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    Cool, thanks for the feedback. They are always fun doing and hopefully we can get them started up right away.
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    who can tell me what this is?
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    I seen that Toolsbydesign had a post in his stories that showed a picture of what look to me like a new Festool OMT. This tool is clearly cordless but whether it uses the standard 18v packs or the ergo packs is hard to tell. The front almost reminded me of the Fein Supercut especially with the new release lever. The blades reminded me of Starlock with the raised part and I am leaning towards it being Starlock but with the picture quality as low as it is I am not 100% sure. All my speculations are coming from this one picture. I don't even know if it is real or not. I hope it is because it might mean more companies are on board with Starlock.
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    I've personally bought a box designed for that tool, even if the tool was bought bare. Except for a chainsaw and recip saw, all of my tools live in Makpacs or hitachi equivalents.
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    I put cordless tools in padded postal bags (bubble wrap bags). Then I can throw them in modular tool boxes without getting all scratched up. They're quite heavy duty bags actually. Ideally i'd use foam or dividers but that approach is too expensive.
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    Problem with Milwaukee...and Dewalt....and Makita....and Bosch....and..... You buy a tool and the model is replaced within a year or too. That’s why as opposed to asking us tool nuts you should probably consult a psychologist for help dealing with a tool addiction. Welcome to the forums! 🤪
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