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    I've found the Makita to be far superior to the FlexVolt; it's also better than the festool cordless IMO; but the corded model is hard to beat.
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    Post of the century right here. It's funny 'cause it's true.
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    All without leaving your kitchen.
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    I’m sure when it’s paired with the 3.0ah or 4.0ah it will be great! The plunging motion will just be something to adapt to! Finding the right blade will also be pretty critical to its performance as well I’d guess (I’ve read the standard blade isn’t all that great).
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    5000 LUMENS 20V MAX AREA LIGHT $279 this looks like the CANADIAN Dollar price
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    @Roasty I don't know if festoolproducts.com ships to where you live but they have a deal where you can buy a basic kit TSC55 cordless tracksaw for $440 and you get 4 free 5.2 ah batteries. Might be worth looking into.
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    Good spot. Looks ideal for emergency purposes.
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    The Milwaukee shills are the easiest to identify. They're the ones who cite the PowerState Brushless Motor (tm), Red Lithium Batteries (tm) and Red Link Plus (tm) technology. There's one in particular who fits this criteria to a T and his show rhymes with Snarky. Oh yeah...this saw looks sweet, too.
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    Can't wait for him to cut two or three pieces of wood and tell us how amazing it is.
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    Unlikely The subcompact is designed to be small and light for short usage. Some might buy it for the benefit of it being smaller and lighter but if they want longevity they should go with the saws dedicated to trade work. That's if you can put up with the first degree burns it offers. Bet it'll be great in winter.
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    Why would it loose the metal Chuck ? Makita's high end have always had a metal Chuck.
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    It looks like it has the same size as DHS680. How is that sub-compact?
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