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    prices are shipped, USPS priority. payment, check/m.o./ paypal gift 'regular' paypal, add the 3% fee dewalt dw880 die grinder, complete with guard and wrench, (12) 4x1/16 sait cut off wheels thrown in, USA made. Used on a couple of jobs years ago, and put away, $160 milwaukee 5211 3'' die grinder. USA made. bought on a job ( again, years ago), sitting in the crypt for years. i somehow have misplaced the guard $150
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    I bought a bunch of cables/test leads/adapters:
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    Hello new to the forum, I'm from NJ I'm a handyman Jack of all master of none. I do a little of everything, I really enjoy working with tools. Hope to learn from you all thanks for having me Jim.
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    Yes, you insert a banana and see how much it deflects.
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    Or in other words, belt tension gauge. The Porsche model 944 has some insane general maintenance requirements. The timing belt requires tensioning about every three thousand miles after the initial routine, and if I recall correctly, it needs to be replaced every 15k miles. It is also used on some of the older serpentine drive belts in other models. Bonus points for anyone who can tell how it is calibrated...
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    That old SK ratchet is sweet. I got some old craftsmen 1/2" and 1/4" ratchets when my grandfather passed. I have no idea how old, but there is a definite quality difference with these old ones vs the newer ones I have.
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    Well I bought it two weeks ago but it just came in. I had the Milwaukee before, this feels more refined and well balance and I really like the LED work light and the fact that it comes in an lboxx insert and has a little accessory box with an extra collet clamp and a mandrel as well as an extra nose piece. Six speeds 5000-35000 rpm, and both the power switch and speed dial are much easier to move on the Bosch than on the Milwaukee. Also this is NAINA and I purchased it through Axminster Tools in the U.K.
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    Here's a picture of Fred, with his big brother Rex. Rex is a Mix of Rhodesian ridgeback, and bull mastiff. Fairly slim though considering. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    are you the type the faster internet the better? or are you happy with just a basic connection? I want the fastest available in my area at all times seeings I'm on a desktop computer 95% compared to my phone here is my current internet speeds
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    Pretty tempted, I've been watching for a die grinder Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    If i don't have the corded version, I definately don't have the cordless version. That is pretty standard with most guys I know. Although most guys I know are in a shop as well. Few exceptions though.
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    I will take it if it's still avaible. I love my combo rotary hammer but it's big.
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    I wish they'd do more R&D based off of existing tools as much as new ones. Imagine if they'd listen to us about how to tweak or improve refresh tools to make them as perfect as they could be. Seems like every tool has that one little thing that just kills the potential that would be so simple to change, yet every version made from then on is practically exactly the same on the exterior. Take the premium drill line for instance, why the hell are we still messing with those shit gear shifters that barely function when they've already produced tools with electronic ones that are sooooooooo much better? (3 speed impact, 3 speed impact wrench, etc...) I'd pay like $30 more bare tool without question.
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    I don't like the song but the video is great:
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    That's awesome @CATERPILLAR. You guys see the new prototype SK?
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    thought I would post a video of a personal friend of mine......Karen Greening is her real name.....
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    This is true, though it may be more common to reference the drywall tool as a cut out. Albeit I rarely use my cut out tools for drywall. I've always used my cut outs for wood/Hardie siding. I haven't seen others try that with it on YouTube or Instagram with the m18 cutout. I may film some clips comparing its ability or lack thereof to cut multiple different materials with different amp hour battery packs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Agreed, it's a great little unit! Kind Regards James Mason - Our Build. www.renovationjunkies.com.au www.ourbuildhandyman.com.au
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    Congrats! Hope everything is going well. My daughter is the best thing that's happened in my life, even if she doesn't want to sleep lol Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
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    Not a bad deal, the only thing i don't like about the milwaukee set, or the dewalt set is the non indicting grip side still is the same color as the indicating grip side, they should have just made the milwaukee grip all black, thats the only thing that kept me from picking them up
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    My milwakee one is annoying so i bought the dewalt to try out.
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    Banana for scale .. 12" cobras, pliers wrench, and Alligator Plus set of 7", 10", 12" alligators From Grizzly clearance thank you @Fletcher94
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    not to brag or anything but here's mine
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    We get 24 down and about 3 or 4 up. Typically it's around 27 or so down, fast enough I guess. As long as the porn doesn't buffer I'm good to go...