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    Paid $20 for these at HD. Didn't I see somewhere on here this is this kit with more pieces in it for around the same price. The screwdrivers might be a return just an impulse buy... Oh and I also got this guy
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    Just bought a new stanley socket set! very excited, so the fist thing i do is go to the tools in action forum and tell every one about it, lol. but any way,got it at walmart for $46, also got a 10% discount because there was a little bit of damage on the case, came with the little socket set too.
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    Hi Ricky, I pre ordered the new Dewalt radio, I don't know if that qualifies as a new flexvolt tool, But just as cool right!. I got it on Amazon for $199. Ya it said release later this summer?
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    A little advice... get to know you local Milwaukee reps and buy the stuff at Home Depot "from them" (talk to them, ask advice, have them walk you up to pay, etc) not just walk into HD and grab your tools and then go up to the registering leave.. Milwaukee as a company and especially the reps look after their customers and frequent buyers (as I'm sure a lot of you contractors know)...
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    I'm really tempted fellas. Whatcha think? Sell the Dewalt brushless?
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    DeWalt stated they are not scratching the 40v platform. It is a dedicated battery platform for the OPE equipment. Look at the size of the 40v battery to the 60v, it is a monster. It is specifically developed to handle high demand OPE equipment. This was all stated to various people who attended the DeWalt event.
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    Well. I did it. I ordered some new FlexVolt tools. Gonna wait to share what I ordered until I receive it in August.
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    Aw that's cute... but anybody want to guess where it's NOT available?? .. Chris reminded me I wanted to look for a Bosch cordless vacuum, being as Milwaukees is admittedly very loud... but I don't think the 18v is available...? Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
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    I was working in power tools repair service and I think that Dewalt is stronger then Milwaukee. I think Milwaukee can give longer warranty because they are cheap chinese tools with popular name and big profit percentage. All tools can brake because in manufacturing (power tools, cars, furniture, food and etc) its no way to avoid mistakes in manufacturing... Now I'm selling tools in my own store and if customer telling me that him likes bosch I say that okay, if him likes milwaukee I will be angry, but I will say okay I think we are big enought to make choises for ourself. Personaly I love Makita and Dewalt.
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    Nice buy dude, I have a stanly set its not bad I keep as a spare kit Jimbo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Great choice with the 6 1/2" I prefer blade left and the portability and power of that saw Jimbo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You can find the sweet 10-piece set that was originally in the $140 area for $30 shipped on Ebay.
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    awesome saw, I too felt the 7 1/4 was heavy and not much more cutting ability compared to the extra weight...
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    What a great price to boot Justin! Congratulations on the new kit dude!!!
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    Project is really looking good Jimbo, that is a lot of sanding. A real labor of love you too kids? Keep us in the loop and with your great videos.
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    Looks great to me KhariV, I would leave it, but being that you know it's there it will always be haunting you! Lol option 2 seems to be the best alternative. Good luck with it. And enjoy it.
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    Why do people get all hot and bothered from DeWalt using 20v max for the naming of their 18v battery line? It is not lying or deceiving as it is technically true. Every manufacturer here in us does it with their 12v battery line as those tools are all 10.8v nominal and 12v max. Both are correct. To me, it is up to the end user to do their research, feel the tool, and know what the product is they are buying.
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    I'm lucky, I have awesome neighbors. Mostly all Veterans and tradesmen. I live on the end of a cul-de-sac, backyard surrounded by trees/hillside and a daycare. Our little piece of heaven. Wish we had more land but its not bad for California. The neighborhood kids love to troll around near my garage when I'm building. I had to keep my dogs in the house though, they attack my drones.
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    I like the way you think brother!
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    Thanks for the heads up man,looks pretty cheap on Amazon. Today I had to get some stuff for my daughters bday squared away so no tools yet today other than some spare hose nozzles that I found for $5 a double pack for metal ones. Supposed to hit 90° today so just staying cool for now hehe. I am in need of a bottle of anti seize and some penetrating oil. I may go check out the new Napa auto like 3 blocks from home now.
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    I run the 780 outside all the time and can see it fine, works just as advertised, and I can assure you the sun doesn't get much more intense than it does here (Florida Keys). If the sun is direct on the piece being cut then the line can't be seen, I just rotate the saw so that it casts it's own slight shadow and back in business. It's so bright that the light is visible with it even in the upright position before I even bring it down for a cut. The light on the cordless can't be seen if it were raining outside holding an umbrella. It's an indoors only kind of deal... or I have a defective light. As for concerns of power draw, come on man...it's already neutered with the timeout and it's LED. A 5ah battery could probably run that continuously for 24hrs and still cut a dozen 2x4's.