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    It's a tool right, right?.....
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    Agree, I’m really close to getting a cordless makita but keep holding out thinking DeWalt may release a more powerful one soon.
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    I was going to make a stand to go over a center channel speaker and put the TV on top of it but due to a complete mind fart screwed up the numbers and it was so far off I turned it into something that will now hold my printer in the bedroom. I put a couple of drawers for storage of paper and whatever. You are only as good as you mistakes someone once said.
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    Wiha has a good sale. Got pliers wrench and auto grip pliers for 44.99usd together and the combo pliers 17.99.
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    Dewalt needs to step up their vacuum game. Cordless vacuums are probably my favorite cordless tools because they are used on the job, at home, camping ect..Dewalts cordless vacuum is outdated, loud, and doesn't have much suction. I thought it was good years ago but not anymore by todays standards.
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    Cutting boards are done as is a corner shelf for our bedroom. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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