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    Anytime I have the option, no matter the situation, I will always choose cordless over corded in fastening tools. Even high torque applications like lag bots and hurricane screws I will pick my impact over any corded tool any day. My pick for driver would be a working DCF887 or 888 impact. It has plenty of power and doesn't need more, precision drive mode is great at least I think it is great, and it is reasonably compact/light weight.
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    On second thought I’m changing my answer to impact driver. Only because your terms didn’t say I can’t have a corded driver. The convenience of impact drivers for most of what I do is too hard to let go of. I can have a big heavy corded drill for the rare occasions I need a lot of torque delivered without the hammering.
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    Funny to me to think about. My first speculation is it would be the one I use the least...my heaviest-duty drill. Because it CAN do just about everything. But for the most part it’s not nearly as efficient as what I use most which is my impact driver, and would make just about everything more cumbersome to boot.
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    You should be buying Ryobi for house projects. Absolutely no need to buy into any other brands for just house projects. That would be a waste of money.
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