Barrel Grip Jig Saw for a whopping $18 and a Dremel 7300-N/8 for $10. Everything included free shipping so now I just need to buy a Bosch starter kit and I saved over $100.
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    Ask a tradie how to best use the tool, and what features are most important. Ask an independent reviewer how the different brands stack up against each other, and what the latest and greatest is. Ask God which ones are most likely to last in the long run.
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    In the name of saving time AND money....and swallowing my pride, I purchased a Rubbermade Roughneck 7x7 garden shed. As many of you know, my wife and I have been in our new home for less than a year and a shed has eluded us since the premature birth of our beautiful son. After much "reminding" I broke down and bought a stupid but nice looking shed to put my Wife's gardening supplies and pool stuff out of the way. The spot we chose is perfect, level, flat, slightly in the woods but easily accessible. This summer I took down a stupid pergola like structure that was over the deck. The wood sat in a pile all summer. Yesterday I bought the shed and some CDX. Though you can build this right on the ground, only a moron would. I digress. I cut all of the wood down to rough size with a chainsaw then brought it into the shop this morning which has remained unused ALL summer. I put this fifteenish year old PT 4x4 material to the amazing Kapex. Four7'6" lengths were what I determined. I finished the cuts and started laying out half laps with my nice square. It hit me, EVERY FU$&ing cut was off by about three degrees. I must've smacked my Kapex off of zero and NEVER checked the bevel and assumed it was square. F$&@ing putz move. Anyways, check your bevel. That super expensive miter saw is only as good as the moron using it. 👍💩
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    Hit up Menards today. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Bought these today. $25 each for the carbon fiber levels and $0.01 for the Diablo router bit.
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    Well these arrived this week. New router, sander, and various accessories for each. Including some brands I did not already own.
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