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    Scored a couple $.01 brushless blower kits [emoji16] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Went to Home Depot with plans to buy the M12 1/4" ratchet with free 2.0 battery. That doesn't qualify for the promo (3/8" and Fuel 3/8" and 1/2" do, however), so I ended up with the Packout combo I never planned to buy. Also added the low profile organizer. Here are a few pics next to the ToughSystem and Ridgid combos with organizers, to include the layout of each organizer: Note the height of the Packout handle compared to the other two, allowing for an extra box if needed; overall not too bad, but we'll see if it's worth twice the holiday price of the other two.
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    For those looking at the free 12AH battery with the new saws (chain, table, circular, super -zall), the Acme veterans day 11% discount DOES stack. Most other promos I've seen have specifically excluded these deals, but there's a good chance for a double deal.
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    Ordered the new Tough System cooler on sale at Acme for $119.99. I also ordered the new 20v max inflator and preordered 2 of the new Tough System drawer units (supposed to start shipping nov 30).
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    +1 for Oz Tool Talk. Great guys and great videos. I'm hoping they get a hold of some Multivolt tools soon.
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