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    cordless bandsaw 150 unused bare brushless sb18 lt bl + ltx 200 impact driver 125 for both, hammer drill slightly used prices are shipped US 48 Shipped Unless you pay shipping. paypal
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    Tools Plus was just as quick also...
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    I've never seen NWS pliers in person, they look nice and I've heard good things though! Ordered more Knipex today. 12" Cobra (comfort grip), 5" pliers wrench and 5" cobra (both dipped). That puts me at 3 pliers wrenches and 4 cobras. Also ordered and received new high leverage combo pliers but my snipes aren't in yet. Was going to go with new lineman's too but I'm torn between the standard version and the one with crimper and fish tape puller.
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    Everyone should have at least six DMMs.
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    DXAEC80CA Battery Charger and Maintainer Double bank unit. I want!!
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    This is my storage and organization for all my cordless. Far too often I find myself doing random jobs away from my garage, sometimes automotive, sometimes carpentry and construction. I found this as a good solution as I can fit all of these in the trunk of my car. As much as I dislike DeWalt tools, they have nice boxes. I believe its due to Zagg Industries making a quality product and DeWalt slaps a label and color scheme on it. Regardless, these are nice boxes and serve their purposes well. Now only if Milwaukee would design a storage system like these I would be all over them.
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    .. I have these hole saws for 1-1/2" and 2" PVC, should have just bought the whole kit then, but now I just had my boss buy me all this. From acme. Still waiting on the m18 compact blower, backordered.
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    Between my wife and I, just threw in 5 votes for ya just now lol!
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    Thanks for the warm welcome. (pics) Lathe at home, Delta II nozzle/exitcone assembly finish machined.
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    We bought a new house a couple years ago and the guy that had it before us left a nice stack of barn wood in the shed. About a year ago he called and wanted to know if he could maybe come get it. I told him he was going to have to fight my wife since I had already used it on a project for her!
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    There's already a cordless welder though.
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    Holy Cow that was fast. Just ordered this from CPO two days ago... Free ground shipping to boot.
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    This is super awesome, I have talked a lot about wanting/needing a light for the last year or so now to you guys haha. but due to my out of no where financial family issues months back this kinda stuff has not been on my mind. @KnarlyCarl has been there for me and been a great help and great guy recently. thanks again man for the small kind words and all your help on here. your the man. @KnarlyCarl is my vote. sorry i could only pick one person, there have been a lot of you guys who have been just as great ..you know who you are!
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    awesome guys thank so much, I went from page 14 to almost 3rd page so I don't think many people have that many votes (cant tell it does not say how many votes) but I appreciate these votes #TIACREWISGOLD please try and vote everyday again thanks in advance....
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    Setting up my new maintenance tool bag. Started with these!
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    I have an older 3/8 drill i am thinking of making a mini drill press with so when you are using very small bits they dont break and it would be kind of cool. Do you guys have any ideas how i can go about doing this i am thinking of wiring the switch so i can pull the trigger to go speed i know they sold little things like this but i want to try to make some thanks for checking this post out have a good one
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    LOL, I'm trying to stick to PB Swiss, Felo, Were, Wiha from here on out.
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    My kid loves green. I see a Christmas present in his future...
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    No concrete on mine. Well, except for the concrete I drop them on. I totally understand the all weather conditions. Working in conditions where Rite-in-the-rain notebooks cry uncle can put the hurt on tapes.
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    I'll have to agree, it doesn't look bad at all. I still have to run the board through the planer then let the kids "antique" it then I'll post some pics...maybe KnarlyCarl will change his mind then! [emoji16] Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
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    Man, if I wasn't so broke I'd have a ton of Hazet tools and a couple of sets of Gedore ratcheting wrenches...
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    Oh My...you have something in the back of that truck ....you better trade it in!
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    Correct, DeWalt puts in a special shipping clip that disengages part of the battery..... Not exactly sure how the mechanism works, but I understand the concept
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    Just found some new products in automotive section. DXAEPS2CA Power Station Jump Starter Air Compressor None were out of box yet so couldn't get a hands on they are made by Baccus they make the Cat and B+D chargers and used to be part of Stanley Group. $300 Beaver bucks so should be around $200 US when they show up at Part Source etc.
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    Not cheap at all; On clearance at CPO $2970 - $200 on the current sale until the 16th. Plus another 11% off for the next day or so. http://www.cpooutlets.com/dewalt-dcw100k-portable-stick-and-tig-welder-kit/dewndcw100k,default,pd.html Shows a list price of $4500... Meh. Not sure how accurate list prices are these days, but that's a lot of jack for a small welder. Stick welder at that. TIG option on this is pretty much useless as Dewalt has zero information on accessories and availability, and the manual is of little use as well.
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    That happen to a uncle of mine at a jiffy lube trust me he was pissed!! I don't remember what had happen after I'll have to ask him when I see him
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    It's really small, so I don't imagine you can get more than a lbs of torque on it.
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    Funny you say that, she has me making a shelf with black pipe for our coffee bar. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
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    But ironically enough there's this posted just 4 hrs ago:
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    [emoji736] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Oh they're watching...they are always watching! Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
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    I had to find a new case for my Bosch jigsaw. So I picked up another Milwaukee organizer. It fits perfect. I had also picked up a new set of Bosch jig saw blades a couple of weeks ago....
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    Ditto. I had the page pulled up and was about to hit buy now before I thought that I didn't really need a fourth multimeter.
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    I know people used to give them away for free and now people want $20 for a pallet
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    KC TOOLS! [emoji173]️ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You got my vote Comp, best of luck
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    Then this... Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Check you local CL. Barn wood is really super over priced but can be found occasionally. Also try doing it yourself. You can age wood with vinegar and steel wool, distress wood with a hammer and chain and use a small plumbers torch.
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    I'd like to see an award for 'biggest mover in battery tech'. e.g. Metabo Li-HD, Dewalt Flexvolt, Milwaukee M18 9Ah and M12 6Ah, EGO 7.5Ah 56V....
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    Active shock absorption is at the top of my list, I will not buy another recip ever again in my life unless I get to keep the teeth the 20v compact hasn't taken out already. I have an idea in mind for a counterweight inside the unit that is used to isolate the reciprocating motion internally. It would add weight but be a dream to operate in theory. On the other hand Dewalt should probably lobby to our new president to use a fleet of 20v compact recip's as an alternative to waterboarding. 1hr a day having to use it will have our enemies begging to spill their secrets.
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    would love to make one of these or at least have one to play with ..........
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    LOL! Fazzman!! I cleaned out the inside of my truck yesterday after work and didn't even go near the wifeys car...... I could tell she was nervous though lol I always throw a fit when I open her car doors!!!
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    That may be my all time favorite description of the Prius! Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk