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    Eric, Rather than try to upload a bunch of pictures, I am going to link the Facebook page of the builder. They are doing a great job and have documented the build pretty well. We had a flat roof over top an indoor pool that my father in law had built to rehab after his first major heart attack. The roof over this area has been replaced three times. So this time it was decided to put an addition over. The house had the original wood shakes from when it was built in 1977. So we had it re-shingled as part of the addition. https://www.facebook.com/Covers-Construction-LLC-1612361222338495/ They are doing other projects at the same time, if you go to the picture of the truck load of ceiling trusses you can follow the progress. The exterior paint was completed today and the interior is to be done this week. We are on the home stretch. John
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    YES sometimes strechy pants are goooood! lol
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    Yeah that would be me in those pants, lol. I just have to find one of those cool sweaters.
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    I have both of the above named drills. With my 1/4 impacting drill the irwin speedbor drill bits fit right in and lock in. My 1/2 drill I have to close the chuck and the shank but looks alright. My question is my 1/4 drill really powerful enough to run these wood boring bits that go all the way up to 1 - 1/4in hole sizes without being to hard on it? Or should i just use my 1/2 drill? As you can see im very new with power tools. Thanks for your help! IRWIN SPEEDBOR Max Speed Auger Wood Drill Bit Set, 6-Piece, 3041006 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000LQ905E/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_6j9FzbP918V8S
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    I have mixed views on this one... as I tend to go old school and use my actual drill for drilling operations and my impact for driving operations, if that makes sense. Not sure if there is a study done, but I just think it is hard on your bits and what not when you are using an impact. Most of the impacts have a drill mode, but I still normally use my drill. However, there is something to be said about not having to loosen and tighten the chuck when you want to drill... which is when the impact comes into play. I realize this didn't directly answer your question, but this is what I do personally. Also, welcome to the forums. @natbea09 FB82
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    From the picture, it's hard to tell the issue. Might be a dumb question, but are your sure the plastic isn't broken where the knob sits against the metal rod? Does the metal rod turn easily without the rod? I don't think these radios have been out longer than 5 years and if that's the case, it's still under factory warranty. Double check, but I believe the radio has a 5 year warranty. If they don;t want to send a know or something simple, send it in. https://www.milwaukeetool.com/eservice
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    I am a Paslode fan. I know it takes gas but just seems like it more powerful and more consistent compared to battery only nailers. For battery only nailers, I still love the Dewalt finish.
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    I don't think so. I think for anything trademarked it's illegal if you don't have permission. But I failed out of law school. Well, not really but if I did go i am sure I would have lasted about a day.
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    Is this yours? HOLLY ROOF SYSTEM!!!!!!! I see why you wanna give them a gift.
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    @natbea09 Welcome to the forums bro! No worries asking questions, that is what the forum is all about and we all start somewhere. When I was first getting into woodworking and building and repairing my first home I found this site after watching Erics demo of the Makita LXT211 kit. I learned a lot, asked a lot, and now when I retire in a little over a year fro, the New Hampshire State Police, I will more likely than not get into building and custom cabinetry. Quite the start just watching a few videos and asking some basic questions. I have the DCD997 and the 887. Generally speaking I use the impact for driving lags and what not, that 887 is huge powerhouse and would easily pound that speedbore but it also is impacting the boring tool and could damage the Irwin as well as cause some serious chip out to your project piece. The 779 will have plenty of torque to eat through the wood and give you a cleaner blowout on the back side. Plus give you more control. What is your opinion of the tools? I am a huge fan of Dewalt and have several of the tools as well as some of the flexvolts. Anyways, continue to ask away, don't worry about your experience. We have pros on this site as well as hacks such as myself. This is a great place to learn from pros and guys and gals who have figured out what's right and wrong when it comes to power and hand tools. Chris.
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    I perfer impact when drilling, no binding feedback or clutch/torque out, it just goes without killing yourself.
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    S2 is harder but that makes it more likely to shatter. Honestly, with 1/4 bits that aren't being using in an impact driver, I don't think it matters all that much. The Tekton set is nice but the case is rather large to be in a bag and the drivers kinda suck. The Anytime looks like a HF screwdriver. So it might be the same bits in their 100 bit set...they're (Harbor Freight) actually plenty good BUT the hex bits are not the right size, the security hex is the right size. The Temo looks like a really nice set, those look like they're well made. I'd take the Temo over Tekton but the Tekton has precision micro bits too and is cheaper. The nylon pry tool in the Tekton set is useless, you'd want to replace that...I don't know how they messed that up, last time I bought a pack of 10 of those for a couple bucks shipped from China.
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    @BMack37 Concur. My 6 bay rapid charger is hanging on the wall in my garage... which works better for me as it won't take up space on my measly work bench. Also, completely agree on the M12 lineup. Used pretty much every tool I owned on a house I flipped last spring... with the majority of them being M12. Impact, drill, hammer drill, hackzall, rotary tool, light, speaker, etc.. So light and handy to use.
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    The name is copyright and you have to have permission from them. However, since you aren't selling them and just you and your crew are wearing, well I think you know where I am going with this.
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    I would think they will get coming out with something for sure. With all of this silica stuff, I am sure they are going to have all sorts of dust extraction stuff, so in theory a cordless vac would also be with that too... in my opinion.
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    Would be great to have a powerful vacuum. Hopefully, we find out next month at the Dewalt event.
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    I know we have been talking via pm, so it's a little over due to say thanks for being part of the crew. Great to have you here.
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    I read that it was to be released in August, so maybe just a few days to go...
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    Milwaukee did have a table saw ions ago. I saw this on Craigslist recently.