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    Actually disregard @Babysaw comments. This is is a forum for members to post. For members that may feel they need to guide, direct or otherwise offer non constructive criticism or jabs I would highly suggest you write your comments on a piece of toilet paper and blow your nose into said notes. Do not use the forum to spread disrespect to other members. Thanks, Chris.
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    Wow, forgot I started this thread, my garage looks so empty looking back, I just went through some reorganization... again I got a lathe for Christmas so I’m currently working on a bench stand for it I’ll post some pictures later Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Miss the tool fights, although that's what got me hooked and sadly I haven't watched much youtube TIA in a long time, used to watch every morning, funny how life changes, all about Instagram these days
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    These images show my completed basement workshop, prior to addition of my steel perimeter shelving, tools, materials and bench vises. There are plenty of 20A receptacles around the perimeter, 20A receptacles along the workbench front edge and abundant overhead lighting. The two layers of 3/4" plywood workbench is glued and screwed. It is VERY heavy duty and very secure. The water heater was relocated from the middle of the room, to snugged up close to the furnace. That change freed up LOTS of room, while still maintaining appropriate clearance for servicing both devices. The wall fresh air gratings are staggered for security. The fresh water plumbing was modified to run within the wall (including the water meter) once it cleared the foundation, for less obstruction and greater protection in the shop. This is a great workshop. It has everything I need, including terrific security.
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