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    We have one. It’s slower but you can use it one handed. It’s a lot lighter. The vibration level is much better. And it can get into really tight spots. The only thing I know of smaller is those little pneumatic reciprocating saws but you need to lug around the compressor and air hose and oil to feed them. So unless you are doing demolition all day or trying to go through say 1/8” steel where the extra power and speed count, it beats the bigger one hands down. I think the Milwaukee non-Fuel one compromises a bit too much and then again their super Sawzall trumps everyone in the speed/power category but in the Dewalt line in my mind I think the smaller one is a better choice overall. I would put it up against the “standard” big red as an even match and it beats the mini but not the super.
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    I have just read a FAQ regarding SGT on makita.be, here's what comes out: 1) When asked about the competition offering 9ah and 12ah battery packs, they answer that 18v 12ah batteries would be technically possible, but heavier, bigger, slower to charge and more expensive than their equivalent XGT counterpart. They are talking about 0,7 and 1 kilogram for their 2.5ah and 4ah version respectively. The 2.5ah can be fully charged in 28 minutes. According to them, their 40v 2.5ah weighs just a bit more than their 18v 5ah battery and less than any 18v / 9ah option currently on the market. 2) The XGT charger will require an adapter to charge LXT batteries. 3) They will keep releasing new LXT 36 volts tools, they are aware that a lot of customers are already equipped with 18 volt batteries and definitely can't ignore this fact. They still think that XGT 40v would nicely complement LXT for the most demanding tools. original article (in french ) http://www.makita.be/actualite/avec-xgt-makita-lance-une-plate-forme-daccus-orientee-vers-lavenir-.html?allowCookies=1
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    Ugh, yeah. Had it 3 weeks now. Been at my HD stores. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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