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    That's a great story. My daughter (she's 3 now) still reminds me that I don't need any more tools every time we wander into the tool aisle. In the other hand, she's fascinated by my tool box and always pulling out hand tools to ask what they do. We got her a wooden tool set with wooden bolts and tools for her 3rd birthday that she loves. I figure that'll tide her over until she starts using the real things.
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    so for the past week i have had to demo this old 1890s kitchen alone, it wouldn't have been too bad if all the walls weren't lath and wire plaster and if there weren't two ceilings, the new one on top of the old, plus the hidden live knob and tube in the ceiling that i almost hit with my saw (thank god for a flashlight and pen tester). however the before and after pictures are pretty cool i think. if anyone else has some cool before and after pictures please share!
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    Lol so my wife asked my 4 year old son what he wants to get me for fathers day and he go " lets get daddy the chainsaw he wants its the makita one mommy" my wife goes "i think thats a little expensive" and he goes "thats okay mommy daddy like expensive tools" lol what a guy ehh my son knows whats good hahhah like father like son...... i know this is random but its awsome how much my son knows and loves tools just like me and its great to be able to teach and pass down tool and knowledge to him Sent from my SGH-I337M using Tapatalk
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    Well for a short period of time back in the day. Man it would be the best day ever to run into him. He just will hang out with normal people.
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    That pencil sharpener... Lol!
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    Welcome to the forum! Also, that machine was built for one man and one man alone.....Mr. T. I pity da foo who mess wit dis gun
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    How many of you guys have had your outdoor power equipment ruined by ethanol? Well, I have found a way to check for ethanol in premium (91,93 octane in my area.). Ethanol can ruin carberautors on older vehicles and mowers, weed-eaters ect. Today's gas is mostly e10 or %10 ethanol. But some premium may not have any ethanol in it. This test will make it easy to see which has had ethanol in it. All you will need is a water bottle with about an inch and a half of water and something to mark the water level before you add the gas. Once you have the bottle clearly marked you can add the gas until the bottle is almost full but you will need to stir up the gas before you add it to make sure it is evenly mixed. Once the gas is added you will need to shake the bottle and let it sit on a flat surface for a few minutes. If the water level is now higher than the original water level there is ethanol in it as the ethanol absorbs water. Here are some pictures of my results of some local gas stations. The bottle on the far left is the one that doesn't have ethanol as the level stayed the same. All others increased by a large amount. The next picture is some chainsaw gas which has a good amount of ethanol in it. The last picture is the gas without ethanol as the water level stayed the same.
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    Oh I agree TO. The saddest part is its hard to appreciate the little moments and downtime when there's no up time. The balance of knowing you've accomplished something meaningful in a day, and being able to appreciate winding down w loved ones at the end of a long day is something I wouldn't trade, and you don't get to experience it if you don't get off the couch in the first place.
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    A lot of work done there Pete and thank god U didn't hit that live knob man!One never know what lurks behind the walls man when I renovated my grandparents living room a few years ago which I shoulve taken pics cus it came out badass;) we found all kinds of old pipes that weren't connected to anything just in there we thought we had broke some pipes but they were forgotten or something heck I was hanging some pics for them a couple monthes ago and when I went to hammer a nail in the nail just bounces back out its so wierd I even took a longer nail and hit it hard with my hammer and it just ba ounces back its so weird my gramps Said to just leave it alone but I'm still curious to WHATS behing there.
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    My estwing does a great job for framing. It's cordless too. LOL I have 2 framing nailers and 4 finish nailers but I still just grab my hammer and a handful of nails for small framing jobs. Finish work is a different story though. I'll take the time to drag the compressor around.
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    I just ordered the normal teal version of this driver, Im not sure I am the sort of fellow that could pull off a Gold impact driver! Ha It is sweet though.
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    Yes sir i do he is an awsome little man thank.youSent from my SGH-I337M using Tapatalk