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    I made this knotty pine door for a customers cabin today.. Just one more coat of poly and it will be done
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    Can't wait to see a real video of these pack out boxes taking real jobsite abuse......on the other note.......if a contractor or his employees are throwing tools around, you hired the wrong contractor . Attention to detail and quality starts the the tools you use to perform said tasks. ....if guys don't care about the tools they use , I would certainly guarantee they don't care about the job they are hired to do...
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    This came today. I wonder what it is ; )
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    My Tough System DS Carrier arrived yesterday. FedEx didn't drop it off at the rental office like normal, but fortunately it was outside my apartment when I got home. Nothing like having a big box that has DeWalt stickers on it and a description of the contents left unsecured! It's a good thing no one has smart phones that are capable of searching for the worth of the package left outside for over seven hours... I'll post some pictures whenever I have time, but the carrier is a beast! Knowing it was arriving yesterday, I picked up a DS400 XL box on Sunday, and was tempted to grab a DS150 (I have 3 or 4 DS130s). My experience with my first DS450 wheeled box was less than stellar, and the new one DeWalt sent under warranty hasn't been put through its paces yet, but the DS400 seems to be more stoutly built, and the carrier relatively indestructible as a means of transporting the system. Next up is one more large Ridgid box. That will complete two Ridgid modular box systems to supplement two complete DeWalt Tough Systems, with a few boxes of each brand left for miscellany. Now I just need to find time to actually use this stuff.
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    Nailed it in one. These jokers did a craptastic job that was so bad I've had to go back and re-do most of it that I could get to. On the other hand, I do owe - because of their incompetence, I've educated myself and learned how to do an awful lot around the house.
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    Someone check weather reports in Hell and get your flying pig saddles ready, it has arrived:
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    @KnarlyCarlSweet buys, congrats. Please let us know how you like the Hawg!
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    Give the breakaway blades a go. Took advantage of the 15% off 4 items plus free battery deals with the hole hawg and mid torque impact wrench. Plus the bag came with the hole hawg. .. Replacement bits for my bit case since i don't need a third case floating around
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    Pretty cool news story if your in to Festool. They are going to begin producing rails here in the USA. Also....some cordless sanders are being released in Europe in August, hope to see something here.
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    I find myself in Home Depot more than a normal person should be. When I am there I always walk by the Makita display that shows all the new 12v options they have and I inevitably start salivating. I just think they are perfect for small everyday jobs.
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    Another pair of Mechanix gloves. XL was on sale for $8 at Lowe's And this set FINALLY came!
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    Killer caster deals to be had! Just go through and find what fits your needs and maybe consider stocking up...these are high end casters at HF prices. I know, I've been shopping them for a miter saw stand build I've been planning: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_pg_1?fst=as%3Aoff&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aalbion+(pack+of+4)%2Cp_85%3A2470955011&sort=price-asc-rank&keywords=albion+(pack+of+4)&ie=UTF8&qid=1500517836 Example of price savings: I paid $15 for these https://www.amazon.com/Albion-Diameter-Polypropylene-Institutional-Capacity/dp/B0094LYYA8/ $78.17 at another retailer http://www.tzsupplies.com/albion-02-series-5-diameter-i3814030/ Pages 3 and 4 are really good deals but more than I need for any project I can think of
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    Expensive lesson @khariV.. of course be leery of the bright shiny truck with gold lettering also.....those trucks usually are all show and no experience in them....a work truck that actually works daily gets banged up a little bit, and usually the guys are quality people, from my experience.
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    apparently Husky, commonly referred to as the "home depot brand", is owned by sb&d http://toolguyd.com/tool-brands-corporate-affiliations/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tool_manufacturers its not all of the companies but includes many of the more known ones.
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    Looks good Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Great looking work.
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    I'm a fan of Mechanix gloves, never paid more than $10 for them. This is the latest, really nice padding on the palm and rubber finger padding. Retail is about $30
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    Got the table saw sled basically done. I need to make the cover for the blade, 45 degree miter triangle, and put a coat of finish on it. I realized as I was finishing up that I messed up on the construction. I put the larger side to the right and it was supposed to be on the left. Oh well. A right to left tape measure is on the way. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Hmm....just wondering if the wife will approve of these strippers? ?
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    My Flexvolt track saw finally has a tracking number and Fedex estimates it will arrive on the 19th of July woohoo.
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    Finally decided to grab a dedicated crimping pliers & stop crimping connectors with the all in one strippers with the crimping portion under the pivot.....tired of the awkwardness of using them & the poor quality crimps that wouldn't always hold. I grabbed Milwaukee's version of this tool today & had to test it out as soon as I opened it......I can't believe I have waited this long to buy one! The only thing is that I wished it had the insulated section directly under the cutters. If that bothers me too much I will just pick up the 909 channel locks.
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    I need to step up my game, didn't even know they had a m12 RA impact!
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    .. Drinking the teal koolaid lol And here's this guy: .
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    Added a room, a bathroom, new kitchen and all in time for 106 degree weather Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just finished this small work bench. Plans called for a 30 inch by 80 inch but that was way too big for what I wanted. So I reduced it to 24 by 48. Got the plan out of a "Wood" magazine article. Hoping to leave this one clear so I can do some things on it. It was quick and easy and sturdy can't ask for anything more than that.