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    I was just in Spring Hill on Tuesday, that's where I found one of those penny pouches. They had a lot of stuff at that time but it was still busier than usual, especially during the middle of the day. It's about an hour and a few minutes North of Tampa. Keep in mind that most people in Florida are used to our Summer storms and the hurricanes/tropical storms/tropical depressions...so we buy lights and generally have some canned goods from the last storm prep. I have a LOT of lights, I just posted the Milwaukee lights but I have emergency lights and a ton of flash lights. I purchased the Milwaukee fan partly because it would be nice when working outside but mostly because of storms. Most people don't realize in Florida, we get several non-named day-storms a Summer that have 5+ inches of rain and gusts over 80mph...that's just normal. On those days, I still go to work, school is still in session...three hours without power is not unlikely. Non-named storm last year we had catfish swimming on sidewalks. We're pretty much all prepared more than people seem to think, it just comes with living here. Now 80+mph gusts are not sustained winds and sadly we're going to be on the bad side of the storm (Tornados) but don't worry too much, our homes are built stronger and our roofs are tied down...they check the tie-downs once every 5 years or so with professional inspections. It's not going to be fun but outside of the coastal places, it shouldn't be too bad. I like being home during storms because I can help neighbors or help my home if something starts to break. If I leave then I'm still going to have to clean up the mess and I lose the opportunity to move valuables if a room is breached.
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    Trick question it doesn't have one? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I went into HD twice this week and everyone was buying up all the Ryobi and Ridgid drills and impact drivers along with their plywood. They also bought all the fans, I did want to get a second Milwaukee fan. All I needed was some plywood to prepare the house but I didn't board up, even though it's projected to hit Tampa directly, I don't think it was necessary. Honestly, the only reason I went to HD was to look for some penny deals and the Milwaukee fan.
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    Here's my solution to organizing the accessories: Since I don't have a second battery, I made a custom fitted Fimo clay block for that space to hold the accessories. Crude but functional.
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    Thanks was going to quit and go run remodels again, but they offered to match the wage of the new job so instead of a $2 an hour raise I told them $6 and they said yes Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    I don't see what that has to do with anything. I've been on this forum contributing and expressing my opinions long before I started getting sent free tools. BTW, I may not have to buy them, but are they actually free when you have to put 6 hours into a review for them? I take a day off each week from my normal job to review tools, and often make less money on the tool day. One of the main reasons I review tool (apart from a love of them) is because I enjoy helping people understand them, and make informed choices (or just decide on a favorite). So yes, I will always be for forcing manufacturers to advertise their products accurately and in line with the rest of the industry. When you buy 5 quarts of oil (or Litres here), you expect 5 quarts don't you? I know I do. I'd be pissed if Castrol and Mobil decided to start selling 4.2 quarts of oil as 5 quarts...
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    This made me laugh more than it should have! Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Hello! Im a new guy on this forum, been lurking and just reading for a while though. Im about to hit 30 next year, and Ive been working in construction/renovation for about two years now. This year i made a deal with my employer that Id start providing my own tools (he compensates for that), which sparked my interest into tools really. Because Im kinda new to the trade and I dont have any formal education for it, im mostly doing demolition and other simple things, like putting up drywall. Im going to widen my tool collection as I get to learn to do new things, and need them. As they say (atleast in here) the only thing that cant be teached at the job site, is motivation.
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    While I don't have the technical knowledge of @Stercorarius I can say I'm a Dewalt guy ,yes, but I use both brands at work. Also Milwaukee....In real world use ,the flex circ will outperform the rear handle Makita or FUEL......I only care about actual daily abuse/use of tools...I see the Makita batteries draining much much faster then Dewalt on a comparable tool, ....I see my Dewalt cordless tools working hard and lasting years... . ...I'm there to make money,not baby a tool...sometimes these test people do show one tool .seconds better, that's not any advantage......an efficient,powerful brushless motor in a durable frame is all I ask...I want the framing done as fast as possible......in my opinion the Flexvolt line of tools is ..Unmatched ...I think it's bad ass when a 60v tool at 3ah does more cuts then a 18v tool at 9ah....and much easier and faster......it's not Hype...cutting stair stringers rafters and ripping lvl stock is extremely difficult for an 18v tool...they never show those cuts on you tube just a dry lumber,cross cut.... . ...I will say the rear handle Makita is close, of course it won't be close at all to the rear handle 60v flex.................and the new Milwaukee 18v impact wrench is in a class it's own....1000ft pounds on,1400 ft pounds off...insane !!
