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    My name is Brad, I'm a diesel tech from North west Chicago, and just got into the ryobi one + system. So far I'm loving it. Ive been posting a few things here and there on my instagram @Jeepxj98 feel free to follow me to keep up to date on my thoughts and opinions on the ryobi one+ tools.
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    $39 for a 50' parallel clamp is a pretty amazing deal. I think Jet's go for almost $70. I might have to give these a try to see if I like the new design better than the old one.
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    Thanks guys! You guys make me laugh on YouTube great content with a bit of smart@ss comedy 👍
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    Figures. We did an update to the forum. I just wish one of the largest forum software suppliers and one of the largest mobile forum software companies could talk a little more or get their stuff straight. I will put in a request and see what they say. Thanks for letting me know.
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    Welcome to the forum and the crew
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    Welcome to the forums!
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