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    Early Birthday present ... A little lighter hanging on the tool belt than an Estwing.
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    All due to be released in Europe in September/oktober. Wednesday next week I get to play with them
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    I can't actually afford a wallet!
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    I have this dewalt it's a beast been very happy with it Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    DEWALT-DCC2560T1 DEWALT-DWST08810 DEWALT-D24000 DEWALT-DWST08212 Man, these ACME 15% off sales are gonna break my wallet...
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    Perhaps, but there's always the contingent of people that want freedom above all else and bristle at anyone (especially the government) telling them that they can't do something. Whether it's riding a motorcycle without a helmet, building whatever you want to where ever you feel like building it or screwing a circular saw underneath a board and calling it a table saw, there's someone who wants to do it. Sometimes these people get away with it for a long time and then think that there are no consequences, but other times they end up with massive TBI from hitting their head on a curb, missing fingers from their "invention" or entire cities that are under 4 ft. of water because they paved over all of the prairies and wetlands that would absorb excessive rain. I'm not going to pass judgement on whether we should or shouldn't have mandated active protection tech on table saws, but there are lots of people opposed to it on a fundamental and personal level and just as many that are in favor of it because the rest of society eventually pays the price for some people's "freedom."
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    Looks pretty sick I'm excited for the 7 , 9 inch grinder
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    White oak is traditionally a very hard wood to plane. Couple that with a tool that is meant to trim doors and the like and you are going to chop that oak up big time. You can try taking the smallest amount possible and using overlapping angles of attack but maybe go to Woodcraft and by a hand plane. The No 4-1/2 is a great finishe plane but Stanley makes a phenomenal low angle jack plane for about 140ish bucks tht will allow you to get a smooth finish. For rough stock go with a larger plane and use the 4-1/2 for finish or go with the low angle jack for it all.
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    Some lights and updates to their gll 3-80 lasers
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    Not much to report today. Bought a bunch of metric bolts and nuts to fill out my stock. I've got enough SAE to assemble a battleship, but had very little metric. Most of that was leftover stuff from various things I've assembled for the kids. Spent around $80 and will have a decent supply of various lengths and pitches in 4,5,6,7,8,10, and 12mm. When you live where I do, a trip to the store for a bolt is a real pain in the ass, so I try to keep a decent selection on hand.
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    I'm going to have to copy your dust setup then!
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    Looks identical to the rikon sander I have Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Ryobi had a few weird gas powered tools back in the day they also had a gas powered SDS. I knew that existed no idea about the recip saw though!!
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    I'm really excited for this as I believe Hitachi's as good an overall power tool manufacturer as anyone when you include their pneumatic tools and miter/table saws into their cordless mix (the Triple Hammer is the best cordless tool out there IMHO). This is like a hybrid of Makita's X2 and DeWalt's FlexVolt and will hopefully result in some fantastic new stuff from Team Green!
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    You cried when the Death Star blew up didn't you? You're missing the real issue. I don't think the patent protection issue is why everyone hates the guy. If I recall correctly (and I do), where he lost most of us was when he started lobbying to force us to buy his saw and take everyone else out of the game unless they paid him for his use of his technology, wanted or not. Estimates when he was trying to pull his shit in California were that the price of a contractor style saw could double. The Reaxx lawsuit just reaffirmed to all of us that the guy was a dick, but most of us disliked the bastard long before that. Oh I'm sure it'd be great for him if I had no choice but to buy a saw with his technology in it, that when triggered requires a replacement cartridge that I can only get from him, and blades that I can only purchase from him, etc, but as a consumer, that's not my concern. I don't need his technology and I'd rather cut off my finger than give that bastard a nickel. When his efforts at world domination failed, he ended up creating a good quality saw and establishing his brand through marketing and product necessity. If he'd have done that to start with we wouldn't be having this conversation.
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    Yes I had heard that was coming out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Is number 4 a planer in 12v?
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    I do buy their clamps along with few other items already mentioned.
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    From those 2 I'd pick DeWalt for the 'big' tools powered by flexvolt.
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    Finally got the router I wanted, I've been looking at the DW618 and was planning on getting the plunge base later but found this gem in a pawn shop. Even came with a nearly new Freud bit! It looks like they used it for one cut and sold it. I think the only things missing are the case and instructions, don't need either!
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    Rotate it 90 degrees in the correct direction and the sparks will fly out the bottom, rotate in the wrong direction and they are coming out the top. Either way some will make it back toward the operator, however out the top will be more noticeable and more annoying at the same time.