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    Came in today at work The new 9 inch cordless grinder by Makita. First impression was better then I Expected ! Much better balanced then a corded grinder. It's a very strong tool. Really had to lean on it with my whole weight to get it to stall. In any normal use this thing will not bog down.
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    The differences between most high end tools are so small that most of the time you'll hardly even notice it in real life they're all good tools !
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    I think there is a little bit of nuance to the whole runtime v power discussion too. - Total Wh matters a lot - The number of cells and the output capacity (amps) of those cells is VERY important - All cells will drain with less efficiency as they reach their upper-band temperatures - some motors are inherently more efficient than others - the size of the motor matters. a larger drill will have better efficiency for bigger tasks than a small drill. a small drill will have better efficiency for smaller holes. - voltage is a factor. higher voltage means thinner cables, but thicker insulation (for instance). I'm not sure how much a factor voltage is, but it is A factor. - the electronics and controls that limit the cells and tool play a large factor too My point being that it is difficult to know just from specs. Real world test across a variety of applications (e.g. 2x4 pine cuts, 2x10 sleepers and then ripping LVLs) is the only real way to know. Every manufacturer is going to choose the test that suits their tool best.
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    Purchased my first and second ever festool tools lastnight. Should receive by the end of the week
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    We had a Home Quarters. Pretty cool store back in the 90s. I remember a buddy working police details for them in '99 when they were going out of business and selling everything really cheap.
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    We had the Builders Square Home quarters around here for a minute. Actually a former Home Quarters is a Costco now. We also had Forest City re named Handy Andy at one point also. The one thing that blows my mind is Home Depot ran 24 hour stores for a minute and I remember when all the power tools were in a tool corral at the store.
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    super semi conductors .....just throwing that out there.....
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    Considering your degree, I would assume your working knowledge is greater than mine, but ignoring losses due to heat seems like it wrecks the analysis. Energy loss due to heat is energy that isn't doing work, and higher amperage is what causes that heat loss. So with higher voltage, you can use less amperage, which means less energy loss due to heat, which means more of that energy is going towards doing work. To me, it's not about a bigger tank, it's about not having a fuel leak. All that is to say that higher voltage tools can push themselves harder without hemorrhaging power. But again, I defer to your expertise.
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    By the way, oztooltalk is going to be doing a premium SDS comparison shortly. 18x2, 36v and 54v units. sds-plus and sds-max. should be good.
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    I've tested them against each other in a small way (triple hammer and DCD887 putting bugel screws into pine) and found them to go toe-to-toe. sometimes Dewalt won, Hitachi won probably a little more often. It wasn't super scientific (or like our proper comparisons).
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    Listen I have a degree in electrical engineering. I think I know what is power is and I know what the scientific meaning of work is. If your battery has 200 Wh of energy into it, you are going to produce 200 Wh of work out no matter what the voltage, if we are neglecting what you are loosing in term of heat. It doesn't matter what voltage your tool is. Your battery will always have the same amount of energy inside of it. You can't create new energy out of thin air just by switching the voltage. If you are drilling the same hole with a 20V or a 60V drill, you are going to need the same amount of energy (again if we are neglecting heat losses which could be higher given a more powerful tool). The voltage has nothing to do with the energy required. One tool will complete the job faster than the other but your batteries will have lost the same amount of energy at the end of the job. It's basic thermodynamics.
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    To stay cool man.... stay cool !! 😎😎😎😎😎
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    What's funny is that I got into arguments about being able to do this. Everyone said it was for NiCad only, then a couple guys on youtube do it and now everyone agrees it will work.
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    Makita Australia has a recall notice up for three different petrol brush cutters due to possible fuel leakage issues. (EM2600L / EM2600U / ER2600L) Details: https://www.makita.com.au/recall
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    And I also made a drill hanging charging station
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    Well I have been working on getting the shop more workable and ready for more tools so I moved everything around.. I added a new outfeed table on saw and attached router table on the saw, and using the base of the router table as a planer station for now. Soo here it is
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    No high capacity battery on the Dewalt will suck if you ever want to add a cutting tool like a circular saw or recep saw.
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    Where can I get them from