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    Ordered a pair of FlexVolt 3.0/9.0 batteries. Should be pretty pretty good! ?
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    got another ebay purchase delivered. need only the 1/4'' now. armstrong polished long combo wrenches in sae, 5/16 to 1 3/16. need to work on metrics now.
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    How can I say no? $229 with a free battery. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The snow started at 12 am and I go up to go to the bathroom at 5 am and we had 8" already and it's only halfway over. It's gonna be a great day. I'll start off with a big breakfast with a mimosa or two, then make burgers and have a killians or three, then I'm gonna drool over new tools online, then I'm gonna sleep till Friday. I love snowstorms. I need to keep the credit card in my wallet though.
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    I'm running out of beer too. I'll have to start drinking....gulp....straight vodka. I thought it was over and now it started back up. We have about 18 inches so far.
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    just got done snowblowing 10.5 inches (1pm) coming down around 2 inches per hr, my biggest fear just came over me, i dont have enough beer
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    Yeah, that's right, obsessed. Don't fuck around on my watch. Free with purchase of $200 puller.
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    i too am sitting through the same storm, i stocked up on beer, can food and charged all my batteries for my lights, im good to go. i left my credit cards in my van, the farther away the better
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    I really like my Wiha Bitflip! i might move it into my Veto Tech-MCT, and put the wera insulated laser tips in my techpac backpac to trim some fat in the smaller tech-mct.
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    in Geneva of all places I found my dream car.... ok Step1 Set up shipping now so it can be here for middle of April Step 2 call insurance to see how much coverage will be Step 3 wake up!....lol what a car.......
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    https://www.grainger.com/product/21XU65?gclid=Cj0KEQjwhpnGBRDKpY-My9rdutABEiQAWNcslMszWLc0FWCTKly5xubeRoo-cmRr0PYvNPkTR_LB_wkaAmSL8P8HAQ&cm_mmc=PPC:GOOGLEPLAA-_-Hand Tools-_-Hammers and Striking Tools-_-21XU65&AL!2966!3!166596380534!!!g!71848096399!&s_kwcid=AL!2966!3!166596380534!!!g!71848096399!&ef_id=WMciKAAABF@5EFco:20170313225112:s
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    I thought my guys were hard on tools but holy crap and it's only three years old. I know oils are hard on the rubber overmolds but that thing is beat. I don't think anyone would blame a company for not honoring a warranty but it's pretty awesome that acme did.
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    Anyone seen this movie yet? I saw it last night and swear that Donald Pierce fixes his arm with a Wiha precision driver. Can anyone help me confirm? https://germantoolblog.com/2017/03/14/wiha-cameo-in-logan/
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    Now your making wanna watch it even more now lol hopefully this weekend and I'll keep my eye out though
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    not sure how much the tool and battery talk but could be something as simple as connecting the battery to a one key tool to set it up. Then it would be good to use on any tool.
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    Need to coordinate an "air-drop" on some sort of cushion ...... this is all part of "Emergency-Preparedness"
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    Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Is it too late to start home brewing ?????
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    Not a fan of their hand tools, pliers and stuff to that nature, they're coming out with some hammers but I don't know about that lol they've gone full out this year Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I hope there is a big event this year for DeWALT. Replacing it with a Stanley one would be disappointing to all the DeWALT guys. I'm sure it would be a good event just not a DeWALT event haha.
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    ya I guess its all about the all mighty dollar
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    then how could they make money off you buying a new table saw in 5 years?
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    I really don't know why table saw manufacturers especially high end cabinet saws don't get their beds plated with industrial hard chrome, like on hydraulic cylinders not bumpers. (not the shiny nickle plating) you could put a flash electroplate on it in seconds and it would most likely last 25+ years sliding wood across it. We used to flash plate hog heads and they lasted 10 times longer but seen 1000 time more abuse than any table saw would see in it's life time. the hard chrome would not even be noticed as under 4 or 5 thousands of an inch it is transparent and a flash plate would be probably less than half a thou
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hate to see the 240... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @Conductor562 Never seen a handheld machine to fill hot dog casings before. Hmm doesn't appear to have much in terms of a meat paste storage before it goes into the casing.
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    Damn good topic I should take some more pictures of stuff when I get home
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    I guess that clamp don't last long........
