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    I have 9-10 of the 3.0 batteries and a vast array of the lxt lineup and when I go to use a battery that is below 40 degrees it acts like its going dead or just down on power. This really shows on higher draw tools (circ saw, recip saw, large 1/2" impact). I also have some of the milwaukee m18 tools and batteries and some of the old dewalt 18v and new 20v stuff (all lithium in all 3 brands) and they dont seem to be bothered by the cold at all. Even though my makita 1/4" impact guns don't put out as much torque the yellow and red ones I have I still like the feel and ergos of my blue stuff and use it the most. I make sure to hand out the yellow stuff to other people when at a job so they can break that stuff and not my nice makita stuff.