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    Grabbed the 2 pack 4ah batteries from Ridgid. I needed a couple more batteries.
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    Damn! I have only cut wood materials on mine and ~70% with a dust extractor hooked up. The bevel works fine for me tho.Thanks for your input Jake [emoji106] Skickat från min LG-H815 via Tapatalk
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    Few good stuff today. My "blemished" veritas router plane. Found a very small casting defect in the cast iron. I'll take the defect for the discount. My low angle smoother will be here later this week. Amana 80th table saw blade. Never used Amana before from tools today com. Seems nice. Doesnt say where it is made though. Lee valley portable light. Bought this to use at the band saw and drill press. Runs on 3 AA batteries. Super bright. Also got a Makita 28th ripping blade for my track saw. No pics though. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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