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    To stay cool man.... stay cool !! 😎😎😎😎😎
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    Sorry I was just trying to demonstrate that you can't really use one principal to judge a whole tool let me edit that a little for you. Or make them more efficient. You really like ohm's law like everything uses energy in equal efficiency, or that it's the only judge of how well a tool performs. Yes ohm's law accurately conveys potential energy of a battery but don't go whipping it around like that's the criteria for testing tools. If you truly believe that then I'll trade you a brushed cordless grinder with a 9ah for your brushless grinder with a 5ah. Hey Power (Watt)=voltage*amps and it has the same voltage and more amps. Obviously it's a better tool, right? If you make your tool stronger/faster/more powerfull you'll use up more energy. Really you want to stand by that? If you make a tool stronger/faster/more powerful you'll put out more energy. Does that often mean you use more, yes, but not always. I'm not saying that I have a design for a system that defies the law of conservation at all. I'm saying energy stored in any form can be put into use more efficiently and get more useable energy while draining less of the stored energy. Why would you get offered rebates for converting to led lighting? Sorry not about cordless tools don't want to confuse you. Let's say instead you have two cordless lights one draws x amps at 10.8v nominal and uses an incandescent bulb, the other draws the same x amps at the same 10.8v nominal and uses an LED light. Are you going to tell me those lights are both just as powerful? Let's talk impact drivers. You are then saying that because a brushed DeWalt impact driver draws more amps at 18v it is more powerful than your td170 because it draws less amps at 18v? You said more amps or voltage or both is the only way to make something, "stronger/faster/more powerfull" Your td170 doesn't draw more than brushed impact drivers at 18v then if your statement is correct you have an impact driver that is inferior to a brushed DeWalt impact. Even not all brushless motors are created equal. Why would Makita release so many impact drivers so frequently if they weren't improving the motors? Makita, DeWalt, Bosch, Milwaukee have until recently been using 18650 cells that discharge the same 18v at amperage rates that haven't had any huge increase. So has the power and runtime of tools also not increased? I'm fairly certain it has. You can very much have an increase in power and runtime while decreasing draw. Don't worry I'm sure you would be a perfect fit for the Milwaukee marketing department if they're ever hiring.
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    @Stercorarius We're not talking about trucks and we're not talking about corded tools. Keep the discussion and comparisons between cordless tools and then 4/5th of your post was unnecessary It's a very simple statement: batteries have a limited amount of energy. And every cordless tool is a balance act between power and runtime. If you make your tool stronger/faster/more powerfull you'll use up more energy. That's all that statement said in the case of cordless tools like what we're discussing on the forum.
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    Home Owners Warehouse. They were located in the southeast US and liquidated in the early eighties. They used big bright yellow banners and they were originally competition for Home Depot in the Jacksonville area and had a mascot named Mr. How, but when the owner passed away the family decided they did not wish to continue running the business, and sold everything off. I bought my first cordless Makita 7.2v tool from them.
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    Powr-kraft hand tools are also Montgomery Ward, not very uncommon to see those. I think they branded some power tools in the 80s or 90s.
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    Well I sent an email to DeWALT support telling them the situation. Hopefully they reply back soon.
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    I've got my dad's old welder and air compressor, both with Wards branding. Sad that some people probably find such items at yard sales and think they were a tool or appliance company.
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    Tried getting a BOGO Ridgid 4.0Ah pack as part of the promo (buy 2 bare tools or batteries, get starter kit free), but no dice. While on the subject, though, the local Home Depot has another Rocket light promo that qualifies for the current Milwaukee light promo. The older promo includes a 5.0Ah battery and charger in the box, while the current promo throws in a separate 5.0Ah battery. The old one was great, the current one pretty decent, but getting both with one purchase is outstanding! So, I contemplated leaving the Ridgid stuff behind, but decided to fill some gaps in my cordless tool collection instead. With the storm headed this way, I really wanted a couple more batteries for my fans, so I decided to pick up the random orbit sander and router to qualify for the free starter kit, while also picking up the last BOGO 4.0Ah pack. With the storm coming, I'm fairly prepared for a few days without power (worst case scenario). Battery situation is now as follows: Rocket light: 33Ah of batteries (2x 9.0Ah, 3x 5.0Ah) Ridgid fans: 20Ah of batteries (4x 4.0Ah, 2x 2.0Ah) DeWalt radio, USB charger, Bluetooth speaker, and various lights: 46+Ah (7x 2Ah, 4x 4Ah [one more is at work with the spotlight], 2x 5Ah, and 1x 6Ah, plus eight or more 12v 1.3 and 1.5Ah batteries) Filled two 5 gallon bottles for the water cooler yesterday, and about to bring in the patio furniture in a bit.