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    Found 3 of these today........[emoji106] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    PB Swiss also has a version too but the Wiha looks nicer. @NicolasRamos has the Wiha
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    Thank you all, for what would have been excellent knowledgeable assistance !! Ok..... FOUND IT !!! Whew ! That was close. it is a Wiha bit flip... I was pretty sure it was @KC_Tool that has them..... must have !!
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    None of them will compare to the 8" corded, it's a pretty bad*** saw. The 18v we have I think was designed more for cutting like roofing tin. It would do 12ga sheet steel but it worked it pretty hard and we never really used it. That being said I know power tools have come a long ways the last 10-15 years. Even if it's not a complete replacement for the corded saw if it were somewhere in between that and the old 18v I would have a lot of use for it.
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    Ratcheting set, Chinese Origin 1/2 9/16 11/32 7/16 1/2 9/16 5/8 11/16 3/4 Who wants them? They've been replaced by jokers Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Lol none taken! It's crazy. I'm going for practicality, but this guy has a sickness lol even down to his wrist watch ..
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    Hey look what I finally finished! Owen wanted to be in the pic. Lol Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I know I have posted it before but we just use 2 10" heavy duty angle brackets. We screwed them right to a piece of 3/4" osb in our van. Welded a tab to keep the boxes in place. Cheap and heavy duty.
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    i dont know, when i bought my van i had it outfitted with 3000.00 worth of adrian steel shelving units, nothing is secure there i have bungi cords all over keeping things on the shelves. I want to take one side off and use the the tough system, i guess ill just have to bite the bullet and make my own. ill just need more beer
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    I could see them working well in a job trailer even though they are not vehicle rated
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    At least they are telling you up front, not to do it. I am sure when they show up on HomeDepot.com , some idiot will install them in a van and rate it one star and tell folks why it was unsatisfactory for the job. There was another thread: that mentioned them with pictures, and a description of the differences in the brackets (on page 2). From what it sounds like the brackets are lighter because they won't be moving like on the trolley/ hand truck and taking abuse. I also think the vertical tubes come in multiple pieces instead of one piece tubes (it makes it easier and cheaper to ship with a 2 1/2 foot box instead of one 5 feet long. So the strength would be compromised there too.
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    Spent yesterday turning a small project into a big one...why does that happen? Wanted to do something simple, take down a shelf and build a new one. That wound up requiring a lot more than I originally planned. Had to remove a cord holder, take down the shelf, build the new one, etc.. So...you do the normal things like take the stuff off the shelf, take the cord holder off, then rummage around looking for suitable materials to make the new shelf. Look at your wood resources, then remember you have spare shelving behind the toolboxes. Cue the circus music. Now you have to move shit out of the way to get to that stuff, which reminds you that you've been planning to redo your bench grinder mount. Now you're building a shelf and moving a grinder. As you're building the shelf and planning a new mount for the grinder you realize that if you build a decent shelf/table for the grinder you can move your drill press. So now it's three things...build a new shelf, redo the bench grinder mount, move the drill press. Now the circus music gets louder, because when you move the drill press you want to replace the piece of benchtop to get rid of the holes that's in it. You're doing four different things...no wait, make that five because you're also moving that folding picnic table and card table to new locations..no wait again, now you're doing six things because you're also rearranging the shoe storage...uh...no...seven things, because you're also moving those stupid insect and weed chemical jugs to new locations. SHIT!!! Eight things!! Because now you're building a little holder for your glue gun... Holy hell in a rickety shopping cart, this stuff is reeeeedickyoulous. Luckily I learned a long, long time ago to channel ADD into the perfect way to multi-task, because along with the simple project that turned into 30 different things you have to add into it playing with the dog, eating, bathroom breaks, etc.. It's a great way to do a shitload of stuff and get it all done without skipping a beat. A mind is a terrible thing to waste...right? So long story short the poor garage went through yet another transformation. And, you'd probably not be surprised, but you'd be surprised at how many tools you can use to do the simplest of things. Things went from this... IMG_0882 by Edward Durbin, on Flickr to eventually becoming this... IMG_1700 by Edward Durbin, on Flickr
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    Rocking it old school baby ????
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    Found it http://toolguyd.com/starrett-hidden-edge-utility-knife/ Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Thought of you Justin when I came across this one: .. Funny thing is, the company that put this in have their place right across the road from this facility. They must not like their work if they get us to service the place instead of them...