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    I am a sucker for yellow that comes in a case
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    Mess of bits ordered from Cripe Distributing through Ebay arrived. US-made goodness, all for $28 shipped. I use mostly square 1's and 2's, and tired of the impact bits coming out of the holder, sticking in the head of the fastener. So, eliminating the bit holder. I use the M12 Fuel screwdriver mostly, so don't reckon I need impact-rated bits.
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    Here's an older picture of my Red team.
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    Roller stand free courtesy of sears. The kreg clamp I also used points on. The gear wrench breaker bars are buy one get one free from advance right now. Tack on a 20% coupon and its less than $17 for both! Also got a little speaker for the garage. Nothing fancy but cheap on best buys cyber sale yesterday Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    those are sweet looking kits, nice cases i think they interlock with the other kits
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    Hay Hugh, same exact same spot for me too. Was driving 3" screws into knotty pine with an air drill at high speed, and as luck would have it, hit a knot. Screw stopped dead! and the drill slipped and right through my thumb and stuck in the pine lol. Yeah, so no big deal, pulled it out screamed a few expletives and went to the emergency room. X-rays showed no break in the bone but many small metal fragments in the wound. The cleaned me up as much as possible and sent me on my way. Yes the nail does not grow right on that side of my thumb either. Switched to cordless impacts lol and keep my hand out of the way. Lol. John, Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk[emoji848]
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    They aren't new from my understanding. They're a rerelease of the old ones that were discontinued.
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    He's always prepared for anything. The apocalypse, gifts, building a mansion or two, lol
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    But in this case we are going by stated cfm from manufacturers and even if they're within 10% you still know what will move the most air. CFM is CFM. We are at the part of the equation that comes after the "=", we don't need to theorize what the initial values were that lead us there.
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    My store had it in the paint clearance rack
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    I just went to HD and gotten the Ryobi. They didn't have the Ridgid, had to have it shipped to store. It takes another 3 day. But UPS, USPS, FedEx, always seem to miss the first and second delivery. 99% of the time I get a not that says we attempted delivery. But yet on the time they put in, I'm home. I don't think that they even tried to deliver it. They just write out the note and put it on the door. Or else they knock so lightly, I can't hear them. Anyway, I test them out with a plug. And just return the weaker one.
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    Figured I'd make you proud lol Disc jockey Jimbo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That thing looks freaking huge for an impact driver.
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    Brings an entirely new meaning to the slogan "What can brown do for you"! Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
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    she brought these today.... what gets me is such a big box for such a small tool......wait that's not right!.....
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    This September 10th at the USA Festool HQ. http://festoolusa.com/connect/
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    So is there some company called BlowTek or something that makes all the blowers for everyone and just cases them in different plastic and puts different battery contacts on them or what lol, all the compact blowers seem the same.
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    this is our marina, at the water front of our city......at a recent concert ......
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    I've got the framer and the finish gun in 20v, when the Brad comes.....my Ascension will be complete! In the interim though, Red will have to do. Besides with my track record of getting duds I figure I'll at least get my money back if this one craps the bed! But seriously, it looks like a well built tool.
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    Okey dokey... Whole family, except for the two pass-thru ratchets. Gonna probably give those two some time on the new carbon fiber background... Ratchets 002 by Edward Durbin, on Flickr And a shot of the smallest ratchets I own... Tiny Ratchets by Edward Durbin, on Flickr
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    First day using this beast!! Very impressed.
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    Finally got a pic of my Milwaukee collection. #NBHD