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    Wow no one else wants free tools?? Come on guys this is an easy one Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I teamed up with Milwaukee on Instagram to give away 100 Ticks, so that was generous of them! But i decided to save out 5 for the TIA forum only, and finally getting around to posting here. So the next 5 here who have not already submitted an entry on my Instagram will get a Tick. Basically the idea is to make people aware that the OneKey app is not just a bluetooth tracking platform nor is it just for Milwaukee tools. I have Makita, Festool, DeWalt, Senco, etc and other brands in my inventory to keep serial numbers and purchase info all organized. So, just let me know if you use the OneKey app or plan to now that you are aware of this info above, and you can have a Tick for free. As long as you're in the US or Canada. Thanks guys
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    They'll be fine, no reason to panic.
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    I ended up going with the 75 piece Gearwrench set. It is SAE and metric. Thanks for the input. FB82
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    Yesterday evening I bought a 75 piece metric and SAE tap and die set made by Gearwrench. From others on the forum, they seem to think for the $ it is a good set, we shall see.
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    Got my email from @KC_Tool apologizing for the delay in shipping ..... NO WORRIES ... as it was advertised, however I do appreciate the follow up. always a pleasure doing business with ya !!!!
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    Haha right thanks! You know that torture test I did to one? Right after that I updated its location and it worked... But the next day or didn't... So I think I may have taken that a little too far lol
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    Sounds like you have it under control. Perhaps these are a few to think about. Either way keep us updated. In my dream shop I want a utility sink. Wash out paint brushes and stuff. Expensive to do after garage finished. Only problem there is freezing in winter, My parents have battery back up garage door opener. Not a big deal for those who can do it manually. It's nice for my mom who couldn't do it alone an just wants to get to work. She can still open close door normally. My buddy had electrical ran in his ceiling for cord reels. Literally every were in his 60x100 shop theres easy access to electric an air. He also has electric along walls of his horse barn for wall mount fans. Heard a guy say his builder got minimum drywall required for garage. After 3 years of parking snowy/wet cars drywall started to buckle. He said it was because the drywall put in wasn't meant for moisture exposure. That's something I heard so not 100% sure. I can't be sure on that one, an think there could be something in building code for drywall applications.
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    Wow I'm not sure how I missed this but I'd love to get one of these! I have so many tools, or job box, or might even track the new van!
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    Painting at work for a few days which involves pretty much 0 enjoyable tools. Luckily I got to come home and scratch a few things off the honey-do list which involved a pile of things but a triad of German happiness had me grinning; some Knipex (X-cut, pliers wrench and combination pliers), Wera screwdrivers and a pair of Stabila levels. That stuff is so high quality that it's happy-factor is more or less in power tool territory ?.
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    so we keep an eye on it to see if it smokes or catches fire EVEN when not in use? WTH? way to go Milwaukee now I feel much better having a basement full of your tools............... IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE MILWAUKEE® EXPANDS WARNINGS & INSTRUCTIONS FOR M18™ HIGH DEMAND™ 9.0 BATTERY PACK In consultation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”), Milwaukee Tool is voluntarily expanding the warnings and instructions for the MILWAUKEE M18 HIGH DEMAND 9.0 battery pack (model no. 48-11-1890). If highly conductive or corrosive fluids get inside the M18 HIGH DEMAND 9.0 battery pack in sufficient quantities, they can cause the battery pack to fail. Failure can include short-circuit which, in the extreme situation, can result in smoking or fire, even when not in use. Examples of highly conductive or corrosive fluids include seawater, certain industrial chemicals and bleach or bleach-containing products. This safety notice does not require users to return their M18 HIGH DEMAND 9.0 battery pack. Milwaukee Tool is committed to your utmost safety while delivering the highest quality and most innovative products in the power tool industry. For more information, go to milwaukeetool.com/SafetyNotices. Any customers who believe highly conductive or corrosive fluids have entered their M18 HIGH DEMAND 9.0 battery pack should immediately contact Milwaukee Tool at 1-844-577-5515 (7am to 10pm Eastern Time Sunday through Saturday). Your Milwaukee Tool Customer Service Team 1-844-577-5515 7am to 10pm Eastern Time Sunday through Saturday
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    This review was done by Mike, so get on youtube and ask where the better looking bloke is
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    The new Dewalt 18 gauge gun showed up today took longer then expected. Fired about 10 nails just to make sure it was alive, shot very nice. I puled out the old hard case from the original 18v XRP gun and using a sharp razor knife made it fit the new gun like a glove with its tiny ass 2AH battery attached. Actually have a small trim project to use it on this weekend two doors and seven windows should be fun. The ridgid 18g I disliked since new will now sit on a shelf as backup.
