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    Next quickly cabinet coming up.... the carcass will utilize the LR32 system and probably the Kreg system. No fancy joinery again. I’m using the left over piece of warped CDX. No idea what the door will be but the picture is showing where it’s going. I have the CDX cut down to size, I think....again....no plans, we will see where this goes. On another note, on my multi use cabinet I believe the opening on the right will be for router bits...maybe.
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    Well work as usual has been slow going but in an effort to get rid of some scrap ply and pine I made a plan less shop cabinet that continued to morph as it went. This is old CDX ply, warped all to heck. No trick joinery...glue, screws and nails. It morphed as I went along but it came out okay for being a cheap shop cabinet with no ideas. Also FINALLY got my compressor reel up...
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    I picked up four of these from a guy on OfferUp today. They are the real deal. My planer runs at a noticeably higher pitch than either 4.0 or 5.0 batteries make. I expect the 20v mitre will perform similarly. Lower impedance for the win!
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    1000 mile move, new world. Old guys take everything with them! Same size shop, new state, seems I have less room. Must've picked something up during one of the 6 , 2000 mile round trips last summer. Man, what a move. Little pressure washing and a chain saw, looks better. Ran a lot if conduit, air lines, paint, clean, seal, ... and, ran out of money till I can save up for full led lighting.
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