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    DeWALT DCS355D1 20V MAX XR Oscillating Saw Kit The DeWALT DCS355D1 Type 2 20V MAX XR oscillating saw kit I purchased included a N276779 tool box with assorted parts, a 2.0Ah battery, a 2.0A charger and a tool bag. I also purchased a DWA4216 5-piece accessory kit. These two kits complement each other, with both being a great starting point for the oscillating saw. A DeWALT DWST17807 TSTAK II flat top toolbox and a sheet of 2¼" thick Kaisen foam with the perimeter that is custom-cut to the TSTAK toolbox was purchased for this tool. I used a pair of snap knives for my custom foam cuts. The DeWALT N268241 belt hook was purchased separately and added to the DCS355 tool. A M3 0.5 Nylock nut was additionally required for mounting the belt hook to the tool. That Nylock nut was scavenged from another DeWALT 20V MAX XR tool that had two when only one was required. These replies show the toolbox, foam sheet, accessory kits, knives and belt hook. DeWalt DWST17807 TSTAK II Flat Top Toolbox - http://forum.toolsinaction.com/topic/14363-wingless-accessories/?tab=comments#comment-201398 Kaisen Foam Sheet - http://forum.toolsinaction.com/topic/14363-wingless-accessories/?tab=comments#comment-201399 DeWALT N276779 and DWA4216 Oscillating Saw Tool Kits - http://forum.toolsinaction.com/topic/14363-wingless-accessories/?tab=comments#comment-201410 Irwin 2086100 9mm and 2086102 18mm Standard Snap Knives - http://forum.toolsinaction.com/topic/14363-wingless-accessories/?tab=comments#comment-201395 20V MAX XR Belt Hook and Tool Holder - http://forum.toolsinaction.com/topic/14432-wingless-20v-max-xr-belt-hook-and-tool-holder/ The plan for this tool was to use the TSTAK toolbox w/ custom-cut Kaisen foam instead of the medium tool bag. I didn't use the DCB112 2.0A charger that came with the kit and instead used a DCB115 4.0A charger from a different tool. The rough layout without the foam is shown. I found an interior toolbox side-wall tab near the planned location for the N276779 blade box, leading me to shift the position sideways slightly to clear that tab. The images show the plan view outline, the blade box draft and the actual foam cut outline. I used a Sharpie and blue painter's tape to permit marking the tool outline. Three device cuts are through the entire foam sheet, for the N276779 blade box, the DWA4216 accessory kit box and for the DCB115 charger. The sidewall cutouts are vertical on the two boxes while some of the DCB115 cutout sidewalls have slopes to match the part. The cutout for the DCS355 tool is through the entire foam sheet at the handle and the battery. The handle cutout is wider than the tool to permit grabbing the tool for removal from the foam. The cutout at the head has different depths and sloping sidewalls to match the tool. For those partial foam removal areas, the sides are cut deeper than required, then fingers are used as a "shovel" to scrape / separate the foam to the desired depth. The result is a "rough" bottom surface. The top black layer was removed from the plug, then placed into the base of the cutout. The 9mm and the 18mm snap knives were ideally suited for this foam cutting. The DCS355D1 kit includes a cut guide block and arm. That cut guide block has three (almost) orthoganal holes that permit flexibility for the cut guide arm. The images show the cut guide arm in the different orientations.
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    Happy New Year guys!
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    Could it be done - doubtful but possible maybe. The whole head of the super hawg is much larger, even if the motor is the same. It has a two speed gearbox and a mechanical clutch, so I very much doubt there are simple parts that could be swapped out. Would they - Nope. There's no reason for them to. They put a clutch into the superhawg specifically to prevent broken arms from bind ups. Jury rigging a tool to produce the torque without the safety features is something that no company is going to endorse.
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