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    Just a legal notice, nothing out of the ordinary and nothing new with lithium batteries. Ignorance is always bliss, seeing it in writing makes the small risk more real. We also have to worry about our laptops, tablets and phones. A great reason to keep fire extinguishers on hand!
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    http://www.tools-plus.com/makita-xrj06z.html Tools Plus look to be unloading the XRJ06z; $164.89 including shipping.
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    Yeah, I got the email too. Slightly concerning, as there are two sitting in my weatherguard as we speak. Hmm....
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    And battery and charger ?? Sweet deal.
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    This one has a simple entry form: https://www.makitatools.com/ope/sweepstakes It requires name address and phone number.
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    Don't worry about it freezing in the winter... since it's your dream shop you will have a thermostat set at 66 degrees so you wont have to worry about anything freezing.
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    Good advice HiltiWpg. I was thinking of running some high load (e.g. 32A @ 240V) cables rather than heaps of smaller ones, but same idea.
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    Yeah sweet giveaway you're doing Jimbo! I think it's only helpful to have the app to spread the network, so I've downloaded the Tile app, and will do the same for DeWalt app because that sounds like the same kind of tracking
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    I can't help you there...I do have all he 20v ope stuff...just home use
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    Thanks for all the responses. I took the track off and cleaned it out. What I found on the inside of the front track is that the locking mechanism was remaining on the track while it was disengaged causing it to bind up. Anyways, thanks again. Dennis
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    sweep an area in the middle of the shop, get your favorite hammer drill and bust a couple holes in the floor, make a big enough hole to put all your money in and concrete it over.....I didn't do this but you still have a chance......
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    Enjoyable video! Certainly not a moron lol great sense of humour though. I can see potential with the connectivity system but it's not quite there for me yet. The cut brake on the Sawzall seems best to me but could be implemented as an "always on" feature on an updated None-Key version too. We'll see what the future holds. One thing's for certain; tools these days sure aren't what grandpa used!
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    Hopefully they'll fire the lawyer.
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    Any grinder, sparks around just brings that cheer on lol Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Nice giveaway dude, it is a great app, I use it for the same stuff tracking and stuff, although I have some serious updating to do, I find it easier on my iPad but I keep it on my phone just I case someone needs a ping, count me out though dude I already have a few, I know a bunch of guys here should be fighting over these lol Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Different kind of tool, but compared to thinking I always had to wear boots, these put a smile on my face every day Safety toes, kevlar soles, slip and oil resistance, so comfy and light ,,
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    That's right, and that really sucks... hate that See how you like the hook on the end of that tape, for me, it needs to be taller and not so wide. That was everyone's complaint on the first round the Milwaukee tapes.. Mine pulls out with some force required, and i get the double coil spring design to make it more compact, just takes some getting used to. Plus the compact size is noticeable. My vinyl coating on the blade is fraying along the edges of the tape already and that "foil" badge peeled off pretty easy when i bumped the side of the tape and it made it pop off some. I think that was unnecessary and could have brought the price down. I like having measurements on both sides of the tape, and miss them on this one. The belt clip is awesome, the tape lock is pure genius, i like it, but find myself gravitating back to second gen Milwaukee with the magnet hook...
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    Once again, great review boys!! Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
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    Nice, the app is most useful with the inventory for myself. I use the tool control once or twice to get my most common applications dialed in....Then I got the surge and i don't use this impact LOL.. But it's cool because it also tracks and it's in my tool box so the whole box will be tracked... The tool lock is sweet too, and you don't even need to have the tool in bluetooth mode to lock out the impact. The most useful one key tool is my sawzall, when i'm going through metal, i want it slower to make the blade last longer and the auto brake is genius...
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    TTS Tooltechnic Systems Acquires SawStop. The parent company of Festool buys Sawstop
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    Mike did a great job. I like how he explained why it is NOT a gimmick.
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    Beast! Diablo Carbide pruning blade!
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    I am waiting for the Makita 18v x2 10". It is a beast with some very handy and cool features. I hope it is not too far off...
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    And my rather long review...
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    Watched this last night, good vid with good info. What I don't like about my 887 is the rate of acceleration in speeds two and three, it's way too quick off the mark. This programmable idea from Milwaukee is a definite plus point. I originally thought it was a bit gimmicky, but I think it is definitely worth all the big names jumping on to.
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    This little beauty put a smile on my dial today!
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    Yeah so that's cool Link: http://www.acmetools.com/blog/milwaukee-m12-trapsnake-on-the-job-review/ . .
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    well I would never have thought but make room for some blue ............red team........
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    well technically you can still say Bosch is part of red team because the logo and switches are red.... maybe not Milwaukee red but still red.
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    Picked up some swivel impacts that we had on clearance, $8.50 each set. SAE Metric
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    Figured why not! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk