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    Actually disregard @Babysaw comments. This is is a forum for members to post. For members that may feel they need to guide, direct or otherwise offer non constructive criticism or jabs I would highly suggest you write your comments on a piece of toilet paper and blow your nose into said notes. Do not use the forum to spread disrespect to other members. Thanks, Chris.
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    Dewalt’s quick release blade can’t be beat. Easy to turn 90* either way, several options between. I turn it 180* when I store it, safer. You can get cheap blades on EBay for about $2/piece. It’s a lot easier to make a cut in Hardie plank for $2 than $10. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Does anyone know if the "thrust bearing," the dime-size circular ball bearing ring in the pivot recess, is supposed to be lubricated? I can see factory lube on the O-ring that surrounds this area, but I can't tell if the ball bearing ring should be greased or not. Mine was all choked with sawdust, so I blew it out with compressed air and would like to know before I put it all back together whether or not the factory wants that to be lubed. Thanks.
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    Welcome to the forum. From the DWS780 Instruction Manual, page 14: "All bearings are sealed. They are lubricated for life and need no further maintenance." Here is the manual: https://servicenet.dewalt.com/documents/English/Instruction Manual/N466020,DWS780.pdf#_ga=2.67834257.1035252051.1547002173-1732361236.1545424480
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    Sorry i don't think I was clear, the 887 has the speed selector on the bottom of the tool but its a manual switch, i find a little tedious to use, tend to skip speed to an go back and forth between 1 and 3, same war i fight with the DCD 996... any who most other manufactures on multi mode/speed impacts have an electronic button that switches the speeds like Milwaukee, Hitachi, Bosch, Makita...
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