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    40v mower, 17 in 40v trimmer, and 2x20v mower @Hugh Jass the van rack is in stock at CPO if you want it. Both the tall and short versions. Around $189.99 for the short rack and $249.99 for the tall rack.Says it ships monday
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    I got money burning a hole in my pocket. Is that new tstak radio out yet? Any other new tools coming out? Cordless miter?
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    I like speed one for cabinet knob screws but the delay is too long I agree
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    Yes I know it’s deliberate but it’s also shit ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lol You know it's deliberate, right?
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    You may want to look up ContractorTalk. I access it from Tapatalk. More recently self employed, I have learned a ton about pricing, contracts, and the trade from CT. Invaluable resource. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good for you. Nobody else will do it for you. What trade are you in? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    With impact drivers at least I think we’re at a point where most users can be completely unworried about these things. I got a brushed XDT-11, Makita’s bare-bones brushed model, and upgraded to the ZDT-12, their brushless 4-speed uberdriver. The specs on the 12 are insanely high in the “comparisotest”, “sausage slapability” metrics but I don’t expect to come across any practical situation where that ends up being the critical difference for getting the job done. What I actually bought it for was the extra control conferred by having all those speeds. Basically the bare-bones, nowhere-near-as-powerful brushed model was still too hard to modulate with the trigger alone and the thing would brutalize smaller screws I would need to work on with more precision. I put this uberpowerful model in either of the lower two speeds and I can modulate everything I need to do with ease. That to me is worth far more than 160lbft vs 145 or whatever.
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    Do not hold your breath for all the 60v x2. Like vacuum, table saw, etc
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    Just looking to make it look pretty to sell the place. Of course, with what I spent on sandpaper and deck stain, a new deck surface might have been a better idea. Particularly if I put any value on my time. LOL
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    Bosch ps22 12V brushless hex driver (already had the Makita).
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    Yeah the Domino and the Duo are two different machines. As is the Lamello. As far as the Powa thing? Yeah, the double thick blades and the full length locking mechanism are certainly something I am looking at. I want to use it on some really thick stock. The Carvex is phenomenal, I like it a lot but I am definitely looking for something that can make the really thick and dense wood cuts. Carvex goes like butter through Maple and Hickory but I’m talking about 8/4 and better stock.
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    Picked this up for a few euros at a bargain bin, most likely old Christmas stock. Iv been using Irwin bits for a few months now and while there not the best it does the job for now.
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    Officially embraced yet another battery platform, courtesy of our friendly neighborhood Festool junkie.
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    Scored myself the dewalt 20v framing nailer today got it for $150 funny thing is I own 25 20v tools and this is my only hard case lol Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    I very much doubt the tripple hammer is "best in class". There's just not enough evidence out there, only hype. One thing that shows, is that the Makita consistently finishes in the top 2, if not first place. Here's the link to the ToolBoxBuzz comparison which Hitachi declined to enter (as mentioned by @kornomaniac already). http://www.toolboxbuzz.com/cordless-tools/impact-driver/impact-driver-head-to-head/ Hitachi needs to earn best in class, not just claim it I want to see Makita TD170 VS Hitachi Triple Hammer, then we can settle it.
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    Marketing wank is marketing wank. Calling something 20v when it is 18v like everyone else = marketing wank. Triple hammer, octo hammer or deca hammer, it doesn't matter. It produces torque. Don't be fooled by marketing gimmicks or made up terms, otherwise you will wind up with Bluetooth hacksaws and 18v chalk lines. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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