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    hahaah yes indeed it does! It's so cool when you see it in action, very ingenious design, gives very good control driving a screw in a little deeper if you need it
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    My grandfather worked for Montgomery wards paint division, which got sold to ace which is now Valspar. My parents have a chest freezer from wards that's about 30 years old and still going Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ends up my brother lives in Spring Hill Brian. He was pretty laid back about the storm too, though he didn't jam over to HD 😕
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    Classic !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Efficiency in this case is on Dewalts side,,,first I am a fan ,heavily invested , but have all brands...I'm dropping a "g" on Bosch 12v line up, my friend has them and Damn they're small and powerful and unbelievabe quality(the new 12v planer and router sold me on them) and the Makita rear handle is Not as powerful as the reg ...flex circ saw,. Check out you tube,,,,also runtime is great but if the tool won't do the task at hand who cares how long it runs.......check out Dewalts ads,,,you will see the same claim your spouting from Milwaukee. But proven wrong, the flex 9/3ah on the 60/54 v tool ,out cuts all competitors...a powerful efficient motor takes less ,energy, to make the same cut as a inferior motor burning up the "gas" to make the same cut... . ....I run two crews, one uses Makita everything, corded and cordless if Makita makes it ,they have it,. We use all Dewalt, I see it everyday,. ,,had the same debate with Bremon...Makita came in third ..in many tests......it's a great brand, great tools, I think the batteries suck,but do charge fast.......I'm not bashing Makita, it's great if your in, you can't go wrong with that company... . ...I like the direction Dewalt is taking as far as power, wish they had more 60v/120v tools,,but I'm sure they'll come...I love all Dewalt batteries, they last forever and take a beating,even the "XRP" are great..... . .....Makita makes all other companies bring their "A" game , they are very innovative...and First on many tools...I liking them to Dodge...dodge changed the truck world with their new hood and high wheel wells...,the minivan...muscle cars...a very innovative company, but not the best of the big three......I'd say your a ...fanboy of Makita ?
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    A little past due. Less than a year old. New ones were $100 off and trying to get them warrantied isn't worth my time.
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    Yeah. BWP150. Mac has had a bunch of different impact wrenches and ratchets that run off DeWalt 20v batteries and some on 12v DeWalt batteries. Just red DeWalt tools. I have Mac boots on my impact and batteries because DeWalt doesn't make them. Who knows if more tools will migrate over as I wouldn't think they would want to compete with their own automotive line. Then again it does send a lot of people away from DeWalt to their competitors. So yeah if you really want a "full" line of 20v and 12v ratchets and impacts to work with your DeWalt platform you've been able to buy them through Mac for a while. Almost bought the 12v ratchet a while ago but cordless ratchets aren't really my cup of tea lately.
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    Just got a $6 an hour raise so I thought I would treat myself Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Picked this up the other day at HD, couldn't pass it up for that price! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I hope everyone gets through this without injury! Scary stuff. Stay safe! Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    I was just thinking about how much better prepared serious tool owners are than average people. The area I live in will likely be hit but probably not as hard as further south. Still, I have cordless fans to create some air flow, and a slew of lights and phone charging options. Left the USB charger at work, but I have 2 Bluetooth speakers and 3 ToughSystem radios to keep the phone charged. Anyway, I'm about to head out to refill my two 5-gallon water bottles, and may pick up a couple more Ridgid batteries for the fans. Depending on reports I may acquire a box or two of MREs this weekend as well. Like I said, it shouldn't be too bad here on the Georgia/Alabama border, but you never know... Here's to hoping that Irma is much ado about nothing.
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    Good luck guys! We will be thinking of you.
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    Automatic welding helmet. An unknown Chinese helmet from eBay. I bought it because of the cheap price ($120 AUD) and large viewing area. It's supposed to have a "true colour" lens but I wouldn't be able to tell having never used many helmets. Much better than my flip down helmet!
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    I took that full page ad and made it better !! Added Makita X2. Whipping both flexvolt and milwaukee !!
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    It's. Here. Finally !!!! Man I wanted a compact 20v chain saw from Dewalt.......
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    I know we have some people on various social media properties doing tool reviews and giveaways. This is from the FTC as a guideline to keep you clean from possible legal or just ethical issues. https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/ftcs-endorsement-guides-what-people-are-asking
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    My new ride against the radiant Northwest sun. Toolboxes are a week or two out.
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    Better then what could have came up lol.. it could have went a couple different ways on that Google search