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    Got the Dewalt tool chest already.,.needed a work station,,,almost went with Red, almost....this husky 60" is real nice ...adjustable peg board..soft close drawers,.huge top drawer 60x24...cabinet fits my Honda generator...need more tools to fill it..! 750$ on sale at HD 598$ ..Then... 150$ off that price for couple dings in the back, that the fork lift driver put in it when loading it in my truck..lol...560lbs not light... really wanted the new Dewalt work station (not available yet) but couldn't pass this up, looked at it for 3 weeks.....
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    Trailer is bolted down to the concrete slab under the house. Storm surge might flood it but it's not going without a fight.
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    Green is a great brand for tools no one else really made to just being an affordable 3rd/4th or 5th brand to own.
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    Excellent choices, between those 2 kits DeWalt has the advantages of better (more powerful) tools, BUT the red red kit has a high capacity battery.... Winner: Dewalt.
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    This, sits in the van all year, barely ever gets get used. But its makes life a lot easier when you need it.
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    The other day I bought these on clearance for like $60 total: Tuesday I bought my 2nd and 3rd of these pouches, I bought the first at $13 but these were a much better deal
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    There are pluses and minuses to any brand you go with but any of the three should be more than sufficient for diy. Ryobi has been around for long time and have a huge selection of tools. Kobalt 24v has good reviews and batteries are super cheap but it seems like they keep changing battery platforms (18v, 20v, now 24v). As far as impact wrenches ryobi has mid sized with 300ft/lbs of torque. Kobalt has compact with 200ft/lbs and a high torque that has 650ft/lbs. I personally would pass on porter cable as their only impact wrench is big and heavy but only has 330ft/lbs of torque.
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    Grainger is terrible with their prices. Im not sure how they are still in business.
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    router should be USA bound in 2018. hoping the planer is too.
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    I'd been wanting to take advantage of a 9.0 starter pack and a tool for $250 but really just didn't need any of the tools offered. Then when I was looking at the fuel metal circular saw I stumbled across a company bundling it with the 9.0 starter. Dont mind if i do take a 9.0 and fast charger for an extra $50.
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    Technically outer space! 6213D ... Obviously I looked that one up haha .. One pic I remember here was a tool box with foam inserts and a robowrench??? if I'm not mistaken Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
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    @BMack37 it works great on Amazon. Saved around $80 total on 2 items then various amounts under $10 on some other items. Even takes into account prime which may or may not be the cheapest option. I'll have to check that out.
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    We added a new discussion for "Recalls". If you find anything to do with recalls, please post it for everyone to see.
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    Sounds good. I went ahead and added recalls. Right now we don't have a post min but will probably add one if it gets goofy. I also reordered the forum. Hopefully, it doesn't mess anyone up. I just put the tools towards the top because that is where a majority of people go. Thanks for the ideas and feedback.
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    This puppy showed up today, courtesy of Stuart from over at ToolGuyd, via ACME tools. A month or so ago, Stuart had a spot contest on his site for a Veto pack of the winners choice, and I feel quite lucky to have won this one. Awesome tool pack... Thanks again Stuart!!
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    My new Bosch 36 Volt combi, brushed and bloody good. Comfy to hold and use, plenty of power, surprisingly quiet, superb anti-kickback, well impressed so far. Will try the hammer action tomorrow. https://imgur.com/gallery/WP4vI Bosch 36 Volt combi. https://imgur.com/gallery/WP4vI
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    Verify that the piston driver is going all the way back up after firing. Could be weak return springs. I think they are easily replaced.
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    Also don't be afraid of buying into two or even three(12v, 18v/20v, OPE) battery lines. OPE mostly has a different battery platform for anything good; Dewalt Flexvolt or 40V, Milwaukee HD 9.0, Ryobi 40v, Kobalt 80v...so it makes it pretty easy to go to EGO or whatever. There's a benefit with Flexvolt and Milwaukee HD 9.0 is that it's backwards compatible and you can use the chargers on the 20v/18v batteries. Makita has X2 for OPE which is nice as it uses the same batteries.
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    Sweet !!!! Congrats
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    Hdcarpentry from Instagram really seems to love it also. It rivals the Festool he said but alot more bang for buck
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    I just got the tracksaw it is amazing I think it's the most powerful cordless tracksaw on the market if you are on the fence don't be it's worth every penny!!
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    My New Collection Pictures 😎
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    It's NPR, dude. They don't really like capitalism or the free market. Someone might not think the correct socialist thoughts.
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    Different kind of tool, but compared to thinking I always had to wear boots, these put a smile on my face every day Safety toes, kevlar soles, slip and oil resistance, so comfy and light ,,
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    When Makita stops selling 50 zillion impact drivers When DeWALT makes up its mind on what battery platform to use. When Festool sells something for less than an arm and a leg.
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    Chain saws and the 4stroke and 36v Combi motor with different attachments Brush cutters, string trimmers, pressure washers and leaf blowers Display with all battery powered garden equipment. The empty spot on the right holds the cordless lawnmower but it's sold out for the moment Lawn mowers and... no idea what it is called in English. Those things that remove the moss from your garden and gives the grass 'air' ? Yet again: If anyone wants a close up / little vid on one of these tools. Give me a shout !